Does Crystal Healing Go Against Your Religion?

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I am often asked what religion I am.

OR if using crystals or crystal healing is “evil” or “goes against the bible”.

That last bit ASTOUNDS me.

As the founder & teacher of the Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer Course,  I must address this topic.

I’m taking a risk here again.

I usually don’t like to discuss religion or politics but I feel that in this case…it needs to be addressed. I am not looking to start a firestorm here at all but just state my opinion. It doesn’t mean that my opinion is the best one, its just mine. That’s all.

By writing this, I’ll also have a post to refer peeps to next time I get asked this question. 🙂

PLEASE NOTE: Flaming will not be tolerated here. This is a negativity-free zone. (Although I enjoy a healthy & mature debate be forewarned that any nasty, negative or demeaning comments here on MY BLOG will be promptly deleted so don’t waste your energy…go post it on your own blog.)

As for a religion, I have no desire to follow a religion. Too many rules & I don’t like labels. I like to have the freedom to change my mind as I explore various philosophies or energies & discover new things. I used to refer to myself as an “Earth-based spiritualist”, but I no longer want to limit myself to Mother Earth, as much as I love it here! So that doesn’t fit anymore.

I’ve also decided to try not to use the word “believe” b/c I feel that implies some type of “buy-in” & I want to allow myself to be free to do & feel what I like at any particular time. I have the right to change my mind & so do you…if you want to exercise that right.

My uncle recently summed up what I currently am doing when I heard him utter this phrase a few weeks ago during a frequently had yet friendly family debate (…sort of making fun of it, but my heart skipped when I heard it!): “SMORGASBORD OF FAITH: THE ALL YOU CAN BELIEVE BUFFET”. I love that! Genius.


YES! Whatever makes sense & intuitively resonates with me + FEELS right to me is what I explore & try on for size these days.

I also don’t just hang out with those who believe what I “believe”. I don’t judge or discriminate. I’ll hang with whoever lights me up & who I vibe with! That could be a priest, rabbi, witch, nun, new age guru, shaman or atheist. As long as the goal is to make the world a better place, deliver joy & eliminate harm whenever possible, then it’s all good with me. I LOVE HAVING THAT CHOICE!! 🙂

How Crystals Relate to Religion

I feel that crystals & crystal therapy can be incorporated into your life no matter what religion you follow…or don’t follow. 😉 Beautiful + scrumptious crystals and stones have been a part of many religions for thousands of years. They’ve been used in various rituals, traditions, altars, tools, laying on of hands, carried around & used as medicine as far back as history has been recorded.

What really floors me is when some who consider the Bible a most influential book also claim crystals are EVIL.  YET the Bible itself, one of the oldest books known to man, has over 200 references to uses of crystals & stones. The purposes mentioned run the gamut from representing tribes to protection to healing.

There’s also reference to crystals & gems in many ancient Religions going as far back as 6000 years. Chinese, Egyptian, Ayurveda, Aborigine, Native American, Polynesian cultures & traditions among many others all made extensive use of stones.

In addition, these practices have been essentially unchanged all this time. When something stays unchanged for so long, that means its essentially been perfected…even Mother Nature subscribes to this. Sharks haven’t evolved much b/c they don’t need to. Their design is pretty darn good as is!

I’ve noticed: in nature, when a design or program is successful, it changes very little, if at all.

So, in a nutshell, people all over the world of all backgrounds, traditions, cultures & religions can, have & continue to use crystals as they always have.

Its all good when you follow your own deep intuition & heart. You know what’s right for you & your path. Don’t you, Sweet Pea?

steve jobs

So what feels right to you Jelly Bean? Please feel free to comment below.



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  1. People tend to criticize or demonize the things that they cannot explain. The Urim and Thummim of the old desert religion of the present day Jews, are actually crystals. Through its light, they know what their God, YHWH, wants to say.

    Besides, there a scientific basis on the use of crystals as a mode of healing (which I would refrain to discuss here for it would eat up most of the space, ha-ha-ha-ha!).

    Furthermore, God had created the crystals, why not use them to glorify Him (or Her) by healing and helping other people?

