3 Big 💎 Crystal 🔮 Myths

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crystal myths

Today we’re going to talk about the Three Big Crystal Myths.

Now  before I even get started talking about this. I want to say that no dogmatic buy ins from me. Okay?

You know I love me a mature debate, a respectful debate. If it stirs up a little controversy that’s great!  It gets us all talking and  makes me think and I like when it makes me think and perhaps even see something from a different perspective and maybe debunking some myths while we’re talking about certain things.

It gets us talking.

It gets us critically thinking.

And might even reveal new information and things we didn’t know about and then we can take a look at our old beliefs, things that we held true and maybe look at things in a new way and come to a new conclusion, look at new research.

Ok, are you ready?  Just click play and watch my video below to dive into “3 Big Crystal Myths”.

And lastly if you’d prefer to have the transcript of this video, just click here to download the transcript pdf.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this!  What’s your take on these 3 Big Crystal Myths? I’d love to hear your input and value your opinoins, so tell me about it in the comments below.

Many Crystal Blessings, 





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    1. Hi, in regards to what you said about programming crystals, well crystals have so many different healing properties that I figured that programming the crystal for one of it’s specific purposes helps the crystal to focus on that particular healing or helpful property. How would you respond to this?

  1. I tell my customers to cleanse their crystals when purchased because there’s no telling what they have picked up from the mine to the purchase.
    I have a question: what is your opinion on storing crystals in plastic containers? ..like small storage boxes or divided containers. I had always stored mine in thread boxes but recently started feeling the crystals being opposed to this. I put them in wood or glass containers now. They seem happier..

  2. Hi Hibiscus Moon, I love your work that you share on crystal and I also heard that among the self cleansing stones is Azeztulite, also Selenite, Citrine and Kyanite.

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