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Here’s a question I recently answered for one of my Crystalline Cohort students & its actually a question that I get asked frequently.


My wife has to fly this week & is dreading it.  She gets really air sick & nervous about flying, so I was thinking about making her a little bag, but I’m not sure what to put in it. I was thinking lavender (she loves the smell), carnelian, citrine & rose quartz. Any suggestions that would be better? Thanks!



Lovely when the spouses willingly sacrifice themselves as our lab rats, huh?

My Frankie does it all the time for me. Bless him!

This is so sweet of you to do for your wife. ♥ As I always say, if your intuition is guiding to those stones then go with it.

If you want to try something different, how about a little ginger root (carries the vibrational frequency of anti-nausea) along with a light brown/golden tourmaline (aka dravite or champagne tourmaline) for the nausea from air sickness & hematite is always good for flying. Another well known stone to accompany us on our travels is turquoise as it protects us on our journey.

Champagne tourmaline

Champagne tourmaline



This little bag is my personal flight mojo bag:

My travel mojo bag which includes a rough turquoise & hematite

My travel mojo bag which includes a rough turquoise & hematite

Happy & safe travels, Crystal Hottie!



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  1. Ooo I like that champagne tourmaline. It almost looks like coffee and earth <3 I wonder if those two stones would do well with trying to find a house too? Which is CRAZY stressful. Turquoise for blessing a journey, but champagne tourmaline for courage, persistence and setting roots.

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  2. I’ve been looking into what to give my son for his flight next week. I read that garnet protects on trips, as well as malachite. Any thoughts? Thx! 🙂

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