  2. As a Christian, I have decided to let Hildegard of Bingen, a very fiesty Medieval nun, be my muse. She is one of the only people within the Christian tradition that I have found to embrace the use of crystals for healing purposes. She did everything that that so many modern “Christians” say is evil- she challenged male leadership within the church, used herbs and crystals for healing, and she read, and wrote books and music, things very rare for women in her time to do. She also lived into her 80s, something nearly unheard of in Medieval times. 🙂

    1. Wow! I am so thrilled to know that others are familiar with Hildegard of Bingen. She is my muse also, not only for crystals but for aromatherapy. You’d be surprised at some of the Episcopal priests (women) that I know who are into aromatherapy and crystals and they keep it a secret. I know because when I tell them of my love of aromatherapy and crystals/stones, they “spill the beans” about their use.

    2. I too am a Christian, and in love with my Lord. I have discovered crystals have energy. Pyrite gives me energy. I don’t like orgonite. God didn’t make it and I’m
      too sensitive. Orange juice also gives me energy and I worship neither.


    3. Hildegard von Bingen is also my Muse. I was drawn to her music and learn more about her healing with crystals, herbs, and oils after taking a course on Healing Touch. She was also concerned with practical and basic dietary practices and food preparation. I listen to her music when working with my crystals. The vibrational frequencies of both are amazing together. She was/is an amazing Woman!

    4. I’m glad you mentioned Hildegard, I have a book which I read about her. She was a mystic and close to God. About the crystals, who put them in the mines in the first place? Crystals are used in many things today, I know they are in watches and medical lasers to start out with. That doesn’t seem to be evil to me. Energy from the crystals is a natural thing, everything alive today has energies and if they emit healing energies then who put them there but God? I think people just believe in what they were taught without doing any research . Myths goes from generation to generation. If we stop using crystals let’s throw away our diamond wedding rings and our gemstones, because they would be evil too.

  3. I am right there with you Hibiscus Moon, I too have “no religion.” I study all and respect all. As for crystals being against any religion that just sounds so absurd! Lots of people seem to let fear guide their “beliefs” instead of trying something new to them..

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      1. This has come at not better time. I have started to shy away from the crystals as I, too,
        was starting to be consumed with doubt and fear of God being very angry at what I was doing.
        Sounds lame I know it, but that’s how I feel.

      2. I have been reading about crystals and I’m very aware of their properties to store information, and act as a transducer, and curious about any other properties they have. I wanted to respond to your comment ~ “salvation sells.” Sadly there will always be people in this life who will distort any truth to profit from it.
        Don’t let these types of people discourage you from the “truth.”
        I do not follow organized religion, but I do follow the God of the Bible, as he revealed himself to me in many ways, he also supernaturally healed me of a broken neck, which I was completely paralyzed for 1 week. For me the verdict is still out on using crystals, because I have had dark experiences in the past through various objects that I have become spiritually aware of. I recommend research throughly, listen to other peoples opinions, but in the end use your own spiritual discernment. Your spirit knows whats right.

        1. hello
          if its not too much to ask i would like to know your expiriances through everything from crystals to god healing you and what you think is right. I am currently going through a dark stage in my life and am looking for healing mostly from crystals. if you could email me back when you get a chance

  4. Your answer is spot on. Your views are EXACTLY why I have chosen to participate in your knowledge; I take some ideas, leave some. However, it all ends in LOVE and the bliss living we are striving to achieve. Namaste!

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    2. What a beautiful entry. I am totally new to this and inexperienced. Religion has always fouled me up.
      I tried to many religions to get it right with God. Only ending up confused and insecure of God’s love for me. Who is God, what is He or She like? Question after question but never having a definitive answer.
      Is my maker an evil old man? That always comes down to the bottom line.
      I am hoping that this might be the answer in what I’m so eagerly waiting for.

  5. It funny how even though we are family I never would have immagined that you were into this kind of “Stuff”!!!!!You probably did not think that I would be a Reiki Master! I am so happy that we have so much in common and ,yes, religion is politics. Being spiritual has nothing to do with rules and regulations dictated by men! I have a direct connection with God and he is not out there! Be inspired! because when you are inspired you are “in spirit” I will connect with you when I get back from Italy. Many things to talk about! You are doing a wonderful job! Love what you are doing with chrystals!

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  6. I totally agree with you. I was born Catholic but have studied in the Spiritualist Community for a few years. I am on a journey and loving every minute of it. I am no affiliation, just searching and anticipating what comes next. Crystals have been a big part of my life for quite some time, and I love them so much. There is nothing evil about crystals, only your intentions and actions can harm people. I find that I am calmer and happier when there are beautiful crystals around me.

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    2. Vicky, that’s where I’m coming from. There’s fear of this ‘strange’ new old practice.
      Religion has made me fear everything.

