Holding Space, Ethics and Trauma-Informed Crystal Therapy
Holding Space, Ethics and Trauma-Informed Crystal Therapy

Holding Space, Ethics and Trauma-informed Crystal Therapy

Thank you for your interest in my new Class Elective!

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Ethics + learning how to hold space are the cornerstones of a successful crystal energy practice. They’re the compass that guides the best results for you and your clients.  In this Class Elective, we’ll explore the scope of holding space, ethics + trauma-informed crystal therapy. This subject was HIGHLY requested by, YOU, our students. You asked (and asked!) and we’re thrilled to deliver. 💗

In this 2-part intensive workshop specifically designed for energy workers + crystal therapy practitioners, we’ll be covering a range of topics that span:

  • Holding space and what that means in practice
  • How to set healthy boundaries and maintain good energetic hygiene
  • Sharing specific wisdom + examples of real-life experiences as an energy practitioner.
  • You’ll also be guided to create a statement of purpose for your practice – so important! 

Our goal with this class is to EMPOWER you to have a practice that fulfills you, brings out the best in you, and serves your client’s highest needs. 

With this Class Elective in your toolbox, you’ll be well prepared and empowered to compassionately lead your practice, expand your clientele and confidently take your sessions to the next level! ❤️

Experience this heart-centered, intuitive, practical approach to crystal therapy ethics + guiding principles that will give you a foundation to create a safe, welcoming practice that serves those who need you most.  PLUS, you’ll learn a myriad of constructive ways to practice ultra-healthy boundaries, good medicine + energetic hygiene to be a leader in your community + a practitioner with the highest integrity!

This class elective is designed for those who practice crystal therapy or some sort of energy healing modality and want to up-level their game to respond to the specific needs of their clients.

Do you face these kinds of questions??

  • What are ethics + why are they important?

  • What is holding space + why does it matter?

  • How do I hold space for my clients?

  • How do I handle when my client cries, screams or releases?

  • What is my scope of practice?

  • What is my Statement of Purpose?

  • What is shadow + how do I help?

  • What is trauma-informed care in energy work?

  • How do I practice good energetic hygiene?

…then take a close look at this class!

If you’d like to evolve your practice + respond to your client’s mental, physical, spiritual + emotional needs with a high level of integrity…

while also not compromising your healthy boundaries…

then this is the class for you!

In this 2-part Class Elective, you will

  • Explore holding space + ethics

  • Gain a deep understanding of boundaries + a trauma-informed approach to energy work

  • Earn 3 Credits towards your Advanced Crystal Master Certification! {Applies to CCP Graduates only}

Want to realize your practice’s FULL POTENTIAL? In addition to the wealth of info we provide in the class resources (as we’ve become known for!),  you’ll also receive a downloadable and detailed What to Do If… containing Crystal Sample Session Policies Booklet by Hibiscus Moon complete with scripts and recommended approaches to uncomfy situations that Hibiscus Moon developed through her extensive years delivering and teaching crystal therapy.

In addition, as soon as you register you’ll receive Angie’s Statement of Purpose Visioning Guide as an Instant Bonus! Yes! Right now! This guide will guide you through efficient and very valuable techniques to develop your own Statement of Purpose. Includes a guided meditation and visioning session, which leads you through the process of coming up with your practice’s Mission Statement. This amazing process helps you figure out your Scope of Practice, ideal client, boundaries and so much more.

No prerequisites

PLEASE NOTE: Although there are no prerequisites and this class is open to anyone — this class is on the advanced side and would be most beneficial to those who practice an energy healing modality.

We’re not teaching you actual therapy techniques in this elective but instead educating you on holding space, ethics and boundaries, and wisdom for the energy practitioner.

This class lends itself well to any energy therapy modality and is not specific to crystal therapy. If you’d like to take it to the next level when it comes to integrity and ethics, then this is the class for you!

