Are you an Energy Worker, Life Coach, Healer, Intuitive, Massage Therapist or other Heart-Centered Entrepreneur looking for the Secret to Running an Energized + Highly profitable Sacred Online Biz?

2018/10/09 15:00:00

Does This Sound Like You?

    • Working your buns off, but still not able to quit the day job or not able to make ends meet
    • Sick of under-valuing and under-charging, then over-delivering and burning yourself the frick out!!
    • Passionate about what you do, but you’re not feeling truly nurtured, energetically-balanced and supported by your work. Actually, you feel depleted.
    • You’re spinning your wheels trying everything under the sun, wasting time, money, energy and getting nowhere
    • You lack the confidence to put yourself out there, even though you know what you offer truly helps your client!
    • Confused about how to use all this social media and confused about how to use it to convey the true value of your gifts and work to potential clients
    • Marketing feels fake, pushy or icky
    • You don’t feel like you’re reaching your FULL POTENTIAL for sharing your unique gifts to make this world a better place

    Don’t reinvent the wheel! I’ll be teaching you my very own step by step system, making it super-simple for you reach more ideal clients and build a sacred biz that’s wildly successful and that you’ll LOVE!

    I’m Hibiscus Moon and I’ll be your Cave Guide while we “Mine” your unique Hidden “Gems” in my exclusive Energize your Heart & Soul-Centered Biz Marketing Program!

    I created this program because my students kept asking for it. They wanted to know exactly how I built my successful & sacred crystal biz so quickly. I completely understand our unique “healie-feelie” niche inside and out…& I’ve proven I know how to market to our niche in a way that’s allowed me to become wildly successful in it.

    I’ve listened closely to what you wanted & I created a Marketing Mastermind Program just for us. The secrets & strategies you’ll be learning in this program are divine miner’s gold. It can mean the difference between building a thriving, profitable heart-centered sacred biz or a struggling one.

    If you’ve followed me for a while, you can transparently see what I’ve accomplished. Or if you’re new on my scene, you can see my impact on social media easily.You’ve watched me leave my 9-5 teaching job to work in my beloved sacred biz, be crazy-successful + blissfully happy while helping so many others! I WALK MY TALK. Who else do you know in this biz…or any other, that can show you data & numbers like mine?…keep reading. :)

    I own my power as a Sacred Biz Goddess & I want to help you do the same.

    My Energizing your Heart & Soul-Centered Biz Marketing Mastermind is for heart-centered entrepreneurs looking for the perfect combo of sacred biz strategy, accountability + deeply profound peer support. This program is like no other; organically designed to bring your heart & soul-centered biz to a whole new level! I’ll be teaching you all I know about marketing the shiz out of your biz in an honest non-icky way that nourishes your SOUL while growing your dream so it supports you beautifully!!

    This will be the FINAL ROUND of this most unique mastermind experience. I’m retiring it for good. It’s a closing of a chapter but closing it also makes me super-thrilled to lead this next + final Energize Mastermind round with you!

    And, even though I’m ending this program I’ve taken the time to fully update it in accordance with all the recent Facebook changes and even GDPR compliancy issues (have no idea what the flip I’m talking about?… All the more reason you want to get in on my program b/c this is stuff you need to know!)

    “clarity and support”

    I am now realizing, all the things you have brought up in this program have been areas that I have been wanting clarity and support on for years but could never articulate my need. Deep gratitude to you! I can just feel the shift and stepping into MORE of my POWER.

    ~Kheng Chow-Li

    “Damn brilliant social media & marketing insights”

    Hibiscus Moon is one of the smartest people I know. She knows exactly how to rock Facebook & make lots of magical moolah with it. She’s totally in integrity, deeply spiritual & has some damn brilliant social media & marketing insights. I can recommend this woman wholeheartedly!”

    ~Leonie Dawson

    Creator of the Amazing Biz and Life Academy

    “so much support and guidance and belief”

    The Energize your Heart & Soul-Centered Biz Marketing Program is inspirational. It’s full of information that is hard to find plodding through the internet on your own. There was so much valuable content packed into the topic for each week…so much support and guidance and belief that we would be able to launch and grow the business in the wide soul-centered community. I am much more tech savvy now and understand the power of the social media platform. Thanks for all your wisdom and support Hibiscus Moon.”