      1. Religion has made me afraid of everything, too. I was raised on a “vengeful God”, who had to be “feared.” How can you love something you fear? Just sayin’…

  7. Hibiscus, you really inspired me here. I’ve been trying to find a path that feels right to me but I’ve been doing it the whole time, without realising it. I don’t need to ‘follow’ anything specific. Thanks for this. It’s like being told something you already knew, just didn’t ‘know you knew’!!

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  8. Brilliant – I had a lady walk into my shop the other week asking if she was “allowed” to use crystals because of her religion!!! Isn’t that just awful??

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    2. I get that all the time in my crystal shop too. I find religion to be fear based and that is why it does not resonate with me. I welcome all belief systems with no judgement. As for me, I will always explore and want to learn more. In my humble opinion… that is what we are here to do.

      Wishing everyone a lovely day xxx

  9. Hi Hibiscus! First off, just wanted to let you know that one of your wonderful certified crystal healers (Kelly St. Claire) recently instructed me in how to create and use a crystal grid for my certain purpose. And with life’s proverbial doo doo hitting the fan recently, I am seeing that the grid worked! It shifted and moved out a lot of my old fears.

    That said, from the time I was a little girl sitting in church (protestant church), as we were saying some prayers, I would completely and totally disagree with the words that were coming out of my mouth. And after having learned about how the Bible was put together (the politics of what was included and what was left out), I realize that much of it is just not for me. I respect religions and try to be tolerant of others’ beliefs that are different from mine. But more and more, the realization that being able to tap into the divine realm for myself, and connect directly to God, is what suits me best.

    To answer your question of does crystal healing go against my religion? I don’t have a religion for it to go against. I see crystal healing as one of several modalities to move energy; and it is a very valid modality. It works for me!

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  11. How very sad…. Very exhausted by the folks who tell me crystals, essential oils and healing energy are evil or do nothing. Ummmm….my response is, Why would “God” give us all these wonderful tools to help ourselves if, A. they are evil & B. they didn’t work. ?

  12. I have been picking up rocks, stones, and later crystals, for ages. They were pretty, different from the rest where I found them, but mostly because they FELT different, and pleasing to me.
    They are natural, tho they can be altered by man made means in some cases. They can be found nearly anywhere, if you know where to look.

    After what Mary and I recently went thru, I REFUSE to believe that crystals do not heal, or assist in healing. Mike knows what we went thru and what I put together for Mary when she was in the hospital. That entire bundle is still together in the box that I gave them to her in and stays on the headboard of our bed near her head. She tells me that occasionally, if she’s having trouble sleeping, she’ll take a stone from the box blindly, and normally, when she sleeps holding whatever stone she grabbed, she sleeps better. As a matter of fact, she got a piece of Blue Kyanite a while back, and used to call it her ‘Sleep Stone’, as most nights for a while, she held it while sleeping to keep bad vibes and bad dreams from coming to her. She hasn’t needed it for a while, but it’s still here.

    Also now, just to play ‘Devil’s Advocate’ in a way, what if they do nothing, and it’s all in a person’s head that they help? Do they hurt? In my experience, most emphatically NO! If someone wants to spent a couple bucks (Sometimes literally) to have a stone that makes them feel better, I say go ahead! More power to them!

  13. Since working with crystals I finally feel comfortable with who and where I am. God gave us nature~God gave us crystals~God gave us everything~Peace

  14. Hi Beautiful People,
    I am an ordained Episcopal deacon, AND a massage therapist. I think I need an open mind to be both. To discredit something that has been around for thousands of years is just narrow minded. All things are possible! (and that’s even in the Bible!) LOL

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  16. Hi Hibiscus Moon!

    I just saw your post on Facebook. Because of my living situation and what I know the reactions to my more eclectic spirituality as a Christian, I am a closet fan lol. I don’t put feedback on the posts but I definitely send love energy and appreciation. I actually had been doing a lot of research and ended up on Judy Hall’s page with PDF resources. She had a very in-depth paper entitled “Are Crystals Ungodly?”.

    It was extremely illuminating, and it has me as a Christian digging more deeply into the bible because there is so much about what are dubbed “taboo spiritual practices” which many who were honoured and led by God are actually instructed to do!
    (E.g. There were two stones the high priest used to scry with to get an answer from God)

    God richly bless you and keep on shining your light for all to see. We all are blessed by you and appreciate you so much!

