Crystal Work for an Attitude of Gratitude

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This post is written by our beloved Sparkle Team member; Crystal Content Manager, Lisa D’Arrigo. I am so happy that Lisa volunteered to take over the blog today. She has such wonderful insights to share with us here.

(sidenote: She’s a total style icon too. Check her out!)

Jean – Baptiste Massieu said
“Gratitude is the memory of the heart.”
Gratitude, appreciation, thankfulness all flows from the heart.  It’s the simplest yet most powerful of notions.

It’s the pulse of life… right up there with Prana, Shakti, Chi.  And it undoubtedly opens the doors to greater love & joy.

It clears the pathway, it raises your vibration.  It sparks wonder in the small moments, love in all things. ❤

At the same time, it’s possible it can be dangerously liberating  … it could make you smile & laugh A LOT, burst into song, dance with wild abandon, fly your freak flag.

In my life, this journey, this goal of living from a place of gratitude started many years ago when I was learning about the Law of Attraction.  The LOA teachings gave me insight into how I could make this glorious life even better by using my thoughts to steer the course.

So, I started to notice my thoughts and change them when needed, to change my perspective.  I bought a journal to make a gratitude journal and wrote down a list of things every day that I’m grateful for.

And it’s become crystal clear that after you start to live each day from that heart space, over time it just becomes part of who you are… of how you live.

Now I find myself waking up and having immediate thankful thoughts about that very moment of awakening; the possibility of a new day, the warm security of home, the very breath we breathe.    It’s no longer a conscious effort.  It’s as natural as breathing. (and no, it doesn’t happen like this every single day, after all, I do have teenagers in the house!  But I’m going for a majority of days here) 😉
Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude
Here are a few ideas on how you might spark an attitude of gratitude.  In my experience, these small but meaningful tools & practices help cultivate & grow appreciation, stoking that heart fire to greater love.
Choose a crystal or pick a few different ones as your talisman to tap into appreciation. Carry it with you, keep it on your desk, under your pillow, in your pocket or your purse.   Know that your crystal selections might be different from mine since it’s a very personal choice & experience based on your story & your intuition.

For me there are 3 crystals that radiate gratitude: 

  • Pietersite
  • Green Aventurine
  • Larimar


I’ve always had a connection with Pietersite.  Maybe it’s my fiery nature, my Italian & Irish roots that are drawn in by this storm element. 🙂

Whatever the reason, gazing into or mediating with this beauty has always inspired a sense of awe and gratitude. It naturally awakens a profound feeling of appreciation for the beauty of mother earth and life in general.

Green Aventurine 

A few years ago, I traveled to Sofia, Bulgaria to join a group of people from around the world for an artful, magical & musical yoga experience.  I threw my hat in the ring & was invited to film a series of yoga DVD’s with the amazing international yoga teacher, Micheline Berry.

Before I went, I kept thinking about green aventurine.  That I really needed a piece of Green Aventurine! For some reason I felt this very strongly (and I’ve learned to pay head to those feelings…you know?)  So,  I looked for a piece, but I couldn’t find one that fit the bill.  My local rock shop didn’t have the right piece for me at that time and I didn’t have time to order anything online.

So I flew off…and the day after arriving in Bulgaria, some new friends and I were strolling through an outdoor market in downtown Sofia.  We were checking out the scene & wares for sale.  And there, I found the perfect little piece of green aventurine.   It was such a magical moment!  The most perfect outcome and I’ll always be grateful for that gypsy market. I remember thinking “look how this amazing universe works!”  and how deeply thankful I was for that very moment.  Now, that stone is a constant talisman of possibilities and deep appreciation.


Ahh, this special stone.  I’m filled with awe & gratitude for this one and the peace and calm it brings.

It was the first crystal to give me a super powerful jolt of physical sensation. It was so wild!  It really blew my mind, that first stunning energetic experience.  Now,  whenever I need a reminder of all the blessings that surround us, the ones that we cannot see, the miracles we may not notice; of all that is unseen, I go back to this stone.

Whenever I need some perspective or an attitude adjustment, I reach for larimar.

The piece I work with most isn’t the finest quality larimar.  It’s riddled with lots of red hematite in it.  But when I found it in the Caribbean I knew this was the stone for me.  It took me a while to find it…to look in many shops on that small island, beyond all the beautiful & glittery jewelry, because I wanted a piece specifically to meditate with.  Once I found this slab, it was way overpriced, so I bartered like crazy and brought it home.
You can grab one of your fav stones that help you to connect with your grateful heart or pick up a mala that you might have to dive deep inside.

