Turquoise Healing Properties, Correspondences and Meanings

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Let’s talk about one of the most popular gemstone minerals in history; turquoise.  We’ll discuss the many colors and varieties while also taking a look a this stone’s healing properties, correspondences, and meanings.

Also, read on to be sure you’re not being duped by turquoise fakes! 

This stone is quite popular in jewelry (whereas selenite – with a Mohs hardness of 2, is not as popular because it gets scratched up much more easily), particularly in Native American jewelry and southwestern designs. Some of my fav jewelry pieces are turquoise!

Metaphysical Properties and History
Treasured for thousands of years, used in ancient Africa, Asia, South, and North America for many different purposes, this mineral is perhaps most often used as some form of protection.

Historically, turquoise was found to be worn by nobility in Ancient Egypt. There are so many museum pieces displaying the use of turquoise along with lapis lazuli, carnelian, and a few others. Plus, turquoise adorns the burial mask of Tutankhamun (aka King Tut) — one of the most well known and recognized artifacts of ancient times!

  • Additionally, there’s evidence and artifacts of turquoise and copper mining activity in Sinai.
  • Here’s a great article to learn more about turquoise’s significance to certain Native American cultures.

Considered sacred to the Navajo, this stone is known to be of the bringer of rain.

Since ancient times, it’s also been used as a traveler’s companion, given to those embarking on a long journey over the ages. It’s said that when many explorers and traders were crossing the seas by boat, turquoise was to help provide a safe voyage.
In fact, I always travel with turquoise as part of my travel mojo kit.
[caption id="attachment_9458" align="aligncenter" width="597"] My travel mojo bag which includes a rough turquoise & hematite[/caption]

This mineral invites in strength and vitality along with good communication skills (great for public speaking!) I personally like to pair it up with clear quartz for this purpose — amplifying its effect.

We most often associate this stone with the Throat Chakra.
Remember, it’s all about communication, Babe.
It assists us to clearly articulate while being sure to speak our truth (and remembering to listen well too). Again, this includes all types of communication; public speaking as well as writing.
Turquoise is an opaque (not transparent) phosphate mineral with a Mohs hardness between 5-6, depending on the type of turquoise. You may not think of it as a technical crystal because its crystals are not actually visible and it doesn’t allow light to pass through. However, it IS indeed a crystal.


It’s due to its crystalline structure (not visible to the naked eye), but it’s there at the micro-crystalline level.

Turq is now primarily found in the US Southwest as well as Iran, Tibet, China, Australia, and Afghanistan, typically dry arid climates.

Being a copper-derived mineral, its color can be a whole range of blues and greens… (think of an oxidized penny or the Statue of Liberty).

Since it also contains aluminum, I don’t recommend that you put it in a crystal bath or use it to make an ingestible gem elixir.
Why Green or Blue?

  • bluer turquoise comes from more copper being present (Arizona turquoise is known for this characteristic). [The most sought-after color has the least amount of green in it; more of a lighter or robin’s-egg blue. And it’s the color that’s most often faked, so beware! More on that below.]
  • greener turquoise happens when you have some iron mixed in there (Nevada turquoise is known for this). 

Turquoise can often be found alongside calcite, azurite and malachite, chrysocolla and gem silica minerals. Being these minerals are all copper-derived, they tend to grow together in the same deposit. That’s a miner’s big clue – when they would find such specimens it was an indication that there was copper in the area and time to start digging!

I visited an awe-inspiring copper mine in Bisbee Arizona not too long ago (where Bisbee Turq hails from). The Queen Mine opened in 1915 and officially closed operations in 1975, but it’s still open for tours.  Fun Stuff!

[caption id="attachment_45311" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Bisbee Turquoise specimens[/caption]
Often Faked
Due to mines being depleted, authentic turquoise has become rarer and consequently, more expensive.
So, unfortunately, the fakes abound!
There’s actually a thriving market for faked turquoise (often in the form of dyed howlite).

You may be wondering about the other turquoise colors out there. Perhaps you’ve heard of purple or White Buffalo turq?