  17. No gods for me thank you. I’ve learned to believe in myself. I am a preachers daughter and learned early what a mishmash religion was long ago and that it wasn’t for me. Crystal healing remains free of religion, something I can relate to. Keep up the good work HM and many crystals blessings to you for what you do.

  18. Thank you so much. I just started discovering true peace and joy through stones and crystals and needed someone to help me see that Christians can enjoy activating, cleansing and sharing their amazing power. I don’t believe these rituals go against my religion. I believe they have increased my spirituality. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  19. In Buddhism, the seven jewels of the Treasure Tower include: agate, gold, lapis lazuli, pearl, coral, silver, and carnelian. I use small stones that resonate with each chakra in my Reiki practice. If your intention is pure, the potential for healing is always there. Regardless of what you believe, there is only Love.

  20. I agree totally! we are all part of the universe…everything is energy…crystals are energy…and indeed, we are all part of each other…I am becoming crystal healer, that is why I want to start working with them…

  21. It’s all in your head guys, remember you create your life through your mind. By doing these things, you’ll open a gateway to a lot of negativity.

    Again, this is coming from personal experience.

    Much love.

  22. Again though, sorry for all the posts, I want to say that this is only my opinion, everyone is free to think and do what they want with their life.

  23. Crystals hold a magnificent beauty, for they are made by God. In heaven, the walls will be made of crystals and precious stones.. The streets of pure gold and houses made of 12 layers of precious gems. However, they will not be used for healing. I do understand your positivity and respect your belifs but if you read the bible, God detests using crystals, gems, talismans or charms for magical, spiritual or healing purposes.. It doesn’t apply to you obviously because you aren’t Christian. But that’s what’s the bible says. So technically, it does go against my religion.

    1. I totally get what you are saying! However, the only way it goes against your religion “Christianity” is if you believe the healing power of the crystals come from a source other than God. If you believe that the energy and the benefits the crystals provide are provided because God instilled them with those properties, then you are not going against your religion. IF you worship the crystals in and of their own entity, without praise to God who created them, then that goes against your religion. 🙂

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  25. My friend makes Chrystal jewerly. she encloses a description of each Chrystal and the specific healing effect. Like love, prosperity. She asked me if I wanted to be a distributor. I was excited about it for awhile but then I felt it was wrong. Now, I don’t no what to tell her. I am a bible believer.

  26. Heres a passage from the bible….yes crystals are in christianity, but also note that thats not what they said was evil…..the ritualistic nature of using crystals, for healing, manifesting, advancing spiritual growth etc….below is the passage

    Ezekiel 13:18, 20 & 21 NIV. “This is what the Sovereign Lord says: ‘Woe to the women who sew magic charms on all their wrists and make veils of various lengths for their heads in order to ensnare people. Will you ensnare the lives of my people but preserve your own? I am against your magic charms with which you ensnare people like birds, and I will tear them from your arms; I will set free the people that you ensnare like birds. I will tear off your veils and save my people from your hands, and they will no longer fall prey to your power.’ “

    1. This all comes to a point in 3 messages lol

      Occult magic was practiced during the era of the Early Church. It’s in the Bible, Acts 8:9-13 NAS. “Now there was a certain man named Simon, who formerly was practicing magic in the city, and astonishing the people of Samaria, claiming to be someone great. And they all, from smallest to greatest, were giving attention to him, saying, ‘This man is what is called the Great Power of God.’ And they were giving him attention because he had for a long time astonished them with his magic arts. But when they believed Philip preaching the good news about the kingdom of God and the name of Jesus Christ, they were being baptized, men and women alike. And even Simon himself believed; and after being baptized, he continued on with Philip; and as he observed signs and great miracles taking place, he was constantly amazed.”

      1. In this way im just like simon….as an occultist, i did things even you spiritus people couldnt believe was actually possible…i was a master healer and telekinesis teacher and tapping into levitation, performing miracles and re aranging the photons and protons that make up the world, altering dna and turning objects into twine…was in contact with many spiritual entities that bowed before my feet and listened to my every command,just like simon i learnt that i was not superiour or even close to equal to the messiah jesus christ, i knew how god created the earth but i did not know god like i thought i did. He is very angry at me, my psi ball could knock you out or seriously repell you away like the strongest earth magnet you ever seen..power like that harnessed in my hands, if channeled heavily, would start to disinigrate my hands…power like that is for the earths core, not for a homosapian to channel…i wont even explain the dangers because i just wanna state my opinion and experiance and dont want to argue, just discuss a different way of thinking towards the subject…my point is that even though i was a occultist with great power, even then i disagree with all things occult and spiritual which may be weird but its what i learnt that made me change like some sort of hippocrite or an oxymoron but the occult or even spirituality in my opinion is not the answer…jesus christ to me, is the only answer for every question….to me…and of course you must of heard, a wise man can entertain a thought without giving into it so i hope no one took my words the wrong way, im very respectable to all people and religons even though im not religious myself because i am a christian,

