Crystal Healing Scientific Debate ~ BRING IT!

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OK, this is not meant to be confrontational at all. I just couldn’t help myself with that title! LOL.

So, from time to time, those in the the scientific community (I do consider myself part of that community so not saying that with a curled lip or anything) stumble across something metaphysical, whether it be about crystal healing or other topics, that really rattles their cage & take it upon themselves to challenge the author of said “hoo-hoo”. Sometimes, the “hoo-hoo”writer is silenced by the attack. I’m not sure if this is b/c they’re blind-sided by the science or what. But very rarely do I see them stand up to this. The writer also may be simply choosing to ignore the nay-sayer & there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just not their style. Turn the other cheek, I get that. And often do it myself in other situations. But, not this 1.

crystal healing

Sometimes the attack comes b/c the writer made a simple yet understandable mistake…everyone is entitled to a mistake now & again, no? However, the attacker then chooses to discount the entire writing or book due to the mistake that they found, stating the entire piece is wrong.

Anyhow, I usually make it my business to always stand up to these confrontations & not back down. I’ve been dealing with them for years with my YouTube Crystal Channel & over the last year with my book.

Of course, I may not know the answers to everything but I am certainly not afraid to keep an open mind, do more experimentation (if I’m able to) & research. I just follow the empirical evidence. I also have the right to change my mind too as I learn new things…hey, we ALL do! I really try not to buy in too strongly to any 1 belief system b/c we’re always learning new things & I may need to change my stance on something, so I like to leave that door open.

And that’s OK, Chick Pea. This goes for everything, you know…not just scientific/metaphysical debates.

The Crystal Healing Debate

So never being one to back down from a good meaty scientific debate, here’s a reprint of 1 that took place in the comments section of a previous blog post (thought you might get a kick out of it):

Honestly, a simple google search will show you that this is NOT science based. Believe what you want to believe, but don’t go around calling it science. There are NO peer reviewed studies showing that crystal healing has any benefits other than a placebo effect. Nothing wrong with the placebo effect, but just stop calling these things science. There is no such thing as the DOR. JUST GOOGLE IT, you won’t find anything. Does that seem like a scientific fact? If you think I’m trolling, I’m not. I wanted this to be true, I really did. I wanted to come here, and see sound science of why crystal healing works. Instead I found some made-up pseudo-scientific stuff that doesn’t hold up to five minutes of googling. The only reason I’m sort-of OK with you charging money for people to learn this is because you probably are helping some of them, whether through the placebo effect, or just to give them a silly hobby.

Moi: Sidney, ty for your views. I enjoy a mature debate. DOR is the same thing as the more commonly used Base Resonant Frequency. “Placebo Effect” occurs in everything…even surgeries…you can look that up too. As for peer-reviewed research you can look up the work of Dr. William Tiller, Dr. Richard Gerber and Dr. Bruce Lipton who are not afraid to buck academia & will back the science I speak of here. Most research scientists stay well away from this stuff b/c they know it usually means the death of their careers. In addition, research is usually funded by a company or individual with a vested interest. So who would fund this sort of research? The only thing most of us can do is try it for ourselves. Then you will know. BUT if you go into it “knowing” it will not work, it won’t….placebo effect at is BEST. 😉

Thanks for your reply. That helped a lot actually. Having looked into the sources you suggested, I am intrigued and will do further research. My only suggestion would be to cite these sources at the end of this article, and perhaps adjust wording to be more scientific (though I do understand you’re writing for a certain audience. But all the same…). Also, about your comment that one needs funding from a company or individual to do research – Not so, many Universities will fund grad students/professors who have sound, solid hypotheses, even if they might be controversial, or “only” beneficial to public health/safety rather than corporations. Thanks again.

