Crystal Myths Debunked

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Crystal myths? Well, every interest has its fair share of myths, legends & misconceptions. Right? And I’m in no way trying to say my way is the only way or the right way but just giving you some food for thought here with this post. So, ready to do some crystal de-bunking?

My auralite 23 wand & my rose quartz buddy.

My auralite 23 wand & my rose quartz buddy.

Now you know I love a good mature intelligent debate that stirs up a little controversy or just makes us THINK. Perhaps even debunks a few myths. I love to stir the pot with a pinch of controversy as long as its all in fun & no one gets their panties up in a wad. Its this sort of thing that gets peeps talking, reveals new info & sometimes I even let go of old beliefs for newer & better ones. I have no probs being flexy like that. No dogmatic buy-ins from me.

So let’s tawk!

I would like to discuss the concept of Charging or Programming of stones.

I often get asked by those new to crystals….

“I just got some new crystals. How do I cleanse, charge & program them now?”

Cleansing? Yeah, I’m all for that. I feel we may (or may not) need to reset the base resonant frequency of the crystals, depending on where they’ve been & energies they’ve encountered before we met up with them so why not be safe rather than sorry? Doesn’t hurt the crystal so we might as go ahead & cleanse it just to be safe.

There are many ways to cleanse your crystals

  • sunlight
  • salt water baths
  • let them site in dry brown rice
  • run under flowing water
  • sit in flower petals
  • cleansing breaths
  • sage smoke smudging

Some of the above methods are safe for the crystal & others aren’t, depending on many factors. My new favorite method is safe for ALL crystals &  I discuss just how to do that here in this older video of mine:

So, do we really need to charge up or program our crystals?

Yes, I touched on this in a recent video but I’d like to dive in a little deeper & open it up for a Crystal Hottie discussion b/c I’m sure there are viewpoints I haven’t looked at this from & many ways to see it.

I mean if we believe that certain crystals can help with certain things or have a set of certain properties why would they need us to program them? Oh we’re so enchanted by how clever we think we areso now we’re going to tell the crystal what to do for us? Peee-shaw!

*BTW, I’m purposely pushing buttons here.*push_button

I feel & teach that crystals have their own sort of pre-programmed properties due to there unique vibratory signature; a result of many things including their elemental make-up & specific environment that Mama Earth chose to cook them up in. I also feel that although this vibration can get temporarily knocked out of whack under very special circumstance, it’s not easy to do & it’s temporary.

So…again…does a crystal need me to tell it what it’s good at & how to do it? I think not.

For example, I decide I need to use spirit quartz to help heal some OCD tendencies…do I need to tell the crystal this, program or charge it in some way? Or is it already programmed in its energetic blueprint? I take a simpler more practical approach  & feel the scenario later is the case.

I really love the whole idea, concept & theory of a crystal energetic blueprint  or morphogenic field as its been coined by its biggest proponent, Rupert Sheldrake. According to this theory, there is a sort of etheric instruction booklet for how certain organisms (crystals are also lumped in here according to Dr. Richard Gerber) will look & behave once fully formed. If you really want to get into this shiz ( & BLOW YOUR MIND) here’s a great vid where Mr. Sheldrake summarizes what this morphogenic field is all about. I really feel that’s what we’re dealing with here with our crystal buds. So, for the most part, I’ll just sit back & allow them to do what they were cosmically programmed to do, thank you very much.

Although, I do teach in our Advanced Course how to program clear quartz crystals for special cases, this isn’t something that is always necessary & I don’t feel the program will have staying power anyhow so its something that will continually needs to be re-freshed. I’m also backed by science in sticking with quartz on this  due to its particular molecular structure & specific properties.

clear quartz

Clear quartz

For the rest of the crystals…I leave it up to Mother Earth to do the programming. I think she’s pretty much got that process down pat.

How Often Should You Cleanse Your Crystals?

So what do you think? I’m a big girl…I can take it! Just keep it mature & respectful please in the comments below.

Super Sparkles to you today!!!


