How to Make Crystal Infused Healing Water

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How do you make your own crystal infused healing water?  It’s easier than you think! 

Now, I know there’s a lot of Instagram posts about this, and amazing gem water bottles, and all that kind of stuff, so I want to talk about crystal infused healing water and why it’s so amazing.  Plus you’ll learn how you can go about making it yourself.

There’s many different types of bottles, and different styles available on the market for making crystal water.  I’m not a sponsor of any of these bottles or anything like that… I just want to give you my real experience behind it. A lot of people are asking me about this so I want to share it here today.  Just click play on the video and let’s go!

And for those of you that prefer to read it out, click here for the full video transcript.

I hope you enjoyed this video on Gem Water today!  Do you drink crystal infused healing water?  Don’t you love how easy it is to work with crystals in this way?  What’s your favorite combo?  I’d love to hear in the comments below.

Crystal Blessings,

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  1. Is it safe to add crystals or gems to water that has essential oils? Specifically the doTERRA brand, they are certified pure therapeutic grade oils but are very potent and can strip toxins from plastic. Just wondering if the oils would erode or dissentigrate the stones and would then become unsafe to drink.

  2. Hi! I’m Izzy! I’m not new to crystals but I am new to you and am soooo happy I finally found a like-minded teacher!! I was thinking about a bottle using the direct method. You mentioned that you used to use the stainless steel bottles/cups. What about a glass water bottle with a stainless steel infuser? Most of them are marketed for tea. Would the stainless steel change the ionic structure of the elixir?

  3. This crystal-infused water is truly a great way to connect with your body and work closely with your own healing energy. They are truly a healing path to take you on the inner journey that is calling within you.

  4. Hello

    I have been watching your youtube videos about crystal powering your water with the correct stones and I find you incredibly knowledgeable and interesting. I am very interested to ask you a bit more questions about the best stones to use in water. I would like to know if the effects of using stones directly in the water, instead of around it. I would like to know if the size and shape of the crystals matter to create an effect. Also, I would love to know if there is no access to direct sunlight- is there still an effect to crystal charge your water. I would be very appreciative if you can share with me more information on this topic. Thank you :))

  5. Hi, I make gen elixirs all the time and love all your blogs but am curious… do you neeeeed to put them outside in the sun or moonlight or can you just plop them in your water for a few minutes and drink them? I go through water so fast that having to refil and make new elixirs is almost now tedious but I enjoy all the benefits. My hubby and kitty both have asthma could you also recommend a good combo for those guys to drink to help soothe or alleviate some tension? I tried a rose quartz sphere w an amethyst, and a clear quartz pyramid.

  6. I recently saw Chalazias had a limited edition green flourite water bottle. I see green flourite has a mohs hardness rating of 4 and when I brought up this concern in a live chat, the representative said it’s still safe but failed to provide an explanation as to why. This product appears to be new, so I didn’t see any other comments about this yet. Does anyone happen to know if this product would actually be safe??

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