4 Powerful Techniques to Reprogram the Subconscious Mind (with Crystals) – Night-Time Routine!


Finally, here I am with the Nighttime Routine!

If you haven’t already read/watched my Morning Routine, you can do so here.


So, the day’s over and now it’s time to hit the reset button and Reprogram the Subconscious Mind for your night time journey and for the next day.

1. Bath Time

First, I may do a Healing Magnesium Crystal Bath for EMF Detox 1-2 week. Click here to see how to do that. Epsom salts help relieve pain and inflammation and also contain magnesium—known to help with sleep.

2. If needed: Calm your Heart

Did you know that our heart is the dominant oscillary resonator for our body?

Its electro-frequency is 60 times greater than your brain’s & its magnetic frequency is 5000 times greater! When you’re not sleeping well its usually because you’re overstimulated, worrying or just plain stressed out. When you’re in these states, your heart gets whacked out, beating faster or irregularly, releasing a stress hormone – cortisol.

How to calm it down?

Loving + compassionate feelings. And crystals work so well to help us conjure up those feelings. I will hold a rough piece of rose quartz that … Read More

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Charging Crystals Under the Full Moon – UPDATED!

charging crystals under the full moon - crystals full moon

Thanks for hanging in there with these lite-blog post versions. Today’s is all about charging crystals under the full moon.

In a few weeks, we should be back to our usual here — but in the meantime, we’re rollin’ with it.

Hope you are too!

Today, we’re covering:

  • Why I feel a monthly crystal “Full Moon cleanse” is NOT necessary
  • Can you put your crystals out during the Full Moon when it’s cloudy? Or when you can’t see the Moon?
  • How about if it’s raining or when there are freezing temps outside? Is that crystal-safe?
  • Can crystals still receive lunar energy benefits through a window?

Crystals Under the Full Moon Resources

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Simple Crystal Money Ritual

OK, are you ready to try my easiest and favorite-est money ritual?

Why is it my fav?

Because it’s damn EFFECTIVE!

Let’s check this out:

Watch the video first for all the steps:

Items You’ll Need for the Ritual

  • 8 bills of currency (any type of currency, any denomination)
  • 8 abundance stones in any form (tumbled, rough, etc.) – these can be pyrite, peridot, green aventurine or natural citrine (or think up some other creative abundance options)
  • 1 green or gold pouch

Please give this crystal ritual a go and let me know how you felt going through the steps in the comments…

OR if you’ve tried a different yet effective money ritual, please share in the comments below!

Prosperous Crystal Blessings to You!

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