If you’re not a regular subscriber to my Crystal Channel on YouTube, you may have missed this Crystal Treasures video in which I show off many special crystal finds. Most of these guys are long gone, so I’m not showing them to sell anything….just to educate if you like learning more about the crystals. 🙂

Here’s a list of what sparkly babies are in this vid:

  • Fuschia fluorite cluster
  • Natural citrine tabby point
  • Natural smokey quartz/ citrine double terminated large specimen
  • Blue chalcedony/ apophyllite cluster
  • Milky quartz large natural point
  • Clear crystal quartz Isis point with Recordkeepers!
  • Shattuckite, both natural & rough

Crystal Treasures November

All such magical pieces!!

The Yule Log

And for a little added holiday warmth & nostalgia (for those of us here in the Northern Hemi.)… the WPIX Yule Log. This used to be looped on Christmas Eve & Day on WPIX in the NY-metro broadcast area back in the 80’s! Cozy. Leave it on in the background. You’ll find yourself needing an egg nog & getting toasty:

Bright Sparkling Holiday Blessings to you!

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