Crystal Wire Wrap Jewelry for Beginners
Crystal Wire Wrap Jewelry For Beginners Class Elective

Crystal Wire-Wrap Jewelry for Beginners

How would you like to be able to make your OWN wire-wrap crystal jewelry? Not only will you be taught HOW to make wearable wire-wrap crystal jewelry for healing purposes, BUT… you’ll also explore its potential as an add-on for your crystal biz (or simply for making pieces for yourself!) with your FAVORITE crystals and stones. You’ll also learn to source materials. The RIGHT ones. 😉

Do you struggle with wire-wrapping —

  • just holding the stone in place while trying to wrap!?
  • Or keeping them snug so they don’t fall out later?

Yep, the struggle is real but we’ve got you covered!!!

This class elective is for any level or a total beginner. All levels are welcome. 🙂 Whether you’re brand new to wire-wrapping or jewelry making of any kind, or you’re just getting started…  and would love to have an EXPERT show you the way, this class is for you!

In this elective, you’ll participate in 2 crystal wire-wrapping sessions and 2 Q+A’s! PLUS, you’ll also receive multiple detailed pdfs, and additional BONUS videos packed with valuable info, as well as a gem elixir tea recipe for connecting with your artistic self and awakening your creative muse. ✨ This class is designed to provide you with the groundwork for developing your own crystal jewelry style!

What You’ll Do/Learn

In this Crystal Wire-Wrapping class you will learn:

  • wire-wrapping do’s and don’ts

  • how to select crystals + cabochons for wire wrapping

  • confidence in working with wire (which wire size is appropriate? Difference in the quality of the wire? How to hide the pesky end of the wire without it popping back out, etc.)

  • common trade tools + methods

  • the pro’s methods of designing + building a piece

  • a foundation for developing your own crystal wire-wrapping style

  • crystal jewelry as stone medicine: integrate intention into your pieces using ancient practices

  • the most common crystal wire-wrapping questions and get EXPERT answers

You’ll experience two sessions:

  • Logistics of  Crystal Wire-Wrap Jewelry Making

  • Creating 2 Wire-Wrapped Crystal Points using 3 techniques

You’ll get to fully immerse yourself in the world of crystal wire-wrap jewelry making —  all the details from start to finish, and walk away fully prepared to start your own creative process!

OODLES OF FREE BONUSES: You’ll also have access to multiple detailed pdfs, a gem elixir tea recipe to inspire creativity,  BONUS videos!!!!, and IMMEDIATE ACCESS to a very special Crystal Meditation video and mp3 (an active creative meditation to clear blocks in your energy field, balance the sacral chakra, connect with your artistic self + awaken your creative muse.) Yep, you’ll get that immediately as soon as you register so you can start waking up your creativity right now! 

Once you’ve completed this elective, you’ll easily be able to integrate your love + knowledge of crystals and crystal energy into each piece. Plus, you’ll have the skill set necessary to immediately start making beautiful pieces for yourself as well as others… or maybe even an Etsy shop of your own! 🙂 

No Prerequisites

There are no prerequisites to this class elective. It’s open to anyone, especially newbies and beginners. All levels are welcome.

Meet Alexis

This class elective is being taught by HMCA faculty member, Alexis Prince. Alexis is a Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Practitioner, Advanced Crystal Master, Reiki Master Teacher, Sound Healing Practitioner, Psychic Medium, Hypnotherapist, an Initiate of the Priestess Path Lineages of Light, and she walks the path of the Tao. She’s also a Tiffany-trained bench jeweler with over 30 years of experience, as well as a wire and lapidary artist for over 10 years. On Team HM, Alexis is a graphic designer and one of the co-pilots for live classes. C’mon! We couldn’t have found you a better teacher for this!

“As I moved into following my path as a Crystal Practitioner, it seemed natural to merge my love of crystals and creating jewelry into one. I love designing pieces that resonate with a specific intention to assist my clients on their path and through their healing processes. As a Jewelry Instructor, I am honored to work with crystal healing practitioners and like-minded individuals, in teaching them to create an excellent addition to their crystal healing tool kit.”

Photo of Alexis Prince

What You’ll Receive

  • Two 60 minute classes – In the first class, Alexis will walk you through the ins + outs of beginning crystal wire-wrapping including tools, wire, selecting crystals, design, best practices, and more. In the second class, you’ll wire-wrap pieces together – two crystal points using three techniques. You’re going to come away with 2 completed crystal pendants! 

  • Two 30 Minute Q+A sessions – where Alexis answered questions and shared additional insights and best practices! 