As you drop into meditation, adding mantra to your experience you could say ‘So Hum’ which means  ‘I am’.

You’d recite ‘So’ on the inhale and ‘Hum’ on the exhale. Repeating it with each breathe.  Soft and easy.

If you use your mala beads, you can recite one mantra per bead to complete a round of 108.  You don’t even need to say ‘I am grateful’, just ‘I am’ and try to feel it in your heart.  Feel the gratitude as you give yourself this gift of meditation time.

If a seated meditation is not your thing, try a walking meditation.  Go for a walk in the woods, hug a tree and say thank you 3 times.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Or find a labyrinth or a beach in your area to walk it out.  You can always recite mantra while you’re walking to tap into your heart space.

Another mantra for gratitude is ‘Dhanyavad’ which translates to something like gratitude, thanks, or thank you.
This exercise is so simple & truly powerful.  Just grab yourself a journal and literally write out a list.  Just a list, no reasons needed, of the many things you are thankful for.

It can be absolutely anything, because this list is just for you.  For sending your thanks out to the Universe and basically flexing your gratitude muscle.

It’s like you’re filling up a wellspring here & I think you’ll find after time, that the stream of consciousness just flows and the more you do this, the longer the list will grow and the more you’ll have to be thankful for.

This is also a helpful exercise to reflect back on.  Looking back and glancing through your lists, you might find something you listed multiple times, like a message from your heart showing you what gives you the most joy.
The Power of Scent
Sweet sweet essential oils.

The nectar of aroma.  People that don’t know have always joked with me … “are essential oils really essential?”  Why YES – LOL, of course they are!

For me the scent of gratitude is Ylang Ylang essential oil.  Ylang Ylang aroma instills a deep, soulful & reverent connection to all that is.

Just like with the crystals, it won’t be the same for everyone.  You’ll likely find or already have your own essential oil that you connect with…an aroma that awakens a sense of gratitude in you.

So work with that oil, wear it, anoint your mala or your crystals with it, bathe with it, diffuse it.  Whatever method works best for you, do that to bring that scent into your life & ignite appreciation.
Give back.  Be of service. Volunteering, or donating, whatever form it takes, whatever you can do, just do it.

Being of service has always been a big part of my life, as far back as I can remember.  You, anyone, can start today.   It’s never too late and the world is always in need of kindness and generosity of spirit.

For some, monetary donations are the way to go and that’s fantastic & so needed worldwide.  But understand that time is also money and giving your time is both valuable & fulfilling.  Share your gifts.  Teach a free yoga class, help with a beach clean-up, work a crisis hotline, fill sandbags during a flood, help someone with their groceries, volunteer in a soup kitchen, join the Peace Corps.  There are so many options & endless opportunities.

Find a way to be of service, that fills you up.  It’s important & it helps keep things real.  It helps keep you aware of all the good that is already in your life and helps you remember to count your blessings.

Hopefully 1 or a few of these ideas give you some inspiration to ignite gratitude in your life.  I know I constantly need reminders!   Little things to help me get back in the flow and stay there for a longer period of time.


Hibiscus here…

Thank you, Lisa, for sharing your personal sparkly journey with us & all your wonderful insights on awakening gratitude!

If you resonate with anything Lisa has shared here with us…please leave a sparkly comment below. 🙂

Crystal Blessings,

Hibiscus Moon

My Life, My Spirit, My Career: How 10 Simple Morning Rituals Helped Me Succeed

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A little while ago I shared a bit about my daily morning ritual practice on my Facebook Page & Instagram & many asked for more details. My morning ritual isn’t at all complicated & is actually pretty quick but I keep it the same each morning so now its become an ingrained habit that I don’t even need to think about very much. Comes in quite handy when I have those mornings where I’m barely conscious!

It’s really pretty simple & reminds me to savor life’s little pleasures, to be grateful while also allowing me to live in the present moment.♥

You know… your mood in the morning affects your entire day…so doing this allows me to program & set the tone for the kind of day I’m going to have, fit in some of my spiritual/manifesting/law of attraction practices.
Puts me in the right mindset for a great day ahead.

And this all happens from my bed before I even put my feet on the ground.

I do this ritual every single day & try to stick to this routine as much as I possibly can no matter where I’ve slept; hotel, visiting family, etc. 

If I’m missing some of my tools, no problemo! I just skip that step and do what I’m able to do with what I’ve got.

