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Today’s video is about crystals for working with Archangel Raphael…the angel of crystal healing. Yes…we have one of those!

Now, I’m not an expert on angels or angel therapy…there are lots of people out there who are experts on this (maybe you’re one of them!), but it is a subject that comes up often because many people who are interested in crystal healing are also often attracted to angels & I’m often asked:

What crystals do you recommend for working with Archangel Raphael?

And I feel that Archangel Raphael is definitely an angel I should talk about because he aligns closely with crystal therapy + crystal healing.

Archangel Raphael is known as:

  • the Supreme Angel of Healing; all kinds of healing—healing yourself & healing others, emotional or physical.
  • the Archangel of all those who are healers, therapists or light workers of any kind.

His name actually means “God Heals” and “Raph” is the Hebrew name for “healer”.

So for all of us energy, body & light workers out there, he’s our guardian, our sentinel.

When you work with him closely, pray to him, meditate on him or whatever your practice might be… you look to Archangel Raphael for bringing you downloads or messages regarding any type of healing; whether it be for yourself, or on behalf of someone else. If you’re a healer or light worker, you may look to Archangel Raphael for intuitive messages on how to help someone else or even help the whole planet!

Light Frequency Alignment

Science Factoid:  Visible light (color) is just a teeny tiny little portion of a very large electromagnetic spectrum. It’s the part we can see. (We’re not able to see any of the other stuff. It’s a very tiny amount of the electromagnetic spectrum that we can actually see with our physical eye balls.)   


Archangel Raphael actually aligns with a very specific vibrational frequency on that spectrum; that is the vibrational frequency that we interpret as green light. Very specifically, emerald-green light.

Because of that specific color alignment, we can find crystals that perfectly resonate with that emerald-green light frequency because crystals, on our planet anyway, come in all the different colors of the rainbow. And we can easily find crystals that vibrate in that very specific green frequency. Crystals absorb some light & bounce some light off, so that means that they’re absorbing the light of all other colors, except for the color we see. In the case of a green crystal…it’s absorbing every other color, except for that green color, and bouncing it back to you, and therefore putting the emerald-green vibration into your environment. Pretty cool, stuffs!

Crystals for Working with Archangel Raphael

I’ve chosen 2 crystals to help us align more effectively with the energy of Archangel Raphael. And, of course, they visibly show us that emerald-green light frequency.


So obviously, one of those crystals is emerald!

In my video, I  show you a very rough emerald in its natural state. It doesn’t need to be a fancy-schmancy big emerald ring. It can be something like my natural piece shown below, which you can find quite easily & inexpensively.



emerald on quartz


The other crystal, or stone I should say, is Malachite.

Crystal healing

Smoothed & polished malachite

Malachite is a stone that aligns with our heart chakra. ♥ In fact, both emerald & malachite align perfectly with our heart chakra.

Emerald is about healing, love, and compassion and while it does align, with the heart chakra it’s a lot more effective for physical healing, anything to do with the physical body, whereas Malachite is kind of like a therapist and it really digs down deep into any kind of emotional trauma or emotional healing needing to be done.

Sparkly Tips

One thing you can do is take the crystal & place it on the area of your body that is needing healing.  If it’s emotional healing, maybe you just place that on your heart chakra or on your third eye, whichever intuitively feels better for you.

Or you can put the crystal in your receiving hand & then go ahead and visualize emerald-green light bathing you. Just close your eyes, place that crystal there, and visualize that light, that emerald light just bathing & washing over you.

And I have an affirmation you can say to yourself while doing this with Archangel Raphael:

“Thank you, Archangel Raphael for flowing your healing strength and blessings, and for surrounding me in your emerald-green light, keeping me focused on good health and peace.”

If you’d also like to add another layer of vibrational frequency to this, you can add essential oils into your work with the crystals. I LOVE layering in the additional vibrational frequency of a closely aligned pharmaceutical-grade essential oil. It simply amplifies the work that you’re doing.

Essential Oils for Working with Archangel Raphael

Some essential oils that you can go to, ones that we commonly use for the heart chakra, are also oils that are commonly used for healing in general.  For connecting specifically with the energies of the heart chakra + Archangel Raphael I recommend:

  • Clary Sage
  • Rose Absolute
  • Bergamot

PLEASE NOTE: Make sure these are premium high quality, non-synthetic, organic, fair-trade essential oils. Brands I personally use & highly recommend are Young Living, Mountain Rose Herbs or doTerra.