  27. I have heard the evil and anti-Christian or whatever song and dance from people before, but when I ask what are they basing that on, no one to this point has been able to give me anything to base their comments on. No bible quotes or anything along those lines. Humans tend to be scared of what they don’t understand or refuse to accept.
    We use them for healing and so far, I have used them for upset tummy, headache, eyestrain, sore joints, etc. It even seems to be helping my hammer toe.

  28. I always say “I respect all religions but follow none”, then people ask me you don’t believe in God. I say he’s not a religion nor is Christ. He said to follow me not create a religion the main message was to spread the truth and love for all and not judge. So that’s my rules. I believe in positive energy and all forms it comes in there’s nothing better then what God has created and no man can duplicate. When they have tried it has been tested the properties are not there or not at all the same. Every plant, mineral and animal is unique and touched with God’s own print. How blessed are we. Thank you for following your inner self and sharing your gift with all. ..:)

  29. This is an interesting conversation. The bible is very clear about jewels as in crystals, they will line the walls of our new home when we are all at that stage , perhaps people are not that familiar with what is actually in the text that has been written.

  30. I agree with your comment Allie. I give God all the glory for every positive thing in my life. I know without a shadow of a doubt that without him I am nothing. God created these beautiful crystals and I actually feel closer to him when I am around them. It is a constant reminder of what an awesome God he is.

  31. I soooo Love your post and this subject, because to me its fascinating! Why? Well I was raised in the suburbs of America with no religion by my parents. We didn’t go to church, discuss god really in any way and to be honest Santa Claus carried more weight with us because he brought presents if you were good and coal if not. Yes we celebrated Christmas we had a tree and I still do because they create a beautiful atmosphere in the cold of winter. We had presents because they teach you to share and bring joy and surprise to your life, We had huge family gatherings with china on the table and everyone dressed up and everyone brought a dish to share. What a wonderful way to teach your children how to socialize at a fancy event. Through all of this we learned many of the lessons needed to get through life in a positive way including love and the value of family.

    When I was young I must have had a friend at school ask me what religion I was I said I don’t know. I went home and asked my mom what we were, her reply was we don’t practice any religion. As we grow up we are free to choose to practice any religion we want . Her belief is religion simply creates more wars and fighting in the world. So I asked her if her parents or dads parents were a religion; yes on both sides. So after that when I was asked by kids growing up what I was, I had to have an answer so I would say Im a child of nature. I spent every second I could outside anyway, and I created my own kind of sacredness in my life, by just going to a beautiful place, like a tree or some form of water and there I would contemplate life or say out loud what was bothering me and let it go to the universe, I even journal ed things that bothered me or that I needed to let go of and sent the pages floating down the river or tossed them in the fire to let them go. I have been doing all sorts of things intuitively by listening to myself all my life nobody suggested I do these things.

    I just discovered all of this metaphysical stuff about 2 years ago.
    I can tell you this I will be 50 next June. I have lived my life Knowing the difference between right and wrong. Treating others the way I want to be treated. I have empathy for others probably because I had pets and siblings and it was expected to be kind. I have always worked hard and tried to be a good person that helps others. I have a pretty successful life I think.

    I share this because I think people need to know you can raise great kids with out religion.

    How? Lead by example, don’t cuss and let them know they are held to the same standard, don’t steal and let them know that’s the standard, etc and it can be done as simply as just saying: Members of this family don’t do things like this we have a higher moral code; with that Im disappointing in you and this isn’t tolerated here vibe. Oh and the Santa threat is very effective too when you get closer to Christmas and the cool part is parents talk to Santa. HeHe!
    My parents were quite ahead of their time in there thinking because 60s and 70s no religion wasn’t mainstream at all. Another example of this was when I was doing the family tree in school and I went home asked what nationality I was and the answer was AMERICAN! I still laugh about that one! Another long conversation.
    Anyway Hibiscus I love what you do your post resonated with me and I love the science and your right when you say your perception is your reality. I’ve always believed that to be true to! Sorry this is so long it just struck a cord in me and you know yak yak yak!
    May the Universe Oscillate in tune with you!