Holding Space, Ethics + Trauma Informed Crystal Therapy includes:

  • Ethics + why we need them

  • What is holding space + why it is important

  • How to hold space

  • How to handle releasing + disclosure

  • Learning about the Statement of Purpose… 

  • …and how it can guide your practice

  • Scope of practice, informed consent, confidentiality, doing your own work, continuing education, +  considerations for boundaries

  • Releasing a client + how to have hard conversations with clients

  • Money + how to handle practice policies

  • How to give feedback 

  • Shadow work 

  • Trauma-informed care for energy workers


In this 2-part class, we’ll develop a comprehensive overview of holding space for clients, ethics, and effective ways to approach your practice as a highly respected practitioner, wise mentor + ethical professional who serves their clients with a heart-centered model for healing. This foundational approach to ethics can help not only serve your clients but also keep you from burnout and messy situations in your practice. This class helps teach you how to model rock-solid healthy approaches to interacting with your clients. (🤔Do you really want to experiment and reinvent the wheel with this stuff? Not my idea of fun!)


1.  As we’ve become famous for, you’ll receive that valuable IN-DEPTH list of Class Resources so you can enrich your education while exploring various topics more intensely, including both Crystal Coach Angie’s + Hibiscus Moon’s Deep Dive research into ethics, holding space + trauma-informed care.

2. IN ADDITION, by popular request, we’ve developed a convenient What To Do If… Crystal Sample Session Policies PDF precisely detailing Hibiscus Moon’s personal approach to dealing with all kinds of situations in your practice. It is a full booklet of boundaries, scripts + ideas for handling all kinds of unique situations crystal practitioners may face. These address a wide range of issues and common challenges in our practice. ONCE AGAIN… our alumni + students have been asking for this for years! We’ve finally delivered! This bonus alone is worth $197.

3. INSTANT BONUS: Plus — available INSTANTLY (as soon you register for this class! Like, right now!) you’ll get our brand new Statement of Purpose Visioning Guide pdf download, (a must-have/must-do for anyone establishing a practice!!) to pour over and experiment with. ♥ This baby includes a relaxing guided meditation session by Coach Angie, a guided visioning process + journal prompts to develop your own clear policies, boundaries + a statement of purpose for your personal life + practice.

What You’ll Do/Learn

You’ll gain knowledge on how to hold space for your clients and bring the best you to your healing studio, how to deal with releasing, difficult emotions + boundary-crossing situations, how to develop a code of ethics that grounds your practice in high integrity, how to develop a statement of purpose to guide you + your practice, how to set boundaries without being a b%*#h!, how to be trauma-informed so you can truly help your clients with trauma, and how to practice energetic hygiene in your office and on yourself to minimize burn-out. 

Remember, you’ll also get some help developing your Mission Statement with your Statement of Purpose Visioning Guide Instant Bonus!

And Hibiscus Moon is sharing all her knowledge and hard-won logistics on how to be a Boundary Queen or King in her What to Do If… a Crystal Sample Session Policies PDF with sample scripts and policy ideas, including insights for how to deal with awkward client situations and how-to determine policies to keep you safe and prosperous.

This class elective is being taught by Hibiscus Moon Advanced Crystal Master, Certified Earth Medicine Practitioner, Reiki Master,
Team HM faculty member, Crystal Coach, and Curriculum Specialist, Angie Yingst. You’ll be in qualified hands, privy to her years of crystal, energy work, and earth medicine training as well as privy to her best practices developed from years of hands-on in-person work with clients, students, and the community.

Meet Angie >>>

“I have been using crystals on clients in a therapeutic setting for almost a decade. I have watched my clients shift old wounds and deep issues through crystal therapy. I am passionate about sharing my research and training with others so they can become better crystal therapists, stewards of the Earth and of energy work. Believe me, ethics and boundaries were not my strong suit when I started my practice, but I have learned the hard way, so you do not have to. Through my training, I have learned techniques for holding space that honor my client’s sovereignty while preventing me from burnout.”

