Want to know how it all began? How I started working with Crystals

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Transcript of the video:
First, I want to tell you about a couple of things.
A lot of you ask me about crystal skulls.
We actually get pretty in-depth into that in my Advanced Crystal Master Course. A magazine that I subscribe to Rock & Gem, in its August 2014 issue, had a really good article on crystal skulls called Art or Artifacts.

They tried to keep it relatively based in fact so that you can get a good overview as far as what’s what with the crystal skulls (giving you the facts) & then you can make up your mind from there. So, I thought that was a good article & I wanted to bring that up and tell you about that.

Then there’s the gem shows! The Tucson Gem Show is held every year in the end of January-February. There are some great online resources for the Tucson Gem and Mineral Fossil Showcase. They always have different things that are happening.

Sometimes the major places, the meeting spots move from spot to spot, but generally around all of Tucson; there are Gem Shows happening all over the place. And if you go to my YouTube Channel I have many years-worth of my escapades in Tucson.
Crystal Cohort Meet up!

This year, I was really looking forward to having a meet up with my Hibiscus Moon Crystalline Cohorts from my courses and really looking forward to meeting many of them in real life and hooking up in the “crystal-meca” of Tucson! About 25 of us gathered in a suite overlooking the gorgeous Tucson desert valley.

We had a little crystal show & tell, showing each other what we bought & what we found and our best finds of the year for Tucson 2015. If you go to Tucson Gem & Mineral site they regularly update info on all of the different main shows throughout Tucson. There is always a theme;  every year they have a theme.

In 2014,  I wasn’t really too excited because it was a very broad theme. It was like “silver and gold and gems”. Well…I was like, “isn’t that what we are here for?” They didn’t laser focus on anything for a theme, in my opinion.

The year before it was Fluorite. Now that’s a theme! I like a theme like that. 🙂 You know, really laser focus in.
OMG!! Just found out the 2016 theme!!!: “Shades of Blue – Minerals of the World”
For 2015, they took a kind of broader view, but I liked it. The  2015 theme was Minerals of Western Europe.

They showcased different minerals  specifically from Western Europe. That’s kind of cool. And you can check out the show details with their brand new website that’s Tucson.org. And here’s a visitor’s guide link also for different tips for staying up to date: VisitTucson.org

If you’re not planning on heading out to Tucson for 2016, then you can check out the Gem & Mineral shows and events in your area. Here’s a website called the-vug.com with links for checking out some other great gem shows around the world. If you’re a geo-geek, like me, you know what a vug is. 😉

There they list different shows according to area and state and different things that are coming up. There are a lot. Make sure to not miss any that are coming to your local area b/c THAT is the place to be for a Crystal Hottie in the know!
How I got started working with crystals
If you read my book Crystal Grids, you have a general idea.

You know that at a very young age I was enthralled with this coffee table book that my father had from a museum & it had all of these pages and pages of beautiful photographs of different rough minerals and then faceted gems made from the rough minerals. And I was just riveted to this book. I was always in it, 3-years-old looking at it, and couldn’t believe that these were things that came from Mama Earth because they showed them in a rock matrix. And as I got a little older I started to learn a little bit more about them.

Always fascinated.

Absolutely fascinated.

We started learning about geology in school &…again totally riveted.

When I went to college, I took a lot of geology focused courses. You know, I was in different science majors. And then when I got out of college, well actually when I was in high school, I started dabbling in metaphysics, more than dabbling I got really into it. But I didn’t make the connection of crystals + metaphysics yet.

In fact it all started when I began reading my mother’s copy of this book! I’ve since read it about 6 times & will liklely read it again many more. I’ve got some sort of soul-connection to it:

And as the years went on…I don’t know, I think I was around 28, late-20s or so going to events and classes and things that I went to having to deal with lightworking and metaphysics and things that I was really interested in; just really anything that was “on the fringe” or considered occult (hidden info).

I would either read books or go to classes and events and find out more & more. I started realizing there was a connection with the crystals. I started working with them on my own reading books and doing a lot of introspective work and research on my own.

And I had this science background, because by then I had started teaching Science and my favorite thing was to dive deeply into Geology. But then I started realizing this whole “crystal healing thing” and the more and more I learned about crystal healing, crystal therapy and the more I read about metaphysics, the more I realized there were these common threads and these ways that it could merge together with science and physics specifically.