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  2. I think you are bang on again Hibiscus! We love fuss and ceremony and often forget that practicality is the workhorse that gets shit done. My crystals are my tools because they work and they don’t need me to interfere with that. If you need some ceremony to help you get your energy to feel the way you want it to that is awesome…the stones are already there and waiting for you : )

    1. I agree with both you and Ruby Toad(love the name btw) I feel both with crystals and Reiki (my main love) people get too into thinking they are in charge. HAH! Source energy knew what it was doing kajillions of years before mankind was invented!!!!

  3. I’ve found that personally I am better off going with my intuition and letting my crystals just do their thing. I recently moved to another state and upon arrival I gave all of my crystals a good rinse under water but really, that’s about all I do. I just find that I get what I need from them without “programming” them.

    That being said, I view this the same I do do tools on an altar. I don’t personally need them, but I fully understand why people have formal altars with tools. It helps focus energy and keep us motivated and if folks are programming crystals I think it can do no harm. Is it necessary for me, nah. However; anything that keeps you participating in your practice and helps you feel satisfied I am supportive of.

    I would suggest that before programming people take time to sit with their crystals, maybe meditate with them and see if they don’t instinctively pick up on some vibes. Sometimes sitting quietly and focusing on a stone or crystal is all you need to do to figure out how it will serve you.

    Great topic, I look forward to hearing more comments!

  4. Hi Hibiscus,
    Wow I love reading what you write. It makes total sense to me and as a beginner I am finding that a lot of your videos and lectures to be very educational.

    Thank You,


  5. Hibiscus,
    I was so glad to read this post! I have read so many places about “programming” and all that, and it just seems silly to me to program a crystal, like it’s an empty thing you can just tell what to do. They already have their own energy!
    Thanks for this no-nonsense post, it’s why I am such a big fan.
    xx Jessica

  6. I don’t think that programming is a totally absurd concept. I agree that crystals “know what to do” with out our interference, however like you mentioned with programming a quartz for a specific purpose, why not do the same with another stone if you feel it would help. In other words, if you have a stone that you know is good for a list of 10 different things but you want to focus that stones energy on just one thing, then I think programming it for your (or whoever if using it on someone else) highest good with the focus on that one specific property. Why not? Taking the extra step to program that stone for a specific purpose also helps to cement that intention in your own mind as well.

  7. Hi all.
    I get the feeling that people want to program their crystals so they can get what they want from them for whatever specific purpose they need it for so they can control the outcome. Though I have found I get more from a crystal by letting it do its shizz for me in the way that it and the universe as a whole feels is for my highest good. This is not always the way I want to to be and it can be damned uncomfortable and maybe this is why some would like to program a crystal so they can control the whole hootenanny and remain comfy etc, to feel like your getting what you want, yet maybe not getting all that you need.
    Just what I have learned from personal experience and seeing the outcomes of what others have done.

  8. Thank you so much for all your blogs and the information you share. I Learn something new from each and everyone I read.

  9. Some great points well made. I only ever ‘program’ a crystal if I wish it to direct its natural energies towards a specific person, for healing (with their permission). Otherwise, yes, it’s like programming a window pane to let me see through it, or a door to open and close, lol.

  10. I used to set in salt water in the moonlight. Lost some crystals that way when I was new to them. Now when I get a new crystal I just hold it in my hand and ask that it help me or anyone else I am working with for the highest good for all. I thank them. I hold them with love in my heart and trust that they will help in any way they can. I am a Reiki master/teacher, so I place the Reiki symbols in them and ask that they become self cleansing. I am happy and they seem to be happy with this working partnership. I have a charging plate that I use if I think one of my crystals may have been around unhappy energy or may need additional cleansing.

