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Its Sunday! Time to announce the 10 winners!! This go round there were many that didn’t follow the give away rules so many that could have won, didn’t. 🙁 In order to be fair, I must stick to the rules as given. So here are the winners (w/ addy’s shortened). After verification that you’re on our email list, you will be sent your prizes next week. Yipeeeeee!

5 Crystal Grid Template Packages


5 Get to Know Your Crystals eKits



Thursdays are fun days, right???

Plus, its December & this whole month is about celebrating for us here in the Hibiscus House! We’ve got Frank’s birthday, my birthday, Winter Solstice, Christmas, our Wedding Anniversary & New Year’s Eve. Since we don’t know exactly when Topaz was born, we decided her birthday is in December too!

That’s just about everything you can squeeze into 1 month, right?!

So, in the spirit of celebrating (& b/c you know how much I love a good sparkly give away), I’m doing another give away + a little Holiday Fun below! heehee.

I’ll be giving away 10 prizes!!

• 5 Crystal Grid Template Packages
• 5 Get to Know Your Crystal eKits

So how do you win?

  • Leave a comment below answering this question: “Which crystal is your favorite & why?” along with your email address beside it in case you win
  • Make sure you’re subscribed to my newsletter w/ that same email address
  • You get can enter multiple times by sharing this blog post on Facebook. Be sure to enter an additional comment below to your FB page~!

Check back here on Sunday to see if you’re 1 of the 10 lucky winners!!

Winter Solstice Gem Elixir Cocktail

Every holiday season I post this recipe somewhere & its a big hit. Here’s my personal recipe for this special elixir. Makes one cocktail:

  • 1 1/2 oz. of Crystal Head vodka (do you know about this vodka? It’s created from deep glacial aquifer water, quadruple-distilled then filtered over 500-million year-old Herkimer diamonds with no additives.
  • 1/2 oz. orange-flavored liqueur, such as Cointreau
  • 1/2 oz. freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • Ice cubes made of  Almandine Garnet Gem Elixir
  • splash of chilled club soda
  • splash of cranberry juice
  • 1 raspberry + 1 almandine garnet for garnish

Yum, Yum! Enjoy. 🙂


Comments 106

  1. Happy Birthday to all of you! Genevieve sends Topaz an extra squeeze! Happy Anniversary to you and your wonderful Prince! May all your blessings continue you grow! Hugs, Love, Laughter & Light to a fantastic inspiring individual!

  2. Hah! YOU are full of lovely and generous surprises!! Houurraah!
    December is one of my favorite months of the year as well! Wowie, you have one fun-packed solid month of celebration after celebration! MERRY EVERYTHING teehehe, to every single one of you beautiful souls in that blessed house!

    My favorite crystal right now is actually a mouthdropping Record Keeper I by chance found, for 4$! It’s a Tibetan Quartz point (You can view it here, I posted a piccie of it! – )

    There is something very magical about it, although I can’t quite put my finger on it yet. I feel it has a lot of things to teach me, you know? Like when you meet someone, and you just know deep in your soul they have great guidance potential, and can help you on your way? That is what this crystal represents for me right now. A gateway of sorts, that I need to further explore in my quest for self-discovery and inner knowing. I know it came to me in the last week for a reason, and it is an absolute favorite. It’s not glamorous, it’s not all in pretty colors and rainbows and what not, but there is something about that quartz, and the sheen gray-black patches that Tibetan quartz typically has, along with the DOZENS of triangles on it… that lets me know, I will find my inner power through it. 🙂

    My e-mail address is, and if I had a choice, I would love to be the caring recipient of the Get to Know your Crystals EKit. I already bought the other package. HOWEVER, If I somehow win the other one, I will pass on the generous spirit by giving it to someone else who could benefit from it.

