HOW I Did it & WHO Helped Me!

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I often get asked the who, what, when & how of this sacred crystal biz that I’m having so much fun with. Precisely how did it become the glorious thing that’s its become? Helping people realize their dreams all over Mother Earth? Yeah, I’m in awe of it myself.

Disclosure: I already mention it on my site but want to mention it again here in this post; I do have some affiliate links within this & other posts. I will earn a commission if you decide to no additional cost to you.  The only reason I recommend these people or products is b/c I believe in them with all my heart & soul. I KNOW from experience that they are helpful & useful. Please know that I NEVER recommend anything that I have not done completely myself & do not believe in wholeheartedly.

So, I’d been working seriously with the crystals for several years as a side-biz but it was last November when the bug hit me: that I wanted to go BIG with this. I made a commitment to myself then that this would be my last year at my then Science Chair position & I’d be immersed in crystal bliss by June, 2012. Once I set that goal, I had to roll up my sleeves & really get to work. That was a crazy-busy 7 months. Whew, I think that was the hardest I’ve ever worked. But I loved every minute of it…just about.

Geeez-Louise, I just realized that’s not even a year ago! Wow. This stuff REALLY WORKS!

So, here’s how I did it & exactly who & what helped me:
1.  Biz Coach Leonie: My catalyst back in November was running into Ms. Leonie Dawson! One of my Crystalline Cohort students mentioned her to me & I was immediately attracted to her & then to her  Business Goddess E-Course. I had a deep KNOWING that Leonie was someone I REALLY needed to work with. I have these intuitions about people & always follow them. Hasn’t steered me wrong yet. Leonie’s presence attracted me so much. And her E-course is simply genius & I WORKED that thing, Baby!

Then in Feb.-March, I worked with her 1 on 1 in a Business Illumination Session. I know she’s uber-busy right now & doing tropical Australian Mango Frappe Business Retreats right now, but keep a watch if she does those again. Truckloads of info!! I had a blast working with Leonie & learned GOBS from her. And it all worked b/c I implemented what she told me. Step by step, I did it all, leaving no stone unturned. That’s an important key right there. This comes pretty naturally for me being a Capricorn but you can totally do it too if your heart is set on it.

Here’s a FUN video interview I did with Leonie about what it was like to work with her (Mucho laughter ahead, I love Leonie. She’s such a bright angel of happiness):


2. Crystal Grid: Of course, I set up a special crystal grid for redirecting my business with the specific goal of making it my full time career & finding the right people to guide & help me. This baby worked like a charm! Not only did it give the big manifestation PUSH but I did indeed the perfect people to work with. BOY, did I ever!!

Yes, this grid worked like GANG BUSTERS!!

3. Biz Coach Lindsay: So now the biz was really growing. I needed more; more direction, more frequent customized coaching to get real clarity. So, for that I found Lindsay Wilson. Her energy told me right away she was the exact person I needed for further guidance. She had me dig right in & do the dirty work I didn’t want to do; the stuff that made me feel uncomfortable. Thanks to her guidance, I’m laser focused now with products my students want & crave, not wasting my time on stuff that “felt” or “sounded” good but was just totally wasting my time. Don’t get me wrong: I still only do what brings me joy but at the same time I KNOW its something that my students & other Crystal Hotties would love to gobble up. I highly recommend starting out with her Sales Master Class if she does it again. Now I work with Lindsay for 1 on 1 coaching & its perfect for where I am now.

Lindsay said this to me yesterday & its brilliant:

“Business is the easiest path to healing. It makes you face you’re stuff or you’ll keep running into it again and again.

You’ve got to work through it to move forward.”

That couldn’t be more true but I never thought that business would be the path to working that junk out. But it really does! So from Lindsay, I’m learning to get clear in both my mind, heart & soul. Then she showed me how to get clear on a different level with my peeps before I move forward with anything else. This is true on many levels actually & another very important key.

