9 Signs You May be a Crystal Hoarder | Part 1

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Have you seen or heard of that show “Hoarders“?

OR perhaps you know of some hoarders in your life.  Some of us have family members or loved ones that just popped into our heads, right? 

OR…are you getting that little niggly feeling that perhaps YOU might be a Crystal Hoarder?

Hey, it’s OK if you are…many of us get that feeling. I know b/c I hang with a pretty crystal-obsessed bunch of which I may be the worst obsessor of them all. 😉

OK, I know I like to joke around…but this is serious shizzle here. Watch this …

Sharon could be me

…she could be you.

It’s not comfortable to think about but yeah, she’s one of us Crystal Hotties!
**Sharon, if you’re reading this…you are loved, you’re one of us & we’re here to support you.**
I know from experience that it can be all too easy for this passion of ours to take on a life of its own and before you realize it, you’ve amassed a huge collection of stones & rocks you barely ever use…if at all.

Some may be packed away, some may be collecting dust or you may just have too damn many!

There’s no denying that there are just so many beautiful crystals & gemstones out there! Many that you might feel a strong pull toward or an inextricable connection to….or a compulsion to collect THEM ALL!

If you take a look around your space & realize that you have more crystals than you do flat surfaces, it’s very possible that you’ve entered the realm of a Crystal Hoarder, rather than that of a Crystal Healer or a Crystal Collector.

It’s much like any addiction…yeah I said it: ADDICTION…buying crystals just makes us damn happy…in the short term anyway.

Hey, maybe you have all good intentions…you’ve got all these crystals, but you’re just not sure what to do with them. If that’s you…I’ve got a blog post that can help with that over here.
Justifying your HUGE Collection with a Rational Reason
It’s a valuable investment. Right?

Some justify their compulsion with this sort of thinking…
“Well, this crystal collection I have is worth a lot of money! It’s an INVESTMENT.”
Hate to break it to ya, but it just don’t work like that. Metaphysical woo-woo’s like you & I who are willing to pay top dollar for an entire collection are VERY few & far between. Like a “needle in a hey stack” far between.

So you think…
“Oh well, you know…those geeky mineral collectors will def. pay top dollar for my sparkly collection!”
Think again!

If your collection is not kept pristine, all in boxes with proper mineral labels then your collection has a ZERO dollar value to them.

And usually there’s a big difference between the minerals that geo-geeky mineral collectors are interested in and the kind us WOO-FOLK are into.

Annnnnnd…unless you plan on selling each specimen individually & know a whole lot of geology about it, most mineral dealers looking to purchase the entire lot will only be willing to give you from 50%-1%  of the value of the entire collection (yeah! I know redick!…and depressing.)

So forget that whole “investment” idea.  Just let that one go…

[Let’s take a little break to look at a snippet of my “higher end” cabinet collection pieces below:]

9 Signs You’re a Crystal Hoarder
This may come off as funny, but for some of us these are very real scenarios…ahem…personal experiences included here!

  • You consider yourself a Crystal Junkie who has their very own Rock Dealer…”Say my name.” (you know I had to squeeze in a Breaking Bad reference in here!)
  • Your monthly bill at your local or online rock shop beats your monthly food bill
  • You’re thinking/talking about adding on an addition to your home…you know…a sacred space Crystal Room. You’d rather have that Crystal Room than the extra bathroom your family so needs to get ready in a timely manner in the morning.  Yes, I seriously considered this.
  • You’re embarrassed by it & avoid letting others see or know about it…like the full extent of it. I know we really shouldn’t care what others think about us, but often times this embarrassment creeps in as a way to actually help us out. It may be a sign that this is something you need to take a closer look at b/c you’re feeling badly about having over-collected or over-spent & you may need some support in dealing with this issue.
  • You keep acquiring more crystals, but don’t really use them or properly display the ones you already have.
  • You regularly empty your bank account on MORE CRYSTALS, maxing out credit cards & incurring extreme debt over them.
  • You know you have what you need somewhere…but your collection is so big or so disorganized you can’t find it. 
  • You have obsessive thoughts or fears of running out of a crystal, misplacing it or getting rid of it & then needing it later
  • You have a really hard time getting rid of the crystals you really know you should get rid of: like duplicates, ones you never use, or simply ones that you know really aren’t for you….but you just can’t bring yourself to part with them. 
  • If you’re seeing yourself as a hoarder & think you may like some helpful tips, stay tuned b/c next week here on my blog I’ll be delivering just that.