    When you think about it…. crystals are formed underground and in the dark, so placing them in water or direct sunlight may not be the best thing for them. Some have fractures and if water gets in there, I think it may possibly cause damage. Just my opinion. My above methods work for me. I think as long as your heart is in a loving place when holding your crystals…then they are in a loving place. <3

  11. Of course I watched the vid bcuz I need my mind blown more….. on that note he said we still have a virgin mind…. Well, I’ll let that slide into my gutter…. 🙂
    Seriously, I think Hibiscus is spot on. I also think you become attuned and then are able to intuit what your stones needs in order to charge, cleanse etc. The is ‘science” and “para normal” . It is possible that items can carry energies from previous people??… We had an old rocking chair from my Grandma’s BF that rocked like she was still alive in it. It would stop when you got upstairs. My Grandpa held some energy (haunt) to the home and the piano. He taught me to play a song by ear…. HIS favorite song. He died when I was 8months old. I was a teenager when he taught it to me. Where I am going with this?? I think Crystals CAN pick up bad vibes but possibly in the scientific way they are just altered in their state from bad vibrations. So cleansing and readjusting the vibration back to “normal Mother Earth” frequency can’t hurt and can help.
    Am I making any sense?
    On the programming I think the the Crystal KNOWS. It is what it is. I believe you can put intent to it ( grids). Then again…… Don’t we PROGRAM them for technology???

    OKAY!! Hibiscus Moon you have totally mind warped me!! I cannot wait to discuss this with my fellow crystal buddy. This is going to be a long winded discussion when he comes to visit. 🙂

    1. Post
      1. ha! ha! I forgot to put my name in there. Anonymous is ME!! The “Rock” as you called me class. Yes my mind is still rolling this around and a friend taking a Reiki Class just asked this question….. “Can we program crystals”. I have not answered yet. I started thinking MORE!! The Lemurian are supposedly loaded with knowledge and the Record Keepers… So I JUST DON”T HAVE AN ANSWER!! SCHIST!
        TY Hibiscus!! : }~

  12. Most of the stones I use are in jewelry. I see charging as more of a mental note to myself as to why I am wearing any particular piece at a time and more along the lines of asking for the stones help in that matter. I also go by feel a lot. I have to fondle everything before I commit to buying it. So I tend to touch multiples of the same item before I will take it to the counter, unless there is only one. So usually if it doesn’t already feel “right” to me then I wont get it.
    Although, I bought a swarovski sphere on a loop once (for a pendulum) with only a very short look over ( I was in a hurry and there was only one) It felt good at the time but when I went home and took a closer feel. I swear the thing stayed “ICE COLD” in my hand past the 5 min marker and made me feel severely anxious and jittery and almost scared! Thankfully I have come to realize when things aren’t my own energies and I was able to quelch the feeling right away and not let it affect me.
    SO….I say yes, sometimes you NEED to cleans them but not always. Oh, to cleans mine I just set it in my window sill on a bed of Epsom salt on a full moon and now its all good. 🙂

  13. We are made up of the same elements as the earth, we’re not seperate from it but connected to it by our life force energies, we share the same connection with Crystals. How many of us have gone along with our feelings/intuition when browsing in a Crystal store, leaving with a Crystal that has called to work with us? You get home and read up on it to find its exactly what you need at that time. Is this not the Crystal’s energies interacting with ours? I do believe in asking the Crystal to work with us for our highest good and i do believe in thanking them (just my way), but i believe that Crystals know what we need and do not need to be specifically programmed. 🙂

  14. Hello, Hibiscus! Thanks for the post. If I understand you correctly, it seems quartz crystals are those that would need the cleansing/programming while other crystals w/ inherent properties might not (ie rose quartz = love/healing, amethyst = calm/meditation). And is it possible that some crystals come with inherent programming best left intact so they can perform their tasks as programmed?

  15. Rather than telling (programming it) the crystal what I want it to do, I ask to be able to use it’s energy for my highest and best good in what ever situation I need help in.
    Love you and thanks for sharing your passion <3

  16. Hibiscus Moon ~ bless you for not being afraid to address ! I’ve recently discovered your website & You Tube channel, and absolutely loved your newer posts on using energy to cleanse / refresh our crystal friends – which is what I do and my babies love it! Most other methods have never resonated with me, e.g. soaking in salt water, leaving them in sunlight, or even washing them under running water; I have laid them out to get the energy of the full moon, but usually use white light, my singing bowl, and Reiki energy to refresh them.

    Personally I’ve never felt the need to program any of my crystals – they each have their own specific qualities and they know exactly what to do and how to best do it. There’s a reason why I was attracted to them in the first place, so I don’t try to dictate the how, when or why of their energetic assistance.