    In love and light,
    Andy. xoxo

    PS: I will also share this on my newly founded FB page: 🙂

  3. My favorite crystal is my trans-Chanel devic-rainbow clear crystal. I tried to name her diva , she didn’t like it an told me just to call her crystal. The reason that she is my favorite is , first all she chose Me. That’s pretty special, I would say. Secondly, after bringing her into my home she has helped me unlock levels of myself that I didn’t even know we’re there. She also has made all my other crystal/stones

    1. Work better. Idk what just happend, my device hit send and I was not done. Last but certainly not least , she’s always there when I need her . Ready to provide guidance and support. My name is AnGee and my email is I would enjoy any of your wonderful gifted sets, as I am sure crystal would also;) love , light, and blessings. Namaste

  4. Im pretty new to the crystal world and completely in love! Im still learning and each day Im being drawn closer to understanding them better. But I have to say the one I love the most is Hematite. With all the recent changes lately stress is at an all time high and Hematite soothes the migraines and insomnia. In addition its a bonding stone for my son (ADHD) and I. We meditate together with it and helps us start our day off together on the right foot.

  5. My favourite crystal ever would be serpentine. It’s pretty much the only stone that I’ll pick up intuitively at any time. I find it very calming in a very unique way, a way I’ve never experienced anywhere else.

    I first picked it up because I needed something to keep my blood sugar level stable, and this was the stone to go to, I was told. But it helps me out in so many different ways.

    Lastly, I think it’s a gorgeous stone to look at. I have a small donut pendant in an olive green colour, but I’ll see if I can buy some more pieces. I simply love serpentine!

  6. Which crystal is your favorite & why?”
    My favorite right know is the Rose Quartz. I have been going through so much in my life. My husband left us and I have been really depressed. I bought two rose quartz and they have help me with my heart that has been broken. I take it with me everywhere. Things seem to be getting a bit better. My husband is coming for Christmas.

  7. I have many favorite crystals but at present it is tourmaline. I just got 4 chunky pieces which are going to be buried around my house. I love them for the grounding(root chakra) and the protection they give but I am sleeping with my Labradorite at present. I am doing the Hibiscus moon certified healer course and I am learning sooooooo much. Thank you Stephanie and happy birthday x2, happy anniversary and happy birthday to Topaz…….:)

  8. My favorite crystal is Citrine- it was the first one I ever owned, given to me by a best friend to help with my emotional and self destructive risky behavior. I’ve had it 20 years and it was one of the best beginnings I have ever encountered in my life!

  9. My favorite crystal is turquoise. It was a major catalyst in some pretty spectacular spiritual expansion I experienced recently. During this period the crystal itself revealed to me another way it could be effective (for me personally… well probably for anyone who needs it), so that was a major crystally insight for me. 🙂

  10. Well i love my Labradorite stone helps me to focus. Although I dont know where it went to at the moment. Maybe i need to find it again quickly. Cant seem to get much done.

  11. Definitely quartz crystal because it was the first crystal i ever owned and felt very attached to. It always makes me peaceful and more loving somehow, to myself and others.

  12. What a fantastic giveaway! And joyous celebrations to you and your family this month! Lately my favorite stone is my Ruby Fuschite. I feel like it chose me, and although I’m still learning about it, it feels like it’s helping me heal and open my heart. It’s beautiful and lovely and I keep it with me every day!

  13. Sugalite is my fave crysral. Its my let go of anger and resentment crystal and Has helped me with my awful divorce .

  14. Favorite crystal….that is not easy since I depend on a variety. The one I am resonating with recently is my palm-sized piece of beautifully striped fluorite…..sits right below my computer where I can see it sending me wonderful energy.

  15. My favorite is the clear crystal quartz because it is used for healing and can be substituted for any of the chakra stones. I have 3 small ones but they hold so much energy!

  16. I have a white quartz crystal that I simply love! It has a very calming and healing energy about it, it feels good in the hand, it’s unusual looking. My second favorite is a labradorite stone, so cool to look at, great energy and it weighs close to 2 lbs!

