What are the Best Crystals For Aquarius?

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So  it’s that time of year for you Crystal Hottie Aquarians to celebrate Life!

Let’s Talk about a Crystal for Aquarians

I am not claiming that I am an astrology expert. At all.

I know about my own sign and I follow it and do see a lot of the alignments in it. But that’s it.

So why am I giving astrological advice here at all?

Well, I get the astrological/crystal correspondence question quite often so I thought I’d start doing a series of these videos.

The person who I follow along with when it comes to crystals-astrology-alignments is Edgar Cayce.

A while ago he came up with certain crystal alignments that went along with astrological signs. In fact, I learned that info from this here book:

Please don’t ask me about commercial “birthstones” b/c most of that info comes from various gemological societies for the purpose of selling gemstones. Although, some are reported to have come from ancient teachings, I don’t know which have & which have not. But if you do know of a source for that info, please let me know about it!! I see a lot more sense in what Edgar Casey did with his astrological alignments than the usual birth stones we hear about.

Edgar Casey recommended Garnet for Aquarians

Now there are several different types of garnet but the one that I see most often recommended that kind of seems to make most sense to me is Almandine Garnet. And, it’s a gorgeous deep, deep, deep red stone; usually has no transparency in it; looks almost black! Staring into a larger piece, with the sunlight gleaming off of it, I think it looks like a glittering dazzling deep burgundy galaxy forming & organizing.

When almandines are tumbled, they look like black cherries. Just Beautiful!




A natural (yet polished) almandine garnet dodecahedron expressing its inherent sacred geometry!

Aquarius’ date range is from January 20th – February 18th. It’s a water sign. After looking over the personality traits that align with Aquarians, I feel like the reason why Edgar Casey chose garnet is because it’s a root chakra stone & its quite grounding.

It’s also a stone all about strength + security.

AND about balancing that root chakra.

garnet pendulum2

Mr. Cayce most likely chose this stone to provide a balancing effect for Aquarians, helping to counter-balance that water sign up with some earth element.


Garnet is an aluminum silicate & it’s relatively hard on the Mohs Hardness Scale; anywhere between a 6.5-7.5. So you can find lots of garnet jewelry pieces making it very convenient to wear.

Do  you have other stones that you prefer to work with  as an Aquarian or for Aquarians that you know?  Please post it in the comments below.

Crystal Blessings!

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    1. Ummm Aquarius is an Air sign though it is known as the water bearer; a man with a pitcher of water pouring it over a cloud most times. That “Water” being poured out is likened to electric currents- electric being knowledge aka thought patterns. Thinking is electric and thought I’d of the air element. -Noble Khan Paul Jay Owens Bey

  1. Yes, Aquarius the Water Bearer is an AIR sign, but I still think the choice of the Almandine Garnet is a good one. Aquarians are often lost in their heads and can benefit greatly from working with grounding stones.
    Another stone that might be a fantastic helper is Aquamarine which works with the heart chakra, enabling the emotionally-detached Aquarians to get in touch with their feeling and connect on a heart level.

  2. Ah yes! Water Bearer & Air sign. I’ll be paring up my Amethyst with Alamadine Garnet as soon as I get my hands on one.

  3. Hi Hibiscus,
    I don’t need a reply. I would never argue with Edgar Casey. I am an Aquarian and I am very attracted to lapis and Ceylon sapphire. I also use carnelian, perhaps because I am an artist. I am also attracted to citrine, not that I like yellow but the metaphysical energy of the stone draws me. I also have an one and off love affair with emerald. Plus, I love sugalite and charoite. Obviously, astrology is more than ones sun sign so perhaps its other areas of my chart that draw me to these other stones. Your garnet is lovely but the very deep reds and black doesn’t really draw me in. I love all of your work and appreciate your generosity expressed through all of your sharing of information..

  4. As an Aquarius, yes, it is an air sign (symbolically pouring wisdom (water) out to the masses. However, I have always resonated more with garnets than amethyst (the secular gem for Aquarius).

    Garnets speak more to the humanitarian in our otherwise cool and aloof personalities, and therefore balances the energies we carry out into the world. It tempers the sometimes harsh, matter-of-fact way we come across to others.

    Inwardly, it helps us to keep in touch with the softer, more sentimental parts of ourselves which often are locked away – whether in a misguided attempt to avoid the emotional aspects of ourselves, or because of our almost completely outward focused attempts to navigate in our current world.

  5. Aquarius is an air sign!! Hence the reason we need to be balanced and/or “grounded” to the earth bc our minds always tend to be “up in the air” so to speak. 🙂
    I do agree w/garnets being helpful to our sign, but Selene really hit the nail on the head regarding our typical qualities!
    I also very much agree with Sandra regarding the types of stones/crystals to which I most resonate with as well, particularly lapis, emeralds and especially sugalite and charoite!! While ironically I tend to gravitate towards the stones/crystals that tend to be “out there” (like moldavite!) and/or more air orientated, I really need greoinding stones like hematite, malachite, smokey quartz, etc. Often I will attempt to balance a stone like moaldavite w/a grounding stone like hematite.
    But yes, we are not water signs- although this is often confusing for people bc our sign is the water bearer.

  6. I did some research on my natural garnet found here in Australia and discovered that its form was a rhombic dodecahedron. I found this very cool site: [http://www.cutoutfoldup.com/918-turn-two-cubes-into-a-rhombic-dodecahedron-ii.php] that shows how a rhombic dodecahedron is a cube with an equilateral pyramid on each face. The angles of the faces line up so the resulting form becomes the rhombic dodecahedron. BTW I am aquarius and love the garnet for grounding. I also love and collect the other forms of garnet for the differences provided. Cheers from Down Under!

  7. Aquarius is air yes – and I am a double Aquarian to boot! The garnet is wonderful! Also dark smokey, herk and ajoite. Very powerful and excellent for overall balance. 🙂

  8. Just have to say I have totally fallen in love with the almondine crystal and will be sourcing one a.s.a.p. i love garnet ruby amethyst and rose quartz. I am new to your site and love it and really like all the new things I am learning about crystals.
    I have always been drawn to crystals so am saving to be able to register for your courses.

  9. I’m an Aquarius and it’s a pretty good rule of thumb for me personally to start with stones matching my astrology. I’m still searching for a really good grounding stone for my crystals because I’m sensitive to stone energy, not in a way where I feel sick but I feel the “buzz” pretty quick.
    Any advice on what would be a really good grounding stone for me to use that’s compatible with my sensitivity and sign? Thank you!

  10. Black tourmaline is an awesome stone for grounding with a benefit of protection. I wear along with garnet. I also love sugilite.

  11. We are an air sign! This type of error discredits your post, you may want to go back and edit it.

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