OK, this is not meant to be confrontational at all. I just couldn’t help myself with that title! LOL.

So, from time to time, those in the the scientific community (I do consider myself part of that community so not saying that with a curled lip or anything) stumble across something metaphysical, whether it be about crystal healing or other topics, that really rattles their cage & take it upon themselves to challenge the author of said “hoo-hoo”. Sometimes, the “hoo-hoo”writer is silenced by the attack. I’m not sure if this is b/c they’re blind-sided by the science or what. But very rarely do I see them stand up to this. The writer also may be simply choosing to ignore the nay-sayer & there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just not their style. Turn the other cheek, I get that. And often do it myself in other situations. But, not this 1.

Sometimes the attack comes b/c the writer made a simple yet understandable mistake…everyone is entitled to a mistake now & again, no? However, the attacker then chooses to discount the entire writing or book due to the mistake that they found, stating the entire piece is wrong.

Anyhow, I usually make it my business to always stand up to these confrontations & not back down. I’ve been dealing with them for years with my YouTube Crystal Channel & over the last year with my book.

Of course, I may not know the answers to everything but I am certainly not afraid to keep an open mind, do more experimentation (if I’m able to) & research. I just follow the empirical evidence. I also have the right to change my mind too as I learn new things…hey, we ALL do! I really try not to buy in too strongly to any 1 belief system b/c we’re always learning new things & I may need to change my stance on something, so I like to leave that door open.

And that’s OK, Chick Pea. This goes for everything, you know…not just scientific/metaphysical debates.

The Crystal Healing Debate

So never being one to back down from a good meaty scientific debate, here’s a reprint of 1 that took place in the comments section of a previous blog post (thought you might get a kick out of it):

Honestly, a simple google search will show you that this is NOT science based. Believe what you want to believe, but don’t go around calling it science. There are NO peer reviewed studies showing that crystal healing has any benefits other than a placebo effect. Nothing wrong with the placebo effect, but just stop calling these things science. There is no such thing as the DOR. JUST GOOGLE IT, you won’t find anything. Does that seem like a scientific fact? If you think I’m trolling, I’m not. I wanted this to be true, I really did. I wanted to come here, and see sound science of why crystal healing works. Instead I found some made-up pseudo-scientific stuff that doesn’t hold up to five minutes of googling. The only reason I’m sort-of OK with you charging money for people to learn this is because you probably are helping some of them, whether through the placebo effect, or just to give them a silly hobby.

Moi: Sidney, ty for your views. I enjoy a mature debate. DOR is the same thing as the more commonly used Base Resonant Frequency. “Placebo Effect” occurs in everything…even surgeries…you can look that up too. As for peer-reviewed research you can look up the work of Dr. William Tiller, Dr. Richard Gerber and Dr. Bruce Lipton who are not afraid to buck academia & will back the science I speak of here. Most research scientists stay well away from this stuff b/c they know it usually means the death of their careers. In addition, research is usually funded by a company or individual with a vested interest. So who would fund this sort of research? The only thing most of us can do is try it for ourselves. Then you will know. BUT if you go into it “knowing” it will not work, it won’t….placebo effect at is BEST. 😉

Thanks for your reply. That helped a lot actually. Having looked into the sources you suggested, I am intrigued and will do further research. My only suggestion would be to cite these sources at the end of this article, and perhaps adjust wording to be more scientific (though I do understand you’re writing for a certain audience. But all the same…). Also, about your comment that one needs funding from a company or individual to do research – Not so, many Universities will fund grad students/professors who have sound, solid hypotheses, even if they might be controversial, or “only” beneficial to public health/safety rather than corporations. Thanks again.

Moi: “Sidney, I’m so glad you’re pushing me to substantiate here. It benefits us all! Yeah, I know I should cite sources but its the one thing that I detested about completing my graduate studies. I’m a free-being now & choose not to do it. I could do the community a great service by doing that but that would shoot all the JOY out of blogging for me, then I wouldn’t do it at all. Hope you understand that. As for the later part of your comment, I love Dr. Gerber’s take on it (this applies to University research as well since I am very familiar with the out-casting that occurs when an academic so much as mentions studying an alternative healing method) & I will cite here (from his book Vibrational Medicine, p. 23):

“Many alternative-medicine studies are unfamiliar to the mainstream medical practitioners, who vehemently claim there is no good evidence to substantiate the effectiveness of practices like psychic healing (ed note: or crystal healing). One of the reasons why most doctors have never read about alternative healing studies in their medical journals is because there is a Catch-22 associated with vibrational healing research. The Catch-22 is that an established medical journal would never publish anything of a controversial nature without references from another established journal. Since no one in this controversial field can get anything into the orthodox medical journals to being with, there are obviously no sources of credible references to quote. Therefore the medical journals are safe in their ivory towers of scientific dogmatism.”

So, Crystal Hottie, I invite you to jump in here & weigh in on either side in the comments below. I truly enjoy talking all this stuffs through!!

And I’ll leave you with 1 of my favorite quotes:

All truth passes through three stages.

  1. First, it is ridiculed.
  2. Second, it is violently opposed.
  3. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

~Arthur Schopenhauer, German philosopher

Many Crystal Blessings!!