    ~Alice Scott

    Your unique brand of healing, energy or support is needed in the world. I’m here to help you RADIATE it out…and all while being your dazzling authentic self!

    Coaching on how to market your biz can cost you a pretty penny…believe me, I know! For a way smaller investment than what you’d pay with private coaching & doing trial & error spending on FB marketing, I’ll show you my tried & true methods & systems that WORK, saving you loads of time. Along with a ready-to-go Mastermind to boot! I can confidently say…I get it! Once you infuse my proven strategies with your sacred biz, everything will transform and you’ll be so glad you made the investment!

    I’ve grown my social media following EXPONENTIALLY! I know how to rock Facebook like nobody’s business!!!!...except yours if you join us in this program. ? THEN I’ll teach you thatit’s NOT just about the numbers…its about a strong community and that translates into HUGE business.

    Do you know anyone else with Facebook reach like this?

    Don’t worry. If these kinds of insights and data make your eyes glaze over, my special brand of geek-brain will show you how to easily interpret it and MAXIMIZE it so your heart & soul-centered biz THRIVES on Facebook & online. No need to waste your precious energy trying to figure it all out. I’ve already done that for you. :)

    And…I show you how to do it all without burning yourself out. I’ll show you how to eliminate overwhelm, get rid of procrastination, get more done in less time so you can focus on the parts of the business you LOVE!

    If you’re comparing a similar program to mine, compare what I’ve done with others’ FB pages. The numbers are there for you to see. Have they been able to do this? I’ll show you how to crack the code on the data and leverage it for freedom & success. I’m going to show you exactly what my personal Facebook marketing plan looks like! Yep, I’m going to take you behind the scenes so you really understand how simple, yet POWERFUL Facebook can be for your business & how it fits right in with our niche. I’ll give you my personal Facebook Tribe Growth Ad Formula that I’ve used to grow my fans EXPONENTIALLY!

    I’m including priceless gems of my very own insider sacred biz know-how; all my tried & true online marketing techniques…I didn’t leave out a single thing! This program is about thinking big and fully expressing your gifts, talents & abilities while being generously rewarded for it!

    Why Take This Journey with Me?

    Those of you who’ve been following me from the beginning…you’ve watched me grow this sacred crystal biz o’ mine from the ground up. I went from nada to serving a large dedicated tribe filled with raving fans & having a sacred crystal biz that serves & supports me beautifully. You’ve watched me grow this baby from scratch, while I worked a very demanding day job…I documented this all on my blogs & on YouTube. Then you watched me leave that job several years ago & evolve into sacred offerings that are consistently sold out! Sold out in our unique niche…attracting a heart & soul-centered tribe.

    And now…I’m going to show you exactly how you can do the same.

    I sell out & fill my programs & courses with grace & ease. My Academy is so busy that I only open for enrollment twice a year. Why? Because I’ve figured out how to structure and market your biz in a soul-centered way that maximizes your time, gives great value to your tribe and will elevate you and your sacred business to a whole new level!

    This program features detailed step-by-step training, allowing me to pull back the curtain and reveal my treasure chest of sparkling marketing gems that work like a charm.♥

    Imagine these results possible for you…

    • Your perfectly aligned tribe growing while you sleep
    • Achieving glorious freedom through sacred systems!
    • Attracting your ideal clients with ease & grace; clients who greatly value what you do, selling your services/products effortlessly
    • No longer trading your precious hours for dollars
    • A warmly abundant group of like-minded sacred biz owners; a built-in instant network of friends, colleagues & peers to mastermind with (invaluable!)
    • Joyously & passionately creating packages/services that sell effortlessly!

    Can I deliver the goods?

    You bet I can and I’m not shy about it. 

    You can see my numbers & have watched me do it from day 1. I’ll show you the way to becoming a Prosperity Attraction Magnet so you can live and give abundantly doing what you love and being authentically YOU! And feeling so well supported in it that your passion never burns out. Your energy will be gracefully balanced…allowing you to continue to give and give in all the ways that you see fit!