My 10 Step Morning Ritual

  • NIGHT PREP: The night before I usually select a stone, depending on what kind of energy vibration I want to work with from a little wooden bowl that I keep in my kitchen to make my easy gem elixir water. Since I tend to be pretty lazy, I keep a selection of crystals & essential oils within easy reach on my kitchen counter for everyday practical purposes like this.
  • I wake up and first thing I do is drink water b/c I’m parched. I keep rose quartz (usually) gem elixir water by my bedside from the night before b/c I just like to drink a lot of water. I keep it very simple: just plop a rose quartz tumblie into my water-glass…
  • Totally unrealted but…first thing I usually see when I open my eyes besides my hubbie is Ms. Topaz usually in this very position…I can barely stand such cuteness! ♥

    3. Next I’ll do some quick neck stretches b/c I’ve learned that if I don’t do these everyday I’ll end up with more “pulled neck muscle” pains than I’d like to deal with from sleeping wrong or something like that. I do the first 4 on this page. Now that I do these 30 second neck stretches every morning, the “neck-pulls” only seems to happen about 1/year. Still not great but better than every 3 months or so! 

    Next, I’ll pick up one of 2 crystals I typically have by my bedside: a clear quartz point or my rose quartz chunk-buddy and sit up cross-legged on the bed with a straight spine, eyes closed.  (***Topaz usually climbs into my lap at this point and purrrrrrrrrs***) I hold the crystal in 1 or both palms comfortably. With crystal in hand I’ll launch into several Energetic Hygiene Exercises:

    4. Organizing my energy: I’ve heard several metaphysical teachers teach this technique with some slight differences. Here’s how I do it. As I take a DEEEEEP inhale I’ll say to myself: “I call back all my energy to me.” (while visualizing any lost bits of scattered energy floating back to me & thunking into place where they belong…like a magnet attracting iron filings). Then with a full exhale, expelling all the air out of my lungs I say to myself, “And I release any energy that is not my own.” And I visualize anything that I’ve picked up in my energy field being released. And finally I say “I am now whole.” And I visualize my body’s aura cleansed & glowing. 🙂

    5. Now it’s time for my Energetic Shower. I visualize & sense the crystal in my hand beaming energy up to me (this energy is like sparkling glowing rays of light with rainbow twinkles in it…you can visualize it any way you like but this is what I see) + flowing through my body, releasing out the top of my head at my crown chakra & then gently flowing back down around me like a fountain…then flowing back up under and through my root chakra in a continuous loop. I actually visualize it around me like a twinkling flowing egg-shape of light flowing out & around & around. I do that for about 30 seconds. Longer if I really feel I need it. Because sometimes you just do.

    6. While still seated & holding my crystal now I send energy to whatever crystal grids I have set up at the time. I usually have a couple going in another room of the house so I simply visualize it and beam energy to it. (I usually visualize this beam as neon red energy….like a softly glowing laser beam. I’ve tried changing the color in my mind’s eye but it’s always red & I cannot change it. I’m curious what you see if you try this). It’s very quick. Takes about 5 seconds. It’s just a little crystal grid TLC.

    7. Next, in my mind, I’ll go through my list of things to be grateful for. There are many but I’ll usually think of 3. If it’s a day where I can’t think of much…you know those days, I’ll think of how I’m grateful for the bed I’m sleeping in, the air I’m breathing & the things or beings that surround me. You can always think of something, Jelly Bean. 😉

    8. Next I’ll think about what I’m currently working on manifesting in my life. I usually have a larger goal or two that I’m working on bringing into my reality, something that I’m deeply committed to; big life-changing goals & ambitions. I’m a Capricorn, don’t you know? 😉 So I’ll spend 30 seconds visualizing in detail my manifestation in full bloom, as if it’s already materialized. BOOOOM!

    9. Then I do my five-minute journal entries.

    Now I’m not one for free-form journaling…at all. I LOVE this journal b/c it’s very to the point, tells you exactly what to write and let’s you get it done quickly. It also gives you some inspiration for the day in the form of a motivational quote or a little challenge.

    You complete it each morning (gets me off on the right foot for the day, sets my goals in sight and even gives me another assist with my manifesting) as well as each night (so I can do a quick re-cap & reminds me again to be grateful)….so nourishing to the spirit.

    How do I remember to do it every morning & night?

    I keep it right near my bed with a pen on top of it…always ready to go. That’s the key to remembering to use it & do it…seeing it right there when you wake up.