  17. My favorite crystal is my Amethyst right now…I am studying all of the ones I have accumulated and who knows what I may choose in the future. I have so many I still need to identify !! Am getting more excited to venture into the healing course and bring love and light to myself and anyone else who may need it !! Love your insight !!! Bless YOU !!!

  18. A very wonderful December to all of you!

    Which crystal is my favourite and why?
    You’re not making it easy for me. 😉 Maybe I’d have to say Larimar for opening up the crystal kingdom to me again. My Kinesiologist researched it, because I had a tapeworm that would not shift after weeks of application from both of us, which included mostly energetic work and herbs. He placed the Larimar on my belly and in 30 mins its energy had diminished by half. The stone was about 2cm square but it packed an incredible punch. So a very personal story for me and the beginning of the end for youknowwho. I still have the stone. It is beautiful! It goes to show the incredible power of stones in a very physical way and reminds me not to underestimate the little ones.

  19. My favorite Crystal would have to be the Quartz crystal seeing as its the very first one I was ever given . never knew that much about them before that , Where I live they are hard to fine so I have to make do with what I have.

  20. I love my Lepidolite, its beautiful pink sparkly appearance and calming effect it has on me makes it one of my favorites. <3

  21. My all time favourite crystal is amethyst. I have always held it when I feel upset and need calming. It has also helped to heal me from my Bipolar Disorder and cleared my thoughts.

  22. Happy celebration month!!!!!!!!!! It so hard to choose a favorite, its like asking to choose which is your favorite child. They are all special to me in their own way. But if I must chose it would be Amethyst it calms and helps center me when my mind and soul are running a muck. Even when I am feeling down its color and sparkle with the other crystals helps lift my spirit.

  23. I don’t think I know enough about all the crystal power and energy to really pick one but I do know that throughout my life the rose quartz has come up a few times – so for today I will have to choose that.

  24. My all time favourite crystal is Amethyst. I always carry with me a rough Chevron Amethyst because it is one of the best stones to work with the Third-Eye and to dissipate and repel negativity of all kinds. Chevron Amethyst creates a strong healing field around me, and as such, is a good choice to cleanse the aura and to enhance the immune system.

  25. I am new to your crystalline community and am LOVING your sparkly content! I am also new to the world of crystal healing in general 🙂 my favorite crystal is my Mangano Calcite, named Babydoll. She has gentle, but potent vibrational energy and so much beauty! You are a gifted teacher, Hibiscus Moon. I have learned so much already and I can’t wait to learn more!


  26. My favorite crystal is Rose Quartz, I have many many stones around my house of this special stone. It is my favorite color and it radiates love which is very important to me.

  27. I love all my crystals. Since I was asked to write “which crystal is my favorite and why”, I decided it is Amethyst. Being an Aquarian, I have had this crystal with me since a little girl. My Aunt gave me my first Amethyst ring when I was 6 years old that I still have and wear today. I have always loved the energy of Amethyst and have lots of different specimens in my box and in my home. When I do shows for my natural care products and aromatherapy, I always bring my large cluster of Amethyst for display along with other Amethyst pieces. My pendulum is Amethyst. I am not sure if I can get enough Amethyst in my life. However, I am grateful what I do have and will always enjoy the healing energy and the dazzle this crystal has for me.

  28. Alexandrite , A man gave me a tiny piece and said it help with not to fear all that you are & to find joy. I love Citrine and like how I fell when i have it on,

  29. Wow! What a great month December is for you and your family!
    Thank you for the giveaway opportunity.
    My favorite is amethyst, originally because it’s purple. (My favorite color.) Now I always wear an amethyst, usually a bead on my necklace, a pendant, or a bracelet. I find that it grounds (calms?) me.
    My email addy is

  30. My favorite crystal is Peacock Ore / Bornite. It’s not only beautiful, and mostly my favorite color (blue) but it looks and feels like magickal joy! Love how it feels in my hand and love how it looks on my bedside table greating me lovingly in the morning and happily at night!