    I appreciate the fact that you are flexible and open to different / new perspectives that resonate ( more) with you; that’s a quality I greatly admire.

  17. Crystals ARE program-able, as any technology savy student can tell you because they are actually used every day for this purpose…. in computers, phones, clocks, etc.

    Crystals grow in a crystalline structure that allows the passage of light, thought, and memory… it will store information. Does it necessarily store this information forever? No. If it did not store this information at all, then there would be no need to even cleanse a crystal because if they are not program-able then that means they won’t carry a negative vibe… or any vibe for that matter… they would forever be neutral… which we know is not the case.

    Everything has the ability to hold onto energy as it is all made of energy that changes from one form to another since it cannot be destroyed but only transformed. Thought is energy. Emotions are energy. “Programming” is nothing more than imprinting your energy onto another object or person. Items that contain crystalline structures (which includes people by the way) hold onto these energies more easily, however, nothing is permanent.

    So its not a matter of whether or not it is possible to “program” a crystal… but whether or not to do so is “ethical” by the magical community standards due to the simple fact that it is about one entity holding power over another. However, perhaps it can be seen as two symbiotic creatures working together to create a better life…. talking to each other and helping each other out. But that is an entirely different subject than whether or not it is possible.

    So perhaps instead of “de-bunking myths”, this conversation should be titled “personal preferences and the ethics behind how humans use magic” to control their environment to how they want it to look instead of transforming it in way that they need.

  18. Thank you Hibiscusu! I have always thought&felt this myself. I have programmed my crystals, as I’m always told I should, but they didn’t work any better&in some cases not as well. So now I trust my crystals to know what they are doing xx

  19. I believe you are spot on, it’s makes logical sense to me 🙂 Cleansing and energy charging? Absolutely! I don’t program my crystals per se, but if I am working with one towards a specific result (one that is within the many properties that the crystal may have) I do let it know which of it’s attributes I would like it to direct it’s energies towards. I don’t go into any type of big ceremony, I don’t have an altar for my babies, they are everywhere LOL!!

    So, no specific instructions from me, just more like a request to channel the energies towards what result I need help with. I leave the workings up to the crystal, it’s energies and the higher power the energy comes from.

    Since I started really working with them, (which hasn’t been very long, Studied yes, worked with, not really) I never could quite grasp the concept of programming…at least not in the way all of the books or some teachers teach it. It’s like let the crystal do it’s thing, it knows way better then we do 🙂

  20. Hello, Hibiscus and all you Crystal Hotties!

    If you want to drive a nail into sheetrock, you use a hammer.

    If you want to drive a screw into sheetrock, you use a screwdriver.

    If you drive the screw with the hammer, you damage the sheetrock you’re trying to help.

    If you drive the nail with the screwdriver, you are completely ineffective.

    You use the right tool for each job, because even if the effect – driving a tapered peg into sheetrock – is essentially the same, the process is different.

    Crystals have different vibrational frequencies and other properties. Trying to program a crystal to do something it’s not designed to do is wasteful and disrespectful, because there is a crystal out there whose capabilities enable it to do what you want done and because you are not honoring the crystal that you’re trying to program to be something other than what it is.

    Certainly intention plays its role. Nothing happens without intention. But just like in every other area of life, good intentions can come to naught without correct and effective action.

    You don’t need big crystals to be effective. I have a large collection of (mostly) small crystals that I adore, and they perform every bit as well as larger specimens for almost everything – and they don’t cost a fortune to buy.

    So go out and get a more complete set of crystals so you’ll always have the right tool.

  21. I prefer to think of it as giving a crystal a rest rather than cleaning it. On occasion I have “retired” crystals by burying them with no intention of digging them back up. I have worked with crystals since the late 70’s so I have seen many crystals come and go as they needed.
    As for the programming I find that certain crystals feel a little more right than others depending on what I need to do. I might have a bunch of clear quartz but I usually find certain ones I reach for for different purposes. I don’t think this is programming a stone so much as learning the individual stones personality. If I have a crystal that doesn’t feel appropriate to the task I pick another. Like my friends, crystals have different personalities and I might not take the same one to work or school that I might keep near or in my bed or on my person as I sleep.