    10. Lastly, I’ll do 1 oracle card pull for the day. I usually switch out between 2 different decks that I keep by my bed side:  Doreen Virtue’s Magical Mermaids and Dolphin Oracle Cards and her Angel Therapy Oracle Cards. I usually have a crystal sitting on top of the deck to lend its energy & then I’ll just choose one card sight unseen to receive a positive message, theme or direction for the day.

    And that’s it.

    Seems like a lot of steps when I write it out like this, but really I have this all memorized now and it all takes me between 5-7 min. Tops.

    I’ve been following this routine for over five years now & I will NEVER go without this morning ritual.
    I’ve accomplished way too much and have seen too many positive results (is that even possible?!) by sticking to it. These morning practices seem to be my secret weapon to getting through challenging days. They’re what give me the self-assuredness, grace & strength to cope in the face of challenges & they’re what I give credit to when I have those amazing days.

    Quick, practical, sparkly and totally doable. Believe me!

    Do you use any of these tools to get your day started in the right direction? To connect with your energy for the day & get it flowing in a positive way?   What’s your morning crystal ritual?   Or if you give my ritual a try, please tell me how it went or how you like it in the comments below! ♥

    Crystal Blessings,

    Do Others Think You’re Woo-Woo Weird? 3 Steps to Own Your Sparkly Shit!

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    Are you uncomfy coming out of the “crystal closet“?

    Afraid others will think you’re weird, not get you or think that you’re just totally out to lunch?
    “What is all this sage burning, crystal collecting, essential oil rubbing wacko-ness?”

    I get it. It’s hard when everyone around you is not doing the same thing.

    And they don’t really get it.
    Story Time!
    This 1 time I went to the doctor’s office & had my doc probing around with her stethoscope to check my heartbeat and had to explain to her what those hard lumps were protruding from my bra. She had a complete & total poker face while I told her that “those were my crystal companions for the day’s energies that I wanted to infuse into my electromagnetic field”.

    She didn’t say another word about it & went on to the next thing.

    THAT was uncomfy even for me (**I’m not going to pretend that “Oh, I’m so confident, I don’t have a problem telling ANYONE about my crystals“. Just being real with ya here), but I just put it out there anyway. **I have no idea what she made of it, but I’m hysterical laughing right now thinking about it again & typing this out!**

    I even find it difficult to just explain why I don’t like to use a microwave or the regular laundry detergent that everyone else is using. That is, unless I know someone really well & don’t mind lovingly antagonizing them (like my parents). It’s also so much easier to discuss with someone who is obviously receptive & wanting to learn. But when they’re not receptive…well…having to explain yourself in these situations ain’t my idea of a good time. It’s usually met with resistance or a tinge of ridicule.

    Am I right?
    1. Confidence through Science
    I do have a healthy amount of confidence around discussing what I do when I’m directly asked or it’s unavoidable. And I know that’s b/c I can explain the science behind how & why the crystals work.

    And this is what I teach to students in my courses as well.

    2. Make Peace with Who You Are
    A while back I wrote a blog post about being me, the real me.

    Oh, I felt quite un-easy writing that at the time.

    But contrary to what I thought, the real me was welcomed with open arms. That blog post went viral and as you can see from how many comments I got on it, struck a very real chord with the Crystal Hottie Community. 🙂

    So my advice now is just own it!

    And guess what? You’d be surprised how many people come out of the woo-woo closet themselves when they know its safe to talk about this shizzle with you!

    I had lots of experience with this while I was still a science teacher.

    You would think those in the academic community would be very closed off to this sort of thing, but when it was last resort time on many situations, many in that community (even a school police resource officer) came to me to ask what crystals & other energetic work they could do to remedy their problem.
    3. Find a Community
    Being in a group of other like-minded people who are also cuckoo-for-crystals can be so empowering & nourishing b/c they’re all going through the same stuff as you. We need each other b/c being part of a community also gives us confidence & strength!

    Yeah, this may also mean that you need to spend less time (or remove yourself completely) from hanging with people who are holding you back & won’t accept who you are.

    Try to find a group either in person or online that have these 3 things going for them (b/c not all groups do!):

    • members are supportive
    • offers motivation & inspiration
    • holds a positive vibe (no gossiping, negativity is frowned on & moderated, etc.)

    Finding a group like this does WONDERS for allowing you to be YOU and encouraging you to grow into your full potential. It can be an in-person group or even a virtual online one.

    I can help you with #1 & #3 from above. And I’ve seen #2 come naturally as a result of providing #1 & #3 to my students in my Certified Crystal Healer Course.