  32. I’m the child of a Jewish mother and Catholic father and have grown up with both religions. The High Priest in the Temple write a Shoshan or breast plate and it had 12 crystals in it. Jews still wear pendants of the Shoshan, with crystals, today. In the Torah/Old Testament it tells of how God gave King Solomon a crystal to control demons in order to build his palace.

    Any Christian or Jew who says crystals are against their religion needed to read their Scripture again.

  33. As my faith in God has increased I have experienced so much joy. My perspective of life was filled with worry while I explore the world with enthusiasm now believing everything was created with wisdon and joy and for a purpose. I used to be afraid of objects that were used for ‘pagan purposes ‘ but the Bible says you can eat the meat that’s been offered to idols. If it has a benefit we can use it with gratitude and bring glory to God. Jesus instructed us not to worry, for our sakes even. He asked, ‘Will it add one cubit to your stature? ‘ I’m so happy to have found this page. I had never heard of that particular nun before and wilI be looking her up . I just found out about Cecilia. I bought celestite after feeling drawn to it and have been learning as much as I can since.

  34. I too feel felt the same way! My mother in law actually made me doubt my own beliefs. But after reading all of your comments it not only makes me realize I’m not alone but that my own intuition is not wrong.


  36. I am a Christian for 22 years. I have been devoted to follow my saviour by faith alone as I have been saved from doubling with the occult and believed in healing transfer. I always made sure that I will check the roots of every staff I come across with. Figuring out crystals is no exception and indeed the hardest to discern. I have been studying out for 2 years now, putting myself into experience with many rocks and crystals. Prayed and blessed them before the Lord, read upon them from various sites ect.

    This is what I figured about the crystals, healing, vibration, and mysticism.

    Since God formed the first man from the sand of the ground and then blow on him to receive God’s life, he became a living soul according to my Bible. I could give much references here but this is not an essay but a blog.

    I prayerfully sell the Lord for the truth and figured crystals and rocks closely related to sand and ground essential elements. Therefore, God made the earth and everything within first and at last made men. God knew that, we will get nourished by sunlight, fresh air water, vegetation and minerals.

    As an example here, my ultimate favorite crystal is the rainbow labradorite, and variety from the fedspar Crystal family where moonstone, Sunstone and alexandrite belongs alone many other goodies. In fact, it’s one of the most abundant mineral over the earth. And the mineral composition of them are potassium, calcium phosphate silicon oxide respectively.

    Most fruits and vegetables got the same thing in them along with milk products which also all of them comes from the ground. Well harvested first, and milk product comes from animal that’s lives on grass and greens of the earth. All things eventually get recycled back to the ground as well. All things become dust, ash and sand.

    God formed the mineral crystal kingdom just like the vegetation alone with every living things. He pronounced everything VERY GOOD..

    Now, after the fall, I do understand things had changed and spoiled. Yet we still living where we were placed from the beginning, on Earth.

    Mankind developed a disease called sin, which later on Jesus Himself took care off. Everyone is familiar with the Christmas and Easter stories of the Holy Bible.

    Although we do have full reconciliation with God through Christ, forgiveness of sin and inheritance of Heavenly blessings. We do get sick, and still die.

    4 years ago I had to face the reality of this by the sudden blow off stage 4 thyroid cancer.

    Today I still praise God to save my life and that He landed me into quick professional hands. And also, not long after the treatment having so much discomfort and pain for a year I accidently figured Amber. No more pain or laryngitis ever since then. And it’s also pointed me to figure all of the above. I do praise God for natural pain receivers by simply making my fluorite necklace and protecting myself with a rutilated quartz hanged from it over my scar on my neck. In case you don’t know if, rutaliated quartz has titanium oxide which is commercial ingredients in every suncare products on the market against skin cancer.

    Well, I could go on but I leave the rest for you. God provided many good things for us and also took care of our spiritual needs. All is freely available to take without the need for hocus pocus (New Age and occult knowledge) . God bless you with your discovery.

  37. I too follow a different path, but I try to learn all I can about many different faiths. One thing I have noticed is that all faiths and folk use crystals. In fact, the Catholic Church uses crystals, i.e. garnet or amethyst rings for certain ranks within the church. The Bible shows the priesthood as wearing a breastplate with many crystals in it. All have meaning. I know crystals work. I have felt their energy. And I have learned not to mind what others think.