  31. My favorite is Tiger Eye, any and all varieties. The reason it is my favorite is because of how it makes me feel. I feel more confident and I tend to stop putting myself down when I have it with me. It also makes me feel closer to the most beautiful creature in the world, the tiger (also my favorite, couldn’t you tell?!). I own over 180 tumbled and raw pieces of stones and crystals, and I would have to say that my tiger eye accounts for 30 of those pieces.

  32. Its really hard to pick a favorite, but if i had to pick it would be a tie between selenite and amethyst.. love them both equally, amethyst started me on my journey by helping to see the path in front of me, and selenite always gives me chills and makes me feel really good 😀 ! –

  33. Quartz is my favorite. I’ve been sleeping with a big smokey quartz and i feel as though it’s aiding me with clarity and intuition. I like all crystals though.

  34. My favorite crystal is very specific, it’s a tiny (like, a half-inch) near-perfect piece of quartz. What makes it special is that me and my friends found it ourselves, outside, right near my hometown, while we were placing my first geocache. It may not look like much, but it means a lot to me ^_^

  35. oh…my favorite crystal….that seems to change almost daily…but overall I have to go with my Tibetan Quartz….because it speaks to me the most, it goes where I go (like its following me or something) it keeps me in balance, healthy and energized.Helps keep me focused when I meditate.
    Thanks for the free give away and for being such an inspiration!

  36. I don’t have a favorite. It keeps changing. For a while it was sodalite, then it was crazy lace agate, amber, jaspers…Right now I think it’s feldspar.

  37. My favorite gemstone is my lapis oval set in a pendant! I love how grounding it is and how protected I feel when I wear it. I feel like the wisdom of the night sky and the universe is contained in it and I feel smarter when it’s around my neck! One of my bestest gemmy friends!

  38. My favorite crystal is Chevron Amethyst. For quite some time I had a crystal that was given to me by a friend. I didn’t know what type of stone it was, but i was mesmerized by its beauty and energy. it seemed to make my ‘vision’ clearer and more enhanced. It really opened up my mind and my intuition grew stronger. Whenever I came across a problem it helped me come up with ideas for a positive solution. I fell in love with my stone, which was later identified as Chevron Amethyst. This is now my go-to stone as it feels as if it’s just another part of me. it represents me to the fullest. It lifts my spirit just to see it or connect with it. It brings me peace of mind and clarity.

  39. Unikite, because it saved my life when I was burned. I meditated with it and it aided in healing my skin. After that, rose quartz because it helped me love and accept myself again.

  40. I love amethyst, I am new to crystals and amethyst seems to speak to me. I also like aventurine. Another one that speaks

  41. My favourite crystal is amethyst because it is my birthstone and gives me great strength. I also love yellow citrine 🙂

  42. Thank you for such a fun and exciting holiday treat! Favorite crystal, wow, that one is hard, i love so many. But of all the crystals I have met in my life, the one with which I have most profoundly connected is my lemurian seed. the moment i picked it up i burst into tears. i couldn’t put it down. a friend had to talk me into letting her take it and clear it with reiki. and still we were bonded, even after the residual energy from others was cleared. i slept with it under my pillow for over a month and carried it with me everywhere. the point is broken, but it’s still beautiful and powerful, a lesson for me, that i too am beautiful and powerful, even though i have my broken places. this crystal has taught me so much, and given of itself without hesitation. yep. it’s my favorite. it’s my friend.

  43. Right now I’m crushing on one I just recently picked up–it’s an amethyst cluster with a large chunk of white calcite growing out of it. The two together bring me amazing and inspiring energy when I hold it. Powerful but not OVERpowering.

  44. Oh my, so many loves, so hard to pick just one! My favorite is probably my Carnelian Power Boulder. It radiates confidence- building warm energy and helps me to feel empowered but calm and centered.