Moi: “Sidney, I’m so glad you’re pushing me to substantiate here. It benefits us all! Yeah, I know I should cite sources but its the one thing that I detested about completing my graduate studies. I’m a free-being now & choose not to do it. I could do the community a great service by doing that but that would shoot all the JOY out of blogging for me, then I wouldn’t do it at all. Hope you understand that. As for the later part of your comment, I love Dr. Gerber’s take on it (this applies to University research as well since I am very familiar with the out-casting that occurs when an academic so much as mentions studying an alternative healing method) & I will cite here (from his book Vibrational Medicine, p. 23):

“Many alternative-medicine studies are unfamiliar to the mainstream medical practitioners, who vehemently claim there is no good evidence to substantiate the effectiveness of practices like psychic healing (ed note: or crystal healing). One of the reasons why most doctors have never read about alternative healing studies in their medical journals is because there is a Catch-22 associated with vibrational healing research. The Catch-22 is that an established medical journal would never publish anything of a controversial nature without references from another established journal. Since no one in this controversial field can get anything into the orthodox medical journals to being with, there are obviously no sources of credible references to quote. Therefore the medical journals are safe in their ivory towers of scientific dogmatism.”

So, Crystal Hottie, I invite you to jump in here & weigh in on either side in the comments below. I truly enjoy talking all this stuffs through!!

And I’ll leave you with 1 of my favorite quotes:

All truth passes through three stages.

  1. First, it is ridiculed.
  2. Second, it is violently opposed.
  3. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

~Arthur Schopenhauer, German philosopher

Many Crystal Blessings!!


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  1. There is nothing to say. Seriously. I see you, Stephanie as a modern day Newton. There may be naysayers but sooner or later people will know you were right.
    I honestly believe that your name will go down in history as one of the pioneers that bring science and crystal therapy together.
    I’m never one to gush and I certainly don’t hero worship but I am honored to be one of your students. I know when I’m onto a good thing.
    I can completely understand how Sidney could knock your article without actually taking any of your classes. This article doesn’t even scratch the surface of the amazing things you teach!

    As an aside I was devastated to learn that Dr Gerber passed away in 2007. I’ve not even read the 1st chapter of his book and I’m loving it.

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      1. Haha! Yes! It does look like Sidney has been converted!

        I am so very close to confidently explaining the science behind crystal therapy (without umming and ahhing and looking at notes! lol) . This is 90% of the reason I took the course. I wanted to really know my product and be able to explain to others the validity of the therapy.
        Too bad most people need a mini physics lesson before I can even get to the crystal stuff!! LOL.
        Even with all of the explanations, for most people, its still a case of seeing is believing.
        I see painfully slow progress when it comes to modern medicine and alternative therapies converging and I can’t help but hope that “the quickening” or some kind of “shift” or great awakening” will really speed the process along.
        I’d love to see this in my life time. And if I don’t I’d like to be one little cog in keeping the momentum going and making Gerber’s dream a reality.

  2. LOVE this!!…. I actually had a “troll” Pming me this morning via facebook..attacking me because my CCH status is included in my name. To each is own and it is sad that someone who doesn’t even know me..or probably anything about crystal healing would try and bully and demean me. I just kill them with kindness and move on. I do what makes me happy plain and simple 🙂

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  3. This sounds like a YouTube video I saw yesterday about how reiki is bad for you…HA! Some people have nothing better to do and most of them, if not all, are closed minded. I love crystals!

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  4. Such grace and finesse you exhibited! I love the quote “The Catch-22 is that an established medical journal would never publish anything of a controversial nature without references from another established journal” So True! I have explored much research for alternative healing in relation to Depression and Bipolar Disorder and totally get it.
    Thank goodness I live with an electrical engineer and “ham radio” geek who was familiar with the science from an early age. Only problem now is he just stole a quartz point I just fell in love with and purchased… oh well, the universe must have wanted me to buy him a present ! Keep on, keepin’ on!

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  5. I think we’re slowly getting to a point that traditional medicine and conventional medicine can begin to at least hold space for one another, whether or not there is any agreement is a completely different story. I see energy medicine being used in hospitals and watch acupuncture being classified as primary care in certain states and it just lights me up. I think people still have a hard time believing that healing can be beautiful and enjoyable because they are so used to being drugged or cut open for a cure…and in the same breath I think there is a desire for a better way. Hopefully sooner or later the “too good to be true” label will move away from these traditional approaches to healing and perhaps the pill for everything model will be recognized for what it is. (and yes, I consider crystal healing traditional medicine. they didn’t just show up for all the hipsters and new age circles.) Don’t get me wrong, if my arm is broken or I’m in a life and death situation, I want access to conventional/western medicine. However, for self care and healing, I’ll take my crystals, nutrition and energy work any day.