  • White Buffalo turq – there’s hot debate over whether this material is real-deal turquoise at all. You can read about that here.  Personally, since the jury’s still out with the geologists, I’m staying neutral on this one.
  • Yellow “Turquoise”  – you may have heard of or seen this one. Not so much a fake as a misrepresentation. It’s really actually serpentine or some form of jasper. Don’t be fooled!

I’ll get to the purple stuff in this next section. 😉
Purple “Turquoise” – (aka Mojave Purple Turq, Magenta Turq) this one looks too good to be true — and it is. Often times it’s a result of reconstituted mineral, stabilized then mixed with a red-colored synthetic resin (oftentimes plastic) then pressed. Blue + red = purple.

More on what “reconstituted” means below.

[caption id="attachment_45313" align="aligncenter" width="466"] Purple Turquois. Photo Credit to our Crystal Family Member, Courtney Goodwin. TY, Courtney![/caption]

FYI: Sometimes people refer to sugilite as purple turq (which they really shouldn’t do because it just adds to the whole naming confusion… we have enough to contend with already without adding to the confusion, right?)

Found these examples of plastic resin fakes + who-knows-what below in a local shop labeled as “Unbelievable Turquoise hand mined in Madagascar”!!

When asked if they were mislabeled, they told me “No”.
Listen, if you like fakes; fine. It’s the deception (or ignorance) I’m against.
I feel that ignorance can’t be your excuse for long — if you’re gonna sell the stuff then you have a responsibility as a seller to educate yourself on what you’re selling. And if you’re not sure about something then please just be honest about that and then make it your business to go find the answer.

I have a blog post here that I wrote all about spotting turquoise fakes and frauds (plus some other minerals).
Reconstituted Turquoise?
Essentially, this means that small amounts of authentic turquoise that would otherwise be wasted are recycled by grinding it up into a fine powder. Resins (usually plastics), synthetic fillers, and adhesives are then often added and then pressed into a mold, carved or shaped.

I totally get the need for this (so we don’t waste that valuable turq-powder), but just keep in mind that this means that there are mostly synthetic chemicals mixed in with your turquoise. If you’re down with that, then go for it.
Shopping Tips

  • If it’s cheap, sorry to say, it’s likely not the real deal since the price of turquoise has been on the rise for several years now due to its growing scarcity.
  • One key thing to always ask about when purchasing turq is:
  • “where was it mined from?”

    It’s a good selling practice to attach the name of the specific mine to authentic turq. The reason for this is that each mine produces a distinct looking sort of turq. Knowing precisely what mine the piece came from raises the value of the specimen.

    If the turq you’re eyeing has no mine name attached to it — AND the seller has no idea what mine it came from, that could be an indication that it may not be the real deal. Here’s a great blog that shows many examples of different types of turquoise

    3. This tip was given to me by a loveable silver and turquoise miner named, Mongo from The Good Enough Mine in Tombstone, Arizona. If can’t tell whether your specimen is chrysocolla or turq, LICK IT! Mongo says turquoise is harder and not as “boney-chalky-sticky” to the tongue. I tried it and he’s right! 

    Be savvy
    Want more tips on turquoise and how to be savvy about spotting other fakes? Then check out my Crystal Savvy Class Elective.

    And in my next newsletter, I’ll be gifting out my Ultimate Reference Guide to Spotting Crystal Fakes to all my subscribers. This is a HUGE 105-page handy guide that you don’t want to be without if you collect crystals or perhaps are a seller. If you’re already subbed watch your inbox for that. If you’re not already subbed, get on the list here. 

    Thanks for joining me for this spotlight on Turquoise! Let me know; what does this stone mean to you?

    Crystal Blessings,

    Clear Quartz Healing Properties, Correspondences and Meanings

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    Alright, clear quartz is our focus today. Some also call this colorless form of quartz, “Rock quartz”.

    I’m covering the healing properties, correspondences, and meanings plus the SCIENCE right here in this blog for you.