  45. My absolute favorite crystal is Rose Quartz and Amethyst is a close second. I have a rose quartz ring that I wear each and every day. If I forget it, I feel lost without it. It just gives me a warm, loving feeling and the truth is, it makes me happy. When I look at rose quartz or think of it, I smile!!!

  46. wow that’s a hard question! so many favorites but the top the list has to be larimar. Love how it reminds of a warm summer day by the ocean or a pool. Summer is also my most favorite time of the year…so yeah.. Larimar 🙂

  47. I have so many I love….but one of my very favorites is Selenite. I have a selenite oval that when I hold it makes me feel like I’m holding moonlight….

  48. My favorite is fluorite. I grew up in the Black Hills surrounded by trees, granite, slate, and quartz. Lots and lots of quartz! 🙂 Even so, I found myself so moved by fluorite the first time I encountered it, that I cannot be without it now. The color of fluorite I most resonate with is the greens. But I love it all!

  49. Congratulations in advance to you three. My favorite crystal is Amethyst, I love it’s color . I simply resonate with it. 🙂

  50. My fave is amethyst because it helps me reconnect with the dreaming psychic side that has suffered since an unfortunate incident when I was a child

  51. Well first of all, big birthday kitty hugs from my wee Kiji to Topaz! My favourite crystal would have to be my Seraphinite I call Seri (yes I name all my favourite stones!) she has gotten me through thick and thin in the short few months we have been together. Crystal blessings! Jen xx

  52. Right now my favorite crystal is my pink lemurian. I just love the way it makes me feel and I hate leaving home without it.

  53. Oh boy! My absolute favorite crystal has to be my new Melody Stone (Super Seven) because I’ve never felt anything like it, I just cannot even describe the enormous power this beauty emanates as it balances and harmonizes all my chakras and energies so effortlessly, without getting all junked up. I’m so blessed it chose me so we can work together to help and heal oodles of wonderful souls! (as I’m eagerly awaiting becoming a certified crystal healer) 😉 I am honored to work and be among such great beings of light!! Blessings and Reiki love <3

  54. ohman! Choosing just ONE crystal is like asking a mother which of her kids she loves the most lol. I have to say my aqua aura because it found me. I wanted one since June but didn’t go to the crystall store because I knew I would spend too much $$$. (I am looking for some big quartz pieces for a grid I want to put under my Reiki table.) But 2 weeks ago I was at a Reiki event and a crystal vendor was there. It turned out they had an aqua aura there and it was beautiful!! Now she’s all mine and reminds me of the ocean! Deja-vu of Atlantis crystal healing days.

  55. Right now I am loving my Smokey Lightbrary. It is divine and looks exactly like a perfect castle. I got it at a gem show and I was told it was Smokey Citrine, though it may really be Smokey Quartz. It is almost water clear with a light champagne tint and the peaks are tipped in smokey black. It makes me think about the future even though it is medival looking! it also reminds me of my favorite church from my childhood home. I was never in that church but it had two spires that glinted a smokey silver light in the sunlight and that play of light made my soul smile everytime I saw it.

  56. It’s really hard to pick a favorite crystal; it’s like trying to pick your favorite child. I spotlight different crystals depending on what I’m going through at the time. But if I have to pick a fave, right now I’m really diggin’ carnelian. It is so warm and fills me full of energy. It helps me with my creativity and in my business. I really feel great wearing it.

