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It’s been a while since I’ve done a video like this … and I’ve noticed these have become quite popular now…for people to do “monthly favorites”

Personally, I kind of waffle back & forth on if I should do one of these again OR not.

It would be great if you could definitely let me know in the comments  (down at the bottom of this page), what you think… if I should do more of this? If this is sparkly enough for you?  Also, if you have recommendations for other stuff I should check out, please share with me!


First Favorite!  You know it has to be a crystal to kick this off right? 


My favorite crystal right now is Papagoite, and I just finally got a hold of some.:D

This is a difficult mineral to find, much like Ajoite.  You may have heard me go on and on about Ajoite being very difficult to find in a recent blog post, They both come from the same area; the Messina mine in South Africa, but Papagoite is even more rare than Ajoite!

I’ve just recently got two pieces;  one had a very little little bit of the Papagoite tell-tale color in it (bright blue) and the other piece has a little too with a bit more color saturation.


This blue is really hard to describe. It’s very vibrant. It’s less green than Ajoite and the top one in the above pic actually has a phantom within.

Phantoms allow you to move you to the next level…deeper levels of meditation, for example. Phantoms are a natural phenomenon that I teach more about in my Advanced Crystal Masters course + I also created this blog + video about phantom crystals quite some time ago over here. (be forewarned…that’s some really old content from me!)

Rings Please

Then I have my favorite jewelry at the moment.  Yup, in the vid I’m wearing a lot of different jewelry!  Some bracelets made of coral, some carnelian…but my favorites right now are my tiger’s eye ringsI really love these rings.

tigers eye rings

The one on my pointer finger I just found on clearance in a store for just 5 bucks!  Sparkle Score!!!

And my other tiger’s eye ring (on my ring finger) I had made by an artist on Etsy who unfortunately no longer has her shop or I’d tell you where to get it. 🙁

They’re both Big & Chunky….just like I like ’em.

Aromatherapy Scentsation (+ crystals of course)

Next fav is an essential oil blend called Terrashield made by doTERRA.

BTW, I don’t endorse any particular essential oil brand. I just look for high quality 100% pure essential oils, preferably organic, sustainably crafted & fair trade. 

So, Terrashield is a bug repellent blend and right now, where I live, there’s a lot of little bugs called “no-see-‘ums”.  They’re worse than mosquitoes with their bite that hurt instantly!  A couple of days later you get little welts too. Lovely.

I like to use this Terrashield blend.  It’s really really effective for keeping them at bay. Then I use a little Amethyst along with it; a great insect repelling combo!


I also like to get those little bottles of gemstone chips, you know, the ones that nobody ever knows what to do with?  Well, they’re great for putting a few chips into your essential oil so you can create a special little crystal-infused blend.

Crystal Hottie

My next favorite is actually a Crystal Hottie. ? She’s one of our Facebook commenters & she also happens to be one of our Certified Crystal Healers…and she’s always coming over to my Facebook page and leaving lovely beautiful comments. She’s really active on there…the wonderful Terry Hicks CCH!

Whooohoo! Terry, you’re one of my favorites right now because you always leave such joyful, wonderful, positive comments on page that I am so grateful to receive.

If I’m ever not feeling right in some way, I go over to my Facebook page and I’m sure to see a comment from you & they’re always so sweet, lovely & uplifting, so thank you for that!♥

Mermaid Mojo

Then we have my new mermaid stamp.  Yes, I know, nothing to do with crystals! 


I found this mermaid beauty in a local crafty shop.  It was kind of pricey @ $9.50 but it’s the cutest thing ever!  And, I’ve been stamping this thing all over the freakin’ place.

It’s kind of big and obnoxious for a stamp but she is a mermaid…so it’s totally OK! ?


Remember the old school telephone?  Those of you in my courses know that I harp on and on about getting zapped by electromagnetic radiation and electromagnetic fields,  and how we can use crystals to mitigate that

…but you know what?

Your cell phones are probably the worst culprit that you’re most susceptible to…really really bad to keep up to your ear all the time. Really.

Don’t use your cell phones for long conversations.  You just don’t want that shizzle right up near your head for long periods of time.

Best to minimize use with them as much as you can. 

If you do have to have a long conversation on your mobile you can use something like this old school looking receiver and you plug it right into your cell phone! Takes care of that problem.

It comes in a variety of fun color options.  My brother actually gave mine to me. Thoughtful guy!

When I’m at home I have a landline,  so I don’t use my cell phone for any at-home telephone convos. But if you do…if you think you’re going to need to use your cell phone for a long period of time this is a great solution. By using this little sucker, you can keep the cell phone away from your head, at a safer distance.  Not safe, but safer. 