I’ve found that no book can give me the kind of detailed customized tools that a good biz coach can. So much time is NOT WASTED b/c I’ve chosen to invest in 2 MUCHO EXCELLENTE coaches that totally resonate with me. Yeah, there’s another important key right there.

4. Take Care of Me: Next, I made sure to not neglect ME & give myself spiritual & nutritional support. This is probably the most important step right here. I saw myself slipping here a few times & would catch glimpses of the consequences, which scared me straight. I’ve been going to more guided meditations lately b/c that makes me meditate longer & feel really supported. I also purchased a BioMat for myself to reduce any stress, fatigue & allow my body to more easily carry out its everyday functions. I purchased more crystals that I knew I needed & have been wanting to work with:

[caption id="attachment_6238" align="aligncenter" width="523"] This is a new vivianite I just acquired for waking up my biophotons, while bringing forth more compassion & love.[/caption]

I also sought the supportive guidance of my Intuitive Physician, Dr. Laura Koniver for helping me to tweak my health & stay balanced. *This reminds me I need to book another session soon!* Keeping your health in check is so important while working on a biz but so easy to over look. I know when I’m eating right & working out, everything else just falls into place so much easier & unforeseen health issues are less likely. Plus it makes me more disciplined which is an all around plus. Nothing like a health knock-out to take the wind out of your biz mojo & manifestation, so please take good care of yourself.

5. Hire Support Staff: One thing I magically realized when I turned that corner in November is that in order to focus on the stuff I love to do & create & teach I needed to learn to ask others for help & to leave the marketing brainstorming & techy bits to the others who do that really well. I have been blessed with finding just the perfect absolutely right people to work with all the way! Enter Dawn & Michelle.
Michelle, Tech Princess Extraordinaire!

Michelle Millichip is Princess of all things technology. She has technological super powers that others only dream of (I don’t dream of these things, but I know that many do). If I wonder about how to go about something, she figures out ways to build it, achieve it, make it happen. She also takes care of tech support for our Crystalline Cohorts always so sweetly & with a smile. We all adore her! I am so grateful to have her with us on our Sparkly Team!!
Dawn, Sparkle Engineer Supreme!

Then there is Dawn Martinello who is my marketing mavin, sparkly idea incubator, support assistant, office administration right-hand woman. A Sparkle Genius actually. She’ll come up with amazingly creative ideas that light me up & also helps me with all sorts of Academy tasks such as general support emails & everyone loves her too!

I also get to brainstorm & talk through ideas with these 2 gorgeous ladies which is an amazing blessing! I am so grateful to Universe for having my path cross with all these lovely people.

If you’re looking to turn your passion into your full-time DREAMBOAT to Blissland I also want to say this to you, Chick Pea:

Don’t bother investing in the perfect program or perfect coach if you’re not ready to WORK IT! Work every millimeter of it. No procrastinating, no half-measures. Are you ready to commit to it & DO IT?


Then go get to it!

As Always, Sparkly Crystal Blessings of Joy!



P.S. What is your big sparkly dream? Start the intention-setting now & DECLARE it in the comments below. AND, if it has anything to do with becoming a Certified Crystal Healer…enrollment is now open (last time for 2012) & you still have time to grab up Early Bird Pricing!! Click here for deets.


I Had NO IDEA How Powerful Crystals Would Be

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I’ve been interested in crystals & stones from as far back as I can remember. I was mesmerized by a Smithsonian Museum Crystal book of my father’s at about the age of three. Instead of kid’s books or dolls, I would leaf through that book over & over again, just staring until the pages were worn. I was totally captivated!

Of course, I had no idea at the time what these beautiful objects were. I was just totally intrigued that something so gorgeous & perfect could emerge from the dirt & rough rocks.

And somehow, I knew they were special.

I came back to my crystals & stones later on with some undergraduate & graduate studies in geology, still attracted as ever. Through science teaching career, I succeeded in getting my students just as excited about rocks & crystals as I was! Well, most of them anyway. All the while I played & read & dabbled in the metaphysical aspects of working with crystals.

