I recently received this interesting question about crystal electrical properties:

“I was wondering about something for a while now & concluded that you are the best person I know of to ask 🙂 I have read that amber, jet & some other stones possess electric properties that can create an electrical charge? I don’t really understand this so it may be all wrong, but would you be able to explain it to me please & maybe how I can utilise this property?”

Now, this answer could get painfully boring but I’m not about that. I’m into getting the science across while making it as painless as possible & somehow find the FUN in it!

Crystals with Electrical Properties

Jet and amber both have the unique property of becoming electrically charged when rubbed with wool (inducing a negative charge) or silk (inducing a positive charge). You can geek out on that here.

TRY IT!: the turboelectric effect. I love saying that! 

They can also become statically charged when they come in contact with your body. Then can be discharged simply by running underwater.

This is also a great way to tell the difference between copal, “Colombian Amber” and true-blue Amber. Copal will not be turbo-electric. Not, that there’s anything wrong with copal…just don’t get suckered into paying a high amber-like price for it!

Oh yeah, notice up there that I wrote “stones”. That’s because neither of these are technically stones nor are they crystals. They have organic origins meaning they come from living things. Amber is fossilized tree resin and jet is the result of decaying wood under intense pressure. Cool, huh?


Amber is a wonderful confidence-booster, metabolism-booster, a happy stone, aka “solid sunlight” making it PERFECTO for those who suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) during the winter months. Shout out to those of us in the N. Hemi.!!


This stone is great for protection b/c it transmutes negative energy while also an excellent grounding stone & purifier. Great for those who need to detox their liver and kidneys. 

crystal electrical property

Unpolished Jet. Photo credit: Geni.

So, both jet & amber are good transmuters of negative energy. Could it be due to this turboelectric property? Interesting to think that it might be, huh? Have you tried working with jet or amber? I’d love to hear about your experiences!!

Crystal Blessings,