Holding Space, Ethics + Trauma-Informed Crystal Therapy includes:

  • Holding Space

  • Crystal Therapy Ethics

  • Releasing + Disclosure

  • Your Statement of Purpose

  • Boundaries

  • Shadow Work

  • How to have hard conversations

  • How to give good feedback

  • How to be trauma-informed + create a safe space

  • Energetic Hygiene

  • …Plus Much More!!!

What You’ll Receive

  • 2 Class Videos (approx. 3 hours total)  – The first class focuses on holding space, ethics + common issues faced in energy healing practices, and the statement of purpose; the second class is all about policies, boundaries, how to have hard conversations, learning about developing a trauma-informed practice and energetic hygiene.

  • INSTANT BONUS: Statement of Purpose Visioning Guide – a detailed pdf booklet available for immediate download (as soon as you register… like NOW!) with a guided meditation and visioning process to develop your own statement of purpose and mission statement.

  • BONUS Hibiscus Moon’s What To Do If…a Sample Sessions Policies Booklet – this booklet includes common issues you might face in your practice, sample scripts, how to hold strong boundaries and policies for your crystal therapy practice.

  • Mp3 audio lessons – so you can listen to the class content on the go wherever/whenever you like!

  • Transcript pdfs – great if you prefer to read the content — you can choose to print this out, highlight and take notes.

  • 2 Q+A Videos – where Angie answers common questions about holding space for clients, crystal therapy ethics, and more. 

  • Class Resources pdfs – including relevant links, recommended reading, optional but highly recommended tools, supplies, and multiple resources to enrich and deepen your experience.

  • Lifetime Access to all class materials.

  • ACM NOTE: If you’re working towards earning credits for my Advanced Crystal Master Certification, this class earns you a hefty 3 credits!

We’re offering this experiential class elective/workshop for a tuition of only $147

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Frequently Asked Questions

“Is there a prerequisite for taking this class elective?” Although there are no prerequisites and this class is open to anyone — this class is on the advanced side and would be most beneficial to those who practice an energy healing modality.

We’re not teaching you actual therapy techniques in this elective but instead educating you on holding space, ethics and boundaries, and wisdom for the energy practitioner.

This class lends itself well to any energy therapy modality and is not specific to crystal therapy. If you’d like to take it to the next level when it comes to integrity and ethics, then this is the class for you!

“Will this class make me a crystal practitioner?” No. This class expands and deepens your practice as a crystal practitioner. It’s a wonderful addition to your education if you are already a Certified Crystal Practitioner. We recommend you be already registered in or have completed our Certified Crystal Practitioner coursework or other crystal certification course, but it is open to anyone.

“What do you mean by ‘class elective’?” Advanced Crystal Master Certification is our next-level offering for the Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Practitioner® Course.

ACM Certification, first, involves successful Hibiscus Moon CCP graduation, after which you get to choose a series of elective classes so that you can personalize your ACM journey with a specific area of concentration. THIS is one of those electives you can choose to take to eventually complete ACM. IF you have more questions about this, please email us at support@HibiscusMoon.com

“How many credits does this class earn towards ACM?” This class elective will provide you with a hefty 3 credits toward your Advanced Crystal Master Certification.

“Can I do a payment plan?” No, I’m sorry. There are no payment plans for this class. You can choose to pay via PayPal or credit card. In addition, if you’re in the US, you may wish to take advantage of PayPal Credit where you get to make payments over six months.

“Will I need any supplies?” No.  Not for the classes, though having a pen and paper or favorite note-taking device will be useful, as Angie goes through many specific techniques for the class.

Have further questions? Just send an email to support@hibiscusmoon.com

We’re offering this powerful class elective/workshop for a tuition only $147.

Learn and get connected at your own pace, in your own time, on your favorite device.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a digital product. In order to make this product as accessible and easily affordable as possible, this is a non-refundable purchase. Please understand that when you invest in yourself today, this purchase is final.