Kind of like safe sex there is no such thing as safe sex, there’s safer sex.  😉

Again nothing to do with crystals…just a favorite.

Crystal Bio-Belt

Back to the crystals. I’ve talked about this in a video before but it’s still a favorite and I’ve been using it a lot lately so I have to tell you about it again.

It’s the bio-belt made by the same company that makes bio-mat but they stopped making them for a while.  So I have mine and people would ask me where I got it and I couldn’t refer them anywhere b/c they weren’t making them at the time. 

But now, they are back at it and offering it again!

biobelt biomat

This is a belt filled with gem stones of all different kinds of crystals.  Unlike the bio-mat which is all amethyst, the bio-belt has all kinds of different crystals and you get to wrap it around you like a belt. 

You do need to plug it in & initially need to be near an outlet when using this.  But then…you can unplug & just get up and walk around after it’s heated up. However, I’ll often use it when I’m sitting at my desk. 

And, once again, addressing those electromagnetic fields…they’ve taken care of that b/c the bio-belt has a special electromagnetic frequency mitigator that makes it so that the electromagnetic frequencies are harmless to you. Yup, very cool! 

It also has a little controller attached to it so you can change the temp or turn the power off completely & continue to receive the gemmy benefits. Yep, after it’s heated up for like five minutes you can turn it off and its stays warm for up to an hour later.

I absolutely love this thing because it’s portable, allowing you to get stuff done while you’re still getting the crystal healing treatment from the vibrational frequencies of the crystals….and you’re not required to lie down…unless you want to.

Silica Gel

And the last favorite thing I want to talk about today is Silica Gel.  There are different brands, so you want to go ahead and check the reviews & make sure it’s one that you’d like to use. 

This is 1 kind that I use…

and then there’s also another one that I like from Earth Shift products here…

Yes, it’s the same type of silica that quartz crystals are made of: silicon dioxide!. 🙂

I take this internally & use it many smoothie & gem elixir recipes. 

In 1 tablespoon you get 420 milligrams of silica!  I like to take this mineral supplement daily, one tablespoon daily.

The reason I like taking this is because all your cell walls are made of silica and it’s been noted in scientific studies that people who have higher levels of silica actually stave off lots of different dis-eases. Check it out for yourself!

Silica directly helps with:

  • connective tissue
  • hair
  • skin
  • nails

***Now I want to hear from you please***

In the comments below can you please tell me: 

Should I do videos like this every once in a while?  A little more often?  How sparkly are my Current Favorites? Did I really go too far off track with stuff that was unrelated to crystals, listed too many, do you want to hear more about that kind of stuff?  Or should we just keep it to crystals only? 

Please let me know! Thank you!

Crystal Blessings,

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  1. I enjoyed watching favorite things! I learned about Earthshift from one of your video’s and have been buying their products ever since. It’s always fun to learn new things to try from you. Keep up the good work?

  2. I love your videos. Like a calming moment in an otherwise busy day. I like the fact that it wasn’t just about crystals (although I love all crystals ?) I thoroughly enjoyed the video. Thank you!!❤. Namaste

    1. Post
  3. I thoroughly enjoyed this…all of it. I am very new at all of this and the more knowledge I can get the better…keep it coming ?

  4. I especially love the favorites videos. Actually I recently went on your blog looking for a current favs as I hadn’t heard from you in a while and was also searching for the crystal water/shaker bottle you had listed once. I hope that you keep the mixed bag of favs.

    1. Post
  5. Just loved your video! Am justing starting to learn and navigate my way through all and any information about crystals! I hope you keep posting videos about crystals and helpful hints or your favorites like you did with this video! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Always love your glittery fav’s! as well as all the others! Thank you! Please do keep sharing <3
    Divine love & sparkles!

  7. I love all of your videos, but your favorites ones are especially great. I like getting ideas about different crystals that you are using. Some of them Ive never heard of. You’re great Hibiscus Moon!

  8. I just love the entire segments, and because of all these I was able to learn many things. Your info on Silica Gel came just at the right time for me. Thank you Very Much! Keep doing what you are doing. 🙂

  9. Yes yes yes ! Do the videos . It keeps us connected to you . I thought it was fun seeing All your favorites ! I love learning about crystals of coarse but if not for your vids I wouldn’t have gotten my silica from Earth Shift and that phone thingy ! So cool ! Please do your vids with all sorts of info ( crystals inc . Of coarse) . I also like when you make protection ,charm , mojo bags . Even you’re live meditations are great . Any who 😉 it’s just great having our crystal gal , you, :). available to us to see and learn from . Oh and you look great , guess that island agrees with you . Ok well , MERMAID OVER AND OUT !??????????