  57. My ultimate favourite crystal is Citrine!! My Citrine babies always make my chronic tiredness ease away, and make me feel so aliiiive!! 😀

  58. It is difficult to choose a crystal that I like most because I love soooo many of them, however the one I feel so very close to is Petalite. No other crystal has yanked my soul like Petalite. The first time I came into contact with Petalite I could hear its vibrations !!!! It is the very first crystal I heard and it has a very clear high pitch vibration, its sound is unlike any other crystals. I was overwhelmed with the energy of this crystal and I felt my heart opening wide just being with it and this has never happened to me with any other crystal. Funny enough, I found out later that it was called the “Stone of Angels” and I have been working with angels for the last 6 years, LOL ! I guess it found its way to me.
    I now use Petalite in healings for others when deep clearings are needed and I have found it to be an outstanding stone for the removal of entities and the restoration of the love vibration. I feel it is a stone that works at the cellular level, it is a very powerful yet gentle stone. I have a raw petalite by my bedside and it is one of my favorite stone to create grids around my bed at night. – It has been there for nearly 2 years now…. Blessings, Emmanuelle

  59. I love amethyst. It has been my favorite since I first discovered crystals. First, the color. Purple is my favorite color. And then, the properties. I find amethyst comforting and reassuring, as amethyst gives protection. Also, it enhances spiritual qualities. Perhaps this is why it was one of my first very favorites. And, lastly, healing. I was asked last year by a medium if I was working as a healer. She was shocked to hear I was not because she saw rainbows coming from my hands. I hope to use amethyst to help develop my abilities. Amethyst, my favorite!

  60. My favourite is amethyst as it is the first crystal that I ever came across, there has always been one around the house when I was growing up and it is just an amazing crystal to work with 🙂

  61. im a crystal newbie although they have always attracted me, i dont have a favourite although i always have a few with me, usually a labradorite palm stone and i always wear a beautiful tree of life pendant made with aquamarine, my birthstone. love and light xo

  62. I love so many crystals but I think my all time favorite is blue kyanite. It is so cool and soothing. Put a piece between your heart and solar plexus and your energy lines right up. Hand a piece to someone who is upset or new to crystals and they feel the energy soothe them and they fall in love with kyanite and crystals right then and there.

  63. I LOVE rose quartz. It is my go to stone. Whenever someone asks me what stone they “need” to have, it is rose quartz. Who doesn’t need a little more love, hugs and positivity in their life? I think of it as a hug in a rock 🙂 And it’s pink. Pink things always make me smile – Cosmopolitans, rosy pink cheeks, cotton candy, the bottoms of a cat’s paw, etc.

  64. moonstone as i wore if every day i waz pregnant to ensure my babies would be safe and it led to the safe arrival of my identical twin girls Keilana and Leilani x

  65. I’ve always been fond of chlorite in quart especially. Great to clenses spaces, healing and bring nature energies. I’ve always liked the green phantoms I could stare into them for hours.

  66. Congratulations everyone!

    I have a question about “rule compliance” and how this comment input section works. There is a field for entering your email. When I originally commented, I included mine there. I noticed however that it did not post with my comment. I see some people’s emails posted, and some people’s did not. I was a little confused about that, so I wonder if maybe other people had the same problem? Should we have typed our email address into the comment section, or is there another way we could have made our email show up? Sometimes I find technology to be completely baffling. :-/

    Thanks again for the contest. It was fun!

    1. oh poo. i guess those were twitter addresses that posted, and i see now that people typed out email addresses in the body of the comment. color me confused yet again!

  67. Thank you for this gorgeous give away! I love my heart shaped Rose Quartz because it helps me open up my heart even wider whenever I need to. And it’s so pretty too : ). I shared on Fb too & I’m on your mailing list. Big hugs, Karina

  68. AGATE -BOTSWANA, Because it enhances creativity and helps to release the emotional nuances, that have been repressed. It also helps one to look toward the solution, rather than dwell on the problem, which is an issue I have always had lol. So need to get a one.

  69. “Which crystal is your favorite & why?”
    My favorite is the purple amethyst, it is the color of the sacred fire or the Violet Flame as represented by Saint Germain. It is a blend of the pink unconditional love of Mother God and the royal blue of Christ Consciousness. I meditate daily with the Sacred Fire. I also have an amethyst pendulum to communicate with my guides.

  70. Amethyst is my absolute favorite, it’s beauty captivates me. I feel its energy so very strongly, it calms me and gives me a sparkly glow 🙂

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