Let’s talk about Crystals to help you Study!

So which crystals are the best for this purpose?

I have 2 go-to favorites when people ask me about crystals that help you to concentrate for studying & that I use for any kind of concentration activity, clarity activity or studying activity.

Specifically for studying I like Fluorite + Stilbite.


Rainbow Fluorite can have really beautiful colorations in it. Fluorite comes in green, blues, pinks, purples; all different colors! I actually have a separate video all about fluorite here.

flourite point

green fluorite

Gorgeous indigo fluorite cubes. Sacred Geometry at its finest. On display at the #TucsonGemShow

Gorgeous indigo fluorite cubes. Sacred Geometry at its finest. On display at the #TucsonGemShow

Fluorite does exhibit the sacred geometry of the octahedron formation really, really easily in it’s structure.


Not always, sometime they grow in masses, but sometimes they do go ahead & grow just like the photo above because they are part of the cubic crystal system.

So I really like fluorite because it really ushers in that focus & clarity of mind that you’re seeking when studying.

If you want to learn more about Fluorite then you’ll want to watch my video here!


Then there is  Stilbite. The 1 I showcase in the above video is kind of a heavy cluster specimen. Here’s another…

My amazingly Clear Apophyllite and Peach Stilbite Specimen

Another of my amazingly Clear Apophyllite and Peach Stilbite Specimens

Stilbite often grows with apophilite (the clear 4-sided points you see in the photo above & in the video).  The peach parts that you see in the specimen in my video & in the above photo are the stilbite.  But stilbite can also come in varying colors: white, yellow, brown, pink, salmon, orange, red, green, blue or black. 

Stilbite helps you with clear thinking & clarity of thought. And, also if you need help making a decision, any sort of decision making…Stilbite can help with that.
So next time you’re studying for an exam or taking a course (perhaps you’re gearing up to take the Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer Certification!) go ahead & pair up Fluorite + Stilbite.

Then buckle down do the work & you’ll be good to go with better focus along with less frustration & stress.

Have you tried this powerful combo to focus & increase your concentration?  To ramp up your Focus Pocus?  What are your go to sparkle tools for studying?  Tell us in the comments below.

Crystal Blessings!

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