    1. Post
  10. Absolutely loved this video! Probably one of my favorites. I mostly like to hear about the crystals but also enjoy the other info and products and it is often in line with things I am already looking at or interested in so it’s very helpful. Thank youyou. Your are crystalicious!

  11. I do love all of your e-mails and videos. I have learned so much from both of them. I am new to crystals but I am a true believer in their power and am so glad to now be putting this knowledge to use to help with my everyday life. Thank you for all the wonderful videos they are such learning tools for me. Deb

  12. Love all the products! Yes please include these videos when you have time!! Blessings upon you! So nice to see Topaz too 😉

  13. My favourite crystal is Moldavite! I love it, I keep buying small green crystals…..and losing them!
    Someone said maybe if I can’t keep them I don’t need it!
    A friend didn’t know about this beautiful, fascinating crystal. I took mine to show her, opened my hand to show and she said ‘is that it?’ ‘yes’ ‘oh thank you’ ! I kind of knew I would give it too her but it happened SO quickly ?
    My partner has found some more for me ??

  14. I love watching your videos! It’s a breath of fresh air from all the chaos of our world that overwhelms my FB news feed. Because of you, I now have the scientific back-up for my love of crystals. Thank you so much!

  15. Thank you Hibiscus Moon, I really enjoyed your video. I think one like this is great every once in a while. Blessings xx

  16. I love your blogs! But I’d like to be able to browse the topics. Is there a blog list on your site that I’m missing? Right now I’m searching on Google for a topic then adding your name to my search to see your related blog posts. Is there an easier way? Thanks!!!!

  17. Yes, more please! (I prefer to read the text vs. watching the vids so thanks for putting both online.) 🙂 Reminds me of OPRAH’s “favorite things” – lovely, useful items being endorsed by someone we trust.

  18. Always LOVE getting information from you. I praise you for your honesty and integrity. I am buyer beware type person, so when you give information on crystals or anything for that matter, I know I can trust it to be so! Thank you for all of your time and efforts to bring us sparkly information. Yes would love it if you did this kind of thing more often. Blessings!

  19. Love love love!!!!! Wish you would do them at least weekly!!!! They make me smile and lift my mood to the sky! Please continue to make them as often as possible

  20. You can get the silica cheaper at and get free shipping on purchases over $49. Yes please, more favorites. Thank you for sharing.

  21. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your videos in general but REALLY LOVE the faves video. I have loved rocks all my life and now at the young age of 51 years old (bday was yesterday), I am finally starting to live my love! And you are my “go to girl” for info on anything crystal related!! I also love your feedback on other products becuz I value your opinion and respect what you have to say. Looking forward to looking up these faves and finding out more about them. Keep on “faving”!!

  22. Hi. My favorite is amethyst. I love purple. Love the big one you show.Beautiful. I made two amethyst bracelets for each wear. I like to know what crystals for arthritis to wear love and blessings

  23. Yes indeed, very interested to learn your faves so keep ’em coming. The Bio belt…fascinating! I’ve been wearing a tiger’s eye bracelet, plus my old friend, a citrine necklace, to help me through a challenging week. Thanks for your insights and unfailing optimism!

  24. definitely keep these kind of videos coming!! The info about the silica gel was just what I needed! You know its growing season here in Florida and my wrists have been getting a work out from weed pullin…..I’m going to try the silica for my strains…whatcha think?

  25. I just watched a bunch of your videos and you can tell your having fun. Your education of the powers and uses of crystals is very vague. Are you doing this for a reason?

  26. I take a tablespoon of diatomaceous earth in water every day to get my silica intake, but I’ve never heard of silica gel. Do you know if one is better than the other? Thanks!

  27. I love your video’s. The crystal info is always great but I do enjoy your recommendations of other items. Please keep it up, we appreciate you! Hugs

  28. I am new to the group and really love the video since I absorb more when I “see” the topics at hand instead of reading about it. Please continue with the videos

  29. I liked your favorites video. Some of the things I already knew about but some I did not. So all in all it was a fun little video.

  30. What stone or stones can I use to help me get my relationship back? And get the other person out if our life’s forever!

  31. Loved this! Thanks for sharing the info and YOU and your energy. It means a lot and I loved being introduced to new products and techniques!!!

  32. Yes. I found your video fun and interesting. Please continue sharing these types of things. I currently am in your CCH class and loving it! Thanks!!!

  33. Love all of your videos! Would love to hear more about your crystal favs and why they’re currently your favorites.

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