And I was like:
Wow! I wonder if anybody else is noticing this or understanding this and seeing these correlations?
So, I couldn’t really do anything about that until I discovered YouTube. I discovered YouTube in 2007, and right around then made my first video. And I knew there were other people dabbling in other things, but not really so much into the crystals but I put the videos out there with just my hands showing, not my face because I was still a teacher at the time and I was really afraid to “come out”. (I was a science department chair in what was at the time the largest school district in the US. Teachers doing social media in a big way is not a safe idea no matter what the topic.)

And I started realizing, finding and making friends with other people on the same wavelength and making connections that way. Then…like the world just opened up. I started telling them about everything. I was like “well what about this? And what about crystal grids? And what about…”

It just kind of exploded from there. Those of you that have been with me awhile you know the whole story, watched the whole thing unfold and you know exactly how it happened step-by-step and it’s like I always explain it this way:
It was like the universe was just pulling me along and  really saying “just follow your intuition and I’ll keep opening the doors.”
The business? That all unfolded the same way. I just listened & if it resonated for me, I followed.

Did it feel scary? Hell, yes!

Did I feel ready? No way!!!

But the fear felt exciting too & it felt RIGHT.

And that’s how it has always been for me on this path with the crystals.

And more and more things happen throughout my life that keep reminding me of this…because sometimes I forget to follow, remind my brain to follow my intuition…which comes from my heart. Because when I don’t, that’s when I get into little messes & things. Know what I mean?

When I follow my heart & follow my intuition things always seem to work out. And, go ahead and start before you feel ready.

That’s my message here to you today. I hope you do the same.

Follow your heart, follow your intuition wherever that path may lead.

It can only bring you to good positive things.

So let’s hear it Crystal Hottie ~ How did you start working with crystals? Please tell us about it in the comments below.

Crystal Blessings!



P.S. If you’d like my solid step by step system for starting a heart & soul-centered biz, take a look at my Energize Mastermind here.

Can I share deep? Some stuff you didn’t know about me…

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Tag, you’re it!
I got “tagged” by Flora Sage (one of my buddies from YouTube) for an Intuitive Tag/Challenge. This was something we used to do a lot of back in 2007-2011 on YouTube…there was a lot of these different tags that you would get tagged and it was just fun to do them and be a part of this fun of watching everybody else’s videos & then doing your own.

So it was really fun to revisit & do something like this that I hadn’t done in a while. But then I thought I should also post this here on my blog b/c many of you don’t follow me on YouTube & in this video I share a lot of fun personal stuffs that I would really love to share with YOU.

So, thank you Flora.  That was so kind of you to think of me for this and I’m excited to do it!

Here we go…

And here’s my transcript of this video with some added tidbits…
The Share:
1.  Share your first paranormal experience that comes to mind
The first thing that comes to my mind is when I saw a UFO when I was 3-years-old.  I still think to this day that it  was a UFO or possibly more than one even, started when I was about 3.  It never escalated to contact or anything like that, but it began my experience. A number of other incidences have happened over my lifetime as far as viewing, seeing UFOs.  I already did a video explaining that whole experience.  It was quite interesting.
2.  Have you ever had a premonition?
I have had many premonitions, several premonitions.  I wouldn’t say like many, many, but several.  But, I don’t write them down so don’t remember them all very well.

And, I can’t think of any off the top of my head.  Then something will happen that will trigger that memory or that premonition & then I’ll  realize, oh yeah I remember one time I had a premonition about this or that. They seem to happen in clumps or groups of synchronicities all happening at a certain time depending on whatever I am tapping into at that time.  I guess I am in a good vibrational alignment at that time. 

I will have clumps of synchronicities that are all happening at the same time like dreaming premonitions or just thinking things.  That happens all of the time where you go … “I knew that was going to happen.”  I totally knew that as going to happen.  And, I wonder how many times I think it was just using logic or, if it is actual premonition or what’s the difference, right?
3.  When did you get your first tarot/oracle deck?  And what deck was it?
I didn’t get my first deck very long ago.  I think my first deck was in 2007, and I am pretty sure it was Doreen Virtue’s Mermaids and Dolphins Deck:

I did some readings for a couple of people who I knew personally.  This deck was calling to me because, always, since I was a child…I’ve been in love with Mermaids and then wanted to be a dolphin trainer when I was in high school.  I still use that deck today, at nighttime to pull a card for the next day type of thing.  It’s by my nightstand.

I have never had a tarot deck. I have never been drawn to Tarot.  I do get readings from time-to-time from tarot readers.  But, it’s not something that is on my journey as far as learning it myself.  I’d rather leave that to the experts.
4.  What element do you connect with the most?  Earth, fire, water, air? 
I would say it is a toss-up between earth & water.  I’m going to go with water right now.  I live 1 mile from the beach.  Have done so most of my life here in Florida.  And,  have been going to the beach a lot more lately.  It’s one of the places I like to make sure I’m near  when I’m on a vacation.