  22. I have always loved gemstones and crystals but really got into them after I developed PTSD and had a nervous breakdown. The crystals and stones helped my healing when THEY started talking to me. Now as a christian this seemed kinda strange but I have always believed in the paranormal since I was little so I let it flow.

    I make gemstone and crystal jewelry and work with them and let them guide me. I do not program, I listen to how they say this and this will help this. and this stone with this crystal will go with this animal totem just fine.

    I prefer to think of them as other entities since they all have a divine spark inside of them.

    I do cleanse them if I have them out where other energy can get to them and suggest that customers cleanse them when they get them home, but I do not really program them, because I have listened to them in what they tell me they can do

    Now I might program a crystal to be a little bit more about healing trama but I am going to start with a crystal that will do that on its own anyway, like amazonite.

    as a witch, I work with nature. if I was a wizard, maybe I would program because yes they can be programed, but why do that if you use the right crystals anyway.

    so for me it is yes and no. it is about purpose and intent and need.

  23. I think that the word ‘programming’ is more of the problem. Like you say, it gives the feel that you are telling the crystal how to suck eggs and is a bit disrespectful towards towards the crystal who has been carrying out their work for many more years then we have been here! I feel though that when I need a crystal for a certain ‘task’, then I like to sit with it and affirm my intention. I feel that this strengthens my link with the crystal and also in some human way, signs a contract, by which we both have our parts to play. I am currently working with an Inner Child Quartz (or Bridge Crystal) and a Phantom Quartz to work with and heal my Inner Child, and although I have not ‘programmed’ them, I have been working with them for this purpose and have imparted my intention to them.

    On another note! I have been working with crystals for as long as I can remember( I grew up in Cornwall, UK. In an area where china clay was produced and as a result various quartz and amethyst were lifted from the earth for me to find on my adventures as a child) and the thing I LOVE about crystals is that you can never stop learning. I only came across your site and videos a few months ago and love the way you work and have learnt a lot and I thank you for that. Am looking forward to your next post.
    Crystal Hugs 😀

  24. I have read many, many, many, articles and taken classes and courses on programming crystals. It all just seemed to go in one ear and out the other, in other words it just didn’t feel right. This is the first thing I have ever read in over 15 years that makes sense to me. Thankyou for making me understand what I think I already knew, you are truly a teacher and a blessing. : )

  25. I’ve just begun working with crystals over the past week or so. Intuition told me to “clear and charge” the stones I got simply to give them a rest from having been handled by so many other people and shipped around from pillar to post. I just asked each one if they’d like to get reiki to release any unhelpful energies and get back to their neutral state, and got positive sensations from most; some just gave me the impression it wasn’t necessary.

    As for “programming”, I’ve been picking them up and asking if they’re willing and read to work with me on improving my health by sharing their qualities, and have had positive responses. It’s a partnership: I keep them clean and safe and give them love, and they help me to feel well. At night, I ask if they’d like to rest on a selenite plate, and am guided by their response. So far, so good.

  26. I LOVE this article. As a Native American who follows an Ancient Egyptian path I learned to love stones when I learned to crawl. I call stones Geb’s Mineral babies (Geb is the Egyptian Earth Father) My Native American grandfather told me that “stones were here long before people and they know what to do. Don’t be presumptuous and tell a millions of years old stone what to do. You just have to “meld” your intentions to theirs and stand back”. I make jewelry, pendulums, amulets and such and have for over 35 years. I tell my customers you don’t need to charge the stone – let it charge you. The stone knows what to do, then I quote my grandfather.

    Thank you for putting this out there – LOVE IT!!!!

    1. Post
  27. Greetings! I’ve been following your blog for a while now
    and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Dallas Tx!
    Just wanted to mention keep up the fantastic job!