    Not to say you cannot achieve those things on your own. You most certainly can! All you have to do is put your mind & energy towards it.

    But if you’d like me to help along on this path, my course will be opening up for enrollment very soon & this will be the last enrollment for 2016. Enrollment will only be open for a few days so if you’d like to take a look, check it out here.

    Are you ready to fling those doors open, Crystal Hottie?  Maybe you already have and you’re merrily cruising along the glitter highway.  Or, maybe you’ve been looking for a tribe like ours? A Crystal Community to sparkle, shine, transform & grow with?  Where do you stand right now?  Tell us in the comments below.

    Crystal Blessings,

    What To Do if you think You May Be a Crystal Hoarder

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    Crystal Hoarding | Part 2
    In case you missed Part 1 of this 2 part blog series here’s the link for you: 9 Signs You May be a Crystal Hoarder, Part 1

    Listen. I don’t want to “should” on you.

    If you feel that being a Crystal Hoarder is perfect for your life path then who am I to tell you any different?

    You have to try to go with what your heart is telling you is right for you.  Your heart always knows exactly what is perfect for you…and what’s perfect for your living space. 😉

    But if this whole “hoarding” thing is bothering you; thinking that you could possibly be in that “hoarder” category…or maybe you’re someone who is just now looking around & realizing that maybe you’ve been over-collecting without even knowing it (perhaps on the verge of hoarding?)…then let’s look at some steps you can take to get that crystal collection back under control.

    6 Tips to Control your Crystal “Clutter” & get out of “Hoarding” Energy
    1.  Assess & Inventory

    • Do you have so many crystals that you could open up your own store? (*hey! there’s an idea if you’re an action-taker!*)
    • Do you have stones that you don’t even remember purchasing?

    If so, you’ve probably been more focused on the acquiring aspect rather than actually putting the crystals to good use.

    And don’t get me wrong; I know how tempting it can be to buy whatever crystal might strike your fancy.

    But be intentional with your purchases. Instead of buying the first thing that catches your eye, take a mental inventory first.

    2.  Take a physical inventory of your specimens
    If you have a large collection, take the time now to go through it. You may find yourself discovering crystals you didn’t even realize you had!

    By doing a good job at this & knowing exactly what you already have, you might just realize that you already have one—or even several!—crystals that you could utilize in place of something you’re thinking about purchasing…a suitable alternative. So you don’t really NEED to buy that crystal.
    3.  Organize your crystals

    Keep Pile– Have one pile that you’re going to keep. These are the crystals that you know you’ll use or that have very special meaning to you.

    Get Rid of Pile– The other pile can be crystals that you don’t anticipate using any time in the foreseeable future; that you don’t feel a connection with and wouldn’t mind letting go of. You might choose to sell, trade, or gift them to someone (or to Mama Earth)….more on this in a bit.
    The sorting that you do here is actually another special bonding experience you’ll have with your crystals…even those you’re planning on parting ways with.

    And the time you dedicate to this activity is an opportunity to not only clean out, but really dive in & get organized with your Crystal Collection. Have fun with this, but stay focused on your priorities!

    BTW, I have some more crystal organizing tips over here for the ones you’re keeping.
    4.  Be Mindful Before You Buy

    • What do you plan to do with this crystal?
    • How are you going to use it?

    This might seem like it’s taking some of the fun out of buying—but in being mindful first,  you’ll keep yourself from making unnecessary purchases & feel really good about the crystals you do very selectively choose to buy.

    Take some time to ask yourself: 

    • What is it that you really need?
    • What crystals are going to enhance your capabilities as a healer or in doing self-healing?
    • What are your specific goals with the crystals you currently have, and with any crystals you might possess in the future?

    *Sparkle Tip* Journal or jot down your answers.  This can help you remember & keep your goals in mind to avoid future impulse crystal purchases.
    5.  Shopping Tips
    Something else you might find helpful is to set a budget. And once you set it, commit yourself to sticking to it! This could be a monthly crystal budget or a set limit you impose on yourself before hitting a gem show. Let others know your budget too so they can hold you accountable.

    This goes hand-in-hand with being mindful—when you have a set amount of money that you’re going to allow yourself to spend, you’ll want to really consider where you’re putting that money.

    I have more smart crystal shopping tips over here.
    6.  Purge the Excess
    For crystals that are badly damaged or bits & pieces that have chipped off, I like to make an offering by giving them back to the Earth by simply planting them in the soil & letting them become part of the Rock Cycle once more.

