Sunday, Sunday

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Last Monday I attended a Crystal Meditation at a local New Age store. It was my first crystal meditation in a group and it was amazing. It was just what I needed after the hard weekend I had just had. I was in the perfect place at the perfect time. I really needed my chakras balanced. I did a chakra meditation on my own a couple times using one of these (can’t remember which one it was), but the one I did Monday was so good b/c I’m not very good at meditating on my own, although I keep trying. I plan on attending one group event a month from one of 2 local new age shops. This feels very spiritually fulfilling to me right now. Ahhhhhh.

I took 3 naps today. I feel like taking another one now….wait a minute, that would just mean going to sleep for the night. LOL. I think I really needed the sleep today. It was raining hard on and off too so it was perfect. I got some of housework done some how in between as well: scrubbed the soap layers off the glass shower doors in 2 bathrooms, folded several loads of laundry, went grocery shopping and cooked up a pork chop dinner.

Oh, in between my naps, I watched “The Day the Earth Stood Still”, the recent remake of the 1951 film, not that I ever saw the original.
It was OK. The premise of the movie has Keannu Reeves playing an alien sent to save the Earth…from the humans that are destroying it. Keannu is so good at playing roles where no emotion is necessary. 😉 However, his character said a line that resonated with the scientist in me: “Nothing ever truly dies. The universe wastes nothing. Everything is simply, transformed.” I tell this to my students all the time quoting the “Law of Conservation of Energy”. I love it when science meshes neatly with the spiritual like that. That seems to be happening more and more often now.

I also squeezed in watching a show about the Crystal Skulls today. Amazing artifacts, those are.
Hmmm, I spent $41.53 food shopping for the week and saved $51.54 using my coupons. Weeeee. That $41 included a 20 lb. bag of premium dog food too! I get so excited about my grocery shopping trips and the money I save.

Worm Moon

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I know many of my blogger friends have been posting about the various names of tonight’s Full Moon, but I haven’t heard this one yet; The Worm Moon.

Thus named because it signals the coming of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere, bringing along with it a thawing of the soil and…the first stirrings, squirmings and awakening of earthworms in winter-dormant gardens. Despite its name, it will be pretty.

I don’t have much planned for tonight other than charging my stones and crystals again. DH is home. ♥

What is everyone else doing this evening?

Weekend Me-Time

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Saturday was spent mostly on me. I went to the salon to have my hair slightly restyled and highlighted. I went with thick bangs. I love it. 🙂

After that I went to the local new age shop and had my aura photo taken. Now I don’t buy into every little supernatural thingy that crosses my path and I am not a very gullible type. I’m a little skeptical about this reading. I DO believe that we all have an energy aura. I was under the impression that this photo would be an actual photo of me taken with some special photography that would allow one to see my aura. However, this is what I got:

After paying my $25, I sat down and put my thumb on a sensor and the gentleman running the laptop took a reading and the portable printer printed out the photo above. He did give me an interesting reading about my extreme green energy, noting I was an ancient healer with a lot of experience from past lives. He pointed out that my chakras are all in alignment and I have several spirits around my head and the bright orb near my belly is an angel or personal guide. I compared my photo with others and I had a lot more energy than they did. Some had blue and some had pink or orange, but just not as large or bright. Out of the 3 others that I compared with, no one else had those spirits about their head. All the bodies in the photos are the same so this is not an actual photo of me or even an image of me. Its a generic form used for everyone. Could the computer program just have various images that come out at random? Sure. What do you think? Reliable of bogus?

Despite that, I did enjoy it and I shopped for some items such as an oracle card deck; Magical Mermaids and Dolphins by Doreen Virtue…of COURSE! Its so pretty and I am very excited to begin working with it.

…and some lapis lazuli stones to use for some Spring Equinox crafts.

Chakra Cleansing and Energy

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Thanks to the wonderful article that SunTiger wrote, Easy Chakra Rehab, I was inspired to do some further practice with my amethyst pendulum.

I have worked with my pendulum for years after first hearing about it in ’92 from Deepok Chopra. I have never gotten further than practicing swinging it with my mind and asking it yes or no questions. I’ve always known that it was capable of so much more and after reading Sun Tiger’s article I grabbed DH and we followed the article to the letter.

Initially, to warm up I did some energy work by visualizing a powerful energy ball between my hands. I often do this before or after meditating. I have only ever used the energy ball with myself. This time I centered the energy ball over DH’s navel and he felt the energy ball pressing on his abdomen every time that I pushed it down. In turn, I felt the pressure pushing back on me from his breathing! This was so motivating.

I then proceeded with the Easy Chakra Rehab that SunTiger detailed. I discovered that he had a blockage in his root chakra which made sense to me. We followed the article’s instructions and I was successful at removing the blockage. I re-checked all the chakras again and they were all cleansed. I was so excited that this worked. I hope DH is open to trying this on me. I want to be cleansed too. We’ll see. I will be trying this out on my friends next. So excited. 🙂 Thanks SunTiger.