    See, because…this is a NO BURN OUT ZONE! This super-popular program provides you with a deeply supportive community along with a unique marketing approach customized to our niche so you can achieve super-success in an energetically aligned business all from the freedom of your own laptop. YES!

    “I can’t believe how much has changed for me”

    “I can’t believe how much has changed for me since Hibiscus Moon first offered this course. So happy I joined this mastermind; I’m celebrating the successful launch of my first online course today!”

    ~Sharon Basanti

    “Full of practical information”

    It was full of practical information and step-by-step instructions. Even B-School didn’t give me enough confidence to put my knowledge into action.”


    “This one is all I needed”

    I’m a course junkie, but this one is all I needed as Hibiscus Moon does say it all!

    ~Hannah Cairns

    Let’s get HONEST here for a sec…

    Are you truly ready for this???

    Well that all depends. Are you ready to make a small investment in YOU and your dream? Finally ready to receive all the precise tips, advice and step-by-steps you need without all the frustration and mistakes (because yeah, I’ve already worked all that out for you!). The precious info I’ve gathered for you is invaluable!! These are your absolute must-haves and must-knows (unique to our community) so you can custom-design or transform your biz into the perfect freedom-based, heart & soul-centered biz that you’ve been dreaming about.

    We each have our own unique energetic vibration and have to find the just-right mentor that “Rings our Personal Tingshas!” My advice in finding someone to mentor with on this stuff is not only to rely on your intuition, but to do some research as well b/c I see a BIG TREND right now of people charging HUGE fees (nothing wrong with that if they have the results to back that up and it’s a good fit for all involved), but with no numbers or proven stellar results to back it up; not for themselves nor from good clients who are rockin’ the house.

    Are you tired of working with someone who promises to show all you this stuff, but they’ve not done it for themselves? Do they REALLY KNOW THEIR SHCHIST? Are they walking their talk? And do they align with your principles and values? I need to have all of it or it’s a NO-GO. I ask you to do the same for yourself. Do what you need to do to have a prosperous heart and soul-centered biz that fulfills your true life purpose with ease. Even if that means you won’t be working with my program.

    PROGRAM UPDATE: Designed with valuable FREEDOM + FLEXIBILITY in mind, this program was created so you can learn and apply at your own pace. No need to miss calls hosted at inconvenient times. With this program, simply grab your lessons and go! Do your learning anywhere, anytime.

    So, Is this Program Right for You?

    1. You may need to make a shift in your thinking. Facebook is a place to advertise just like we used to with the Yellow Pages. If you have a problem with that then this program’s probably not for you. Anyone serious about up-leveling their biz needs to be willing to pay for advertising. I’m going to ask you to be prepared to invest $150-300/month with Facebook if you want to see exponential growth. Facebook works way better than any magazine or Yellow Page ad ever will! So make friends w/ Facebook & let’s PLAY!
    2. You’ll need to be committed to do the work if you want to see the results. How serious are you about contributing in a deep & significant way to your sacred biz growth? Maybe, it’s simply committing to watching less TV during our time together. Ask yourself…how bad do you want it? Are you truly committed to this path? Then join us! We’ll hold you accountable on this sacred journey together. You’ll be privy to private benefits, powerful strategies and practical heart-centered training designed to give your blessed vision a serious advantage. BUT, no excuses here. Are you ready to get honest with yourself and do this thing? Then let’s go!
    3. ARE YOU PREPARED FOR SOMETHING DIFFERENT? I don’t go about building a sacred biz and marketing the usual way. I’ve found what’s worked perfectly for me and distilled my process down into what I know will work for you. So if you’re looking for a cookie-cutter marketing program that’s being regurgitated everywhere and not really working for anyone…then this is not the program for you.

    Don’t bother investing in this or any other program if you’re not ready to WORK IT! Work every millimeter of it. No procrastinating, no half-measures. This program is a sacred investment to make in yourself & your dream. It will provide you with the ultimate support to grow your business & your spiritual connection to it on every level. I’m going to show you how to turn your spiritual gifts into an online biz that allows you to not only thrive, but to do what you love while helping others. Are you ready to commit to it and DO IT? Then I’m here to show you the way.

