Ten Crystal Blog Posts ~ Hidden Gems

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I know you don’t read every single blog post I put out.

Perhaps you’ve missed quite a few or maybe you’re totally new ’round here. So, I made a list here of some crystal blog posts that were quite popular or were spurred by frequently asked questions. Some of these posts also may have gotten buried (especially when I was churning them out quicker than people could read them) but might really ring your bell.

Check ’em out:

  • Will my crystals still be powerful if they faded in the sunlight?
  • 8 Crystal Tools I Couldn’t Live Without
  • Can you prepare foods &/or medicines using crystals & stones?
  • Escape from Stress by Using Crystals for Stress Relief
  • What does it mean when your crystal disappears?
  • Charging Crystals Under the Moon
  • How to Use a Pendulum to Find Anything
  • 4 Crystals to Improve Dream Recall
  • Crystal Myths Debunked
  • 4 Totally Rockin’ Ways to use Crystals for Fear and Anxiety
  • I hope you found a hidden gem there among the bunch!

    HUGE HUGS & BIG Spirit Blessings!

    How Do We Know What Energy Crystals Have? & Pendulums

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    Have you ever wondered…

    • How Do We Know What Energy Crystals Have? Where did we get this information from?
    • What Causes a Pendulum to Spin when we ask it a “Yes” or “No” Question?

    If so, this exactly what we’re talking about today in my video!
    How Do We Know What Energy Crystals Have? Where did we get this information from?
    I discuss specifically where most of the popular crystal info comes from & what it’s based on. I’ll also reveal how to find out how each crystal will work best with you individually. Here’s a tip:

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    What Causes a Pendulum to Spin when we ask it a “Yes” or “No” Question?
    Does it tap into Source Energy? Are you actually moving it? Yep, we’ll discuss that!

    I also go over a very  important point about working with a pendulum to get your most accurate results.

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    So, have you faced these same questions? If so, what answers did you come up with? Do you have the same or a different point of view? Some juicy tidbit that I’ve left out?  If so, I’m really excited to hear your perspective on this.

    Leave a comment below & let me & the rest of our Crystal Hottie Community know your personal experience. Many times, some sparkly nugget of wisdom you share could make a profound revelation to someone else in our community, no matter how obvious or insignificant you think it may be. 🙂

    Thanks Bunches, as always, for reading, watching & joining in.

    Now go have a SPARKLY day, Sweet Pea!

    How to Use a Pendulum to Find Anything

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    Find What You’re Looking For…Using a Pendulum
    I’m often asked how one can go about using a crystal pendulum to find a lost object. (Now, it doesn’t have to be a crystal pendulum…it can be any pendulous object at all in fact).

    Pendulums & other dowsing objects, like dowsing rods (L rods or Y rods), have been used throughout history to locate objects or resources.

    [caption id="attachment_9807" align="aligncenter" width="396"] An 18th century dowser[/caption]

    I feel & teach my students that a pendulum allows you to tap into what your higher self already KNOWS  so its not the pendulum having all the answers…you have them. The pendulum is just a tool that allows us to access them with more ease.

    BUT… they’ve never been as gorgeous & juicy-looking as they are now!

    [caption id="attachment_9809" align="aligncenter" width="614"] a tea infuser pendulum with green aventurine for health[/caption]

    Now, you do already need to sorta already know your stuff & have a clear idea of what your “yes” & “no” movements are in order to do this accurately. Here’s an oldie but goodie vid I did a few years ago that explains about that:
    How to Use a Pendulum

    You don’t have to be a pendulum expert by any means but you do want to have a good connection with yours & be accustomed to its movements.

    A pendulum is pretty simple, only having 2 parts to it:

  • The “bob” is the part that schwings
  • The “fob” is the part you hold from which it pivots
  • Using a pendulum to find something you’ve lost can be very helpful while also giving you great practice & bonding time with your pendulum! I find the more you use it the better & more accurate your results b/c your connection with is stronger & it can more easily resonate with you (or you with it).
    Its actually pretty fun to do this. Total play-time here.

