Super Blast Energizing Crystal Combo

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Let’s talk about a great Energizing Crystal Combo!

Here I’m sharing this perfect little energizing crystal combination b/c it seems like a lot of us, including myself, could use a boost of energy.  A nice little energy shot.

In fact, if you’re into crystals, (which you probably are right?!) you likely have these crystals readily accessible, Crystal Hottie…and if you don’t, you can get this combo pretty easily.

Super Blast Energizing Wake-up Call Combo

1.  Carnelian


Carnelian is bright orange, an invigorating color and very easy to find.

It’s in the quartz family & a safe stone to use, very common and relatively low-cost; an energizing crystal to work with.

I’ve got a whole luscious post about Carnelian (+ a FREE gift) over here!!

2.  Citrine

Another crystal that’s easy to get a hold of and so great for energizing is citrine.

It doesn’t need to be a natural citrine like the I show you in my video & in the photo below.  That’s an all-natural dark citrine point from the Congo.


You might be more acquainted with citrine that looks like this.

baked citrine druse

That will work too.

This type of citrine is actually baked amethyst but it still works with the light frequency energy of citrine.  You can learn more about that in my classic blog post about citrine over here.

You can tell the difference because the baked citrine is usually in the geo form of a drusy.  It’s also dark, dark, like dark iced tea & maybe orange as opposed to natural citrine which can be almost smokey, but always retains that yellow hue.

Pow!  There you have it, your go to energizing crystal combo:   Citrine and Carnelian. I’m tellin’ you…it doesn’t get any easier than this.

Now we’re going to add some more vibrational energies. Ya Ready?

Essential oils


I often have some aromatherapy essential oils warming in my oil diffuser and I love to pair essential oils with this crystal combination to really amp up the energy.

***I don’t promote any one single brand of essential oils as long as they are Fair Trade, Organic (if possible) and 100% pure.  Just no synthetics, thank you very much.***


Peppermint essential oil is good for waking up the senses.

It works wonderfully well with the vibrational frequency of citrine + carnelian.


Add a little lemon oil and this combination is ready to give you a big boost; ushering in lots of healthy energy.

Smoothie Goodness

In the above video I also had a green gem-ed out smoothie. Here’s the recipe for that I mentioned. It’s not particularly energizing per se, but it’s especially yummy & healthy…which always helps with energy eventually.

I whipped up some:

  • banana
  • frozen black cherries
  • kale
  • silica gel
  • quartz gem elixir

I hope you enjoy this Energizing Crystal Combo and that you try some of these additional tips to superblast the combo.

Do you have Citrine & Carnelian? Peppermint & Lemon essential oils?  Give it a try & let me know. Does it boost you up?  Share with me in the comments below. 

Crystal Blessings,

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  1. Hi, Hibiscus Moon,

    Firstly, let me apologise, but I found myself laughing like crazy while watching your video. I even leant forward to smell the peppermint essential oil when you were showing it to the camera (that made me laugh too) and my mouth was watering when you brought out the lemon essential oil. I found the whole video a pick-me-up in itself. I don’t have lemon, so guess what, I am just about to order some! Thank you so much for your sharing today, I shall be trying it out as soon as I have all of the ingredients. I could do with an energy boost!


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  2. Hi Hibiscus,my name is Rosita. I have a question for you. I have collected many crystals over the past 25 yrs, i have quite a few with points,that are intact, but some are chipped on the point, (the apex)or slightly damages. Does it make a difference to the quality of healing vibration that the crystal emits ?? Are you still able to use them for healing ?? In the past i have been told that it does make a difference, but i would love to hear your explanation on the subject,as i value your opinion greatly. Thanx kindly Rosita

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  3. Hello Hibiscus, you lovely lady!
    I’m wondering about how to use the crystals and essential oils together… Like the logistics…
    Do you put the crystals in the diffuser with the oils? Do they just sit next to each other? Do you infuse the crystals with essential oils into carrier oils and wear it?

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  4. Thank you HM! So needed this! Have a question about Carnelian. Purchased a bag of small Carnelian from a gem & crystal company online to use in gem elixirs. Several stones had a round white spot show up after using for several weeks. Is this normal? Has anyone else had this happen. Thank you & Crystal Blessings.

  5. Hi the peppermint puts me to sleep, (but this is my body,I Quess I needed the rest . LOL! ),so I used wild orange instead.
    Smoothie was great. Love your sharing !
    Learning so many good things about the crystal ‘s,

  6. Another way to enjoy the Peppermint and Lemon Essential Oil combo is to do single nostril breathing, inhaling direct from the bottle, close left nostril, inhale deeply Lemon through right, close right & exhale through left, keep right closed & inhale Peppermint through left, close left/exhale right; swap oils, repeat. (Doesn’t matter which you use first)
    Gives the brain a real kick and you can feel the oils balancing inside your head.

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