  • 3 Interactive BONUS Class Videos (approx 65 minutes total!!) – Topics include Wire-wrapping a stone cabochon (from start to finish!), putting together crystal point earrings, and how to clean and polish your piece. 

  • BONUS Video – Crystal Meditation for firing up Inspiration and Creativity and to clear creative blocks. You’ll get immediate access to the mp3 audio meditation and video via the Student Portal.

  • Mp3 audio lessons – so you can listen to the class content on the go wherever/whenever you like!

  • Transcript pdfs – great if you prefer to read the content — you can choose to print these out, highlight and take notes.

  • 3 pdf documents – Class resources – including links, recommended reading, optional but highly recommended tools, supplies, and resources to enrich and deepen your experience. We’re talking about a detailed list of terminology and tools, supplies list with photos and links; including a formula for determining wire length for any project and a suggested itinerary for the day including a gem elixir tea recipe for clearing the sacral chakra, clearing creative blocks and aligning with your creative self.

  • Lifetime Access to all class materials!!

  • ACM NOTE: If you’re working towards earning credits for our Advanced Crystal Master Certification, this class earns you a hefty 3 credits!

Get Answers to Wire-Wrap FAQ

Below is a list of the most commonly asked wire-wrap crystal jewelry questions that will ALL get answered in this class… and so much more!

  • how do I get started with wire-wrap crystal jewelry?

  • what exact kind of wire should I use?

  • how do I know the right wire gauge for my design?

  • I never know how much wire to cut — I am afraid of making mistakes.

  • I don’t know how to begin and end a piece.

  • what to do with the scratchy wire ends?

  • how do I make my crystal jewelry look neat and professional?

  • what’s the best way to clean crystal wire jewelry?

  • how do I EXPERTLY bend the wire?

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Supplies to Have Handy

In order to get the most out of this experience, you’ll want to be prepared beforehand with these supplies (you may have some of these on hand already, but don’t worry, we’ll provide links in the supply list post-registration)

  • A flat work surface with good close up lighting (like a small directional lamp)

  • A set of mini forming pliers

  • 1-3 crystal points recommended 4 cm in length x 1 cm at the widest point (size can vary)

  • Copper Wire or Art Wire
    –   10 feet (minimum) of 22 gauge round wire, dead soft
    –   2 feet of 22 gauge HALF ROUND wire, dead soft
    –   6 feet of 20 gauge round, dead soft

  • Painters tape 

  • Bic Pen (or a dowel the same size as the pen), sharpie, and a ruler

  • Journal, notebook, or device for notetaking

  • Reading glasses (the work is very small and close-up, so you may want to have a pair)

Additional {Optional} Wire-Wrapping Bonus Video Supplies –

These supplies are not necessary for the class, however, you may opt to have them to create pieces from the bonus videos.  We recommend that you view the content first and see if it’s something you’d be interested in trying out

  • Crystals for the Meditation: 1 Fluorite, 1 Garnet, 1 Carnelian or Sunstone, 1 Indigo Gabbro, 1 Natural Citrine, 1 Rainbow Moonstone (one or all, use any you are drawn to)

  • Bail forming pliers in place of the bic pen or dowel (see links in Resources document)

  • Supplies for Earrings Bonus Video:
    – 2 crystal points that are each 3 cm long x ½ cm in width at the widest point (can vary)
    – 3.5 feet of 22 gauge round wire, dead soft

  • Supplies for Cabochon Bonus video:
    – Pear-shaped Cabochon 30mm- 40mm in height x 18-24mm in width at the widest point
    – 2 feet of 22 gauge HALF ROUND wire, dead soft
    – 6 feet of 20 gauge round or square wire, dead soft

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Frequently Asked Questions

“Is there a prerequisite for taking this class elective?” Nope. None at all. It’s ideal for any experience level but mainly geared towards beginners to crystal wire-wrap jewelry making.

“What do you mean by ‘class elective’?” Advanced Crystal Master Certification is our next-level offering for the Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Practitioner® Course.

ACM Certification, first, involves successful Hibiscus Moon CCP graduation, after which you get to choose a series of elective classes so that you can personalize your ACM journey with a specific area of concentration. THIS is one of those electives you can choose to take to eventually complete ACM. 

“How many credits does this class earn towards ACM?” This class elective provides you with a hefty 3 credits towards your Advanced Crystal Master Certification!

“Can I do a payment plan?” No, I’m sorry. There are no payment plans for this class. You can choose to pay via PayPal or credit card. In addition, if you’re in the US, you may wish to take advantage of PayPal Credit where you get to make payments over six months.

“Will I need any supplies?” Yes. Please see the above list of supplies.

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We’re offering this experiential, hands-on crystal creative class elective for $147

Only $147

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