  • You can draw up a rough map of the space you think your lost object in. It doesn’t need to be fancy-shmancy…just a rough drawing will do.
  • Then simply walk around your space from room to room, asking your pendulum if you’re close or not, hot or cold. Yup, just like the game. For instance, you can go to each room within your home & ask if the lost item is there until you get a “yes”.
  • Then spend time going through each area of that specific room asking if the object is in this or that region until you’ve homed in on it like a heat-seeking missile! This can even be done from a distance! All you need is a map of the space the object is thought to be in & your trusty pendulum.
  • You can be loose with it. There’s no right or wrong way. You can do this either sitting or standing, walking from spot to spot, comfortably holding the pendulum’s chain between your thumb & forefinger ( the pivot point) at a comfortable height that feels right for you. If you’re sitting, then go ahead & rest your elbow on a table for stability. Use whatever hand feels most comfortable for you.

    Just make sure that pendulum is making a connection with you!

    I’ve seen some people making these special pendulum hangers that hold the piece for you but…for me…that’s missing the whole point. That separates me from the pendulum & I do want to make that connection with it. I’m not saying that it’s wrong…it just doesn’t work for me.

    So Happy Pendulum Hunting! May you find what you’re looking for, Sweet Pea!!



    P.S. If you have a favorite pendulum method, insight or tidbit to share, please do in the comments below! You know how much this Crystal Hottie community lurrrrves that. 😀

    What is a Shamanic dream crystal & Shamanic star stone & what are they used for?

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    Hey Chick Pea!

    With my recent post on Crystals to Improve Dream Recall there was some confusion between Dream quartz & Shamanic Dream Crystal (stone) or Lodolite, which in turn often gets confused with Shamanic Star Stone aka Shaman Stone. Sheesh! Let’s make it confusing, why don’t we?

    See, this is what I mean about all the various crystal property books making things confusing.

    Don’t get me wrong! I love my crystal books but you need to learn to wade through some of the fluff & figure some stuff out for yourself.

    Dream quartz is explained in the post I refer to above so I’ll leave that 1 there.
    Shamanic Dream Crystal
    Shamanic Dream Crystals/Stones (Lodolite) are usually used for enhancing daydreaming & Shamanic divining. Shamans have also been known to use these guys for vision quests & to bring about healings for others.

    [caption id="attachment_8067" align="aligncenter" width="543"] Shamanic Dream Crystal. Photo taken by Mauro Cateb.[/caption]

    These stones have all the amazing qualities of clear quartz plus the additional vibrations of their different inclusions: Chlorite (the green parts) & iron. “Lodolite” is not a proper mineralogical term so don’t go spouting that off to your local mineral dealer. “Lodolite” comes from the Greek languange & means “muddy stone”. These babies are mined in the famous Minas Gerais region of Brazil. They can also have smokey quartz, phantoms and rutilated quartz too in it as well.

    Its energy is very gentle & soft & makes a great crystal buddy for gazing, daydreaming, lucid dreaming, meditation & for Shamanic journeying, of course. They’re like a portal into another dimension. However, individuals who are not well grounded shouldn’t try to partake in these sorts of energy trips so use with caution.
    Here’s something you can try:
    1. Gaze into the stone; letting your eyes go out of focus…using “soft eyes”, allow yourself to drift into all the inclusions

    2. Slowly close your eyes & allow the stone to guide you on a personal journey. See where it takes you.
    Shamanic Star Stone aka Shaman Stone
    There’s no confusion in how these stones look. The confusion is in the name: Shamanic Star Stone aka Shaman Stone, Boji Stone or Moqui Marbles. The Moqui name comes from the Moqui children who used them in games around the Grand Canyon area in Utah.

    [caption id="attachment_17756" align="aligncenter" width="600"] One of my shamanic star stones & some nuumite[/caption]

    These babies are a curiosity.

    Geologically, they’re simply iron oxide concretions, but we’re just not exactly sure how Mother Earth makes them. They’re made of a hematite outer shell with sandstone in the center.


    Some believe them to be the most powerful stones on earth.

    They’re excellent at cleansing, balancing, grounding and making a deep connection with nature.

    They’re also known to help strengthen your energetic sheath, helping to keep stray non-beneficial energies from attaching to your EMF. Due to that, Shaman stones are ideal for alleviating the emotional fear of physical pain.

    So I hope that helped to clarify a few things or introduced you to some new stones you ‘d like to get to know!

    Happy Crystal Healing!



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