    Now, keep in mind… you can still have tons of crystals & not be a hoarder.

    So how do we tell the diff?
    Harmless Crystal Lover or Hoarder; Which are You?
    Signs of a healthy Crystal Lover & collector:

    • You have a sense of pride about your crystal collection + showing it to others; experiencing joy & gratitude in displaying them & you’re happy to show n’ tell
    • Your crystals are kept clean, well-inventoried, cared for & organized
    • You have a strong sense of accomplishment & satisfaction when adding to your collection; rather than dread, loathing or self-disappointment
    • You carefully budget your time, space allotment & the money devoted to your crystal collecting
    • You make great use of your collection, you work with it regularly, finding it to be quite practical & functional

    Let it be known that this is a fine line I often find myself walking between: Crystal Lover & Hoarder.
    Real talk here. My crystal-collection-mindset is something I have to remember to be aware of & work on all the time. I don’t think there’ll ever come a time when I just won’t need to pay attention to it b/c that is exactly when my collection will get seriously OUT OF CONTROL!

    I know it & own it.

    So what usually happens is I’ll sneak over into the “Crystal Hoarder” department, realize it (b/c I’m regularly assessing myself), clear out some of my collection back down to a more practical & manageable collection (more on that coming up next week) and then get myself back on the Lover side…for a while anyway. 😉

    This ended up being a HUGE topic that I had a lot to say about so Part 2 on:  ‘What to do if you think you may be a Crystal Hoarder’ is here. 🙂 

    Let me know in the comments if anything I wrote about here sparked off an “aha” for you. Do you have Crystal Hoarder tendencies? Do you see yourself as a Crystal Lover or a Crystal Hoarder?

    Crystal Blessings & Much Love,

    How To Organize Your Crystal Jewelry Without Driving Yourself Crazy

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    I’ve shown you all kinds of crystal storage setups & different things over the years. But never my crystal jewelry storage…yet!

    I’ve shown you how I store my tumble stones.

    I’ve shown you how I used to store my more high-end Crystal pieces in my collection (it used to be in my dining room china cabinet, which I no longer own.)  With my recent move I got a curio cabinet dedicated solely to my more “higher-end-collectors-pieces” and I did a Facebook live stream showing that, but I’ll do an actual dedicated video of that once I get it organized the way I want it to be. Coming Soon! …or maybe not too soon….we’ll see. 😉

    B/c you’ve asked, today, I’d like to show you a new way that I’ve been using for my crystal jewelry storage (aka my sacred stash of Sparkly Bling.)

    I used to have all my jewelry setup in my dressing area & although it was a larger area it wasn’t all that well organized…AT ALL.

    I was often dealing with a tangly mess of necklaces & digging for things that I could never find!

    But since I’ve moved I needed to find a whole new setup because I just didn’t have the room in this new space to have it the way I used to. And I knew I needed to find a better way. Now that we’ve downsized into a smaller home, I’ve had to get creative with a new storage system for my stash.

    Not that I have a whole ton of jewelry, it’s not like that; I think I have a moderate amount.

    And I recently lost & found it ALL (Some of you know about that situation…I discussed it all in my Glitter Updates.) If you’re not signed up, you can get on the list here).
    My Solution
    Now…I’ve got this over the door hanging mirror thingie I found at Ross. I also found it for ya on Amazon here & it comes in many different “wood” colors to match your decor. Oh…apparently, it’s called an ARMOIRE.

    I love this piece b/c it’s working in my new smaller space efficiently & beautifully by hanging on the back of my door.

    I’ve got my Seeds of Light earrings from Dream Seeds stored beautifully.  I like keeping the little cards that go with them because it has their correspondences & it tells what crystals are in the earrings…in case I forget.

    There’s also a handy mirror to see how your earrings look after you put them in…or to help you find that darned little earring hole!

    Now, I don’t keep precious jewelry in this jewelry storage case. Valuable stuff should be stored more safely. Less easy to get at.

    I was excited to show you this b/c I just think it’s a genius way to make efficient use of space & have my crystal jewelry stored with easy access & no need to go digging for things or untangling necklaces, etc. while I get dressed.
    Tips for Organizing Your Crystal & Gemstone Jewelry
    One of the biggest organizing tips that we often hear is to:
    Have your stuff  organized in way that allows you to quickly & easily find what you need.
    I think I’ve achieved that. 