Rose oil often comes in a synthetic.

We don’t want that.

But be forewarned…real-deal rose oil absolute is quite expensive, even if you buy a tiny little bottle of it…it can get up there. So keep it small. 😉

Ways you can work with the essential oils:

  • blend the essential oils together
  • use them individually
  • use a combo of 2
  • anoint your stones
  • anoint the area on the body you’re trying to heal (after diluting the essential oil with a carrier oil like jojoba)
  • or use them in an oil burner or diffuser while you’re working with the stones & saying the above affirmation

If you try any of these crystals for working with Archangel Raphael please share your experience below. Or if any of you have some suggestions of your own for connecting with Archangel Raphael, please post them in the comments.

Thank you so much for showing up here & being part of our heart-centered Crystal Hottie Community!

Angelic Crystal Blessings,

Hibiscus Moon

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  1. I love this! I have been working with Angels and Archangels in my Lightarian Reiki sessions for the past few years now! It has been amazing. I have been guided and shown a process for healing by AA Michael and AA Raphael. At first I thought it was my imagination, but once I opened more to have trust and faith, my connection to the angels increased and have never really done a healing session without them since!

    1. I believe Jade can work as well. Jade tends to cleanse and bring peace to the heart chakra. If it feels right for you, go for it!

      1. I love jade. It is very protective. I was told that when you get jade you need to tap it against another piece of jade to “wake it up” as it is a very old crystal. Jade is awesome.

  2. Love, love, love working with the Archangels!! I frequently call upon Archangels Michael and Raphael to protect and guide me as I do a crystal healing! Plus, when I do Angel Card Readings using my fave Angel decks, I will call upon the Angels and Guides of the client. Layering Crystals, Angels, colors, and Essential Oils/Flower Essences are my fave way to facilitate a healing. 💜💜💜💜💜💜

  3. Perfect timing with Doreen Virtue’s Angel Summit that started today!!! Grabbing my malachite to carry in my pocket for some extra healing and protection. Thank you, Stephanie 🙂

    1. I was thinking the exact same thing.. as I too tuned into the Angel Summit and stumbled across this email with the blog post this evening!!! Such synchronicity! LOVE IT!

  4. Funny how this comes up when I begin teaching a class on crystals. This month’s crystal focus? Emerald. I saw this in the email and smiled. I think Emeralds are coming now in this time in a big way; I’ve noticed they’re getting more attention now then previously. Wonder what that could be?
    As far as your video, I completely agree. Malachite is also a wonderful stone too but I do believe Emerald can heal emotional as well since it is a stone of divine love. They both line up perfectly with the high heart chakra.
    I will have to call on AA Raphael the next time I do a crystal healing session and see how that goes! 🙂

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  5. When I was very young I had a run in with angelic energy. It was years before I learned which angel I had bumped into. Thanks so much for reminding me who I needed to get in touch with–I have felt absolutely exhausted! 💜

    1. Post
  6. Perfect timing for me today – thank you. Earlier on today I set up my first ever Crystal Grid with help from your Template Package. It is so pretty, I am delighted. My intention for the grid is asking for help and direction from Angels to further my learning with crystals to heal horses. I will go back to the shop I was in yesterday, to purchase the Malachite that I lovingly had in my hands. Malachite is my favorite – excited! Love and blessings

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  7. I started the Angel Summit with Doreen Virtue also! Love that you are adding these to your sparkly posts Hibiscus Moon!! Thank you so much!

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  8. I love malachite! I just made a necklace yesterday with clear quartz interspersed with malachite. I will now anoint it with the essential oil combo and use it during Archangel meditation 🙂

    1. Post

      Sounds wonderful Sunithi! Just be careful about not placing wet malachite on the skin as it could cause the molecules to become unstable and very slight chance that too much copper could get absorbed into the skin.