I don’t want to leave the ocean’s side if I ever moved anywhere. Although Arizona is very, very exciting and magnetic to me, I don’t think I could live there full-time because I wouldn’t be close to the water.  I need that connection to the water.  I love to swim.  My totem animal lives in the water (more about that later). I snorkel, kayak, paddle board, so yeah, I like to be near the water.
5.  Do you believe in fairies?
Now, that’s a good one.  Do I believe in fairies?  Well, my first question to myself is “what is a fairy?”  And, I am not sure I really know what that is.  I don’t believe that there are Tinkerbell-type beings although some people might. I believe they are more like nature spirits or devas.  And, have I experienced that?  Yes. Because I do love connecting with nature quite a bit.

My backyard, even my everyday workspace is very much connected to the outdoor world.  And, I have had little experiences here & there where little things happen & you’re like “hmmmmm, did I just see a little sumthin’ ?” But, I think I really need more of a better definition of exactly what a fairy is.  I don’t work with fairy energy or anything like that.  And, I have never seen one directly head on or feel like I have had like a really spot-on fairy experience.

Here is the thing I get stuck on.  Is fairy energy or are fairies a specific other being, or are they just the other kind of energy that we are tapping into?  Does it really get categorized into another specific being?

And, some might say it sounds like tapping into another dimension.  And, then maybe you were just seeing fifth dimension, sixth dimension type of things or even second dimension type of beings, but we’re classifying it as “fairies”.

And that my friends is why I need a definition of what that is. I know it’s really something hard to define & a lot of our definitions and if we start going into science … You know that’s where I tend to lean sometimes. 😉

The bad part about science is that it is so based on the 5 senses to measure things.  Empirical evidence is based on our 5 senses.  And, our 5 senses are extremely limiting.  We know we have more than 5 senses.  (that is, I know we in this community know we have more than 5 senses ;).  But, if we are going to base things on those 5 senses for empirical evidence then a lot of things get tossed out.  I don’t really like relying on that.  But, anyway that was my long answer.  It really wasn’t an answer at all to that question.  But, that is what I had to say about that.
6.  Do you prefer the moon or the sun?
Hmmm, I don’t think I have an answer.  I love them both.

I make lots of decisions based on lunar energy & what’s going on with the moon at that time. However, I look to the sun & its energies and what is going on with the sun specifically in a cosmic sense, because I do love following that so much; the sun spots, CMEs (coronal mass ejections), and the plasma energy that is directed in our path to see why something is going on.  Why is this specific event happening?  Looking to both the sun and the moon. I feel like they are equally important & love them both so much in their own ways.  You know the masculine energy of the sun, and the feminine energy of the moon.
7.  What is your favorite crystal or stone? 
My favorite question.  It’s hard for me to pick a favorite because I love them all for their various energies, vibrational alignments that are all unique. And, then they are unique to each one of us.

I’d have to say my all time favorite, that kinda has always been a favorite, and I suspect is a favorite for many of you, is amethyst.  I have been drawn to amethyst over and over again.

I have a big amethyst point (I’ve nicknamed him Amy Bro & I got him at the Tucson Gem Show a couple of years ago) that I’m especially lovin’ right now. Here he is:

I also have another current crystal fav: AJOITE

I have a ton of ajoite right now! What am I doing with all of this? Am I a crystal-hoarder?

When I went to Tucson in 2013 I scooped up all the ajoite I saw, which isn’t a ton because it’s very rare & hard to come by.  I scooped up some pretty amazing pieces.  Some for myself, and my intent was to sell the rest. *Well, I haven’t quite gotten around to that, I still have pieces set aside that I want to sell, but can’t bring myself to do it yet.*

There was one mega bonsai piece that was totally meant to sell.  That was my justification for paying what I paid for it. But, I can’t quite bring myself to sell it.

Then Tucson 2014 came, and I found an even more amazing piece of ajoite with even more blue in it.  That is what makes ajoite, ajoite.  It is clear quartz with this turquoise blue in it.  Ajoite connects to your Soul Star chakra; a transpersonal chakra that exists above your crown chakra into more of your aura.

So, those are my favorites for now.  You know that can change, and I don’t exclusively work with just those crystals by any means.  I work with all of them.  I love all crystals & stones. ♥

8.  Can you see spirits & spiritual beings?
I am not going to say I am the expert on seeing.  I know other people are really, really good at doing that.  But, there is a time of day when I notice that I can see them better.

