Healing crystals and stones come in all sizes, colors and shapes.
Each crystal has a unique vibrational resonance which is derived from their mineral content, shape and the colour frequency they emit. Every healing crystal has its own energy vibration. The energy of the crystal can have powerful effects on the energy vibrations within a person.

Get the Most out of the 🌑 Eclipse Season ☀️ With Crystals

eclipse season

Today we are talking about getting the most out of the eclipse season with crystals! During an eclipse, the sun, the moon and the earth are in perfect alignment. Now we don’t usually get an eclipse every time we have a full moon or new moon. During eclipse season, when we get the three celestial bodies, the sun, moon and earth, in perfect alignment their various types of cosmic energies become aligned or stacked. When that happens, they magnify and amplify each other.

In physics, we call this the principle of superposition. That’s when similar energies easily come into alignment and when they do that, they amplify each other.

A lot of people are sensitive to these types of energetic shifts and can feel them easily. Especially if you’re an empath, Reiki healer, or you do energy work of any kind. So let me ask you…are you feeling it ramping up? If not, you may start to as we get a little bit closer!

Now, eclipses usually happen in pairs, but this time it’s not going to happen that way. We had our first eclipse […]

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10 Must-Have Crystals

must-have crystals


Today I’m going to share my top 10 must-have crystals.

Whether you’re a beginner or you’re intermediate or advanced, just check in and see if you have these in your collection.  Maybe you are missing one or two?  It’s not the end-all-be-all for everyone, this is my opinion, so I’d love to hear what your top 10 must-have crystals are; please share in the comments below this post.

10 Must-Have Crystals

These might not necessarily be the easiest crystals to get because I don’t always feel like the easiest crystals to get are going to be the most effective for what we’re trying to achieve in our must-have crystal collection. Maybe it’s time to evolve your collection or upgrade your collection a little bit. Most of them are relatively easy to find, but a slight departure from the usual beginners list.

By the way, I want to say these crystals that I’m going over, I’m not talking about little-tumbled stones. Tumbled stones are wonderful (and I show you vesuvianite in the video). Great to have, but when I’m talking about 10 must-have crystals, I’m talking about […]

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3 Big 💎 Crystal 🔮 Myths

crystal myths

Today we’re going to talk about the Three Big Crystal Myths.

Now  before I even get started talking about this. I want to say that no dogmatic buy ins from me. Okay?

You know I love me a mature debate, a respectful debate. If it stirs up a little controversy that’s great!  It gets us all talking and  makes me think and I like when it makes me think and perhaps even see something from a different perspective and maybe debunking some myths while we’re talking about certain things.

It gets us talking.

It gets us critically thinking.

And might even reveal new information and things we didn’t know about and then we can take a look at our old beliefs, things that we held true and maybe look at things in a new way and come to a new conclusion, look at new research.

Ok, are you ready?  Just click play and watch my video below to dive into “3 Big Crystal Myths”.

And lastly if you’d prefer to have the transcript of this video, just click here to download the transcript pdf.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this!  What’s your […]

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Sugilite: the Stone of Spiritual Protection


Sugilite: it’s a very popular stone on the scene right now,  so that’s what we’re gonna to talk about here today. ♥

First off,  just some geology pronunciation stuffs: I know most of you in our community are perhaps more used to this stone being more commonly pronounced as ‘soo-jeh-lyt’.

This is a mineral that’s actually named after the geologist who discovered it back in 1944, Dr. Sugi; hence the name, “Sugilite”.

But a lot of people see how it’s spelled and they mispronounced it as ‘soo-jeh-lyt’.

It’s actually pronounced, “soo-ghee-lyt”, with a hard-G. 

OK, ’nuff about that. 😉


Here’s a quick recap of the info included in the above video…

Sugilite Geo-Facts

  • It’s a manganese-based mineral — also contains lots of other elements as well
  • most often comes from the manganese mines in South Africa
  • its Mohs Hardness is between 6 and 6.5 so it’s relatively hard
  • usually grows in masses; a stone mass.  Very, very, rarely does it form a crystal, but when it does they call a “sugilite gel” – where it’s transparent, those are going to be much more expensive. 😉 
  • […]

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