Easy Gem Elixir! + Magical Mermaid Crystal Tea

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I decided to make this video b/c how I do gem elixirs has become HOT Crystal Topic as of late (lots questions coming in for this):

How to make a super-easy gem elixir to tote along with you…

Many of you have been asking me for more details on how I make my easy-peasy drinkable gem elixirs & the NEW water bottle I so enjoy using to do this.

Easy Gem Elixir!

I used to recommend other bottles & gadgets with more elaborate designs (some were drop-dead-plop-your-whole-paycheck-down-gorgeous) & definitely more beautiful to look at…but if you know me, I’m Ms. Practical.

So after using those other options for a while I let them keep falling away as, either I discovered something I didn’t like about them…OR I discovered more practical options that could better fit into my every day life. 😉

So as I explain in my above video, I simply choose a NON-TOXIC stone I want to work with (preferably one with a Mohs Hardness of 5 or more so it doesn’t slowly dissolve in the water) & plop it into the water in my new handy water bottle.

That’s it!

This is the water bottle I’ve been using as of late:

I then take the water I’ve infused the crystal energy  from my water bottle and use it for all sorts of other concoctions…like this Magical Mermaid Tea! Don’t you want to make some??? Come on. You know you wanna dazzle up your day mermaid style. It’s easy!

Magical Mermaid Tea Recipe


gem elixir

More Gem Elixir Resources

  • The water system I use to filter all our drinking water through is the Pristine Hydro System & I have more info on that here along with a scientific experiment I conducted on the effects of crystals + Pristine Hydro water on plant growth. Oh yes! 

If you have other tips & tricks for working with gem elixirs that make it super easy…and FUN, please share in the comments below! I’d love to hear about it. And so would our entire Crystal Hottie Community!

Oceans of Crystal Blessings,

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  2. I have a bloodstone, blue lace agate, and clear quartz point in a Pur pitcher. I then us my Soda Stream carbinator to carbonate the water so I get the essence and the carbonation I love!

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  3. Hi there,
    I was putting my crystal tumble stones in a glass bottle, and over time it got some cracks in it. Then I dropped it on a carpeted floor one day and the cracks got big and leaky. The bottle was covered in silicone wrap. I just figured after that I couldn’t use glass bottles.
    Do you have any tips so that I don’t break my glass bottles?

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      Maureen, you do need to be really careful with them. The silicone wrap just helps to protect but is not a fail-safe. Also place the stones in gently…don’t let them drop in. 😉

  4. Thank you for sharing this, Stephanie. After taking your CCH course I ordered the T2GO online for making gem elixirs and loved it so much I contacted the company and am now retailing them in my crystal shop. I sell them either plain or pre-loaded with crystals. I find it really helps me to increase my H2O intake every day, because I absolutely LOVE being able to take my gem elixirs everywhere!! You ROCK! 🙂

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  5. I just recently started following your youtube and blog. I really enjoy all the things I am learning from looking at your posts! I have always been drawn to the beauty of various crystals and within the last few years, I became more aware of the healing properties and all they can be used for. I have a very small collection and would love to become certified so that I can really learn and share the practices! I actually incorporated a rose quartz into my wedding ceremony last September! 🙂

    I signed up to be alerted when you start enrolling for your next class. I’m really looking forward to it! Do you happen to have a an estimate on when you plan to start your next one?

  6. IFL just posted an article on how small doses of lithium could prolong the human life span ??
    So glad that i learned how to use my lithium quartz to make gem elixers

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