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I told you I had something brewing away for a while. My Etsy shop for selling stones and crystals is up and running. Yay! Wooooohooooo! I am very excited to start this venture on the Corn Moon. 🙂

Hibiscus Moon’s Etsy Shop


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How does your creativity level relate to your spiritual path? Have you gotten more in touch with your creative side because of your journey (perhaps out of necessity for ritual items)?

The level of my creativity has been completely amped up since becoming more involved in my spiritual beliefs and especially since celebrating Earth-based sabbats. I’ve always been creative and go through phases of doing a bunch and then doing nothing. I feel that I have been steadily more creative than usual since being more involved with my spirituality.

In addition, my creativity has lit a fire under me to start selling healing stones and crystals online. Many of you know I have a huge love and knowledge base to pull from when it comes to rocks, crystals, stones so its a venture I’m going to try out. I’ve been researching that and building up my stock of stones. Creative wheels have been turning.

Here’s a batch of some new tumbled stones I got taking their 7 Day Cleanse.

Crystal Cleansing

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I have cleansed my crystals before using running water or bathing them in the light of a Full Moon, but I felt that they have never been properly cleansed until I started using this method recommended by The American Indian: Secrets of Crystal Healing. This book is amazing. It teaches how the Apache and Cherokee tribes care for and use their crystals, all backed up by scientific research…you know how I am about that! Many people don’t realize the science behind the power available from crystals (more about that in another post) so this book teaches how crystals can be used incorrectly and can even be dangerous when not used in the proper manner. For instance, placing crystals on chakra centers is particularly dangerous when several are used at the same time.

OK, back on track here. So this is how I went about with cleansing. This is where I keep my crystals when not being used for one purpose or another (which I still need to get a red cotton cloth for…book explains why):
Box Open:

What I needed to do the 7 day crystal cleanse:

Note to DH to not mess with the bowl!