    Here we go:

    Sometimes this mineral masterpiece is overlooked because of its abundant supply and its apparent simplicity.

    Well, don’t let that fool you!  I’m here to tell why clear quartz is such a valuable crystal to have in your crystal collection.

    In fact, I’ve even referred to it in the past as one of the most powerful crystals to work with. Here’s why.
    Clear Quartz Metaphysical Properties
    This stone is highly regarded for its crystal-clear clarity and powerful crystal healing properties. Here are some of those properties:

    • amplification
    • radiates energy
    • energy conductor
    • clarifier
    • purifying
    • most versatile
    • abundant supply

    Clear quartz is your general, all-around FANTABULOUS crystal to have on hand being it’s extremely versatile for all sorts of crystal energy work. It’s sort of an all-purpose stone as well as an amplifier.
    So, that means it can make any other crystal work that you’re doing even more effective by amplifying the energy.
    Additionally, it’s a clarifier which means that it can help you gain clarity of mind. For example, if you need to meditate on something or you need clarity around a certain subject — clear quartz is a great stone to have on hand for that.

    Scientific Properties
    This special mineral possesses both electrical properties and heat resistance. Why’s that important? Well, that makes quartz ideal for so many technological uses! It has some impressive physical properties that make it a powerhouse energy conductor.

    Properties such as:

    • piezoelectric
    • pyroelectric
    • triboluminescence

    Some super sensitive people can even experience a physical jolt from its electrical voltage potential in their hand when holding or squeezing a clear quartz crystal.

    All of these scientific properties; plus, my personal experience and research… as well as the findings of my students, lead me to the belief that quartz is the most powerful crystal to work with.

    I’ve seen these crystals help transform lives, firsthand, while also acting as a catalyst for big transformation.
    Quartz Geology
    Silicon dioxide, (SiO2) aka silica, aka quartz, is part of the trigonal crystal system with a hexagonal crystal structure; hence why, a well-formed quartz point will be six-sided.

    It has a Mohs hardness of 7, making it a relatively durable mineral.

    Although there are many lovely cut and polished pieces, it’s quite easy to find a natural point formation in clear quartz (which is what I prefer for energy work.)

    Where does quartz come from?
    Clear Quartz, in the form of silica, is the most abundant mineral on Mama Earth.  (More than 90% of our planet’s crust is composed of silicate minerals.) I feel like that’s no coincidence… that quartz, in all its many forms—rose quartz, amethyst, citrine, green aventurine, clear quartz— is so accessible to us; both plentiful and relatively low-cost.

    In fact, I live relatively close to a beach made up of almost 100% quartz sand, Siesta Key. The energy there is AMAZING!  (Most of the beaches in SW Florida have a very high silica content. No wonder I’m so attracted to this place!)

    Clear quartz is widely available on the planet so I’m not going to list all the various places where it can be found.
    However, in my humble opinion, the highest quality and also the most powerful quartz I’ve worked with comes from the Mt. Ida region of Arkansas.
    A few years back, my hubby and I hit the road to Arkansas for an RV Mining experience. I vlogged our bucket list experience over here: The Best Crystal Mining Adventure Ever! 
    Quartz Formations
    Perhaps because it’s so abundant and grows in so many various types of environments, clear quartz has had the freedom and opportunity to form in many different configurations. (Let alone other shades of quartz… which will get to later in this post). In The Book of Stones alone there are over fifteen variations of clear quartz formations. I could go on here all day with the many quartz formations, but I’ll just stick to a few of most asked about forms here and then…

    if you’d like to dig deeper (see what I did there?), I have a special Class Elective available for you right now that I think you’d be quite interested in right here: Crystal Formations.

    OK, let’s take a look at some of these formations:
    1.  Record Keepers:

    Recordkeepers are said to hold sacred information.  A record-keeper crystal is when a triangle (indented or raised, facing upwards or downwards) appears on one of the crystal’s facets. You may see triangles in rubies because they easily form there… but those are not considered to be true record keepers).

