What’s a Good Crystal Mix for your Bedroom?

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Hey, Crystal Hottie!

How are you doing today? I have another crystal question to go over today in our video.

I have blogged before about 5 Tips to a Better Night’s Sleep…the Crystal Healing Way but this blog is specifically about a great crystal mix for a bedroom.

Obviously, in your bedroom, unless you’re going the romantic route, that’s another route you can take (I have some suggestions in my Crystal Grids Template Package)… you’re probably looking to bring in calm serene energy, b/c that would be a sacred sleeping space for you.

You’re going into dream time.

You also want to foster the right sort of energy to recharge your battery

You want it to be a place where you can relax & sleep and have really nice healthy, nurturing dreams.

So here are the  crystals I recommend for bringing relaxing calming energies to your  bedroom:

crystals for bedroom

1. So, definitely amethyst for one.

If you know how to create a crystal grid, you can put 1 under your bed or beside your bed. (Check out this older vid of our “under the bed grid”:)

If you’re not into grids, you can simply use an amethyst point or you can choose a large amethyst geode, like I have in my bedroom.  That’ll  radiate the nice kind of energy that you want in your bedroom for a relaxing, sanctuary type of retreat space.

This is a large crystal vignette that radiates that type energy into our master bedroom:



2. Clear quartz is always great for enhancing the energies. If you already have amethyst going on in your bedroom, but you feel it’s too small or just not doing enough, you can  enhance + amp up those energies w/ a clear quartz piece.  I always like to have a few clusters of those in my bedroom.


3. Rose quartz can add a nice calming energy for slumber. You can have large pieces of rose quartz or you can incorporate smaller pieces into a crystal grid. Rose quartz is something I always have by my bed because it’s just a special companion for me.

rose quartz

A large cut & polished rose quartz point.

4. Another crystal you could include is lepidolite.  Partly due to it’s lithium elemental content, it’s very good for calming your mind & encouraging sleep, ushering in good dreams as well. Just what we’re looking for here.



So that’s a nice mix to have for your bedroom. I have more tips here in an older blog post on crystals specifically for sleep.

SIDENOTE: Book Review

In the video above, I did a quick book review at the end.

I really liked this one, The Essential Guide to Crystals: Tap into the healing power of crystals by Golnaz Alibagi.

I was really impressed by this book because I always, always gravitate to the books that have some science in it & this one delivered.

It also has great colored pictures of the stones, diagrams & exercises that you can do. It’s organized by sections; one on mind, body & spirit. It’s just one of those books that I think is really good to have in your personal crystal library.

So, what crystals do you have in your Bedroom to create your sacred sanctuary?  Do you also have a Crystal Grid?

I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

Crystal Blessings!

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  1. We used to fill a small brass bowl with white rice or salt…and place a mix of healing crystals on the rice and place bowl on bedside table. Fill with a rose quartz sphere, a chunk of dark purple amethyst, small piece of lepidolite and finish off with a nice clear quartz point and maybe a small malachite heart (to encourage health and a good night’s sleep…banish nightmares). Refresh rice or salt as needed.
    Pleasant Dreams!

  2. Thanks to your photo of lepidolite. i found my (look like amethyst) is actually lepidolite.
    I slept with it under my pillow last night and had the most pleasant dream!
    Thanks Hibiscus Moon
    Absolutely loving your work!

  3. My husband and I carry rose quartz hearts on our bodies everyday. His in his pocket , mine in my bra and switch with each other now and then after cleansing and a kiss to the quartz. I sleep with it under my pillow every night along with a clear quartz piece reiki charged from my second level attunement. There is also a nice sized amethyst cluster at my bedside. Sounds like I should grab that lepidolite off the faery altar and bring it in too!

  4. Where can I purchase crystals on a shoestring budget? Have been out of work for 3 months so my funds are really low at this time. Thank you for your time.

  5. I keep amethyst by my bed all the time…I am looking for lepidolite and need to replace my blue tiger eye (it has disappeared) I also keep clear crystal at my bedside and in the bed and will sometimes put my rose quarts under my pillow. I change out when I cleanse

    Thanks for sharing

  6. Hello,
    Is there such thing as having too many crystals in your room? Next to my bedside I have Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Lepidolite and clear Quartz, but I am also trying to facilitate healing so I have a my bed grided with quantum Quattro. However, my crystal altar is also in my bedroom and I have a flurorite tea light holders, a red hematoid sphere, etc. Should I move some of these crystals to another part of the house?

  7. Nice article as always!!

    I work as a psychic medium and when I speak to a customer I always hold a lepidolite and rub it back and forth between my fingers, it is a fundamental tool in my work. Rubbing a stone activates it properties I’ve discovered. Sometimes I have customers that give off anxiety on me while we speak, I then immediately grab my Jet and start rubbing it. In 2-4 seconds the anxiety is gone. And Jet probably isn’t the usual stone to aid in anxiety but it works every time..! I find Jet to be “lighter” than red Jaspis for grounding, so it keeps my head clear and fresh while I’m working.

    Thanks again!

    Karolina Eleonóra

  8. I have a large piece of amethyst next to my bed and I must say my dreams were really strange. They weren’t nightmares but they weren’t calm and positive. Should I keep the piece next to my bed for a while or switch it up with something else?

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  10. thank you for all your information. what would you suggest for a child who has fear of sleeping because she gets visits from spirits that scare her. She is a very empathic child and spirits seem to connect with her because she is so open. would love to hear your opinion.
    thank you and many blessings

    1. A bit of lavender oil on her pillowcase or a lil sachet bag with some lavender buds under the pillow along with a darker amethyst stopped my sons visits and nightmares in their tracks! He every night asks for those two things and is proud to have them with him. I also purchased him an orgonite pendant with amethyst, magnatite and selenite mix in it he wears daily especially to school, it’s helped tremendously. Hope this helps! Oh and plz if you have an dreamcatcher in her room, you may want to consider removing it- ive come to realize they just dont help lil ones too much and things get entangled in them which could cause some icky dreams, it was my issue as gaining my mediumship plus my son being followed by spirit and a handful of people ive come across had this same thing happen. So yes, hope this helps. Much love to you both!

  11. Hello
    Could you please advise where is the best place for leopard skin stone, is it close to the bed good for sleep? Or even bedroom. Thank you.

  12. If you are anywhere near Sedona, AZ, stop at the Crystal Magic Shop across the street from the Day’s Inn. It’s huge, excellent selection of crystals and tumbled stones start at 50 cents each. I pay $2-$4 for the same size stones here in FL.
    We learned they are going to open an online store soon.

  13. I am just learning about griding. I have been learning and practicing meditation for one year this month. I want to be able to understand more about this practice. Here is my question. The grids look like some I’ve seen in the practice of witchcraft are they related?

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