The Crystal Path

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Hellooooo Crystal Hotties. Today is a special treat b/c I have a guest post from my good friend, M. Flora Peterson aka Charming Pixie Flora on YouTube. Here’s a pic of us from when we got to finally meet up not too long ago: 

Her energy is glorious & beaming! Beautiful inside & out. She’s always full of “Yays”!!! Who wouldn’t want to be around that? Well, she decided to stop by today to talk to use about…..CRYSTALS!! Shocker! On this blog? heeheeheee…its sort of a prerequisite around here! So, here is her post. Soak it up. She’s great inspiration…always!!…

Take It Away Flora:
Growing up with a river in my backyard, I had ample opportunity to collect river stones for the vast collection I had in my closet!  But my first experience with crystals was when I was 12 years old on a family RV trip from Wisconsin to Yellowstone National park.  We were hiking in a rather treacherous area in North Dakota, my sisters and I were scaling what seemed to be a mountain (of course being only 4 foot tall at the time, everything seemed like a mountain! Lol) I slipped and was face first in the dirt! What I saw when I opened my eyes would change my life forever!!!

I saw Mica! Yay!!!!!!!!!

Yay!! I was blown away by how shinny and sparkly this “rock” was!!!  Being a lover of color and all things shiny, I had to have more!  By the time we made our way to the top and back down again, my pockets, socks and the front of my shirt were all filled with Mica I had collected along the way!  I spent the rest of that trip holding on to a piece of this brilliant mineral, examining it from every angle!   Being from Wisconsin, I was use to the rather plain looking river stones and rocks that ranged in color from tan to gray and sometimes brown.  This brought my awareness to a whole new level!!!

Once I got back to Wisconsin, I was on a mission!  A mission to find more pretty shiny rocks!!!

Since then my collection has grown exponentially to include, river rocks from several states, ocean stones from South Africa, and Crystals from around the globe.

My first Crystal I bought when I was a freshman in high school [1989], it was a Clear Quartz Cluster.   I walked into the store and a crystal with a beam of light shining up to the sky beckoning to me.  Seeing it from across the room, literally, I made my way over to it and picked it up!  When I first held it I heard the sound of chimes and then a slow and steady hum….It was music to my ears.  Never had a “rock” sung to me.  Yay!!!

I bought it and spent the next few months holding it, inspecting it; carrying it in my pocket or purse…It was always with me.

About six months after I bought it I moved towns and the crystal cluster was lost in the move… I looked and looked for it, but couldn’t find it.  It didn’t resurface again until years later, when I moved from Minnesota to Oklahoma in 2004!!!  I was unpacking a box of random “what not’s” and there it was! I almost could not believe my eyes!   There was no logical explanation for how it got into the box or why it ever disappeared in the first place, but all I knew was when I picked it up and held it again, I heard the familiar chimes and hum of its song to me!!! Yay!!!

I slept with that crystal by my bed each night and had the most profound dreams.  Shortly after this, I began formally studying Earth based Spiritualism.   My first Pagan teacher, Lady Youngdeer, had her students work with various stones and crystals while meditating and performing shape shifting exercises.  I also began working with Lady Youngdeer to create gem elixirs and crystal grids brought my practice to another level again.  Feeling the power of crystals in conjunction with meditative states was such a profound and eye opening experience.  I found that when I meditated or worked with various crystals, I would experience different sensations in my body or achieve differing levels of clarity and awareness.  Those experiences would sling-shot me to the next level from lover of crystals because they were pretty, shiny and fun looking to an avid user during my everyday life.

I began to research various types of crystals and stones to see their attributes and then “test” them to see what results I got from each one.  One thing I realized is that even though certain books would name certain attributes for various crystals, when I would hold the stone or crystal and ask it, “What are your attributes for me?” I would get an answer 9 out of 10 times!!! Yay!!!  This is something I have my students do in their studies with me.

When I became a member on YouTube and began sharing my practice, I was introduced to Phanie12 or HibiscusMoon, my life would never be the same again!!!  She not only was able to explain various attributes for crystals but the scientific reasons WHY they work!!  This is huge; since I am a huge lover of science and love being able to relate things on a scientific plane.  My hubby comes from a very scientific background and we absolutely love to discuss metaphysical vs. scientific aspects of various things!!!  HibiscusMoon’s book Crystal Grids How and Why they Work, is such a brilliant read and really proves that crystals do work!  And why they work as well!!!  It comes in quite handy during some of our debates! ; )

Working with crystals on such an intimate level and realizing how interconnected every one of us are as energetic beings, I began working with crystal grids to charge items as well as to infuse places with the power of a grid.