  9. Hi Hibiscus! This isn’t about the latest video but if ANYONE can help me, it’s you. I found you (& subbed) about 2 months ago because of your knowledge & my interest in crystals. Aside from being able to see auras & energy fields of living things, I was excited to realize that I can also see the energies that crystals put out too! So I began examining what the different energies looked like because they’re all quite different & beautiful. So I bought 2 pieces of moldovite about 2wks ago & I’ve never really been able to feel crystal energies in my physical body EXCEPT when I held moldovite – holy crap, it’s very intense! I actually felt a little tired/headache-y/nauseous from it. So the other day I decided that I wanted to physically see the energies of the moldovite — the stone that was responsible for making me feel this way…… WELLLL…… I was in for the shock of my LIFE! I held it up in the mirror (so I could use the reflection of a blank wall to see clearly), & to keep this simple, the energy first appeared like a light blue cork screw (moving of course) in the shape of a tornado & then after a few moments, the energy morphed into what looked like a geometric flower (light blue, light green & lavender), THEN the one flower morphed into several geometric flowers — it looked exactly like sacred geometry!!! I was awe-struck because I’ve NEVER SEEN sacred geometry or energy that looked like this!! It was beautiful & I felt so honored to have seen this & I was brought to tears while simultaneously being ecstatic!
    Have you ever seen or heard of anything like this? I kinda knew moldovite was special, but I don’t think I really have a clue of HOW special! Any feedback regarding my experience would be appreciated. I wish I knew more. Thanks in advance for your time.
    Much love, Allyson (Sixx) Costello 💜💚

    1. You are a very spiritual person if you can see the things you see. You are a special person, not many people can see the things you see. I was told I am or one day feel and able to do those things I just don’t think it’s my time. I just started with crystals and candles I am a beginner. There is probably a book you can buy to understand the things you experience. It is beautiful what you saw be grateful and have gratitude when you can experience these things. God bless😇

    2. Post

      Allyson ~ I completely sympathize with you on how working with moldavite made you feel at first. You may have heard about my experiences here:

      But your comments about the sacred geometry that was revealed to you really moved me! This is something that has happened to me during crystal healing sessions with moldavite and other crystals. It also happens to me when I infuse my being with sunlight through closed eyes. Sunlight & crystals both hold intense light information arranged in geometric form and you had the privilege of experiencing that! I’m so happy for you! Very special indeed. ♥

  10. I hope you will be feeling better soon! I will pray for Raphel to heal you.

    Having a couple of auto immune ‘disorders,’ ( I hate the word disease!) I’ve learned to put things aside for a bit. (or I try to. Lol..) & take care of me. Doing little things in my lap, like reading. **Be sure to guard your health fiercely! Once you have problems, they seem to pile up.

    Cut back where ever you need to, share when you can! Sending “gemmy” love your way!

    Get some rest!

    Susan J.

  11. Wow!!! That is amazing! I am going to try that when I get home. I see enegry all the time in front of me…it looks like i see flickering….but clear white energy. I am going to try looking at moldavite in the mirror to see what I get! Thanks for sharing ✨✨

  12. Thank you so much for this information about Raphael I work with the angels or should say they work through me. I receive messages and deliver them to the people the angels tell me to some believe and others think I am crazy. It doesn’t matter to me if they think I am crazy I know the truth l love all the information you send just wanted you to know I am glad I found your Facebook page and website.

  13. Thank you so much for posting this! It resonates with me so much! I have always pictured myself as a healer and never really known why until this. I am a Taurus so my birthstone is emerald, and my middle name (passed down from my grandmother) is Rose and I have identified with it in so many ways my whole life. I am looking forward to meditating and repeating those words of affirmation to bring love and healing into my life!

  14. I used to work with green stones in the past, especially Seraphinite (and Chlorite Quartz too) and a Moldavite pendant with an huge energy. Through Oracle Cards pictures I worked also with Dioptase, the favourite Crystal of one of my Angel Guides… Emerald is not into the deck, but I love it and think it is the pure essence of Archangel Raphael love. As about Malachite, one of the main healing stones, my teacher said it is a Fire Stone and works on Solar Plexus, not on Heart Chakra, and Keyword is Will… physically can be placed in every part of the body to absorb pain, however. Crystal Blessings

  15. Thanks so much! Great post! What do you think about Moldevite and The Peridot I Love rough emerald. Also I heard both blue and green are associated with this angel. Can anyone help me out?

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