This is a question I often get:

Is a cut, man-made crystal point, drilled crystal bead or other shaped form, higher in energy or lower in energy than a natural wand, point or rough crystal?


Cut and polished crystal pieces

Cut and polished crystal pieces

I do feel natural or rough is inherently more powerful due to a couple of reasons:

  1. The natural direction that the crystal molecules have grown affect the flow of the crystal energy so a natural point will always direct that energy direction (We delve more deeply into this in my Certified Crystal Healer Course. So once a crystal that had a natural point has been cut & polished, it’s harder to determine which direction that energy is actually flowing.
  2. Secondly, the very act of cutting, tumbling or polishing can somewhat dampen the energy of the stone.


But lots of times we need a certain shape to do certain work!

For instance, a point directs energy in a certain direction (even polished ones do this, just not as powerfully as a natural point or wand would). So, perhaps we need a rose quartz point to direct energy or to activate a crystal grid. Rose quartz very rarely grows in a point so, you can purchase a cut & polished rose quartz wand. And it works very well!

Cut and polished rose quartz wands

Cut and polished rose quartz wands

Cutting & polishing isn’t the only way that a crystal may be altered. Many times, after stones are removed from Mother Earth, they may be given an oxalic acid wash to clean them up; makes them more visually pleasing.(as I show you here)

Then, further, many crystals may go through the lab heating process: often done with amethyst to deepen their color or change them into citrine.

Some may even be dyed.

Yeah, so all this diminishes their energy a bit.

You can rectify that by giving them a proper initial re-tuning to reset their base resonant frequency when you 1st get them.

This is my fav. way to do that!

Keep in mind, the cutting or polishing does not change the crystal on a molecular level so that tells me that the energy, although may be a bit dampened; I feel it’s not completely altered. So their ability to do energy work is still intact.

Hope that helped to clarify that point. hahahar! Pun intended. Did you get that? I’m a dork.

Crystal Blessings!