    I feel very strongly that crystal record keepers offer us so much information and an opportunity for us to access it in a very special way. Recordkeepers have a deep connection to sacred geometry, which inherently carries deeply-coded and profound info for us.

    2.  Double Terminated Quartz:

    Basically, a double-terminated quartz is complete perfection!!!

    They’ve reached a terminated point on each end having grown free from any of the rock matrix. I most often use these specimens to direct energy in two directions at once. This is perfect for clearing a blockage of energy between two chakras.

    If you hold one of these formations in each hand while totally relaxing, you’ll notice it will actually help your meditation practice. Give it a try!

    You can also use one on the third eye or the crown of your head to connect you with your higher self and to Source Energy during meditation.

    3. Enhydro Quartz:

    Enhydro means that there is water (or some other usually liquid substance) enclosed within a bubble. The exciting thing about these bubbles is when you tilt the crystal back and forth and you see that liquid sloshing back and forth in its little tiny cave.

    Here’s a verrry old video I did featuring an enhydro crystal:

    It’s also fascinating to think that the water trapped inside a crystal became encased there millions of years ago when the crystal formed!

    Enhydros are great to work with when we want to cleanse, purify and clear out energy of any sort.

    [caption id="attachment_3845" align="aligncenter" width="570"] The marked areas on this crystal are pointing out enhydro bubbles of water within the double-terminated point. This was a SWEET piece![/caption]

    Again, if you’d like to learn from me about many different types of crystal formations and how to work with them effectively, check out my Crystal Formations Class Elective here.
    Other Types of Quartz
    Now, there’s also an endless list of quartz that doesn’t fall into the clear category. This includes popular stones that hold their own metaphysical and healing properties such as:

    • Amethyst
    • Rose Quartz
    • Citrine
    • Smokey
    • Morion


    Chakra Association
    As I teach in my Certified Crystal Healer Course, a natural clear quartz point is ideal for directing energy to bring a chakra back into balance.

    I also mentioned above, placing a double-terminated quartz between the chakras is very effective in facilitating energetic flow and removing blockages between chakras.

    Clear quartz is a multipurpose tool can be used to raise your vibration on all levels. Therefore, it’s useful across the board for all the chakras.

    However, if I had to pick one chakra that clear quartz resonates with the most, I would say it best matches the light frequencies of the crown chakra.

    Grid with Clear Quartz
    I often add clear quartz to any crystal grid that I’m creating, again, to AMPLIFY the energy and clearly my communicate my intention to Source Energy,  thereby making my crystal grid the most effective manifestation tool it can be!

    If you want to learn more about crystal gridding, I’ve written a best selling book on crystal grids that you can find here.

    I hope you enjoyed this clear quartz spotlight!  What’s your story with clear quartz?  Do you sometimes forget you have it and overlook it for fancier or more colorful stones?  Please share your opinion and experiences in the comments below.

    May the Quartz be with you, (gotta sneak in my beloved Star Wars references where I can!)

    Black Tourmaline Healing Properties, Correspondences and Meanings

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    One stone that’s always on the top of my list is Black Tourmaline. By the way — if you want to check out my Top 10 Must-Have Crystal List, head over here.

    So, today I’m giving you the lo-down on all things Black Tourmaline.

    Let’s go!

    Black Tourmaline Properties
    The large pieces pictured above, are really good quality pieces of black tourmaline, for instance: Chunky, hefty, smooth.
    Of course, you don’t have to have this kind of quality (which is very difficult to find anymore). The lower quality type emobodies the SAME energy.
    Just so you know, many black tourmaline mines have been closed. Specifically, a large mine in China, where my high-quality specimens came out of.  So, the A-grade is no longer readily available. And if you do find it, it’s going to have a price tag to reflect its rarity!

    The common type that you’re seeing out there these days is more spindly; more splintery and friable (in the same way of some kyanite is, if you’re familiar with that raw stone), meaning they’re more brittle, but… they work just as effectively!

    Often times, this stone will be accompanied by quartz and mica just like the above specimen.

    Black Tourmaline is a workhorse for your energy field, and one of my top 10 must-have crystals.