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  6. nice web page, saw your comments on a couple of my crystal generators i put on facebook, caught the bug about 8 months ago and have become quite the crystal freak.i also used the levitron to make a grid.using clear quartz points and pyramids,love the energy it gives, also your energy is very inspiring
    terry francis

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  7. Thank you for highlighting this ongoing debate. I first saw Dr. Tiller in a film called Quantum Communication where he spoke about subtle energy. Although I’m not a member of the scientific community, he’s become one of my favorites, along with Dr. Bruce Lipton. I want to read more of their writings soon so I can talk intelligently to my more sceptical friends on these matters. 😀

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  8. Great answer HM!
    Two things I liked most: 1. I saw you mentioned the book Vibrational Medicine as part of your course, and guess what? I have it! How cool is that?
    And 2. Funny about the referencing, I’ve never doubted the use of stones and their benefits. The science is GREAT tho (I was so crap at it at school, but I love it now). It’s brilliant how science is proving that the stuff we know intuitively is real or accurate or plausible.
    We’re sooo way ahead of the pack when it comes to using these GENTLE, almost FREE healthy helpers, that the drug companies dread the day crystals are mainstream again. Hopefully in our lifetime, hey 🙂
    Love your blog, work and tone, really cool place to hang out
    Love Colleen

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  9. Stephanie, why don’t you simply say “you were science teacher”!
    You taught us lots of science aspects of crystals and I cannot find anybody who is science teacher and crystal healing therapist. One of my reason why I took your course is you are(were) REAL science teacher!
    There are so many things we don’t have science proof but they are so true and only some people understand but not everybody.
    However, if “science teacher” said something, it is big difference from what I (I am not science teacher) say!

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      TY Haruko. I didn’t mention that to Mr. Sydney b/c you can have a good teacher or a bad teacher. I have known my share of science teachers who are faking it & didn’t know much of anything. Without the crutch of the test book they’d be lost! So actually just saying your a science teacher…especially to me…doesn’t prove much. If you can teach off the cuff & excite the learner…then you’re up to snuff in my book. I have very HIGH standards when it comes to teaching! 😉

  10. Hey I always love watching your videos and I think your debate was absolutely amazing! You have a wonderful way with words and have soo much knowledge. Its so sad how people can’t be as open minded as others. ::sigh:: When I first learned about crystal healing it clicked with me so fast. And so many questions and things about myself has been answered. I have been very sick lately with asthma and all the other ailments I’ve had. Now as I’ve worked with crystals and a few of the other things I’ve been working I’ve seen a big difference! So I want to thank you and tell you that I truly believe in you and all that you teach. One day I will take your coarse and bring the crystal others to others. Hazzaaa! 😀 Until then I shall sip my tea and watch your videos with my favorite rose quartz.. ^3^

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  11. This brings to mind REIKI…I have had a long distance healing many times.TWO times, not knowing when the healing would take place, I would begin to feel it in my physical body. I laid down and it started at my feet and continued up to my head. I do not need a scientific explanation for that. After getting your book on Kindle, I did 2 grids. One for request and another for pets. I had the same person send Reiki to my grid. I stood over it and it felt amazing!! I am on vacation and am connecting to it, sending Reki also and receiving at the same time. A family of 4 and the vacation is amazing!! Do not need science for that either. I love your facts and teaching. It makes it fun. But you are so right Hibiscus, it is what you feel, an inside job. For me it is tools to connect to the Divine. Yes, I do not have to have it..but it is something positive I enjoy. Have a wonderful day and to the commenter..thanks for bringing up the subject.

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  12. You are incredible!!!!!!! Which is why I chose you to teach me! ((<3))
    p.s. I ordered my laptop today I will have it 8-31 so I will be back in school! I cannot wait.

