If you’ve been working with crystals for any length of time you’ve probably heard about the recommendation to “charge” your crystals in the sun over & over again.

Can You Overcharge your Crystals in the Sun?

Submitted Question:

“I’ve heard that leaving crystals out in the sun can overcharge them & cause some kind of negative effect.  Hibiscus Moon how do you feel about that?  And how did you deal w/ that for your crystal in your garden fountain?”

charging crystals in the sun
This person was referring to this fountain in my garden. At the top of the fountain where the water rushes out I keep a large clear crystal quartz point.

That crystal is there all the time.

I intentionally  do that so that the water is picking up the vibrational frequencies from the clear quartz & pouring them into the fountain.

The birds (all wildlife actually!) absolutely love that fountain since I put that clear quartz in there.

And, I know it’s because the water is getting that specific vibrational frequency as it rushes by the crystal.

The negative ions there must be better than any other bird bath in the neighborhood! I guarantee you~! A little while ago I explained the positive benefits of negative ions in this post over here.

Let’s get the Safety Hazard Out of the Way First!

Let it be known that putting crystals out in the sun can be a HUGE HAZARD b/c a crystal placed in just the right angle to the sun can act as a focus-er & magnifier, condensing the light rays into 1 spot…resulting in a concentration of heat that can reach incredibly high temperatures! If all the conditions are right; sun’s rays are hot enough, the environment is dry & the focal strength of the crystal is just right…you’re gonna end up with a blaze!

Seems the spheres are the usual culprits…

charging crystals in the sun

Photo Credit: Crystal Hottie, Donna Moore

The above photo was generously submitted is explained by one of our fellow Crystal Hotties…


Yikes!! I live in a humid environment & I’ve checked to make sure that none of the refracted light filtering through the crystal ends up on anything that could possibly melt or be flammable.

Overcharging from the Sun?

Fire hazard issues aside…overcharging? I don’t feel that can happen.

I don’t feel that’s an issue.

Lots of Mama Earth’s crystals are exposed to the sun. 

Yes some are underground & need to be mined out, while some are out in the open. I don’t feel that there is any negative effects from the energy of that.

I also have a large rose quartz at my front entrance so that when people come into our home they are greeted with the rose quartz energy of compassion and love. It’s out in the sun all the time with no harmful effects at all.

Everybody absolutely loves this stone. ♥

charging crystals in the sun

Physical Effects of Charging Crystals in the Sun:

  • If the crystal structure isn’t very strong; hence the crystal’s molecular bonds aren’t very strong, exposure to the Sun can make the crystal more brittle. In GEO-GEEK-SPEAK we call that “friable”.
  • Sometimes, depending on how the crystal’s pigment got there, if it’s deeply pigmented, exposure to the Sun can make the color fade: I have a blog post all about that & why that happens.
  • Again…the whole fire hazard issue addressed above

Other than the physical effects, I feel there is nothing wrong with this practice.

I suppose the main reason I feel there can be no harm in it is that I don’t really subscribe to the whole notion of “charging up” a crystal in the 1st place. I’ve discussed my take on that before here.

So, what’s your experience w/ keeping crystals outside?  I would love to hear your stories so please share it with our Crystal Hottie Community in the comments below!
Crystal Blessings,

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