4 Crystals to Improve Dream Recall

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Do you have trouble remembering your dreams?

We’ve all had those nights. You know you had a really powerful dream but you just can’t remember the details…or just have fleeting bits n’ pieces & can’t get the message out of it. And then even those fuzzy fragments float away as you really come out of your sleep. Oh! Wait!! What was that? Oh….shoot…its GONE.

Crystals can help with that, Sweet Pea!

First, you’ll want to set an intention to remember your dreams before you go to sleep, say a little prayer, state an affirmation or do a light meditation for that purpose. Then be sure you have a pen & paper or a recording device at your bedside so you are ready to record whatever you recall as soon as you wake up. Now, let’s get to the sparkly dream crystals.

4 Dream Crystals to Improve Your Dream Recall:

1. Amethyst

Amethyst is a workhorse of a crystal. Sheesh! What isn’t it good for? Plus, its inexpensive & easy to find & GORG-BEAUTIOUS!

Amethyst is known for easing communication, allowing for a smooth easy connection with Source energy &  the spiritual realm. It allows us to let go & allow messages to come through our 3rd eye, making communication clear, letting us remember & interpret our dreams.

dream crystals


2. Dream quartz

Dream Quartz is a LUSCIOUS newly discovered quartz hailing from Colombia. Its quartz  with inclusions of green prehnite & epidote inside (usually more epidote than prehnite). I’ll warn you though…its not an easy stone to find nor is it cheap. Its usually green in color. This piece also has lithium in it (great for calming you to sleep) giving it a pinky hue. Can we say HOT?!

This is a crystal that will take you on a dreamy magic carpet ride so get ready! Due to the epidote it will attract the patterns & stories that you’re putting out there & tell you a dream story to help guide you on your path while releasing any negative bents to that story. The prehnite inclusions will help in your communication with the spiritual realm. And of course, your recall will be much stronger after you awake.

dream crystals

Dream quartz. Photo by Rob Lavinsky, iRocks.com

3. Hemimorphite

This lovely blue magical crystal assists in emotional healing & communication with Source Energy while stimulating your pineal gland & 3rd eye to assist & receiving the dream-time messages & interpreting them. Its also known to calm your emotions & get them out of the way so you can see your messages clearly while recalling your dreams. It reminds me of glacial formations. Totally YUMMY!!

dream crystals


4. Herkimer diamond

Herkimer diamonds…despite their name, they’re relatively easy to get & not nearly as expensive. They’re actually a type of quartz form Herkimer, New York & they are a go-to stone for any sort of dream work. They’re the perfect support for helping you to remember the messages & stories in your dreams. They’re also very useful tools for purifying your energy afterwards so you don’t have any heavy lingering energetic debris dragging around on you after certain types of dreams. A must-have for dream work…really.

dream crystals

Now, what to do with your crystals?

You can place 1 or more of these crystal under your pillow in a mojo bag or create a crystal grid with them…or do BOTH! Then R-E-L-A-X & go to sleep. Let the crystals do their job.

If you have other dream crystal choices that you prefer or if you’ve given these a go, please post about your dreamy results below so we can all share.

Sweet Glittery Dreams to you & Many Crystal Blessings,



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  1. I have used the Shamanic Dream Stone as well even though it is not specifically for sleeping, it is used in ‘gazing’ and exploring past lives. So I not only sleep, I have some terrific dreams!

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  4. I am just getting into Crystals an love it 2 weeks ago I bought a Rose Quartz Pendant and on Saturday I was charging 2 of them in the sun and when i returned my Rose Quartz was gone in short time

    1. Im pretty sure its because your either a very loving person already and did not kneed the rose quarts or your not ready for the crystal.
      My mother was walking laps on the oval and when she came back it was gone. The next couple of days my brother was walking on the oval and found it. He told our mother that he had found it and my Mother told him to keep it as he probably kneaded love in his life. a lot of people had walked on the oval as well and it was my brother who ended up finding it.
      also my mothers friend was sleeping with a crystal under his pillow and the next morning they were gone. They were lost in October last year and they still haven’t been found. Our whole family thinks its because he was not ready for that crystal.