But how did I end up here? How did I end up guiding others in the use of crystals? *I am asking myself those questions right now.*

How did I decide to take my crystal-soaked dreams & knowledge & pour it all out, sharing all this sparkli-ness with the world? I knew the world wanted to learn & know more b/c sharing was so easy & joyful!

BUT I had no idea how much everyone would gravitate to it!

NO IDEA AT ALL! As you can see from this video I sent out privately to my YouTube friends a bit over 3 years ago:

The ghostly form of this BIG MAMA DREAM started forming  when I started my YouTube Crystal Channel in 2007. I was vlogging & blogging on my old blog about crystals & how I was working with them simply rambling on about my own personal research with them (probably mostly talking to myself) & my crystal healing adventures. But I began to slowly find a like-minded community that I really enjoyed.

It’s all like a growing crystal. I started out kind of like a proto-crystal (a pre-crystal). As the proto-crystal floats around in its crystal growing solution (that would be the Interwebs in my analogy here), it bumps into other solute molecules (more crystal-loving peeps). The solute molecules feel the attractive force of the proto-crystal & they join in (CRYSTALIZATION!) That’s how the crystal begins to grow! Pretty rad, huh? As above, so below!

There was no fear with all this sharing, putting it out there, just sharing…except for the fact that I had to keep my face off the internet (necessary job obligation) so my minor-aged students would not find my entire personal life out on the web.

Had I known how BIG this would get, there may have been some fear but I had NO IDEA!

It was all just a hobby that kept getting bigger & bigger b/c peeps were so magnetically drawn to working with the crystals too!! Just like I was. And people wanted to know more & more & I was MORE THAN HAPPY to talk about them. 😛

I kept getting lots of questions both on the blog & YouTube. I began selling crystals on Etsy in 2009, doing live crystal healing classes for groups in my local area in 2010 & eventually  decided to do online crystal classes in early 2011 to answer all the frequently asked questions I was getting.

Now it’s all evolved into the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy. Once I figured out what was happening I started steering the ship to keep it going in the right direction. I hired the help of business coaches (b/c goodness knows I had no idea!) & I WORKED my crystal grids for all they were worth (which is quite a lot!)

This whole ride has been so fulfilling & joyful & abundant for me. But I am repeatedly told, “Its only just begun.” Whaaaaaaa!*fastening seat belt*

All I know is that I am doing exactly what I was meant to be doing in complete alignment with my soul’s purpose. Its a feeling deep down inside. That’s a really good feeling that I hope YOU get to experience or are experiencing right now.

Go be a beaming-sparkly-love-thang today!!



P.S. Would you like to work the POWER of crystals for yourself? If you need some direction my Crystal Grid Templates Package might be what you need. Click & take a look.

Is Crystal Collecting Ethical?

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Working in the crystal biz, I’ve been presented with ethics related questions regarding crystals & being a both a student & teacher of geology, I’ve had the opportunity to ask & explore the topic deeply.

I take this very seriously so this will be more of a serious & passionate post, Sweet Pea.

For years I’ve found myself having to defend mineral collecting against environmental activists (of which I consider myself to be one)…some of whom claim that crystal & mineral collecting is causing major destruction to our planet while also related to slavery + poor living conditions .

I think there may be some  confusion between mineral & crystal collecting VS. mining for precious gems (diamonds, rubies, emeralds)  & industrial ore (coal, aluminum, tin, etc). That stuff is not what I’m speaking of when we speak of mineral & crystal collecting AKA “specimen mining”.

SIDE NOTE: We all know about Blood or Conflict Diamonds, but you do not have to add to the turmoil. you can choose to purchase Ethical Diamonds. Here’s a great article on how to go about doing that.

In my extensive research I’ve found that specimen mining usually has little or no DIRECT impact on our planet.

Often times, specimens are collected as a by-product to ore mining where mines have been dug to get at coal, copper, aluminum, gold, etc. for other items our society seems to have no problem with. In addition, some of what is sold on the market are simply recycled specimens from estate sales. The ULTIMATE in recycling!