  38. I,m of no religion at all. To many rules regulation, don’t we have in our life of rules. So if people want to use crystals that is there business. No need for anyone to tell them anything. Crystals against religion Bah Humbug .Their you go last comment said the church uses crystals . I love crystal. But Internet and books at present are the only way l can enjoy them.

  39. I’ve recently been introduced to crystals, both my sisters are very deep into them and their healing. I thought the idea was great but I did notice that one of my sisters who’s Christian as well, (and used to talk about God a lot has stopped any talking of God. Now they only speak of their crystals. I also saw in one of her pics of her crystals there was a book that simply read “Witch” on the cover. The only crystal store around me has things associated with the word “Pagan” I know these things are not of God. SO, I think (while beautiful and yet so accessible) it’s was your to place ones faith in the ritual of these rather than in God 😕

  40. Last paragraph was soposed to say, it’s easy to place ones faith in this, putting your faith before God. I would like to see some references to crystals in the Bible. Everytime I try to find any they are negative. Saying it is a false God. But while it’s easy for me to want to have such an “easy thing to get, that’s so pretty and can heal” in my life. I’m still on the fence that perhaps these are being put in a different bracket of belief that contradicts my bible (KIng James Version) Thank you for the blog

  41. Thank you so much for your insight. I am a follower of Christ (don’t like labels either 😉 ) and I have always been drawn to crystals since I was a kid. Always heard how “evil” they are, so I pushed my feelings aside. I have looked into them off and on throughout the years, but this past Saturday I went to a “Homesteading Festival” where a wonderful lady had a booth set up to purchase crystals. I learned a decent amount from her and just felt so drawn to her table that I kept going back to it. Eventually I walked away with 5 crystals and a sweetgrass braid in my pockets.
    She referred to it as a way of “Laying of the hands”, something my family firmly believes in. While I have not read much of the Bible since I have been out of school, I look forward to getting back to it to do more research on it. Maybe even find a little of myself in all the research.
    I usually don’t comment on these things, but I felt a need to tell you all this. haha Thanks for sharing! I look forward to skimming through your blog here.

  42. I love crystals and do not believe they go against God in any way. I
    have an overly religious friend of a friend who just met me, came
    into my home and took two crystals that I had, one was on the
    door and the other in a dish on the table. I couldn’t believe his
    audacity. I just sat there in disbelief and didn’t defend my right
    to have them in my home. I’m upset at myself for not standing
    up to him and getting back my crystals. What would anyone else
    have done?

  43. Amen to that Sister! I Praise God for healing You! He is the creator of ALL. We should look to Him for healing, strength & guidance. And thank HIM for the things he created for us to use. There is only one God, the Father. And the only way to the Father, to enter heaven, is THROUGH JESUS CHRIST. Truth! He loves you & He loves & created every person. We have a choice to follow Him, or any other object that we choose- that is not a God. I choose Jesus, the son of the living God.

  44. I just wanted to tell you thank you for putting yourself out there. because there are many of us that do love the lord and feel that it is a personal spiritual journey and dont feel the need to follow a specific religion or their rules. I read/study my bible every night and do my devotionals and yet still during the day i still find time to learn about all types of religions A to Z, healings, enlightenment and whatever type of information to that brings me to a higher state. I always stick with my favorite scripture for my life mantra “The three most important things to have are faith, hope and love. But the greatest of them is love.” 1 Corinthians 13:13

    Everything I do is in good positive loving joyful energy towards myself and others. But my foundation is god and everything comes from him so none of that heebeejeebee stuff people say doesnt affect me.

    An opinion is like a butt-hole everybody has one

    Just Do you! 🙂

  45. If we were created from the dirt of the earth, using stones and crystals, make sense. Native Americans used them as well for health along with plants and burning weeds. Reminds me of Cane and Ables offerings to the Father, We may be more connected to the earth than religion informs us, the Catholic Church burns incents like the druids and native indians, the churches also use stained glass windows color patterns. At this point i believe religion is a tool and i should follow my moral compass. The book itself is a grave image on a numeric rythem. We should believe in trusting in ourselves they will never reveal the truths.

  46. You should research how many and what types of precious metals, gems, and crystals are in your television, computers and cell phones ; )-

  47. When God made us from the earth, he then put us in a garden in which we were told in the ancient scripture that would provide everything we needed (all natural things???)