  5. Right now I’m using labradorite. Amethyst is my go-to for dreams. I find that pink opal is also a lovely stone for dreams. And malachite brings some really vivid dreams when I use that one.

    1. Hi Candie!

      Hibiscus Moon only sells crystals a few times throughout the year. It’s always posted when they are available and she also sometimes offers them on Etsy.

  6. I used Herkimer. Had the craziest dream. Was driving my son’s boyfriend to work and a semi hit a deer. It was in slow motion and the deer broke into puzzle pieces. My car slid on the blood and we went over a guard rail. Once again slow motion. I literally felt the car flipping over in mid air. I had two thoughts. I can’t believe I killed Richard and this is gonna hurt. The car landed felt the jolt and everything went black and stayed that way.

  7. I actually find it hard to sleep with a Herkimer diamond ; they have such intense, high vibration energies that it’s hard for me to get myself to sleep. I recommend labradorite, amethyst and moonstone.

    I’ve also had dreams about crystals ; actually, they’ve been showing up in my dreams very often. Crystals I have and others I don’t seem to just slip into my dreams.

  8. I’ve been experimenting with various crystals to sleep with under my pillow and so far Vera Cruz amethyst with tangerine quartz is a good combo. I don’t usually remember my dreams well but with these two, I remember enough to make sense of it. Additionally, my dreams are often just a jumble of nonsense, but with my crystal helpers, they are more realistic.

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  10. I’ve been sleeping next to a small sphere of Seraphinite on top of a cluster of Amethyst for nearly a year now. I’ve had vivid dreams with awesome dream recall and no nightmares since using them together. Beautiful, calming energy to be near as I’m drifting off to sleep too! 🙂

  11. I have been told that stones just like to move. I had a black tourmaline on my kitchen table. It disappeared for about 2 1/2 weeks. I found it when stripping the bed for the 2nd time. It was at the foot of the bed between my blanket and comforter.

  12. I want one of those Hemimorphite stones. I am going through some terrible emotional things right now and need something to help me heal. It all has to do with my mom who recently passed, but blamed me for everything bad that happened my whole life and I was the one who disrupted my life to care for her right up until the end. What do you recommend? Sorry for my ranting, but I am so depressed and hurting.

    1. I lost my mother in 2015. I took care of her until the very end also. I was the one who was at fault for everything in her life as well. Grew up believing that I wasnt good enough and thought she hated me. I need help healing also. Please let me know what helps you.

  13. Last night I decided to sleep with Lapis Lazuli under my pillow, it was an instinct type feeling so I went with it. I usually have a difficult time remembering my dreams. I had an extremely vivid dream of a war. In it I was travelling in a vehicle (I was a soldier) and there were things falling from the sky, then it dawned on us that we were under attack. I woke up shortly after that, and I later found out that 72 years ago today was D-day. Thank you for your invaluable information on crystals!

  14. I was wondering if you can tell me where I can purchase crystals? My hubby and I move around due to his job taking us all over the country so it can be difficult for me to just find a local shop. Thank you!

  15. After suffering recurring nightmares related to PTSD I discovered the powers of crystals. From the first night I used crystals under my pillow the nightmares more or less stopped. Through trial and error using different crystals I have gone from nightmares whenever I managed to sleep to crazy, but normal dreams. Now I sleep with amathyst, jade, labradorite and ruby under my pillow and it has changed my life after 6 years of constant nightmares.

  16. I have very violent dreams and as a general rule my higherself keeps them from my concious self. I decided I wasnt happy with this and put some amethyst in my pillow case. WOW my higherself is working through some anger. It is nice to know though so maybe I can help the process along. Amethyst is one stone I have a very strong attraction to. I wear it, I sleep with it, meditate with it, etc.

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