Crystals to Protect You From the Computer

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I’m often asked which crystals are good for protecting against EMR (electromagnetic radiation) & the flicker of the computer screen. I see lots of conflicting advice being given on this so hopefully, we can clear some stuff up here.

You may be saying to yourself right now…”What’s so bad about EMR?”

Quick & dirty, short & sweet:…it increases our levels of adrenaline & cortisol, severely decreasing our dopamine levels…in other words: No Bueno! We don’t want that for prolonged periods of time. It ends up being very bad for our overall health.

Now, I like to back up my crystal advice with scientific reasoning whenever possible.

And that being said, I also advocate for doing whatever you’re intuitively draw to do first, since that’s what’s going to work best for you.

My recommendations for specific crystals to help counteract EMR:

Rule #1 (its my only rule here…just getting dramatic): No silicates (like quartz, lepidolite, fluorite, etc., crystals that contain silicon dioxide SiO2) Why? B/c silicates easily move into resonance with EMR. Its exactly why they’re used in tech. all the time! They don’t call is Silicon Valley for nada. Makes sense, right? Right-o!

So what crystals should you use?

I feel the BEST stones are going to be the ones with iron & magnetic properties, aka ferromagnetic stones. They’re great to prop up in an EMR field b/c they help restructure the energy in these areas, making it less harmful to you.

Good examples of ferromagnetic stones are:

  1. lodestone (magnetic magnetite)…CAUTION to not put this 1 too close to your electronics as it can delete some hard drives.
  2. hematite (not the fake magnetic kind!)
  3. pyrite

These stones also happen to be great grounding stones too! I have a whole theory about that & teach about it in my Creating Sacred Space & Self Protection Using Crystals On Demand Class. 🙂

BUT, the best thing is to get up & get away from the computer for a bit. Get barefoot & go outside & do some Earthing. So that said….I’m outta here. See ya later Twinkle Toes!



P.S. If this sort of thing interests you, I teach about this concept more in depth plus many other topics in that On Demand Class. You’ll really enjoy it! If you have other tips for us or questions, please share in the comments below. And if you feel others might like to know about this, please use the FB or Tweet buttons & share it on. 🙂

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          teeheee…that’s exactly why I didn’t bring that up here in this post. Black Tourmaline is my FAV for this. I have huge chunk in front of me now. I do go into detail about that in my class. 🙂 But very observant of you Erica! The iron content in the black tourmaline coupled w/ the pyroelectric effects of it is what does the transmuting despite the fact that its a silicate.

  1. Great post! One thing I found helpful is a hematite beaded necklace (again- a real one), you can put it on your keyboard tray at work between you and the keyboard/computer. It’s not very noticable and won’t get in your way.:)

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  2. Love learning about this stuff! 🙂 Mahalo for another informative post.
    After I read this: Get barefoot & go outside & do some Earthing….. I realized why things are so much more clear and wonderful for me since moving to Hawaii.
    •I go barefoot a lot
    •So much so that I actually have sand in my bed a lot of times!
    •I get in the Ocean a lot… the waters around the Big Island are known to be very healing.
    Still… as much as I am in front of my computer, reading, writing, researching… I think I need to get some black tourmaline.
    Aloha wags!

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  3. Oh Oh! I have a qaurtz next to the computer that we found on one of our canoing trips & I have a rose quartz- so that’s bad huh? My husband has the black Tourmaline at his work because he does a lot of computer work so tha’s good news- now to change mine at home…
    Thanks for this info!

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  4. I’d never thought of using crystals to counteract harmful computer vibes! This post was so interesting. How do they help restructure the field around the computer?
    I’ve got so much to learn about crystals, I am definately going to haunt this site more in the future 😀

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  5. How can we tell when Hematite is fake? I’ve googled it, but there’s a lot of conflicting advice out there. I want to hear it from someone whose knowledge I trust (you, Hibiscus Moon!) x

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  6. Hi there.
    I was wondering if healers gold would be a good one too as it is pyrite and magnetite? I just thought of it and have plonked in front of my computer with black tourmaline.
    Leesa xo

  7. Thank you for this post!

    Is Sodalite as an option?
    I understand it is a silicate.
    However, I found it’s general formula is Na8Al6Si6O24Cl2.

    I’m not that knowledgable on crystals and stones, so please forgive me if this is a silly question!!

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