And, again this gets into the definition thing.  What is your definition of a spiritual being?  Aren’t we all spiritual beings?  Am I not seeing a spiritual being when I am talking to a person?  I know that’s not what the question is about,  but I feel plants are spiritual beings.

So anyway, I notice that late at night especially when I am getting ready to go to sleep  – when you’re in the in-between stage – I will see things in my peripheral vision.  It is always in peripheral vision.  It’s never straight head on. I’ll see shadows and movement.  And, I know that is some kind of spiritual energy.  What is it exactly?  I don’t know.

Again, am I tapping into another dimension?  Am I seeing just the universal cosmic energy?  What exactly is it?  I can’t tell you that.  But, I am seeing something, and I know it is not my imagination.  And, I know it is not  a flicker of a tv or something like that.
9.  Would you rather be able to control fire, fly on a broomstick, breathe under water or make things grow fast? 
I really have no desire to fly on a broomstick.

Breathe underwater, that would be kind of cool.  Then I could be a mermaid, right?

Make things grow fast, I can’t really think of a situation where that would be a desire.

Of all of these things that could come in handy superhero talents can come in handy for something.

Or, control fire…I am going to go with breathe underwater.  That is a good one for me since I like the mermaid energy so much.  I would have an absolute ball down there.  That would be a blast.  Reminds me of that movie “The Abyss” that I like so much.
10.  What is the animal totem that you feel most connected to?
Definitely the sea turtle for me.

[caption id="attachment_16530" align="aligncenter" width="600"] By P.Lindgren (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons[/caption]Love sea turtle energy, always have ever since I was a kid.  I was mesmerized by the movie Bermuda Depths. When I was learning how to scuba dive a sea turtle came up on me and you know you’re not supposed to actively touch them b/c they’re an endangered species. But, it came right up under me and swam next to me.   And, the dive instructor was like that is so cool here in Florida.  You don’t usually see them coming up to people. they’re quite skittish.  And, I felt like that was a sign. I’ve since had several encounters like that.

I work closely with two charities to specifically help protect sea turtles:

  • Turtle Island Restoration Network
  • Gumbo Limbo Nature Center

Sea turtles live a very long time (estimates are 100 years) & are highly intelligent.  They use magnetism to navigate all over the planet.  And, there are so many things about them that we still don’t know. It’s my spirit totem animal.  It has come up again and again when I do like an animal totem vision.  That is the animal that always comes to me to give me a message or something like that.
11.  Tell us about your first spirit guide. 
I have never had a spirit guide that I know of.  I do download things, and it feels like it is just coming to me.  I don’t know that there is a specific spirit guide.  I don’t have that knowing.  I know other people out there do, and definitely hear things from their guides, and things like that.  I don’t have that gift.  I wish I did, and I think it is a beautiful gift to have, but I don’t.
12.  Do you feel more connected to the stars or the earth? 
Definitely the stars.

I feel like I might be one of those early, early sentinel indigo children (a type of Star Seed…but actually I believe we’re all Star Seed; panspermia & all that…sorry, I let some geek leak out). A lot of my qualities & quirks connect to Star Energy. I have had readings where I’m told this repeatedly without me prompting them or anything like that. And there are tons of internet quizzes you can take like this one to see if you fit the mold too.

Anywayzzzz, I’m so connected to outer space! Right down to my DNA…

I love anything having to do with it.

It was one of my favorite things to learn about when studying science.  Astrophysics just excites me to no end! I cannot get enough of it.  I love star energy definitely.  As much as I love Momma Earth, stars have a total pull for me.  What’s going on out there beyond in the universe, the multiverse, and beyond that?

Oh my!

It just goes on & on, into infinity.  And, I could think about & talk about that all day long!
13.  What is your preferred method of blessing or cleansing? 
I feel these are 2 very different things.  But, I am going to keep it simple.

Blessing, for me is putting my intention into something, like an intentional prayer is probably my favorite way of blessing something.

For cleansing out energy, I feel sage smudging is probably my favorite way.

It’s not my favorite way to cleanse, or re-tune a crystal.  For that, it would definitely be vibrational frequency sound.  Acoustic energy is my favorite way to cleanse a crystal or re-tune it.
14.  What color do your feel most spiritually connected to? 
Definitely for me purple.  I love purple.

I just seem to gravitate to it all of the time.  More so as an adult.