    Here’s What We’ll Cover…

    This program is a proven system!

    First, this exact system is what worked for me.

    Second, I field-tested it with a group of heart-centered biz owners just like you, who used it successfully within our “healie-feelie” market; showing us all how to work it and make their sacred biz SHINE; even doubling or tripling their business! Plus their marketing confidence went through the roof!

    During our 6 modules together, I’m going to show you the exact system I’ve used successfully over and over again so you can transform your heart and soul-centered biz into a prosperity manifestation machine that supports you beautifully!

    “Build a massive, engaged community online!”

    Hibiscus Moon really blows me away with her knowledge of how to leverage smart marketing, data analytics & online trends to build a massive, engaged community online. Her super-successful sacred biz is SO inspiring. The world needs more healers to step into their power & profit from their gifts & Hibiscus is just the leader to spearhead this movement. Jump on this opportunity if you’re serious about taking your business to the next level.”

    ~Jenny Fenig
    Marketing + Soul Coach to Gutsy Entrepreneurs + Movement Makers

    “She knows her stuff.”

    I am astounded at how quickly & organically Hibiscus has grown her Facebook community AND has consistently high engagement that is out-of-this-world! She knows her stuff, she knows how to navigate the metrics of the social media landscape & she is uber-strategic about it. As a fellow “healie-feelie”, she is such an amazing blend of that & the business world. Run, don’t walk, at the chance to learn from her wisdom and experience her amazing essence!”

    ~Jennifer Longmore
    North America’s Soul Purpose Expert

    “SUPER excited about my life again”

    SUPER excited about my life again with all the helpful tips…This is the help I was looking for – how to have my freedom and power back with fun and creativity!! ♥♥”

    ~Char Jung,

    Exactly How Does this Program Work?

    This is a 6-week intensive virtual home-study program. You can choose to do it all in 6 weeks or go at your own pace. Download & listen to your training modules on your own personal schedule from the comfy-ness of wherever you like…when it works for you at your own perfect time!

    I’ve designed this program to be about total FREEDOM + FLEXIBILITY! You can live anywhere on Mama Earth & be a part of this program, as long as you have access to a computer & the internet. If you’re committed, this program will quantum-shift your sacred biz along with your life! Soul-yummy.

    AND…I’ve designed it so that it comes with an invaluable built-in Mastermind group of like-minded heart & soul-centered biz owners.

    “What’s a Mastermind?”, you ask?

    Oh my…you need to get in on this!! I feel to be successful in biz & marketing, you must have one of these groups in


    place. Ours is a private members-only FB Group. You’ll be working together intimately & intensely with a Mastermind group of Heart & Soul-Centered Entrepreneurial Peers; combining the powers of a like-minded mastermind group with my 6 week transformational program.

    The Mastermind group I’ve curated for you is a group of supremely like-minded people who you can share your unique path with. It allows you to share your successes, ask any question you like without judgements, get valuable resources & answers, accountability, tips, advice, a place to freak-out in & confess stuff that only other heart & soul-centered biz owners would understand or know how to handle…b/c they’ve been there. I’m telling you…it’s a total game-changer!

    When you join a Mastermind, you get:

    • Accountability when you need it most…the key to a successful sacred biz! This one is HUGE.
    • Laser-targeted and focused support by those who totally get you & get what you’re up to! I know from experience…no one else gets it like your Mastermind will. No one! A Mastermind allows you to be authentically you while discussing unique experiences, provides support during the rough patches, holds you accountable, share resources & jam on successful solutions.
    • Gain different perspectives and a built-in idea generator to bust through old mindsets & limitations!

    If you’re ready, you’ll know. If you’re not sure, ask! But if you KNOW IT NOW, then YES, let’s go!

