Can You Overcharge your Crystals in the Sun?

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If you’ve been working with crystals for any length of time you’ve probably heard about the recommendation to “charge” your crystals in the sun over & over again.

Can You Overcharge your Crystals in the Sun?

Submitted Question:

“I’ve heard that leaving crystals out in the sun can overcharge them & cause some kind of negative effect.  Hibiscus Moon how do you feel about that?  And how did you deal w/ that for your crystal in your garden fountain?”

charging crystals in the sun
This person was referring to this fountain in my garden. At the top of the fountain where the water rushes out I keep a large clear crystal quartz point.

That crystal is there all the time.

I intentionally  do that so that the water is picking up the vibrational frequencies from the clear quartz & pouring them into the fountain.

The birds (all wildlife actually!) absolutely love that fountain since I put that clear quartz in there.

And, I know it’s because the water is getting that specific vibrational frequency as it rushes by the crystal.

The negative ions there must be better than any other bird bath in the neighborhood! I guarantee you~! A little while ago I explained the positive benefits of negative ions in this post over here.

Let’s get the Safety Hazard Out of the Way First!

Let it be known that putting crystals out in the sun can be a HUGE HAZARD b/c a crystal placed in just the right angle to the sun can act as a focus-er & magnifier, condensing the light rays into 1 spot…resulting in a concentration of heat that can reach incredibly high temperatures! If all the conditions are right; sun’s rays are hot enough, the environment is dry & the focal strength of the crystal is just right…you’re gonna end up with a blaze!

Seems the spheres are the usual culprits…

charging crystals in the sun

Photo Credit: Crystal Hottie, Donna Moore

The above photo was generously submitted is explained by one of our fellow Crystal Hotties…


Yikes!! I live in a humid environment & I’ve checked to make sure that none of the refracted light filtering through the crystal ends up on anything that could possibly melt or be flammable.

Overcharging from the Sun?

Fire hazard issues aside…overcharging? I don’t feel that can happen.

I don’t feel that’s an issue.

Lots of Mama Earth’s crystals are exposed to the sun. 

Yes some are underground & need to be mined out, while some are out in the open. I don’t feel that there is any negative effects from the energy of that.

I also have a large rose quartz at my front entrance so that when people come into our home they are greeted with the rose quartz energy of compassion and love. It’s out in the sun all the time with no harmful effects at all.

Everybody absolutely loves this stone. ♥

charging crystals in the sun

Physical Effects of Charging Crystals in the Sun:

  • If the crystal structure isn’t very strong; hence the crystal’s molecular bonds aren’t very strong, exposure to the Sun can make the crystal more brittle. In GEO-GEEK-SPEAK we call that “friable”.
  • Sometimes, depending on how the crystal’s pigment got there, if it’s deeply pigmented, exposure to the Sun can make the color fade: I have a blog post all about that & why that happens.
  • Again…the whole fire hazard issue addressed above

Other than the physical effects, I feel there is nothing wrong with this practice.

I suppose the main reason I feel there can be no harm in it is that I don’t really subscribe to the whole notion of “charging up” a crystal in the 1st place. I’ve discussed my take on that before here.

So, what’s your experience w/ keeping crystals outside?  I would love to hear your stories so please share it with our Crystal Hottie Community in the comments below!
Crystal Blessings,

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  1. Hello to you! I recently purchased several crystals and one of them is Celestite geode. I am not sure this is really resonating with me. Every time I hold it I get a strong heart centered charge but also it comes with a nauseated feeling. I have it on my altar close to my bed and I am concerned that I should move it….or actually return it. Is there a way of clearing it. I did give it a salt water bath as with all of them. Just curious if you have ever had a crystal that didn’t work and or blend with you!

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  2. Hi Hibiscus.
    I have a question that’s bugging me for some time and it seems I can´t find any sensible explanation anywhere. I hope this is the right place to write and that you can help.
    What happens to crystals and stones when we place them over a geopathic cross of lines? For example a Hartman or a Curry intersection or directly over one of these lines? Would they disperse their energy?

    I had a beautiful Agate that at one point developed a bubble that looked like the crust of a wound. I touched it and the crust came off. Then a white spot appeared exactly on that spot. It was placed over a Hartman line, but I don´t know if this is related to what happened.
    Anyway I took it away from there and I put it to rest with other crystals in a neutral spot letting it recharge. When I went to look at it few month later the crystal came out completely regenerated. How weird. I got almost scared as I did know how to explain it.

    Also all the crystals that I had chosen for a grid and positioned over the same Hartman line resulted, after a while, full of brittles in the inside. They all looked warned and overused without having effectively done any of the job that they were programmed for. I did many grids before and I can tell when they work :O)
    Do you have any experience of that? Geopathic radiations can affect crystals energy fields and disperse their energy?

    Thank you a lot if you can reply about this subject in one of your future posts.
    Hugs and thx for your amazing job and commitment!

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    2. How can you tell when your grids work? Like, what if a grid is just taking a while to work, but it’s still WORKING? Versus, it’s just NOT working, and that’s why you’re not seeing any manifestation.