  48. So appropriate this hit my email inbox today. I had a “strong Christian” in my shop today. She was drawn to several crystals, but was quick to explain that she didn’t really believe they had any power. Spirit spoke to me and I told her that I believed that when God put us on this Earth he gave us everything we need to be healthy and happy. But over millennia, we forgot that we had everything we needed. He put crystals on this Earth to help us heal ourselves. **Please note that I believe spirit is genderless, but I wanted to speak in words that she could relate to. She quoted the book of Nehemiah to me about the rebuilding of Jerusalem and I pointed out that the foundation walls of Jerusalem were made of stone. She left with a few tumbles I gifted to her and the knowledge that crystal healing isn’t Satan’s tool (at least I hope she did).

  49. I am a Christian and a nurse. I have seen posts stating that God does not need our help in healing us and the misuse of things God created. I don’t feel God needs our help in healing us, however, He did give us a brain to use to research things. If we aren’t supposed to do something when we are sick, then why are healthcare costs so high as well as the pharmaceutical use. If holding a crystal makes me feel better then I do not believe God would see that as a bad thing. Medications have a time and a place. Medications also have so very many side effects that can cause more harm than good. Some illness are psychosomatic. I have seen many people use crystals while praying. I don’t see how this is any different than a rosary, a cross, Holy water or anything else. If you are not harming yourself or anyone else and using crystals makes you feel better, wouldn’t a loving God think this was ok?

    1. Of course He would! However, many people who use crystals aren’t simply holding them, they use them to commune with “mystical energies” or “spirits”. That actually means communicating with demons, which may or may not be what the user is intending to do. But you can see why God would not want them to do that and why he would be cautious of letting anyone use crystals if it may lead them to eventually do that.

  50. Hi Hibiscus, Wow you stirred up people!
    Would these religious people agree there is only one Creator? If they do it does not matter what one calls Shim, the Creator, (he / she) – Jehovah, Yaweh, Baal, Shiva etc etc as, in effect ALL religions are like the spokes in a wheel, leading us all to the centre – the Creator.
    Plus, since the Bible says that, ‘in the beginning there was only God,’ when Creation began there was only bits of God to use. So, what are we? Bits of God!!! And what is everything one sees, feels…? Bits of God the Creator. Spiritual beings having a three dimensional experience.
    Since we are all individuals, we are drawn to different modalities of healing and interest. For some it will be herbs, for others massage, exercise and others will relate and vibrate to the energy of crystals. None is either ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ simply different option. We are not to judge and, everyone is entitled to their opinion, we do not have to share it!
    Hibiscus I am so glad you are here expressing your truth and allowing us to share and contribute. Go well, tread softly. Hugs from Hogsback ZA

    1. “Plus, since the Bible says that, ‘in the beginning there was only God,’ when Creation began there was only bits of God to use. So, what are we? Bits of God!!!”

      This sounds a bit ridiculous to me. Since God is God he can do anything. He is not limited as you depict him. He created us out of nothing. So no, we are not “bits of God”.

      I say that from the perspective of someone who believes that God has told us this. So for me, it is the only option. However, for someone who does not believe in the Bible, you should be open to both opinions or have some reason to value one over the other.

  51. There seems to be some confusion. I am a Catholic, and have never been told/believed that crystals are “evil”. They are simply pretty rocks created by God.
    I don’t believe that crystals can be used for mystical healing purposes without contacting some sort of spirit. By themselves, the most they can do is to give your body minerals by consuming mineral water or some such thing.
    Perhaps it is possible that crystals can be used to create a connection with God and then be used to heal, however, this usage would not be limited to crystals. If Hildegard, as some of you have mentioned, used crystals for healing, it was probably in this way. But I have never heard of crystals being used as such. And there is the possibility that Hildegard did not do this or that she did things that she should not have done. As a little known saint who lived a long time ago, I would not be surprised if she had myths and rumors about her.

    But onto my main point. Crystals have been used to contact demons. That’s a scary thought, but exorcists have reported helping people free themselves from demons that they contacted in this way. Usually these people do not know what they’re getting into until it’s too late. Demons are very clever and like to gain ones trust before turning on them. So the healing may seem helpful at first, but if one goes too far it can quickly turn around on them.

    The Bible does condemn this use of crystals as well as all forms of fortune telling, necromancy, and witchcraft. Performing miracles through the power of God is different from using magic to do scientifically impossible things. But as I said, demons are very tricky and like to pretend to be good and attractive while at the same time making good and attractive things look boring, restricting, or downright evil.

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