Crystals for your living space & can I squeeze into an amethyst crystal?

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Crystal blessings everybody! I have another crystal question that I want to go over for our topic today.

This one says,

“Should there be a certain set of crystals or a “crystal mix” for rooms like your living room or living space?”

I think that it’s not a “should”, but there are definitely things you can do to make your living space feel more comfy; more vibrationally aligned with the type of energy that you’re trying to bring in to a living room or great room living space.

Usually, that kind of room is a room where everyone likes to hang out, several people will gather for anything & so you want it to be a space that has good energy within it.



You’ll want to choose crystals that can radiate their energy in all directions

or you want to choose very large crystals

…or you can do both.

And I say “large”, b/c in this instance:

yes, size does matter

For ease of doing the video, I brought ones that were sort of on the smaller side, so I could hold them up for you. But larger crystals would be even better!  Because the energy torus…

THIS, below, is an energy torus…if…like…you could actually see one with the naked eye. (I do teach you how to “see” it on our Certified Crystal Healer Course, btw!)


So the energy radius extending outward around the crystal depends on the size of the crystal, so, if  it’s a little itty-bitty cluster, it’s not going to have as much radiating energy coming off of it. Get me?

In my vid above, you can see a really pretty clear quartz crystal cluster &  you can see that the points go in all different directions. So when you have crystal points that are natural, you can envision the energy is strongest coming off of the tip, so all these tips going in different directions are going to send energy out in all different directions. You can see why that would be a good thing in a space where there’s people coming in from all different directions & a lot of people hanging out in one area.

quartz cluster

Then, in the video I show you apophyllite w/ stilbite. There are some clear apophyllite, green apophyllite, very light green–sea-foam green, and there is some peach stilbite in it too. Look at that, isn’t that beautiful? What a gorgeous baby!

These may  look like clear quartz points, but in the photo below you can see there are 4 facets instead of 6! See how it looks like a square?


Well, anyway…clusters of these are great for a living space too.

Next in the video, I discuss & show my amethyst geode that I have here in my sacred space and those are great for living spaces as well. Large geodes like these are wonderful for radiating good amounts of energy into a space & really making the space feel good.

Both Topaz & I try to squeeze ourselves into this baby as often as possible!

Can I squeeze into an amethyst crystal? (WTH is wrong with me?!)


And try as we might, we haven’t succeeded yet. Although Topaz has gotten pretty close. Oh…and I’m pretty certain that if we did manage to squeeze into it we’d shuttle off to an amazing freakin’ worm hole that would whiz us right passed the fifth dimension, representing all the possible alternate realities, & finally spit us out into an alternate universe where we’d both be called to explore the infinite itself as an interface between interconnectedness & potential!

…and this is how it would look (scene from one of my favorite movies…Contact):

How’s that for an adventure!!?

Sorry for that little tangent…

If you also have a healing space, sacred space where you bring people in for doing crystal healings, Reiki work, energy work, or anything like that, it’s great to have pieces like those discussed here today.

One that I forgot to bring out in the video was a sphere. Spheres are obviously not natural; they’re cut & polished into a perfect ball & so the energy is going to radiate, again, from all angles.

Meet my lapis lazuli sphere:


It’s nice to do a sphere when you have a stone that just doesn’t grow in natural points (like lapis lazuli), because I really prefer the energy that comes off of natural points…when possible, b/c they naturally grow that way from the Earth.

So, anyway, having a stone polished up into a sphere allows its energy to go off in all different directions. If you’re looking for the energy of lapis lazuli and you want to radiate that into a large space having a sphere is really nice.

And again…the larger the sphere, the more energy you get, because the size does matter.

Do you have any special large crystals hanging out in your living space? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

Crystal Blessings!

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  2. Hi Hibiscus Moon,

    Happy New Year to you and yours. Contact is one of my favourite movies too! 🙂 I have looked for large Quartz clusters, they are very difficult to find. I have an arrangement of smaller clusters all together in our living room. I didn’t think of Apophyllite and Stilbite, but will give it a go, as I have a nice chunky one of those. Thank you again for the tips. Namaste, Gail

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  3. Topaz has a kindred spirit in KuRak, my Siamese. She thinks she can fit into anything.

    Great blog, as usual. The photos are beautiful. Where do you find such gorgeous specimens?


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  4. My dear hubby gave me several spheres for Christmas, a 2 inch howlite, green
    adventurine, red agate and my fav…4 inch labradorite. I also have a 5 inch sodalite sphere I won in a raffle (yes, that baby clearly chose me) 4 inch blue calcite, 3 inch smokey quartz with a ton of cool inclusions, peach selenite, 2 inch selenite, jet and snowflake obsidian. Yes, I’m clearly infatuated with spheres!!!

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  5. Here in the UK, buying large crystals is very expensive; it’s just not the sort of thing most of us can afford. So if we gather lots of smaller crystals over time, does that have the same effect as a larger crystal, or is the energy in some way different?

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    Thanks for all of the help and information!

  7. I have a few quartz spheres, the side of grapefruit and I just received an orange calcite with a bulls eye the size of a bowling ball.

  8. Crystal blessings Hibiscus Moon, I have a beautiful large Quartz points piece , also a fairly large golden healer with a zillion points

  9. I have a beautiful large clear Quartz with points going everywhere , also rose quartz, a golden healer and a special black tourmaline . I think I have a good mix . I also wear a pretty Lithium Quartz ,I love it .!!! Have you done a video on Lithium Quartz ? It’s a wonderful Quartz . Crystal blessings Hibiscus

  10. Hi, I love your beautiful blue crystal that you have worn in your last few videos, including this one. It is mesmerising! What crystal is it? Crystal Blessings Hibiscus Moon.

  11. Hi

    I am soon going to be 8 months pregnant, and I need your suggestion about any specific crystal that would help me out during this period. I know this is too late to ask for but still, I also stopped my Reiki practice dont know why but sometime I really feel why did I stop…

    Any help please share it I need it desperately….

  12. I have 3 Celestite all around 10cm Lx 10cm h, 2 amethyst geo’s around 18cm h x 14cm L at the bottom, a lump of Rosy around 20cm L x 14cm h, 2 citrine clusters in the wealth corner one is 10cm L x 8cm h and 7cm L x 5cm h with a sm piece of ametrine with em and an abundane quartz beside em around 8cm L with a 8 cm h point also my pink/ peach selenite lamp, all in my living room, are these large enough coz I’m in Australia and large crystals are quite expensive! Thanks Christine.

  13. Hi
    I was given a pretty big clear quartz sphere. Is there any was to tell for sure if it is really quartz or if it is actually glass?

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