We even magically weaved it into the Hibiscus Moon, LLC Style Guide in a very specific way for all graphics, website stuffs, etc. The color is Amethyst (OF COURSE!) and it’s RGB Color Code is #772F6D (for you graphics geeks).
OK, You’re  it!
I now tag YOU. If you have not already done this tag please do your own blog post or video answering all the above questions & link to it in the comments below! Can’t wait to read your answers. 😀

How do you like that? BAM! You’re officially tagged.

Crystal Blessings!


Are you an Introvert? The 5 Best Crystals For Introverts

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Are you an introvert?

What most people think of as an introvert is a hermit, someone who’s very, very shy, who never wants to speak to others. And definitely NOT someone who’s putting themselves out there on the Internet in blog form, video form, newsletters what have you….like I do.

So many people would look at me & what I do & think I’m definitely an extrovert, right?

Well, they’re wrong.
It’s all about Energy, Baby!
So what does introvert/extrovert actually mean?

Swiss psychiatrist, C. G. Jung used these 2 terms a bit differently than how many of us may use them, but his explanation makes the most sense to me.

So, most of us think of an extrovert as being very sociable & outgoing. And an introvert is often thought of as withdrawn, quiet & shy

Jung, on the other hand, described these terms as a way to measure the favored way to direct energy:

  • EXTROVERT – prefer to focus your energy outwardly, to the outer world & to other people, you get an energy boost from being around others, energy gets zapped when you spend too much time alone.
  • INTROVERT – prefer to focus your energy inwardly, on your inner world, you get an energy-suck from being around people for long periods of time, need to be alone to recharge your battery.

Now, before you clearly label yourself as 1 or the other, know that most of us usually  lean more strongly towards 1 or the other, BUT we’re all some sort of a mix of both:

“There is no such thing as a pure introvert or extrovert. Such a person would be in the lunatic asylum.” —Carl G. Jung

One thing I’ve found is that many of us Crystal Hotties (& those who enjoy crystals or consider themselves light workers of any sort)  consider themselves to be introverts.

Would that be you?

Yep, I’m very much an introvert,  even though I may seem very much out there & come across as quite social. This introvert-stuff seems to be a common thread that runs through a lot of us in our community.

Yes, I’m rockin’ & marketing an online business as an introvert. Seems impossible, right? Actually, I’ve also noticed that those of us that do enjoy putting ourselves out there online; putting our faces out there, our writing out there, making ourselves vulnerable online….can be quite the opposite & very introverted in our private lives.

Sometimes, even the online stuff can get to be a bit much & you just need to take a break. I’m currently on a month-long social media fast. As much as I love interacting on there, I also feel the need to take that break…lovin’ the time off.

[caption id="attachment_15195" align="aligncenter" width="502"] Currently posted on my Facebook Page. ‘Tis the Season![/caption]

As far as my private life goes, I definitely would label myself as a hardcore introvert.

Oh my. If you asked my neighbors [heehee] they would think I’m a total anti-social hermit introvert. Maybe it’s a balancing effect of being so extroverted online. I just know that when I’m home, I feel like it’s my sacred-sanctuary-safe-space. I really need to pull in my energy when it comes to my private life. So I don’t feel comfy going out there & mingling with all the neighbors on the sidewalk & sharing all kinds of personal stuff.

Another wacko-doodle quirk about me?…I also like to know when someone is coming over for a visit. It’s like I need to prepare myself energetically. And the longer the visit, the more prep time I need.

When I’m at a live event, I make certain to keep to my break time boundaries in place (alone time & retreat to some place quiet), b/c if I don’t, then I can’t give my full energy to the teaching or event.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m a hugger, I like to mingle, take photos & laugh & meet with peeps at these events. In fact, I love it! So, this does not mean that we introverts aren’t completely enjoying the company and the event itself.

It just means that an introvert simply can’t handle as much of it or for as long as an extrovert can.

So, although, I’ll probably have a great time, afterwards I would be drained for DAYS….until I figured out how to mange my energy.

I also feel like my everyday life needs to have certain boundaries & restrictions too so I can feel comfortable & safe. I even have really strict boundaries about [I’m laughing right now typing this]…when I will answer the phone or look at texts, where voice-mails can be left, when I talk to my friends & family on the phone.

Yes, I know, I know!! I’m kind of weirdo like that & I OWN IT. Definitely introverted in that way.