    It’s a primo crystal tool for:

    • Neutralizing negative energy
    • Grounding
    • Energetic protection
    • Lowering risks from EMF exposure
    • Empaths

    Transmuting Energy
    I love this stone for transmuting energy, so if energy has a specific charge to it and it has a negative feel to it, black tourmaline is my go-to transmuter.

    It’s excellent for bringing that energy back to neutral. For that reason, it’s always in front of me between me and my laptop. I’m transmuting that electromagnetic radiation coming off of the laptop. I’ve tested other crystals and things, and when I tested black tourmaline, I get good results.

    It’s not the best thing. It’s not going to completely mitigate that energy, but it’s one thing I can do to help mitigate it.
    Neutralizing a Space
    I also like it for transmuting negative energy that people might bring into a space. For example, when I used to work in a classroom (which I left in 2012…) I used to be a science teacher for those of you that don’t know: some people would come into the room and they were just a sheer joy, and some people would come into the room and they’d suck the energy out of the space. Talk about energy vampires. There weren’t too many of those thankfully, but black tourmaline was wonderful for helping to mitigate that.

    I had them conspicuously placed throughout my classroom. Heck, I could get away with putting any rock in my room that I wanted to. I taught geology as part of my curriculum, so I could put anything I wanted and no one would question a thing.

    You can also make black tourmaline mojo kits and you can make room sprays with black tourmaline and all kinds of great stuff.

    For the same purpose of transmuting energy in your space, Himalayan Salt is a great option and an entirely different approach to cleansing your space. Here’s another blog for you:  Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Himalayan Salt Lamps.
    EMF Shield
    I don’t like using silicates on my desk for the purpose of shielding from computer EMF, etc.

    So, I hear people say, “Oh, put a piece of fluorite, put a piece of selenite, put a piece of citrine in front of your laptop.” Those crystals are silicates… and silicates amplify that energy. We use silicon chips in our electronics to make them work better, so I don’t want to amplify that energy. Anyway, let me get off my soapbox I go into that a lot more in my Certified Crystal Healer Course.

    What I DO like to use for this purpose is a chunk of BT! (black tourmaline)

    I also have a blog post here going into detail on crystals I like to use to help lower EMF exposure.
    The surface of our planet is covered in free electrons, which are very attracted to us (water + minerals)…if we allow them to be.

    Problem is, we’re usually well insulated from these free electrons with our rubber soled shoes and carpeted or tiled floors so there’s very little if any direct contact happening and we’re depriving ourselves from Mother Earth’s balancing restorative energies. In other words, we’re disconnected.
    This stone (BT) is ideal for helping us to connect and ground to Mother Earth.
    Tourmaline Lore
    Ancient peoples were (are) very aware of all of this and knew to monitor the cycles and to stay closely connected to the planet. Being closely in-tune allows us to regulate many bodily functions and feel plugged in. GROUNDED… dissipating any excess energy to the ground.

    Our body’s various vibration frequency can move our body out of our dominant oscillary rate very easily when we experience stress, which we are constantly doing, especially since we are not regularly connecting with Mother Earth to re-balance.

    Vibrational healing (like crystal healing) oscillates and naturally entrains our body back to its base resonant frequency.

    I highly recommend staying grounded as much as possible and, yes, we can use crystals to help us to do that:

    • Black tourmaline is my go-to stone for this. In fact, it’s part of what I call my Sacred Grounding Trio: black tourmaline, smokey quartz, and hematite.
    • Do lots of Earthing (check out that book on Amazon!) Earthing is amazing! Get barefoot and go outside which is the ultimate in grounding. Your feet are meant to connect with Mother Earth! That’s why animals are so well-grounded and in-tune. They’re always barefoot!  But, I know— getting barefoot isn’t practical for all people and situations so here’s another blog I wrote:  Grounding Tips for Balance in a High Flying World.
    • Plus I’ve got more grounding info and tips for you, including a recipe for a Grounding Gem Elixir Oil in my blog; How to Ground using Crystals

