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So you’ve jumped and I’m over the moon to see you here & excited to get started on our journey together. 🙂

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Everything you need is right here. You can begin getting inspired to use crystals in creating a sacred space of your very own!! This is a beautiful yet simple, fun & easy way to start out on your journey with crystals. I’m so excited for you! You’ll be so glad you did. Here you go, all this stuff’s for you:

Here’s what’s in your FREE eKit!:

1. An mp3 download meditation; relax and unwind with this 17:30 min. meditation. Let it guide you while you use a favorite crystal to help create a sacred space all of your own. Grab your favorite sparkly specimen, cozy up and listen now or download and enjoy on your mp3 player somewhere else. Downloading it allows you to keep it saved wherever you like to listen to again and again. Bliss, bliss, bliss. Just click the link below & save it or click and begin listening now:

Download Create Sacred Spaces with Crystals Meditation mp3

2. In this photo-rich eBook, I take you on my personal journey and show you how I use crystals in my own sacred space and office; which also doubles as my private sanctuary for meditation, rituals, reflection and renewing my spirit …of course, all with the help of CRYSTALS. To download your pdf eBook and allow the sparkliness to inspire you, just click on the below link and save to your device:

Download the Create Sacred Spaces with Crystals eBook

3. In this private video, I show you how I personally use crystals in my sacred space… a mini tour!! Come on along and watch now. 🙂 Click on the video to view now.

I hope this eKit inspires you to create a remarkable and powerful Sacred Space all your own, while also allowing you to embark on your own lovely journey exploring how to use crystals in your life and environment …opening you up to their many possibilities.

Just imagine what a beautiful place this world could be if we all had a Sacred Space of our own. 🙂

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