For a long time I used to beat myself up or have lots of shame around how I am….until I realized WHY. #IntrovertSideEffects

My close friends know these things about me, make fun of me (I’m totally OK with that b/c it DESERVES being made fun of) & accept me with all my quirks. Family? They may not be as easily accepting, but they deal. You know how that goes. 😉

When I’m traveling or when I’m out & about running errands I usually don’t just strike up random conversations with people unless something really strikes my fancy or the person looks like they really need that in that moment. Mostly because small talk doesn’t interest me in the least. I love deep meaningful introspective conversations. Can you imagine striking one of those up with the checkout person at the store that you’ve never seen before? Hey, it can happen. *shrugs shoulders*

I’ll often times send people energy,  that I don’t know, that I feel look like they need it. Heart-centered energy. So it’s not like I don’t have any compassion or I’m not thinking of these people or anything, but small talk is like a slow drain on my energy.

I’ll go out to local energy healing events, classes & things, but I won’t make a huge effort to go out & find a whole bunch of new friends and say, “Hey, I’m Hibiscus Moon. Crystal Blessings!” So if you ever see me at anything like that do come up and say “Hi”. I love when people do that. Don’t feel like this is laying down a barrier, but people might be surprised that I’m not out there with a billboard on myself being an extrovert in my every day life, b/c of how non-shy I am about promoting online.

One thing that I know helps me in keeping my energy balanced as an introvert is working with crystals. I’m not talking about wiping out the introvert tendencies completely.  I feel they are important & serve a vital purpose.

For me, the goal here is not to become more extroverted. Instead, I prefer to nurture & support what we know works for an introvert; like needing time alone to recharge & neutralizing energy that could be felt as harmful.
1. Gold

Any sort of gold jewelry will work so this is a very practical mineral to work with. Gold comes in really handy for introverts b/c it has a very bold, strong & masculine energy so if you know you’re going to be in a social situation for a long period of time you may need a Golden Boost. Or if you feel your energy starting to wane & be depleted, maybe you can eek out another hour or so by tapping into your gold-energy. It’s great for amplifying & stimulating what energy you have left to make it last just a bit longer. It’s also great for giving you the stamina you need to navigate through a social situation that’s starting to wear on you.
2. Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline’s supportive energy is an all time favorite for being a sort of shield while purifying & transmuting any energy that may feel negative to us in any way. So I usually try to wear my black tourmaline jewelry, carry some in a pocket. And b/c this stone is great for purifying us of anything that feel toxic to us, I may also work with it when I’m done with an event or situation that may feel energy-depleting to me.
3. Smokey Quartz

Smokey quartz is another go-to fav. for these sorts fo things. It’s a champ at transmuting negative-feeling energies and for strengthening you to be able to last the energy-depleting situations a little longer. It’s practically interchangeable with black tourmaline so it really just depends on what you have at hand and what your preference is.
4. Clear Quartz w/ Indicolite inclusions (aka Blue Quartz)
[caption id="attachment_15192" align="aligncenter" width="295"] Blue Quartz available from Earthegy.com. Use my coupon code HM10 for 10% off.[/caption]

This crystal will allow you to be emotionally balanced while you are in the company of others. It allows you to make meaningful connections with others & will help you to shift your energy so that energy leaks aren’t happening before they should. Just be sure to monitor the amount of time you’re in the company of others & take regular breaks for alone time as needed.
5. Mahogany Obsidian
[caption id="attachment_15197" align="aligncenter" width="453"] Mahogany Obsidian available from Earthegy.com. Use my coupon code HM10 for 10% off.[/caption]


This gorgeous obsidian is perfect for helping those of us with Introvert-Shame (me! me! me!) simply get over it! It’s great for shifting our energy around this so it’s a good stone to work with on a regular basis or to create a crystal grid with for the purpose of dissolving that shame. We Introverts have nothing to be ashamed of!

Now, in the midst of the Holidays, you may need these tips more than ever so I hope you find them helpful. If you have some others you’d like to add to the list, please share them in the comments below for our Crystal-lovin’ Crystal Hottie Community!

Crystal Blessings!



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I’ve been wondering whether I should share this or not. Obviously, I decided to SHARE IT.

[caption id="attachment_14917" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Here I am. Ready to share.[/caption]

Over the years – through many years of blogging now – I’ve realized that when I wonder if I should share something, that’s really the Universe telling me that there is something that really needs to be said & its going to resonate really well with my tribe.