There is a HUGE difference here.
So, now let’s educate. This is what goes on in a specimen mine:

  • This is what mining for quartz looks like at Ron Coleman’s mine in Arkansas
  • Mining for quartz in Georgia
  • Larger Quartz operation in Brazil
  • Mining for aquamarine & emerald in Mexico
  • Aquamarine in Africa
  • Digging for amethyst in Kuridala Queensland, Australia
  • Digging for Topaz in Utah
  • Mining for quartz in Brazil

Now, keep in mind that most serious mineral collectors choose to abide by certain mineral collecting ethical guidelines (yep, open ’em up & check them out!)…but of course, are not required to & are often not regulated. However certain actions ARE illegal & can result in prosecution if ignored…depending on the country they’re mining in.

Here I am specimen mining for myself in Hot Springs, Arkansas on private land. You can read more about that wonderful experience here…

Yes, some specimen mining methods cause some scarring & not all specimen mining is as kind to the Earth as this. Sometimes explosives are used to crack a stubborn rock. However, we’re not talking about massive strip mining & it’s usually just meters of rock & not very deep. Specimen mining really doesn’t have much of an impact on the environment, but commercial mining for ore is a totally different story.

Then there’s the subjective question of “what is damage?” Of course, there’ll be a certain amount of digging or rock breaking. Keep in mind, Mama Nature would do the same thing through ice wedging & erosion. Or given enough time, much more destructive Mama Earth forces….more on that below.

The Real Culprit
Industrial ore mining & mining for precious gems does require heavy blasting, strip mining & sometimes leads to poor living or working conditions.  Slavery comes into play most definitely with conflict minerals. What the heck are conflict minerals

THIS IS SOMETHING I IMPLORE YOU TO EDUCATE YOURSELF ON & THEN PLEASE  PLEDGE TO SHARE THIS WITH 3 PEOPLE. (If you came to this post, you came here for a reason & you have been given a mission). PLEASE WATCH & READ ON:

If you’re concerned about human conditions in relation to the mining of minerals then the very minerals used in our computers & cell phones are the ones we need to concern ourselves with:

Find out what minerals are in your smart phone right here in this pdf.

I do try to choose a tech company that makes a conscious effort to minimize its use of conflict minerals. Are your electronics conflict free? The device you’re using to read this right now? None are 100%. Please check yours here now & if they’re not please email your tech company directly from the site to make your voice heard! This is so easy to do, doesn’t cost you a dime & is a great way for us to initiate change!

Then make sure you vote with your $ next time you need to purchase a computer or cell phone.

Vote with the $$!!

What about farming & urbanization? I feel those are much bigger disturbances to our planet…however less unavoidable.

Yes, child labor  & poor work conditions may be a problem in certain countries where there’s less regulation due to weak or corrupt governments.  And sometimes there is no way for us to know who exactly mined a crystal…or picked our food for that matter! Unless we were there or did it ourselves. Yep, that is a problem sometimes, but it’s true for anything.
War & rape going on over specimen crystal mining? No.

For our ipads & cell phones? Yes!!!
We don’t like to hear that do we? But we can change this. Please let these tech companies know that this is not OK.

Here’s a recent interview I did with Joanna DeVoe on the topic. I thank her for doing this & for spurring me on to finally finish this blog post! As you’ll see…I’m really passionate about this!

Now, not all ore mining companies are BAD.

Some do make a good effort to generate sustainable employment for the communities they operate in as well are required to meet strict requirements to back fill & reclaim the land they’ve destroyed….but, again…this is industrial ore minesnot specimen mining. Sometimes, in a war-torn & weary area, specimen mining is one of the only legit income opportunities the people there can hope for.
Lesson on The Rock Cycle
Oooo! Wait, I get to teach science again?!

OK, so we have THE ROCK CYCLE.

Guess what happens to crystal specimens that aren’t collected? Mother Earth recycles them.

Of course, I’m not saying “grab all you can b/c they’ll all be destroyed if you don’t”, but I do feel that we can be free to work with these very special crystal healing tools. They’ll eventually go back to the Mama Earth’s kitchen & more will be created no matter how powerful we think we are. 

