Which Chakra needs Balancing?

Introducing Part 2 in the Chakra Series:  Which Chakra needs Balancing?

Click here to read Part one:  The Science Behind Crystal Chakra Healing.

So after learning about the science behind the chakras, you might wonder…

How do I know which chakra needs balancing?

Luckily, there are several ways to identify which chakra needs balancing. 🌀

There are four primary ways that I share in my teachings ❭❭─❥─➣

1. Take a Chakra Test

There are several chakra tests available online (you can do a quick search and turn up many).  Here are a couple of options you can try right now:

It’s amazing how reliable this resource can be if you use a good one!  Take note of your results and grab a crystal that corresponds with that chakra to help restore the flow and bring it back into balance.

2.  Glaring, Physical or Emotional Issues

If there’s a striking set of physical ailments or emotional issues, sometimes you can pinpoint which chakra is imbalanced due to the condition.  Keep in mind, though, that you’re looking for a syndrome of … Read More

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Who Do You Think You Are to Be a Crystal “Healer”?

crystal healer

Who do you think you are to be a Crystal Healer?

Does any of this sound familiar?

When it comes to working with crystal energy… does your inner voice sound a little somethin’ like this?

  • “What will my family, friends, co-workers think of me?” 
  • “What if I’m just not that “gifted” with crystals or I’m not as effective as I *think* I am?” 
  • “Who do I think I am to be crystal “healer” or crystal energy worker — or have ANYTHING to do with crystals in a metaphysical way?”
  • Or maybe you feel like you’re not “legit” or not good enough YET — or maybe it’s just all in your imagination.
  • .. that others may find out that you’re just a big fat fraud and you’ll just end up making a fool of yourself!

I KNOW this is harsh stuff… but I’m just sharing what went through my mind in the beginning —

and I’ve since learned that this is very common self-sabotage chatter that we have a tendency to torture ourselves with.

I know (from experience) there may be an annoying voice in your head that tells you you’re not good … Read More

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Empath Everyday Survival Guide: Crystals + Secrets for Sensitive Souls


I’m so excited to bring this to you, because I recently did a poll on YouTube, asking what you guys wanted to hear about most and the topic crystals to help Empaths was high on the list.

We’re going to cover Empath Everyday Survival Guide, (but if you’re brand new to crystals you might be interested in reading this first).  This blog is all about crystals and secrets for sensitive souls. The goal is to avoid emotional hangovers, exhaustion, and sensory overload.


I’m right there with you guys.

  • When you’re with a lot of people, do you feel like you have no shield up between you and them? Or do you classify yourself as a sensitive soul, a sensitive person? Do you find yourself often in situations where you get energetically exhausted?
  • Are you a lightworker, an energy worker, or a bodyworker of any kind, massage therapist? This kind of work with others can zap the energy right out of you if you don’t know how to mitigate that. It’s essential to protect yourself and protect your energy, with … Read More
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3 Things You Want to Know Before You Start Working with Crystals

working with crystals

Are you new to working with crystals?

I’m going to share three things you want to know before you start working with crystals.

Because you want to avoid pitfalls, right? When you get started on this crystal path, you want to avoid wasting time and energy.  Why reinvent the wheel? I made a lot of mistakes when first starting out with crystals. I’ve worked through a lot of stuff and I can save you a lot of time and energy in that area, and save money which is a big one with these three things.

Now, of course, there are so many more than three things, but I just wanted to distill it down to three for you.

Are you Ready to Start Working with Crystals?

Tip Number One

Cleansing your crystals:   I’m not talking about physically cleansing today, although I do love my science and I love talking about physically cleansing crystals (depending on their Mohs hardness, there are different ways we need to treat our crystals). Today, I’m talking about energetic cleansing.

After much trial and error, I learned that there are many people who will go on … Read More

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