    Gifting crystals to others is such a heartfelt & beautiful experience for the giver & the receiver. Giving one of your crystals to someone can open that person up to a whole new world of sparkles! It’s a feel good way to lighten your load and share the love of crystals at the same time. Sometimes I like to leave little crystals with a cute note in unexpected places for people to find later: on a park bench or in my cubbie at my exercise class. 🙂

    Here I was having some Lemurian points blessed to boost their life force energy on the altar of an ancient Hawaiian heiau (sacred place). I had purchased way too many of them & gifted almost all of them away, while leaving one behind there on the altar

    Sometimes, I decide to sell my overabundance of crystals. (This is how I started selling on Etsy back in 2009. And look at where that road has led to now!! I know…insane, right?)

    Perhaps they are crystals I never really bonded with & I purchased with the precise intention of selling (**that’s how I dangerously justify the purchases to myself at times…watch out for that one!), but they just ended up hanging around longer than they should have. I tend to do that a lot these days since I only get around to selling about once or twice a year now.

    You may be thinking…
    What if you regret selling or gifting them later?
    Yes, I’ve regretted selling off or gifting out certain pieces.

    BUT!…I prepared for it. I knew that would be the case & was at peace with it. If you go into selling or gifting knowing that you’ll probably also bump into some regret then it’s not as big a deal when it hits you.

    You already knew you’d have a few regrets possibly pop up.

    No biggie.

    You can handle them more easily when you’re prepared for them, Lima Bean. 😉

    You know what really helps me? Having photos of my crystals that I’ve parted ways with. I can look at them longingly whenever I want to and remember their beauty & know that I made the absolute right decision & that those crystals are now with exactly who they were meant to be with.

    In fact, here…let me show one that I have mega regrets about & think back on all the time.

    This Smokey Quartz & Citrine Double Terminated Penetrator Twin with Rainbows…

    GEO GEEK ALERT: Let me just take a sec to tell you WHY this piece is so special: B/c its an amazing feat of geology! Here you see a Double Terminated Penetrator Twin that got fractured during its growth process & self healed while turning into golden citrine only above the fracture while growing into another smokey quartz! Yep…freakin’ AMAZING & I’ve never seen anything like it! Not to mention all the astounding rainbows that are in this specimen.

    So, a few years ago I sold that to a dear sweet soul & I KNOW that crystal is with exactly who it was meant for. I was simply the “foster parent” to facilitate that beautiful union & was honored to do so. 🙂

    PLUS! I have photos I can always look at. That makes all this selling stuff a whole lot easier for me; having the photos to look at any time I like. I can even use the photos to tap into the energy of that piece as well!

    You can def. do the crystal selling thing too if you wish to…the internet, eBay & Facebook just make it all so freakin’ easy. You can do it!

    **But only take this on if you know you’re an action-taker! If you tend to say you’ll do stuff but never actually get around to it then stay away from this option.

    Orrrr…you may like to do what I did recently to clear out your stash…

    My De-stash for Charity Post/Video

    The highest bidder ended up bidding $500 so Hibiscus Moon, LLC matched that with $500 and together we donated the $1K total to 1 of the wonderful charities that we, as a company support, the National Wildlife Federation (this charity was chosen by a  community vote to decide who it would go to).

    A win-win all around!

    Maybe you could do something similar and it will make you feel really good that so much good is coming from you clearing out space. 🙂

    Yeah it was hard for me to do, but I just kept reminding myself that:
    simplicity is the path to peace.
    By de-cluttering, I’m  creating more space for other things & energies to come into my life. Clutter of any sort can cause energy to stagnate. After de-cluttering your crystal stash…you’ll see.

    You’ll get this enormous sense of clarity, lightness & freedom. Peace of mind comes from a clutter-free environment.

    And passing the crystal-love on is good.

    And charity is good! I know I’ll be doing this cycle again & again in my crystal work/collecting. 

    BTW, prehnite (below) is a gemstone that is known to help people who hoard possessions.


    Then again…isn’t that stone that Sharon added to her collection in that Crystal Hoarder video from part 1?

    Hmmmm, forget I said that. 😉

    Are you ready to take these steps to get out of hoarding-energy, de-clutter & mindfully move forward as a Crystal Lover?  Are you willing to release the crystals that you no longer need, or you feel belong with someone else?  You can do it, Crystal Hottie!  Please share your journey with us in the comments below.

    Crystal Blessings,

    P.S. If you think this post can help someone else, please feel free to share it on to them or post on social media. Thanks for sharing the love!♥