    2018/10/09 15:00:00

    What’s Included…

    • 6 highly motivating mp3 audio lessons (approx. 1 hr. ea.), download to your computer or device & listen at your convenience; you can listen to the lessons while driving, working out, whatevs! Yours to keep forever; listen again and again for deep reinforcement. {VALUE: $3000}
    • 6 recorded mp3 Q & A sessions where I’ve answered all of your burning questions (approx. 20 min. ea.) {VALUE: $1050}
    • 6 class transcript PDFs so you can consume the lessons in written text format & easily take notes {VALUE: $600}
    • 6 Info-Packed “Cheat-Sheets” PDFs packed w/ tools, exercises + my personal resource lists with exact links of stuff I personally use & recommend {VALUE: $1050}
    • Private members-only mastermind FB Group; access to this group for one full year {VALUE: Oh my…PRICELESS!}


    I’m throwing in TWO of my hugely popular content-rich marketing video modules (originally only available to my Advanced Crystal Masters! Now available nowhere else but in this program.) Each over an hour of juicy content including: class video, audio mp3, transcript PDF + valuable Class Resources!

    In each of these modules, I pull back the curtain to reveal my vault of marketing secrets. This is how I personally do my own online marketing!

    • Online Marketing for Healers Module, Part 1; Getting your name out there using the most efficient strategies: Growing your email list of peeps, converting them to clients you love, I spill all the names of the people I’ve personally worked with, gotten me GREAT results & I HIGHLY recommend, your absolute marketing must-haves! 90 min. {$500 VALUE}
    • Online Marketing for Healers Module, Part 2: How to run a successful website, blog and newsletter, scheduling your time, re-purposing your sparkly content, Facebook/ social media marketing for our specific niche, growing your list of Facebook fans, my personal Facebook Tribe Growth Ad Formula that I’ve used to grow my fans EXPONENTIALLY!, specific YouTube marketing advice, marketing ideas to use with local clients. 90 min. {$500 VALUE}

    “my entire vision has changed for my business”

    I cannot begin to express how happy I am for taking this course. My initial fear was “I’m not big enough…I am simply a local one to one biz”…etc…however, something make me take the leap and dive in. I can’t believe in 6 short weeks, my entire vision has changed for my business…I thought I would just pick up some good social media advice to expand locally. My friends…take it from this non-techy girl – you learn specifically how to deal with that little problem. :), and by the end of the course I felt as if my business had grown a new tree of life. I am so excited and completely invigorated – if you have any doubts about taking this course – HIT THE BUTTON – it is going to change you whether you are a one pony show or a national online biz.”

    ~Denise Neal

    “A master marketer on a soul-centered mission.”

    Hibiscus Moon’s in-depth technical expertise & knowledge on how to ROCK your sacred biz is awe-inspiring to me! She walks her talk & her results speak for themselves. She’s a master marketer on a soul-centered mission with a vision to help other heart-centered biz owners grow their own communities & connect with their tribes. Hibiscus is the REAL deal. You definitely want her on your side, she’ll help you build a super-successful sacred biz that feeds your soul.”

    ~Amanda Moxley

    The Healthy Wealthy Biz Mentor

    “this experience has been invaluable for me.”

    I’ve loved every program I’ve taken from Hibiscus Moon, and this program didn’t let me down! Information-packed, lots of new knowledge and ideas, feedback and responses from connection with others in the program – this experience has been invaluable for me. Thank you for offering such a fabulous program to help make business dream and goals into reality.”

    ~Gin White

    More than $6700 of value + no more reinventing the wheel! How does that feel in your heart right now?

    Join us today & you’ll get…

    • 100% virtual home-study program – super-convenient, the whole thing is accessible online!
    • Access to all your lesson modules as soon as you join. Instant gratification, Baby.
    • The entire program is yours forever; all the program content is downloadable and yours to keep to do the program again and again, as many times as you need or want to.
    • Access to our private Energizing your Heart & Soul-Centered Biz Mastermind (for one full year)

    Now, having said all of the above…results, as we know, come from your action & implementation. Are you ready to really do this thing?

    “Taking this program was one of the best things I did”

    Taking this program was one of the best things I did to help me with starting my business…although finances weren’t the greatest at that time, I just knew this course was right for me. Hibiscus Moon has already proven her success with her own sacred crystal business and I knew that she would share valuable knowledge with others such as myself in the same niche. I love Hibiscus Moon’s teaching style and her easy to follow, step-by-step instructions to move things forward…with her help, I learned what to post, how to increase engagement and how to find my tribe. The Mastermind Group was so supportive, encouraging and helpful. And it was just nice to have similar interest, goals and to make new friends. Thank you, Hibiscus Moon, for the knowledge you shared in this course and the support you gave us!”