When I became an Earth Keeper of the Munay Ki Rites, my mentor Toni Swan, introduced working with crystals when working with Auric Cord removals; again bring that level of awareness with each session.

Recently I have started Hibiscus Moon’s crystal Certification class, I am REALLY feeling the awesome power of crystals and all they can do!  Taking this course has allowed me to uncover the pure brilliance of Earth energies that are stored in these brilliant geometrically formed shining things we call crystals!!! Yay!!!
How I use crystals in my everyday practice:
I used crystals and stones every single day in my practice!

To take you through my day:

  • When I wake up, I feel the lump that is the current crystal or stone for the time being in my pillow case that I work with while I sleep.  This helps me to bring in the energy of the stone or crystal I am working with into my energy field all night long.
  • Next to my bed I have a meditation altar that has several heart shaped stones I have found throughout the years that connects me with the Heartbeat of Mother Gaia.
  • As I grab my cell phone, I see a large Black Tourmaline next to my cell phone to help with clearing the EMF’s that comes from my cell phone.
  • Walking from my bedroom to the kitchen I pass by the living room that has a very large Rose Quartz chunk as well as several crystal grids that I pause in front of to feel the power and energy of the grid before I eat breakfast.
  •  Flicking on the switch to my water kettle, I grab a cup from the cupboard and see a slab of Selenite on the window sill to bring in high vibrational energies into my home.
  • While getting ready for a day of classes with students and sessions with clients I put on my Rutilated Quartz ring that I wear when I do readings to aid in creating a clear channel when I read, as well as to connect me with  an Arch Angel that lead me to purchase the ring.  I also hold several crystals while in my sacred reading space before each reading to connect to higher realms.  The crystals include: Celestine, Azurite, Fluorite, Amethyst, Apothalite and Rose Quartz.
  • If I am doing Auric Cord Removals I pick up and connect with my two Selenite rods to aid in the clearing of dense energy cords.
  • When checking email, I have a large Black Tourmaline that sits on my PC tower to help absorb the EMF’s and to keep my energy clear.
  • When going to check the mail each day I pass through my front door that has a shelf next to it. On the sits, a Black Tourmaline chunk, Rose Quartz point, Amethyst cluster, a natural Lemonade Citrine Point, Selenite slab, and the Quart Cluster I got while in high school.
  • When I go to shows and set up my reading table, I always have my large Amethyst cluster, Rose quarts point, Selenite tower, Celestine geode and my bag of chakra tumbled crystals! : )

The list goes on and on…

Needless to say working with crystals is like breathing for me!  I do it every day because the crystals create a more fluid energy field in my life and aid in my Spirit and Personal growth AND in my practice!

I couldn’t imagine my life without these Sparkly Power Houses by my side!!! : )

M. Flora Peterson is an Author, Teacher, Spiritual Empowerment Coach, Psychic and Everyday Pagan. She conducts workshops, classes and one-on-one sessions in Earth based Spiritualism and Spiritual Empowerment Coaching. For more information please check out: Her website: & YouTube Channel:

Isn’t she great?!!! She’s an excellent teacher & intuitive as well. I know from experience!!

Flora’s ideas of incorporating crystals into your everyday life are great. What are some ways you do that? Please post below or say “Hi” to Flora. 🙂

Glorious Rainbows & Crystals!!!

Crystal Healing with Angels

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Helloooo Gorgeous Crystal Hotties! Today we have a guest post from the lovely Lori-Lyn Hurley. She’s a spiritual intuitive, empath & Reiki Master whose energy I just fell in love with. I really wanted to have her visit here b/c I know many of you are attracted to working with crystals along with Angels & this is her expertise. I’m anxious to learn here too so I’m grabbin’ a comfy chair, sitting in the front row with BIG EYES & all ears!

Accessing the Wisdom of Angels With Crystals
“Long before I knew I could communicate with spirit guides and angels, I knew that I loved my birthstone, amethyst. I loved its deep purple color and its calming energy. Every time I went with my mom to the children’s clothing store in our small downtown, I eyed the tray of sparkling birthstone rings. I received one for my eighth birthday, and I treasured that ring. (My pieces of amethyst jewelry are still my favorite.)