So, I should just share it. I’ve learned: when it feels scary, just do it because it always resonates & ends up being a really popular blog post b/c so many others are feeling the same or will totally get it. It always polarizes some people too, and that’s OK because I realize every time I do that, I make my tribe more pure. It becomes more a tribe that really resonates with ME. Those that don’t vibe with what I’m saying naturally drop off & leave. That’s OK that we disagree. It just means that they shouldn’t be following me & should be following someone else or beating their own drum. 😉

Yeah, I’m always saying I’m on a mission to bust out of the usual Holistic practitioner/Light Worker mindset of giving everything away & not giving value to what you do & being soft, meek & bad at business. But even I still get sucked in to some of that brainwashing within our community that is going on. And I don’t like it! Our community has been fed TOTAL BULLSCHIST that we arent’ worthy of making good money, of being good at business, of being good marketers & that we shouldn’t expect people to value our time. *gasp!* Imagine that! Yes, I call TOTAL BULLSCHIST ON THAT CRAP!!

Where does this mentality come from that you can’t be a good spiritual person & biz-savvy at the same time? But, as much as I buck it, it is still nipping at my heels. I’m admitting that to you now. It’s why I’ve held back little parts who I am & what I’m good at from you. But no longer will.
So here’s where my head is at today:
Sometimes, I feel like I’m letting people down or not meeting their expectations as far as being a crystal teacher/expert. I do realize I’m a leader in the crystal industry, that I have a lot of followers – leader in that sense. I have a lot of online followers. I have a best-selling book on Amazon on crystal grids. But I feel like sometimes when I:

  • speak about crystals
  • teach about crystals
  • talk about crystals
  • take pictures about crystals
  • blog about crystals
  • do videos about crystals

…I feel like sometimes I’m not meeting people’s expectations of what a crystal “guru” should be like.

For instance, I feel like people think I should be like Doreen Virtue. I look up to Doreen Virtue so very much. I love her. She is like the Stevie Nicks of Fairies to me, and I love all that stuff.

As much as I love Stevie Nicks & Doreen Virtue, I’m not naturally like them. I’ve never really tried to be like them, look like them, act like them, or anything like that. BUT…as a kid I thought looking/dressing like Kira of the film Xanadu was the ULTIMATE & I created a Dungeons & Dragons character (back when you used to play with books & dice) that I drew to look just like her!

I also don’t speak with that real soft airy-fairy tone that my favorite therapist does all the time. (It naturally relaxes me.) Sometimes, I think peeps expect that of a crystal teacher too. Even I sometimes have that expectation!

SIDE NOTE: I do speak that way during meditation recordings, because it helps me get into a meditative state, and I know it helps many of you get into a meditative state. That’s where I am energetically when I’m doing meditation.

But I’m not like that naturally. Not at all! I get really passionate. I get really excited. I hoot & holler, and I call people funky names – like Jelly Beans and Chickpeas and all kind of things like that – that might be quite be annoying to some people.

I don’t dress in flowy saris & shawls, as much as I love that or run around in leg warmers…

But, I do take advantage of having a great excuse to wear leg warmers when I go to barre class *chuckles*.

I also don’t have guides that speak to me. I don’t know what that’s like. Whatever info I get or download…it came from me (I think). My friend Michelle, a crystal guru extraordinaire in her own right,…she gets messages from guides all the time. I’m so jelly! She does crystal healings, channels messages, downloads gem elixir recipes…the whole she-bang! It’s so flippin’ inspiring. She’s amazing!! But I don’t do that.

As much as I would love to naturally organically exude all that  – I don’t.

I’ve never been one to force myself to do something that I’m not. I just am me.

So, sometimes I just wonder if I’m not living up to what people expect of me. Then that sometimes makes me wonder– and here I’m totally being vulnerable here, and letting you know what my feelings are & really what goes through my mind…If people download my stuff, sign up for my newsletter, read my blog, see this girl/lady sitting here:

  • in her geeky science shirts– I get really into science (so into science)
  • really passionate about physics
  • really passionate about Star Wars *snicker*
  • really passionate about scientific stuff as it relates to the metaphysical realm
  • really passionate about people who get really passionate about that kind of stuff, like Nassim Haramein, Jason Silva, Russel Brand

…I get really, really into that stuff. And I speak in very scientific terms sometimes w/o realizing it…what do those people make of me??? I know I shouldn’t care…and most of the time I don’t, but these thoughts do come up.

I don’t speak softly, filming myself in ethereal soft light, doing these really elaborate gorgeous body layouts of crystals on people, or these really elaborate, complicated, gorgeous, sacred, geometric crystal grids. AS MUCH AS I FREAKIN’ LOVE ALL THAT STUFF!!!!

Like this one…

[caption id="attachment_14924" align="aligncenter" width="600"] A room-sized crystal grid done by http://www.therockstore.ca/ Now they ROCKED THAT SCHIST!![/caption]

As much as I consider myself a crystal grid expert, I don’t do that. I’ve always said I’m very practical & I lean towards simplicity & working the crystals into my everyday life easily. I know that sort of thing naturally exudes out of some people. But not me.