    ~Jennifer Swenson

    “The marketing class was superb!”

    “More clarity, more understanding on exactly how and why the crystals work and the marketing class was superb! Absolutely chock full of extremely useful information, and I appreciated Hibiscus Moon sharing it with us.”

    ~Suzanne V. Pin, Advanced Crystal Master

    “I’ve personally gotten so many business tweaks from Hibiscus Moon.”

    It’s rare to find someone like Hibiscus who can explain complex business concepts in such a simple & beautiful way. I’ve personally gotten so many business tweaks from her…she’s built her successful business in such a beautiful way. Definitely jump on this opportunity to learn from Hibiscus – she’s one of a kind!”

    ~Denise Duffield-Thomas, Money Coach

    Many Crystal Blessings!

    Hibiscus Moon

    2018/10/09 15:00:00

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    Get instant access to the complete digital program.

    PLEASE NOTE: This product is digital (>500Mb of content) so please ensure you are able to download to your computer or laptop. In order to make this product as accessible & easily affordable as possible, this a non-refundable purchase. Please understand that when you invest in your sparkly self, this purchase is final.

    *You can be assured this online transaction is 100% secure. This is an online, homestudy course and you’ll be able to access and download all materials immediately upon purchase. After you purchase you’ll get a receipt sent via email along with your download links within just a few minutes! If you do not receive that email, please check your spam or junk mail folder first.


    Have a question? We’re happy to help

    Please email us here:

    “I am AMAZED at the progress in only 6 weeks!”

    When I first started my blog I thought that the way forward was to write a weekly blog and tell my friends about it and hope for the best…As I began to research and look for how other bloggers were making a living from their blog, I realized there was a lot more I could do to get it moving faster, but I didn’t know how to translate what they were saying in their super-slick business terms into my soft and squishy energy business! This program was a financial investment for sure, since my business had made about $200 total dollars up to that point, but I just KNEW that if I wanted to make my business a viable income source, then THIS was the program for me! I was not disappointed. Hibiscus’ step-by-step process made it very doable and I understand what to do to get people to like my page, generate momentum, how and when to pay for ads and how and when to tel sell. I am AMAZED at the progress in only 6 weeks! I have direction and steps forward to keep me on track and am equipped to make my business successful for the long-haul. Thank you so much Hibiscus Moon! I am so grateful!”

    ~ Jenn Tarrant

    “Very cool!”

    Love the combo of practical and energetic shifts going on! Very cool!”

    ~Andrea Rae


    This program pushed me to take the steps to move my business forward. The support, guidance and free sharing of information was invaluable.

    ~ Lisa Glanzel


    This program is PHENOMENAL…I am not even sure one could possibly put a price tag on it unless is was: PRICELESS!!!!♥♥♥”

    ~ Michelle Martin

    “a huge shift in my business”

    I felt the call to take this program and don’t regret the decision I made one bit. I feel as if my business and I have benefitted 100 fold more than I could have imagined! The tools and steps that Hibiscus Moon provides can be adapted to any business, no matter how far along you are on your path. I can already feel a huge shift in my business and can’t wait to implement more of the things I learned. I came to the program feeling as if I was alone and no one really understood my sacred business and after 6 weeks I am so grateful for all the awesome connections I have made. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Hibiscus Moon and my fellow Master Minders. ♥”

    ~ Sharron Basanti

    Disclaimer: I am legally required to remind you that I cannot guarantee your results, income or outcomes. I am here to deliver a high level of training and content that will hopefully serve you for years to come. Will you get the same results as myself or other people who have worked with me? I have no way of knowing that. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation. Furthermore, nothing on this page or any of our websites is meant to guarantee results – and we do not offer legal, tax, financial or any other professional advice. The numbers on this page and on any of our websites are illustrative only – and should not be considered exact, actual or a guarantee of your future earnings. Thank you for visiting!