  3. I was happy to hear the sun couldn’t overcharge a crystal . I had never hear of that or even thought of it as a issue and like you I have a large rose quarts crystal but mine lives in my garden April-October I just brought it in . I like your idea of putting it near the front door .
    Love & Light Debs

  4. I have had a few positive and a few negative experiences with charging crystals in the sun. It should be noted that amethyst does fade in the sun and will lose some energy. I find obsidian likes the sun and so do all other quartz varieties (excluding amethyst). I have found that citrine is basically sunshine in quartz and it soaks up sunlight. I have heard that Rose Quartz fades when it has given it’s gifts to you completely.

  5. Thanks for the post. I have a collection of few crystals including red quartz and clear quartz. And I really needed them to charge. So, probably your tips will be a great help to me and of course my crystals too. Charging them over the fountain will be preferable for me.

  6. Ive got a rainbow moonstone and used to charge it eveyday with sunlight after placing it under my pillow for a night sleep. my experience with the moonstone that its energy seems more and more drained and its lovely blue sheen is not reflecting light after each sunlight charge after 2 months of charging it. initution told me it hate sunlight and i start charging it with moonlight and stop the sunlight charging for rainbow moonstone. after tge moonlight charging, rainbow moonstone starts to reflect back its lovely blue sheen.
    Other quartz crystals love sunlight charging including amethyst. I place amethyst once in a while under morning sun or sunset and indirect sunlight to charge .they seem to love it

  7. I placed some tumble stone crystals on my window sill that I felt guided to do.. I knew the sun would charge them and thought that’s why I put them there..nrly 2 weeks later and they still there lol lapping up the morning sun… when it comes to consciously charging them regularly?? occasionally I hold them and give them reiki for a couple minutes..

  8. I have a small pond by my front door and several cluster slabs around the top. I have small fountain to keep the water moving. Using clear tubing running over the top of the larger piece with a smaller piece to hold the tubing in place. It is on the West side of my home and there is a stand of trees across the street. It gets sunlight in the afternoon, but I never thought about it getting that hot. I will have to pay attention to that. To me it is beautiful in sunlight and moonlight.

  9. I charged my citrine in the sun and truth be told, I forgot it on my sill for a few days.
    When I found it I noticed the citrine turned purple! How I this possible?
    I can’t find anything about citrine turning purple, anywhere.

  10. Citrine is Amethyst that has been heated to a temp that turns it to the color that you see. By placing it in the sun, it more then likely gave it the energy it needed to revert back to its purple hues and heal itself.

  11. Hi. I have a query. I have a medium sized clear partly smoky quartz crystal. It is kept on top of an intention. Also, it gets the morning sunlight. It has been only a few days. There was some cooking as I was taking it out of the packet that time. Currently, in the morning today I noticed some additional small cracks on one of the sides. They have just been sitting there since yesterday. What could be the reason?

  12. Thanks for all of the info you send out to us. I love every crystal droplet of it!!! I charge my crystals in the sun often. Sometimes i just hear them calling me asking for a day outside. So we all gather together and enjoy a day on the deck. I call it “stoned sunbathing”. 😉 hehehe. The crystals absolutely love it and thrive off it!

    Thanks for being you! Have an awesome moment this one and all to come after!


  13. I put a selenite wand and a clear quartz wand in the window to get some sun and about half an hour later heard a big band went into bedroom clear quartz had disappeared cant find it anywhere //selenite was still there //any clue as to where crystal could be?

  14. Hi Hibiscus Moon
    I just wanted to ak I charged my crystals in the sun, and I noticed my geode agate slab was very warm being in the sun.But my clear quartz and rose quartz was cold.Why is this?
    Please get back to me as I am very curious why they were still cold.

  15. HI. I am about to buy amethyst and by reading i know the color fades, but also read that even after it fades it wont lose its healing abilities. MY QUESTION IS, since i sometime spend 6 hours straight at the beach, how about if i buy an amethyst ring? maybe instead buy an amethyst bracelet or an amethyst pendant. I’m pisces and thats one of the gems recommended for me. I’M also thinking…. maybe a pendant get only exposed when open my shirt and bracelet its covered by shirt sleeve. So, i dont know what to decie. maybe get bracelet and ring. maybe all c3. maybe just pendant. but since i need rings for all 4 fingers i will get ring to have pearl ring, yell sapphire ring and amethyst ring. thats 3. WHAT BU THINK? THANKS

  16. hey there ,

    I am very new to crystals / stones and especially the one that I have. It’s amethyst stone , about a size of a thumb, with two pointing tops and faded from bellow white to top – lavender.
    I kept it in the little plastic bag that came with a note and left it in my van for 2 months, I recently took it out and found that it has some sort of mold / fungus on it. It’s at the bottom of the stone and it has two colors white and black. White kind of sits under the black. I would like to know what is that ? is it energy or just dampness and humidity from my van ?

  17. Hi, thanks for the info. How about Onyx crystals? Are those safe to leave on window-sill for daily recharging etc.? Thanks again for your help

  18. I noticed that your article concentrated on charging a crystal in the sun, but I read another prominent crystal practitioner (Katrina Raphael) who talks about cleaning the crystals in the sun, rather than charging. She makes the distinction between cleansing and charging.
    What’s your take on this? I’ve been putting the crystals I use in my window to geet the sun after being worn or used, and then putting them on my clear quartz crystal to charge.

    Kate Panthera

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