    While organizing my crystal jewelry in this new way I realized there are a few ways to split up your collection (& this goes for anything really!):

    • By type (all rings together, all bracelets together, all earrings together, you get the picture)
    • By length or size (all the longer necklaces on 1 side, shorter on the other)
    • By product line (all my Dream Seeds earrings hang together)
    • By color (I really like this for my rings & bracelets so I can choose items to wear based on the kind of light frequencies I need that day or simply by what matches my outfit!)

    BTW, if you want more…I have some general crystal collection organizing tips here.

    Do you love it?  Do you have a system like this for your sparkly stash? Maybe something BETTER? Keep in my mind that my method may not work for you or your space or your personal routines & no 1 method will work for us all. I just wanted to share what I do so you can maybe get some inspiration from it & then you can do your own thing.

    Maybe you can think up a whole new way to organize. Try some stuff out & please let us know what you discover in the comments below!

    Crystal Blessings!

    Indulge in a Crystal Bath for Self-Mastery with Nuummite

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    Let’s talk about the amazing goodness of a Crystal Bath: the ultimate in energetically power packed sparkly relaxation!

    In this video I’m sharing my recipe for a Crystal Bath for Self Mastery & Claiming Personal Power

    I haven’t done a video from my bath tub “sacred space” in quite a while.

    I was just getting ready to do a bath for self-mastery & claiming my personal power so I thought I’d take a moment & share what I’m up to with you. I apologize for the quality here as I didn’t bust out the DSLR to do this…it was really quick and in the moment.

    I’ve been going through a paradigm shift of how I am doing things while also making more of an effort to connect with my personal magic.

    So I got to thinking what stones or other energies do I want layer in for this bath, for the intention & specific purpose of connecting with my own personal magic.
    I decided to work with Nuummite stones.

    Nuummite is a black sparkly iridescent stone & hails from Greenland. Not a very common stone at all, it’s a mix of many different unique  minerals containing lithium-bearing amphibole, magnesium iron silicate, anthophyllite & gedrite.

    What’s really cool about it is that it’s one of the oldest stones on our planet; estimated at about 3 billion years old. Yeah. BILLION, not million.

    Nuummite has a very gentle energy. So if you really want to get an intense effect from it, you’ll want to amplify it with other crystals & clear quartz is ideal for doing that.
    My Nuummite Crystal Bath Recipe
    You don’t need to have ALL these ingredients. Any combination will work, but the more you do have, the more effective. Perhaps you can think of some other things to add in here as well to exponentiate even further?

    • 2 Nuummite Stones; they’re great for connecting with your personal magic for self-mastery and cleaning your personal power.
    • 1 Clear Quartz Crystal to amplify the energy.
    • 3-5 drops Lemon/Citron Essential Oil (NOT IN THE BATH) but in an oil burner or diffuser. Any brand will do, but I look for high quality, non-synthetic, fair-trade & organic. 🙂
    • 1 drop Clove Essential Oil (again in an oil burner or diffuser) & about 3 drops directly in the bath
    • 1-2 cups bath salts containing magnesium sulfate
    • I chose a guided meditation for self-mastery; so perfect to listen to while taking my bath & soaking in the energies from the Nuummite. This is that meditation. 🙂

    Again, my goal with adding the Quartz Crystal was to amplify the energy of the Nuummite stones.
    Layer the Energetic Frequencies
    I like to layer in several resonant, yet similar energetic frequencies so they can harmonize & exponentiate or amplify each other. For example, here I added in some aromatherapy oils that are complimentary in energy to my purpose & intention.

    Caution:  I did not add the lemon oil to my bath b/c I’ve learned through experience that freakin’ burns! Steer clear, Chick Pea. 

    Instead, I’m burning the oils in my oil burner – my sacred geometry oil burner.  (((always layering the energies, this time w/ sacred geometry ☺))). **I don’t know where this oil burner came from or I’d link to it. It was a gift, but if you know, please post the link in the comments below!**

    I added 1 drop of Clove essential oil to my oil burner.  I also added a few more drops of Clove directly in my actual bath water so I can more easily resonate with the energies.

    Why is it so powerful to put gems & oils directly in your bath water?  Click here for a Classic Video + Blog I created on that. 
    Mineral Magic
    I always like to add in some bath salts containing Magnesium Sulfate b/c I like to connect with the mineral Magnesium in Epsom Salt Solution for super-relaxation. If you’d like to geek out & dive deeper into why Magnesium is so great for your health you can read more on that here.