Years later, when I began to develop as an intuitive, I was intrigued (but not entirely surprised) to learn of the spiritual properties of amethyst. I had always been a person who collected crystals and polished stones, especially drawn to crystal points, and much of what I owned was amethyst, but I hadn’t given this much thought. I didn’t actually do anything with crystals other than admire them.
My introduction into working with angels came by way of the Archangel Michael, who was loud enough that I couldn’t ignore him, and powerful enough to assist me in transforming my chronic anxiety. As I began to study AA Michael, I learned that one of the stones he was associated with was my beloved amethyst.
Just as AA Michael can be called upon for protection, amethyst is a protective stone, an excellent meditation tool and an accelerator for psychic abilities. So, I surrounded myself with it. I kept amethyst points and clusters on my meditation altar. I stored my angel oracle cards with chunks of amethyst on top, and I began to hold a sphere of polished amethyst in my left hand (my receiving hand) when I meditated, pulled cards, or attempted to communicate with my guides and angels.

I found that the calming energy I’d sensed from amethyst since childhood allowed me to quiet my mind of chatter and focus on the loving guidance that was coming through for me, and when I began to do readings for other people, I used amethyst as my talisman.

Amethyst, I learned is also associated with the Archangel Zadkiel, the angel of self-transformation, spiritual growth and alchemy. Simply knowing this, deepened my relationship to the stone I’d always loved. I began to meditate on my amethyst clusters, peering into the heart of the stones, as if scrying with a crystal ball. What I found there was not about the outside world, but very much about me and my soul.

The next of my angel crystals came to me by accident. At a psychic fair, I purchased a large chunk of Celestite. It called to me with its beautiful pale blue color and twinkling light. I didn’t realize, until I got it home and placed it on my altar that celestite is a powerful angelic messenger. A stone associated with the Archangels Gabriel and Raguel, celestite is a door opener, a bridge to the higher self, and a great help in accessing angelic guidance.
With Amethyst and Celestite at my hands, my intuitive and psychic skills evolved and expanded, and so did my awareness of the use of stones and crystals. I saw them not so much as tools, but as soul reminders. I began to feel crystals as living entities, gifts of the Mother Earth, and the angels.
And they began to show up in my meditations. When I meditate, I experience what I think of as “third-eye downloads” – visions of angels and spirit guides. In these visions, the angels are often working with me in some way, touching or moving my body. As time goes on and my work develops, these visions have become more and more esoteric.

I often see angels placing crystals into my hands or pushing them into my forehead. Even when I have no idea in my conscious mind what this is all about, my heart resonates with these images and trusts that healing is taking place.

My work as an intuitive and Reiki practitioner is focused in the heart chakra. Spiritual and healing energy is processed in the heart – for the heart is where the truth lives. With my focus turned to my heart, I found myself drawn to rose quartz, a beautiful pink stone associated with the Archangel Ariel, a healing angel, and Archangel Chamuel, the angel of the heart who assists with relationship issues of all sorts.

I had started to experience a pressure in my chest whenever I conducted readings. At first, I didn’t pay much attention to this sensation, other than recognizing it as a sign that I was “tapped in”, but eventually, I realized that I needed a better system for clearing my energy body after conducting healings and readings. I added rose quartz to my meditation altar and began to put chunks of it in my salt baths. I also purchased a rose quartz pendulum to use in energy clearing and I found that simply looking at this peaceful stone or holding it for a moment, brought me into a tranquil space.

I wear rose quartz whenever I need to remind myself to align with love, to open my heart, to flow with softness, forgiveness and connection – the energy of the angels. It is a stone that feels completely aligned with love.

Crystals and stones had become such an important part of my intuitive practice, I wanted to bring them into my Reiki practice as well. I practice Usui Reiki, but for me, this practice is also closely tied to the angels.

Angels work with me in every healing session, surrounding me and my clients with love and support. For that reason, I chose Selenite, a fragile clear crystal associated with the Archangels Michael and Haniel, to assist me in my healing work.

I began placing a strip of selenite beneath the Reiki table and could feel an immediate difference in the depth and scope of the energy that moved through that space. Selenite accesses the information of the cosmos, helps to dispel negativity and fears, and assists with cleansing and alignment.