    Black Tourmaline Geology
    While there are many different varieties of Tourmaline (I talk about Watermelon Tourmaline over here), you’ve probably noticed we are focusing on black tourmaline for this blog. 😉

    Some of the main geological properties include:

    • Mohs Hardness of seven to seven-and-a-half
    • Also known as Schorl, a complex aluminum borosilicate
    • While the mine I mentioned the mine in China has closed, BT is also found in Mexico, Africa, United States, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, and Russia

    Black Tourmaline has two critical physics properties:

  • It’s pyroelectric
  • It’s piezoelectric (just like clear quartz,  citrine, and rose quartz)
  • Both which mean that, essentially, it can polarize and transduce electricity and energy. It’s one of the reasons why I find it to be such a powerful and effective stone to work with.

    Black Tourmaline is associated with the Root Chakra and the Earth Star Chakra.
    The Root Chakra is located at the base of your spine and is associated with all things foundational including your sense of safety and security. It’s all about the fundamental things we need for survival. The Earth Star Charka, while not technically not one of the seven main chakras, it’s known as a “transpersonal chakra”…  located about six inches below your feet.
    I hope you’ve enjoyed this spotlight on Black Tourmaline!  What do you think about this workhorse mineral?  Share with me in the comments below.

    Crystal Blessings,

    UPDATED: Real Citrine vs. Fake Citrine | How to Tell the Difference ** SHOW NOTES

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    Topic: UPDATED: Real Citrine vs. Fake Citrine | How to Tell the Difference
    In today’s show we’re digging into exactly how to tell the difference between real citrine and the baked variety so:

    • you’re well-geo-educated on working with this powerful crystal
    • you’ll know confidentially what’s in your collection
    • you’ll have checklists on how to spot a fake
    • you can make well-informed purchases
    • …is it still Citrine-Energy?

    Enter your information for my free pdf: Tips for Spotting Fake Citrine

    In this blog post, I’ve included the show notes for today’s show or the most recent show, including the links and resources I reference in the video:

    In my last show (Part 1 in my Citrine series), we discussed Citrine Healing Properties, Correspondences and Meanings so you can learn how to effectively work with this popular and powerful crystal. If you need some citrine background, go ahead and start there.

    Enter your information for my free pdf (downloading this pdf subscribes you to my newsletter): Tips for Spotting Fake Citrine

    By the way… have you ever looked at a crystal and thought, “Is this the real deal or is this just a fake?” Want my guidance on becoming more Crystal Savvy? Then come take a look at my Crystal Savvy: Crystal + Mineral Identification Class Elective. 
    Natural Citrine

    For instance, in the above photo, you can see some of what I was referring to in the show this week; you can see the variations of citrine color always with a yellow hue with the left one a very smokey yellow. All crystals shown here are Congo citrine with the exception of the Top Right, which happens to be a natural citrine from Brazil.

    So, you can see these natural crystals have:

    • lots of clarity
    • the color is uniform throughout the crystal
    • they have a relatively straight quartz crystal formation
    • and no white base
    • with some red hematite tucked in where they were plucked out of the rock matrix

    Baked Citrine

    Below, we have amethyst that’s been baked to appear as what’s commonly sold as “citrine”. You can see how Crystal Family member, Shayla, baked her amethyst into citrine. Here she’s showing us her light colored amethyst before and after baking. Thank you, Shayla, for putting my teachings to the test and sharing your photos.

    You can see that characteristic deeper orange color and tell-tale white base that looks like a root that’s been plucked out of a geode formation… that’s because that’s exactly how these usually grow, as part of a larger geode or druse. As a result of baking, the crystalline molecular bonds become weaker. (as I discussed this in detail in the show.)

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    Have you ever looked at a crystal and thought, “Is this the real deal or is this just a fake?” Want my guidance on becoming more Crystal Savvy? Then come take a look at my Crystal Savvy: Crystal + Mineral Identification Class Elective. 

    Hope you enjoyed this week’s topic. Please post your comments below!

    Crystal Blessings,