    And for a lil’ more luxuriating, I’m adding a hydrating face mask, by Karuna that someone recommended to me & said was really good. So I had to try that too. {NOTE:  I LOVED this thing! Uber-hydrating and plumping for my hormone-challenged-middle-aged skin. I should get a case of this stuff!)

    Necessary Self Nurture Time: Time to connect with my crystals & do the inner work.

    So make it a priority, grab your crystals (+ essential oils) and Soak it UP!

    Do you ever draw a crystal bath for yourself?  What crystals do you use & for what intention?  Share in the comments below to inspire each other & indulge! Would love to hear about what you’re up to. 🙂


    Top 10 Crystal Blog Posts of 2015! A Hibiscus Moon Sparkle Extravaganza

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    Get your sparkly lasso b/c it’s crystal round-up time!

    Today I’m going to list out my 10 Most Popular Crystal Blog Posts of 2015!


    B/c just in case you missed any of these last year, I want to make sure you see them now. **These blog posts really vibed it up BIG-TIME with our Crystal Hottie Community so chances are…you’re going to love at least a few of them too!**

    So here they are…my most sparkliest 10 posts of 2015:

    1. Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Himalayan Salt Lamps (you love those freakin’ Salt Lamps!)
    [caption id="attachment_15786" align="alignright" width="297"] Topaz is a smart cookie, you know![/caption]


    I get a lot of questions like these about Himalayan Salt Lamps:

    What’s the big deal about these Himalayan Salt Lamps?

    Do they really do what everybody says they do?

    So the major thing that Himalayan Salt Lamps “do” is that they induce negative ions into your environment. (We’ll get to that in full post!!!)

    I have 1 in my sacred crystal studio. He’s super heavy & pretty darn big…comes up to my knee.  I really like to have a salt lamp in just about every room of our home (2 in the bedroom; we have 1 on each of our night stands on either side of our bed.)

    Keep reading here:  https://hibiscusmooncrystalacademy.com/himalayan-salt-lamps/
    2. The Ultimate Guide to Shungite (HOTTEST new stone on the market)
    Shungite, shungite, shungite!

    This stuff came out on the new age stone-lovers scene about 3 years ago & made quite the big splash. I’m not sure why it suddenly became so popular but it’s not usually listed in the older, more popular crystal property books so people are often left wondering & asking me lots & lots of questions about it.

    There are numerous web articles out there that make lots of unfounded claims about shungite so I really felt the need to finally get this blog post out there.

    Keep reading here:  https://hibiscusmooncrystalacademy.com/shungite/

    3.  3 Crystals to Mega Boost Your Self-Esteem (really struck a chord)
    Have issues with worthiness? Self-Worth? Self-esteem? Self love?

    Well, I’ve got some crystals for you!

    Yes, I’ve got some crystals to help boost your feelings of worthiness, or boost your self-esteem, your self-worth. 

    You know, a lot of us have issues with this.  Because…maybe we’ve been bullied.  Perhaps, there are people in our lives that talk negatively to us or criticize us for every little thing we do. 🙁

    After a while you start to believe that stuffs.  Keep in mind, they’re being this way b/c you’re not just like them, because of their own feelings of low self-esteem & low self-worth.

    Keep reading here:  https://hibiscusmooncrystalacademy.com/crystals-for-self-esteem/
    4. WARNING: If Toxic Crystals Are So Bad, Why Do Some Recommend Them? (watch out!)
    If Toxic Crystals Are So Bad, Why Do Some Recommend Them?

    Well, I really cannot say why some recommendations don’t give at least a fair warning, but I suppose that most who are recommending the crystals assume the danger is low. Sometimes it is…and sometimes it isn’t.

    Here’s a really good question I was recently asked by a student:

    If Cinnabar is a toxic crystal why do crystal healing books recommend it?

    For that matter, why would anyone recommend working with ANY toxic crystals at all?

    Keep reading here:  https://hibiscusmooncrystalacademy.com/working-with-toxic-crystals/
    5.  Is The Power Of Quartz A Scam? (explains the science behind HOW quartz crystals work…you eat up that science shiz as much as I do!)
    Is the power of crystals & quartz energy a scam?  No way!

    How will I prove that to you?  By throwing some science at it, of course!

    Quartz is amazing in so many ways.  It makes up some of our very favorite crystals to work with:

    • clear quartz
    • amethyst
    • citrine
    • smokey quartz
    • rose quartz

    Keep reading here: https://hibiscusmooncrystalacademy.com/power-of-quartz/
    6. How Carnelian is Bringing “Sexy” Back + a FREE Gift for You!  (Total juicy-ness!)
    In the crystal world, there’s no other crystal that embodies “sexy” better than carnelian: pure sexy energy!

