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Those of you subbed to my YouTube Crystal Channel know that last week I committed to pulling a crystal oracle card each day & working with a related crystal for that day.

7 Day Crystal Oracle Reading Series – Day 1

…& I did it for 7 days consecutively & posted each day on YouTube just like I said I would…surprised myself there! Commitment, Baby!

But what I really gained was totally unexpected. I got such insight into various energetic changes & emotions + a deeper relationship with those crystals that I chose to work with.

I got extra meditation time in & extra-special soul healing occurred…all b/c I took the time & committed to doing this.

crystal challenge

I gained such gorgeous insights + revelations that I want to share this experience with all of you. I want you to experience it for yourselves. As a teacher, I know there is NOTHING better than experiential learning; the process of making meaning from direct experience.

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Is Crystal Collecting Ethical?

Working in the crystal biz, I’ve been presented with ethics related questions regarding crystals & being a both a student & teacher of geology, I’ve had the opportunity to ask & explore the topic deeply.

I take this very seriously so this will be more of a serious & passionate post, Sweet Pea.

For years I’ve found myself having to defend mineral collecting against environmental activists (of which I consider myself to be one)…some of whom claim that crystal & mineral collecting is causing major destruction to our planet while also related to slavery + poor living conditions .

I think there may be some  confusion between mineral & crystal collecting VS. mining for precious gems (diamonds, rubies, emeralds)  & industrial ore (coal, aluminum, tin, etc). That stuff is not what I’m speaking of when we speak of mineral & crystal collecting AKA “specimen mining”.

SIDE NOTE: We all know about Blood or Conflict Diamonds, but you do not have to add to the turmoil. you can choose to purchase Ethical Diamonds. Here’s a great article on how to go about doing that.

In my extensive research I’ve found that specimen mining usually has little or no DIRECT […]

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How To Make Your Big Dreams Come True

I did it!

Today was my last day at work. *(I wrote this early summer of 2012)*

By work I mean my fluorescent-lit windowless classroom where I taught gifted kids (whom I LOVED) physical science. I will miss them terribly but I won’t miss the red-tape, the stress, the 20 min. lunch scarf-down, waking up @ six o’ frick in the morning, the negativity-mongers, blah, blech, boo.

Each day this last week of work, when I got home & peeled off my black nylon work socks I threw the pair away in the trash (they were so done!) & said to myself  “I peel away another soul-sucking layer.”

I am envisioning all the closets & drawers I will be cleaning out in the next coming weeks getting rid of all the things I won’t need any longer; all that no longer serves…and there will be A LOT!

I’ll also be creating a whole new productivity schedule for myself that includes plenty o’ time for exercise & walks outdoors to pick up a leisurely lunch absorbing vitamin D, afternoon grounding sessions for video time at the local beach less than a mile away (even if its just for 10 […]

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Ten Things You Might Not Know About Me

Fair Warning: This post isn’t so much about crystals as it is about me.  The reason I’m doing this post is b/c I’d like to connect & bond with my readers here, creating more of a personal connection. I feel that sometimes I forget that & leave some personal things out unintentionally.  At the same time I don’t want to get too personal & give you TMI or boring tidbits you just couldn’t care less about. You may be completely uninterested & are really just here for the crystals so I may be totally off track here but I’ll take a risk, throw caution to the wind & for the sake of having FUN, take a chance! That being said, this won’t be a regular thing either. 😉

The last thing I want is a dry and dull crystal blog…if you’re looking for that, you’ve landed in the wrong spot!

So let’s go!

1. I’ve worked some sort of job since I was 11 (babysitting!) & worked full-time paying my own way through college & grad school with no grants or loans. I lived with a roommate in an apartment in Miami & got a full time job when I was […]

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