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  14. Found this post through the one you posted today. I’ve just begun exploring crystals and I truly appreciate your references in this article…I’ve read Bruce Lipton, but not the others. Thank you also for shining light, through Dr. Gerber’s work, on why there are not studies supported by the medical mainstream.

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  15. Love your articles and how you reply to the skeptics…..I struggle to do this at times & have left people because I cannot seem to stick up for therapies…..I too was a MASSIVE skeptic but Reiki found me & crystals keep popping back and forth & I dont see why orthodox & complimentary cannot marry & let us all work together. I have only recently found HM & am delighted with the blogs etc. Much love to you all. xx

  16. Science is a wonderful thing. The discoveries are amazing and the knowledge is vast. My take on crystal healing is this… Science says “God doesn’t exist, there is no evidence.” So how can we expect science to understand something that is based on unseen “intent”. To Science, crystal healing can not possibly be real because there is no consistent evidence for it. Well Its just like anything dealing with spirit energy, faith is a requirement. Call it placebo or whatever you like. If you can do it, “placebo” it well. If you cant, maybe you just don’t have enough “placebo” belief… 😉

  17. @Beenc …Science says energy exists, God is energy, therefore God exists! God is in all that is because we are all made up of energy, whether you choose to believe it or not. @HM…when you know, you know and scientific back-up isn’t necessary but I love that you do! Great site and inspiring work. Thanks.

  18. Having read about you at your website I was pleased to know that a scientist and educator who has courage to share your more in-depth interest in crystals. I would point out that Taoism is about everything having an energy. And it’s nothing new in science that each atom has a frequency at which it vibrates. So the fact that “mainstream science” is still afraid of admitting there is something to be learned and recognizing about the influences of energetic activity is a bad habit. Even worse is the effort to marginalize scientists who share what they know are marginalized. Astrology is all about the energy influences in the neighborhood of our solar system. Homeopathic medicine is another example. Particle physics is all about hunting for evidence of and identifying particles/energy is believed to have an energetic influence in some way. So . . . why would scientists consider the energy influence of crystals to be hooey simply because they have no interest in the dimension energetic influences? I really enjoy reading what you say about Crystals. I know geologists who are intrigued with the influences of crystal energy, but do not talk about it openly for fear of it undermining their credibility as geologists. Good for you being a pioneer in doing so, you sparkly “crystal hottie”, you! (*_*) ❤

    1. Oh, my! Did a cloud of negative energy pass by while I was commenting? What I wrote is so full of errors it is unreadable, but it wasn’t possible to delete it. So . . . once more, in readable form.
      Having read about you at your website I was pleased to know that you are a scientist and educator who has the courage to share your more in-depth interest in crystals. I would point out that Taoism is about everything having an energy. And it’s nothing new in science that each atom has a frequency at which it vibrates. So the fact that “mainstream science” is still afraid of admitting there is something to be learned and recognized about the influences of energetic activity, is a bad habit. Even worse is the effort to marginalize scientists who share what they know. Astrology is all about the energy influences in the neighborhood of our solar system. Homeopathic medicine is another example of energetic influence. Particle physics is all about hunting for evidence of, and identifying particles/energy believed to have an energetic influence in some way (how about that Higgs Boson, and dark matter too!). So . . . why would scientists consider the energy influence of crystals to be hooey simply because they have no interest in the dimension of energetic influences? I really enjoy reading what you say about Crystals. I know geologists who are intrigued with the influences of crystal energy but do not talk about it openly for fear of it undermining their credibility as geologists. Good for you being a pioneer in doing so, you sparkly “crystal hottie”, you! (^_^) ❤

  19. The issue I have with crystals is the sellers who market crystals with very specified and unsubstantiated health benefits… to me this is dangerous because people will take the lazy way out and throw all their money at crystals while forgoing real treatment… If you want to be happy, achieve something, eat well, exercise, be a service to others… a crystal will not, cannot do this work for you.

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  22. Not only was the study of micro organisms considered pseudo science, but Albert Einstein was considered a crack pot and the theory of relativity was pseudo scientific.