    Does this sound like you these days?

    • tired & drained? 
    • poor social skills?
    • deny yourself of pleasures?
    • lack of passion, enthusiasm, excitement?
    • lack of creativity?
    • fear of change?
    • frigidity and/or fear of sex?

    Then this is the stone for you!

    Keep reading here & don’t forget to grab your FREE GIFT!:  https://hibiscusmooncrystalacademy.com/carnelian-sacral-chakra/
    7. Sparkly Ideas for Using Crystals with Children (Kids + Crystals; an effortless combo)
    I’m so excited about this one, because I get asked about this a lot, and it’s one of my favorite subjects to talk about, it’s:

    Crystals for Children

    Sometimes I’m asked what crystals are good for kids to bring with them to school, to calm down their energy because sometimes, some  children have a lot more energy than others.

    So, we have part A & Part B of this discussion:

  • Calming down a child’s energy if necessary
  • Crystals kids can have in their bedroom or for school to help them feel safe + protected (perhaps against nightmares), that will also help transmute negative energy so that it’s perceived by them as neutral and not perceived as “negative”; a handy tool for them to have in their pocket.
  • Keep reading here: https://hibiscusmooncrystalacademy.com/crystals-for-children/
    8. Can I share deep? Some stuff you didn’t know about me… (some personal stuffs about me)
    Tag, you’re it!

    I got “tagged” by Flora Sage (one of my buddies from YouTube) for an Intuitive Tag/Challenge.

    I thought I should also post this here on my blog b/c many of you don’t follow me on YouTube & in this video I share a lot of fun personal stuffs that I would really love to share with YOU.

    The Share:

    1.  Share your first paranormal experience that comes to mind

    The first thing that comes to my mind is when I saw a UFO when I was 3-years-old.  I still think to this day that it  was a UFO or possibly more than one even, started when I was about 3.  It never escalated to contact or anything like that, but it began my experience. A number of other incidences have happened over my lifetime as far as viewing, seeing UFOs.  I already did a video explaining that whole experience.  It was quite interesting.

    Keep reading here:  https://hibiscusmooncrystalacademy.com/things-you-didnt-know/
    9.  Crystals for your living space & can I squeeze into an amethyst crystal?(practical crystal info to make your home a Happy Sacred Space)

    “Should there be a certain set of crystals or a “crystal mix” for rooms like your living room or living space?”

    I think that it’s not a “should”, but there are definitely things you can do to make your living space feel more comfy; more vibrationally aligned with the type of energy that you’re trying to bring in to a living room or great room living space.

    Usually, that kind of room is a room where everyone likes to hang out, several people will gather for anything & so you want it to be a space that has good energy within it.

    Keep reading here:  https://hibiscusmooncrystalacademy.com/crystals-for-living-space/
    10. The MacGyver Approach to Crystal Healing (do you want to figure this crystal healing shizzle all out & rig it up on your own? Maybe, maybe not.)
    Teenagers sure are funny.

    I miss teaching them science in the classroom. It was so amusing to me that they had discovered older 80’s shows on Netflix that my generation used to enjoy; Walker, Texas Ranger, Magnum PI & MacGyver to name a few. And they would often come to me in the very hands-on, unconventional classroom that I ran, wanting to try to “MacGyver” something up.

    Of course, I always encouraged it (as long as it didn’t involve blowing something up!) So off they went with duct tape & paper clips seeing what they could cobble together. Hysterical!!

    Many of you have asked me this question on my Facebook page;

    “Why can’t I just teach myself all this crystal healing stuff with books or the info available online?”

    So, you want to MacGyver it up?

    Keep reading here:  https://hibiscusmooncrystalacademy.com/macgyver-crystal-healing/


    Now  you’re probably wondering…what sorts of glittery blog posts can I come up with for 2016, right?

    I mean how many blog posts can you write about crystals (almost all about crystals)?

    Well, turns out I can churn up with all sorts of crazy sparkly shiz, but I want to be sure I’m serving you well, writing or doing videos about what you want to know about & providing supreme value for you here.

    So pretty please, use the comments section below & tell me what you would like me to write or do videos about.

    Don’t be shy! Tell me what you’re looking for.

    More of something? Less of something? What really lit you up? What’s missing? Tell me more, tell me more!

    I love that I get to serve in this way & consider it such an honor. 🙂

    Thanks for being here, Crystal Hottie.