Crystal Bath Time

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I have had such an amazing response both here and on my YouTube channel for this special ceremony. Apparently, many of us need some self love right now. I am very excited to bring this to us all. The crystals being used for this grid are in their sea salt crystal cleanse (link to my video on how to do this) right now: See that amethyst in the foreground with the orange inclusions on it? I chose it b/c the inclusion looks just like a heart. Do you see it?
After their 7 day cleanse, I will place them in one of my many sacred boxes, no one will touch or look at them until the day of the ceremony: March 5. Blessings and much love to all!

Self Love Crystal Grid Ceremony

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“To fall in love with yourself is the first secret to happiness.” –Robert Morely“Love is the great miracle cure. Loving ourselves works miracles in our lives.” ~ Louise L. Hay
Valentines day is over. Now its time to focus on self. One of the essentials to being happy and confidant is self love. Everything else comes from the ability to truly love ourselves, have compassion for ourselves and be kind to ourselves. Would you like to let go of negativity, self doubt, low self esteem and insecurities? No one can love you completely if you don’t love yourself first. Are you simply stressed out right now and need some TLC? I know I do. Think about how there are some people whom everyone gravitates to. We say they have charisma. I often tell people when I feel their “good energy”. I can feel it even via a written blog or a YouTub video. Don’t doubt. The good energy frequencies are there. You can only project them if you have sufficient self-love. You can manifest healing and create self-love through the power of crystals and their energy vibrations. I would like to begin an annual tradition and hope that all of you will join me in this Self Love Crystal Grid Ceremony to recharge and infuse self love energy vibrations to us all!  
In order to particiapte, simply comment below. If you would like to include your real first name, you may do so, although it is not necessary. Your screen name here is infused with your energy and already well connected to you.
I will handwrite your screen names on pieces of parchment paper and place all the names of the participants of our ceremony under the center rose quartz puffy heart in a little power-packed stack. All that energy and so much LOVE! I will then sage my working area to clear any negativity and then go into Alpha state. Rose quartz and amethsyt are the crystals of choice for promoting self love energy vibrations. I will activate the crystal grid using a rose quartz wand and infuse our Self Love intentions into the crystal grid much like I did in my Crystal Grid YouTube Video. All of our energies will be manifesting healing and a new improved level of self-love. There is no cost to you as this is a group ceremony.So, The 2010 Self Love Crystal Grid Ceremony will be on Friday, March 5th at 9:00pm EST. The ceremony is a very spiritual and very powerful event. You may want to also perform a Self Love Meditation at the same time as our ceremony to make it all the more powerful. I will take pictures and do a YouTube video before and after the ceremony. I hope many of my lovely friends here on Blogger and on YouTube will choose to participate. Love you all for we are all one.

Crystal Vibrations Made Simple :)

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Here was a very interesting question I recently received. Thought I would share the conversation here:
Q: What’s up with these crystal vibration numbers?
I noticed that in some places they actually state the crystal vibrations with a number, such as Amethyst’s vibration number is 7. I’m just not sure what that means.”
In a nutshell…everything is made of energy and different forms of matter and rays of light vibrate at different vibrational frequencies. Crystals vibrate at different frequencies depending on their matter, size, thickness & their color (light frequency). The next step is to learn what stones resonate at the correct frequency for what you are trying to achieve. Thankfully, much experimentation has already been done for thousands of years before us by the ancients with the art of ‘laying on of stones’ and they’ve already figured out what stones help with what needs…for most.

Since the vibrational frequency varies in this way you can’t just give a “blanket number” & say that ALL amethyst vibrates at a specific frequency number. Vibrational numbers are a measurement of the resonance of a vibrating object  with a very precise wave frequency. But since it would be based on so many variables, we can’t just assign a crystal a number. Get what I mean? Can’t do it.

Not to mention…without units after the number, I’m not sure what that number “7” is measuring. In science that’s a HUGE No-No. As I used to say yell to my physics students:

“Don’t give me a naked number as your answer. I WILL mark it incorrect even if your number is right. And don’t have your parents call me either! A naked number is meaningless! 7? Seven what? Seven hot dog wieners? Seven dirty diapers???!”

*…all this w/ a smirk…I do miss being able to pull that shiz with teenagers in the classroom…they have the BEST energy around*

So anyways, my point is that you need a unit like Hertz after that number in order for it to be meaningful.

Here’s a video I did a few years ago (please excuse the poor quality) on precisely this subject:
Crystal Vibrations & Frequencies: a discussion?

Oooops! My GEEK-roots are showing!

Sorry to get very scientific, but that’s how I roll. 😉

Special Crystal-GEEK Blessings today,

Not Just Any New Year’s Eve

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I know I keep talking about this, but this is just too damn exciting! My 13th wedding anniversary, New Year’s Eve ushering in “twenty ten”, a Blue Moon and a partial lunar eclipse all in one night. Woohoo! Yes, tonight’s Blue Moon is so, so special b/c it will dip into Earth’s shadow for a partial lunar eclipse in some countries. Even though I won’t be seeing it here in the US the energy is still awesome for all of us! The Partial Lunar Eclipse in conjunction with the Full Moon and Blue Moon will make for a rare and powerful moment for spell casting and/or cleansing. I will, of course, be cleansing my personal crystals and stones letting them be cleared and soak up this powerful energy. Perhaps I can convice hubby to take all the crystals to the beach tonight to get the extra boost from the negative ions present there. Oh my, what a cleasne that will be! If I throw beer and/or champagne into the deal, he’ll say “yes”. 🙂 Mischevious thinking while typing here.
Check out this awesome animation of the partial eclipse here. Some Native Americans refer to this Full Moon as the Snow Moon.

This was a Full Moon crystal cleanse of a few select personal crystals of mine from a year ago:

I am thinking of reopening my Etsy Shop on Jan. 4th. That will give me almost a full month of reconnecting with my customers. Unfortunately, I think I will have to temp. close again from February through perhaps April while I take some necessary coursework. Working full time, takeing 5 courses and running my crystal shop all at the same time will be totally impossible. So, I will have to take that little hiatus. Please sign up for my newsletter (at right) for updates on this.

OK, Happy New Year & Blessed Blue Snow Moon Partial Eclipse!
“And we’ll take a cup o’ kindness yet,
for auld lang syne.”