  23. I did a Google Search of the three doctors mentioned above. Each one discussed “energy medicine” however, none of them discussed crystals at all. In fact, they were referring to energy which is fro instance, stored in batteries or in old fashioned crystal radio sets from the 1930s and 1940s. I invite you to read their pieces again. Since we know one form or another of crystals have been used in electrical components, they still require an electrical source because they have next to no energy of their own. It is similar to using glass as an insulator on the old electrical lines on the top of the poles. You are really making a stretch here by intimating that crystals produce energy especially, energy from which the human body can benefit. I must take issue. This is indeed pseudoscience and there has been a study by Wilson and French (researchers) at the Goldsmith’s College in the UK which was conducted scientifically demonstrating just that. In addition, the placebo effect would not be proof that crystals heal.

  24. I got bored of the flat earth society, so felt it best to move on somewhere else. Those folks are a treasure.
    I would prefer a forum setting for a debate, but I’ll give this a go.
    I do not believe in crystal healing, vibrational therapies or most things to do with how inanimate objects can affect or be affected by the mind. I do not believe in the spirit nor do I have any easily explained religious views. Not atheist, it’s just complicated.
    That should be it for explaining my side. I have looked into the 3 scientists you mentioned (Dr. William Tiller, Dr. Richard Gerber and Dr. Bruce Lipton) and am only impressed by Dr Tiller’s earlier work into crystal formation. Lovely chemistry there.
    I have looked into the science for Dr. Gerber’s vibrational medicine and cannot find much peer-review, but i’ll get to that later.
    Dr Lipton is a different kettle of fish, I am sort of scared by the application of spontaneous evolution principles for multi-cellular organisms. Yes, evolution can happen quick in microscopic organisms and our DNA has certain on/off switches for how things are being expressed, but smushing those 2 together is a bit… it’s mad science. I am willing to learn there though. No concept is too mad for me to get kicks out of learning more. Flat-earthers were fun.
    I think that’s those sorted for now, on to the peer review and science :).
    I am willing to believe something before a peer review happens, I can be gullible like that. I will believe that my phone runs on magic as an easier way of understanding integrated circuits, but i won’t preach the magic (it’s called Pixel for the pixies they hide inside :3). I do get skeptical when something challenges my norms, though.
    A lack of peer review for something that could be as helpful as crystal therapy and vibrational medicine causes a big ding in my understanding of the medical doctrine of doing no harm. Why obfuscate such a useful technology, if the benefits are so evident. It feels a bit hollow, so I have looked into what studies there are.
    “Furthermore, no scientific studies have shown that crystals and gems can be differentiated by chemical composition or color to treat a particular ailment.”
    That has some bit missing in that it does not state that this has been outright refuted, so i’ll dig further
    “In 2001, French and his colleagues at Goldsmiths College at the University of London presented a paper at the British Psychological Society Centenary Annual Conference in Glasgow, in which they outlined their study of the efficacy of crystal healing.

    For the study, 80 participants were asked to meditate for five minutes while holding either a real quartz crystal or a fake crystal that they believed was real. Before meditating, half of the participants were primed to notice any effects that the crystals might have on them, like tingling in the body or warmth in the hand holding the crystal.

    After meditating, participants answered questions about whether they felt any effects from the crystal healing session. The researchers found that the effects reported by those who held fake crystals while meditating were no different than the effects reported by those who held real crystals during the study.” (same page)
    That’s the thing I was after, but it does leave open the door for meditation, which I am fine with.
    Meditation can be beneficial, any form of self-control and calming techniques should be encouraged. The world is hectic and is only getting hotter. Meditation can help :).
    The crystal part is a bit of a sticky-wicket, though.
    I think I have got my point across. I wish you well, truly and would love to hear a counter. I am not trying to make you folks upset or convert you, I simply need to know more. If I am wrong, that would be fantastic… No, excellent. Fantastic makes it seem like a fantasy.
    Especially on vibrational therapy, which I need to do more reading on. *whistles beach boys for a bit*
    Oh, before I forget. If I am doing this in the wrong place and there is a forum or fora, please give me directions, i googled “debate on crystal healing” and got here first.
    Again, have fun.

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