So I wonder if people go,

Well, she’s  not the real deal because she doesn’t do that. She’s not really airy fairy. She’s not really naturally, flowy sari-sportin’, shawl-wearing, elaborate-complicated-crystal-grid-building, guides whispering in her ear, softly spoken crystal guru lady. So, she’s not the real thing.”

Why don’t I do these things? B/c it just ain’t me. 
Here’s the other thing too.
I am really naturally good at understanding online biz & marketing, which is great for my sacred crystal biz. And that really throws people when I start going on & on  about that stuffs. THROWS THEM FOR A LOOP!

I’ve had people totally turn on me b/c I was so good at it. It turned them off. Figured I must not really know what I’m doing with the crystals b/c I’m so good with the marketing stuff or that I’m a complete fraud.

I’m not trying to brag here. I’m being very vulnerable & talking about something that I’ve held back from you b/c it makes me uncomfortable. And as I said before, that’s the Universe’s signal to me to SHARE IT!

I understand marketing really well. I love reading about it. I love interpreting data & easily see patterns in social media; probably because this has a lot to do with science. I understand variables & how they work. I understand science very well and that’s what online marketing really truly is about. Marketing IS science so it makes complete sense to me. Science is my whole approach to just about anything…including crystal healing.

So, I’m admitting to you now, I have hidden parts of myself on that for fear of more of this sort of back-lash:

“Well, look at her, just totally figuring out the inner workings of how to blow up a Facebook page over 200,000 people. She’s a fake. She’s too good at business & marketing. Bah, humbug!”

Yeah, as stupid as it sounds to really type that out, I dealt with that from some peeps. And you know what? I’m glad those people think that (& hopefully unfollowed me) b/c they don’t belong in my tribe. We don’t resonate. End of story.

I remember when I first heard about the Internet in 1995 or ’96, & the concept of having an online presence; it sparked something in my belly. It so intrigued me. I didn’t know what I would be doing later on with it, but I just knew; wow, the possibilities – the things that were going on in my brain at the time. I was just getting really into spirituality at the time – I just knew that somehow that was going to align with my path at some point. I didn’t know I’d have a sacred crystal biz doing this, but I knew something BIG was going to blow up for the world!

So, hey, this is me. Crystal geek, science geek. I get off on science speak, crystals & online biz. You want to talk physics? You want to talk Tesla and Einstein and crystals? I’m here with you. I am totally here with you. I’m going to hoot it up. I’m just going to get so freakin’ excited over this schist, that it will blow your mind!!!!

We can have philosophical rants, & talk sacred crystal biz & have mature debates on all this stuff. I absolutely love it, and if that totally blows your groove on what a “crystal expert guru” is, then – I’m not your gal.
What I’m going to do is this: I’m going to stop doubting myself.
I’m an individual, which means I have a separate & slightly different vibrational frequency than everyone else, as do you. So that may allow me to see biz & marketing & crystal loving & light-working… all that stuff as one & the same. It’s understanding patterns, lattices, matrices, vibrational frequencies. Yeah, maybe I see them a little bit differently than everyone else.

I understand that most people who are really, really, really into crystals & crystal healing usually don’t ALSO understand social media data & metrics. But I do. And there is nothing wrong with me & nothing to HIDE.

You know I love me a good Oprah quote!:

So here I am. I’m coming out to you. I’m telling you this is me.

There it is.

It’s a BIG part of the reason why my sacred crystal biz is as successful as it is. This is my calling, my  life purpose is & what I was put here on mama Earth to do. I harmonized perfectly with what my calling is. I tapped into it with ease b/c I didn’t resist it & followed what I was good at. It’s resonating, and of course it’s unfolding perfectly.  Again, I’m not telling you all this to toot my own horn. I’m just not going to hide that part or shrink back from it or keep myself small with it any longer.  This is me letting you all see my true self.

Me telling you, that we ARE worthy of making good money, of being good at business, of being good marketers & that we should expect people to value our time just as much as anyone else’s. This is me encouraging you to say who cares!! I want you to know that your heart is beautiful & your desires & passions are divinely inspired. Let them SHINE!!!

I am just ME.  This is all of me, sitting here now in my Princess Leia t-shirt, wearing my labradorite ring, and really into crystals, really into Breaking Bad, really into science, really into social media metrics data, really into marketing. Really into rockin’ out my Sacred Crystal Biz!

Crystal Blessings,