I discovered it to be a wonderful stone to use when cutting etheric cords (those energy-draining attachments we form through day to day living.) And because of its clearing abilities, I also keep a piece of selenite in front of my computer, to help dispel the fear and negativity I sometimes encounter on the internet.
Communicating with angels is as natural as breathing. You don’t need any special tools in order to open your heart to your angels and feel their presence in your life.  Connecting with the subtle, powerful energy of crystals, however, can deepen your relationship with the angelic world.
Arranging crystals on your meditation altar, carrying them in your pocket, placing them in trays around your house, holding them as you speak to your angels will naturally attune you to the spiritual realms.

When I gaze into the large amethyst cluster on my altar or hold rose quartz in my hand, I remember who I am, where I come from, and the abundant support that surrounds each of us.”
Lori-Lyn Hurley is a spiritual intuitive, empath and Reiki master who helps you align with love. You can find her on facebook, twitter or her website. She blogs the dream life.
Thank you to Lori-Lyn for such wonderful & USEFUL info!! I loved learning all about this. Have you done any work with crystals & angels? Please share & let us know. I love to here how others work crystals into their lives!

Angel Kisses & Sparkles to EVERYONE!


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The synchro-mystic signs last week were so numerous there was no way to ignore their message. It all started when I drew the Volcano: volatility card from my  deck. I had an uneasy feeling seeing this card, besides the fact that it says “volatility” on it, there’s the artwork of a gorgeous Mother Earth mount, blowing her stack, yet amid the pyroclastic flow in the atmosphere…barely there…is the most gorgeous Goddess face looking like she’s in ecstasy. So I knew this meant “change”, but would lead to ecstatically good things!

Next, came the most lovely lunch with an online friend I’ve been wanting to meet up, chat up, hang out with for a long time, my Flora.
Firstly, she is such an amazing soul & reminds me of a bright beautiful pixie but I felt like I had always known her & just hadn’t seen her for a really long time.
Yepsies, that’s it! But at the end of our lunch at a scrumptious outdoor cafe, I pick up my Buick-of-a-purse from my lap & beneath it was this caterpillar!

Oh yeah, he’s adorable yet he can cause quite the allergic reaction, especially if he happens to bite you. But he didn’t & I just left him be on the table. So, a wee bit of Caterpillar Medicine: Transformation/Metamorphosis medicine. Hmmm, what could be changing so drastically?

After that the messages came flooding in all week>> Butterflies everywhere, a snake in my dream & in the grass as hubby (HBL) & I puttered round the yard.
All of these messages shouting “TRANSFORMATION”!!
Yes, I did speak of many changes taking place here in my biz; was this a reference to that? What about the volatility aspect? That’s a little scary

Was it referencing to the shifting energies? 11/11/11? I certainly was creating up a CRYSTAL STORM on that day!! I made gem elixirs, essences, oils, you name it, I made it. The Sun’s pranic energies were perfectly intense on that day for making such powerful stuffs.

I also got a Mac & I’m this close to throwing in the towel; trying to learn but I know its the right move for the future of my sacred crystal biz,
so I’m pulling up my big girl panties up to my armpits & sticking it out.
I’m still contemplating what the deeper meaning of this transformation is all about & will be meditating on it…&, of course, getting a little help from my crystals on this: moldavite & clear quartz Baby!

So, my Crystal Hotties, tell me I’m not alone in this…have you been having any Transformational Growing Pains as well? Please tell me all about it.

Crystal Blessings!

Crystal Balls

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I know you may automatically think of a gypsy-type psychic with her crystal ball in a dark room. However, not everyone who uses a crystal ball is a gypsy or psychic. Some just like to appreciate its beauty as a display piece in the home or garden. Some prefer them to just diffuse their energy into a space. Others, however, do like to use them for divination.

Not too long ago, a very good customer of mine asked if the manmade lead crystal balls were any less effective for divination than a natural clear quartz crystal ball. As far as the leaded crystal balls go, they aren’t “bad”, just not nearly as powerful as a pure quartz crystal ball created by the Earth. However, a pure quartz crystal ball is usually quite expensive, but well worth the price if put to good use and used properly. They’re priceless and very powerful objects, unmatched by a leaded crystal ball.