SPARKLY RESOURCE: Here’s a crystal seller who claims to only provide ethically hand mined crystals, keeping in mind how the crystals are sourced, handled, stored & shipped.  I haven’t shopped with this company myself, but I like what they stand for. So please do your due diligence & check them out for yourself if you’d like & if you know of any other crystal sellers who are passionate about keeping crystal mining ethical please post in the comments below!

So, if this is a concern of yours…assuming it is since you landed here…please get involved. Inform others about Conflict Minerals. Email your tech companies & tell them what you think. Is your techy stuff as conflict free as you can make it? Do you agree or disagree with me? I’m always open to hearing other sides…as long as we keep it mature &  respectful. I’d love to hear about your efforts or what you think!!

Crystal Blessings,

How To Make Your Big Dreams Come True

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I did it!

Today was my last day at work. *(I wrote this early summer of 2012)*

By work I mean my fluorescent-lit windowless classroom where I taught gifted kids (whom I LOVED) physical science. I will miss them terribly but I won’t miss the red-tape, the stress, the 20 min. lunch scarf-down, waking up @ six o’ frick in the morning, the negativity-mongers, blah, blech, boo.

Each day this last week of work, when I got home & peeled off my black nylon work socks I threw the pair away in the trash (they were so done!) & said to myself  “I peel away another soul-sucking layer.”

I am envisioning all the closets & drawers I will be cleaning out in the next coming weeks getting rid of all the things I won’t need any longer; all that no longer serves…and there will be A LOT!

I’ll also be creating a whole new productivity schedule for myself that includes plenty o’ time for exercise & walks outdoors to pick up a leisurely lunch absorbing vitamin D, afternoon grounding sessions for video time at the local beach less than a mile away (even if its just for 10 min.), choosing new & interesting spots to do my creative work, a whole new healthy eating plan & recipe experiments, & of course, crystal, meditation or chakra  time.

I gave away all my monogrammed work polo shirts to someone today who will use them next year & everyone said to me, “Why are you doing that? Don’t you think it would be a good idea to keep them just in case?”
Just in case of what?

I forget my dream?

I turn my back on the law of attraction & start worrying that things won’t work out?

Just in case I dump all my hard work down the drain?

Just in case I totally lose faith in all my crystal grid work and it all goes sour?

No, I don’t think so!

If I play the “just in case” game…then that’s EXACTLY what will happen! I will end up needing that stuffs again. Where thoughts go, energy flows. So since I’m not interested in playing the worry game…No, I won’t be needing any of that stuff at all. 🙂

This didn’t happen overnight. I’ve been workin’ my sacred crystal biz for 3+ years. Plugging away, some days taking baby steps & some days taking HUGE leaps of faith, but each day doing SOMETHING. I’m living proof that so many SPARKLY things can be accomplished from taking steps towards my dream every single day, consistently. Who ever had or has time for worry? And even if I did, what purpose would it serve?

Of course, I’ve had my days where its crept in, but I’ve learned how to use many spiritual techniques & my crystals to get me back on track. I’m so grateful to know these lessons & be able to WORK them.
“I keep the telephone of my mind open to peace, harmony, health, love and abundance.  Then, whenever doubt, anxiety or fear try to call me, they keep getting a busy signal – and soon they’ll forget my number.”  ~Edith Armstrong
What about you Sweet Pea? What if you also took the time you would have  spent thinking up excuses or worrying & instead put it into taking baby steps towards your BIG DREAM?

I try to remember as often as I can, that I AM a super-powerful, fun-loving Co-creator of the Multi-verse!! So are you. Remember it, Jelly Bean.




If being a Certified Crystal Healer is one of your BIG DREAMS & you’re ready to take the steps towards it, our course begins enrolling again in 2 days & begins on July 1!!  Have you always wished you knew how to work with crystals? How about the BIG confidence boost you’ll get when you know the science behind it?  Start investing in you & your dreams, Sweetness. How would that feel? Please tell us below.