    1. My take on that would be, we’re not programming the crystals were programming (setting the intention of) the grid 🙂

  28. Apart from Clear Quartz, which I believe is a crystal that can take ‘recordings’ for want of a better word…. though I’m not so sure whether I personally have the ability to mind meld with a quartz… but why not… it’s possible right? 😀 I feel it’s more about setting intention. The crystals have their set resonance, and as you say, it can be tricky to alter that, but possible. I’m also showing a little respect for the grand make up of ‘all that is’ and I imagine that I mix my ‘intention energy’ the crystal energy and the clients energy until we get some harmony going.

    I’ve had some interesting experiences once the ‘music starts’ ~ messages, knowings, intuitions, aura info… all of which ‘blow my mind’ ‘cos I have know idea what’s coming, but I do know that usually once I’ve got the main seven chakras humming more will be revealed to me. On occasion I will feel the clients pain monetarily, which indicates to me not only what other extra points need attention but that there’s far more going on vibrationally than I can explain; and honestly, I don’t want to. I think we are infinitely more capable that we realise and have senses that we have long since forgotten about.

    So programming crystals like setting the central heating system, no! But tuning in so we are all (me, crystals and client) on the same wave length. Yes I believe that, ‘defo’ xXx

  29. That makes a lot of sense. I’ve always subscribed to the “cleanse, charge, program, repeat” mentality. But lately I’ve been rethinking that. I find that when I “program” a crystal, what I’m actually doing is 2 things: First, I am attuning myself to that crystal’s vibrations, thereby helping me to be more receptive to its energies. Second, I am “programming” myself to think of this crystal a certain way, training myself to think of it as a talisman to any particular “job” I need it to do for me. So I’m not telling the crystal what it will do for me, I’m telling myself what this crystal will do for me.
    Thank you Hibiscus Moon for another great post!

  30. Please can you put a little X on those pesky little reminder discs? thank you…
    I inherited some Crystals, from a person I didn’t much like the energy of. In that case I did re-programme them to remind them that they only worked for me now….removing negative energy & etc saying the prayer of protection etc….Otherwise I think you are right….one’s own energy will be in alignment with them anyway, if they were meant to be with us in the first place….
    Peace & Love x

  31. Hi, I am new to working with my babies, I have admired loved and collected crystals and stones forever, my question here is that i am learning a lot about what crystals can do and it seems that many crystals have a lot of properties, the things that they can help with, and i’m curious that with programming is it possible that it is kinda like asking the crystal to focus more on 1 or 2 of the healing attributes that it offers rather than all of it properties. At least that’s what it feels like when i am setting my intentions with my crystals. Like through my affirmations i am more or less focused on certain properties of my stones. So how far off am I?? Crystal Blessings EV1 <3 🙂

  32. The universe works in such wonderful ways. This was a topic of discussion with one of my crystal buddies just this past week! I tend to agree with you. The stones know their own properties they do not need us to tell them their jobs. We humans have such egos, don’t we? Lol. I find if there’s a certain “job” I’d like from a stone, I will ask it if it wants to participate by using a pendulum. It’s amazing who volunteers and who decides they will sit this one out. They never let me down when I work with the volunteers. After all, when volunteering to work on a project the stones are having the option of expressing their excitement and freedom of choice.

  33. I am also new to the healing properties of stones, gems and crystals yet I have collected them for years. So when a friend asked me if i happened to have a Rose Quartz laying around I said YES I have 2 from when I went mining with our youngest child years back and an amethyst. There are other stones I will need to re identify and find out what does what to help what. Any and all help is appreciated! Now that I am a bit sickly it sure was wonderful to be able to pull out the mined gems we had.

  34. Hi Hibiscus,
    Thanks for the info, just what i thought, if you want a lovely to do a certain thing yeh fair enough program it but let them do their thing naturally like mother earth intended!!

  35. I feel like programming is not telling the crystal what to do, but telling it which of it’s natural properties we would like to focus on. They all have more than one! 🙂 It helps us focus and meditate if we get really specific. It’s as if we are programming ourselves by going through those steps.

  36. Awesome blog! I l Love learning from you. I have no real belief or opinion about programming one way or another or a crystal have a certain set of properties ……

    .I am not really inclined to program them or read a book and decide a crystal does a certain thing…. I feel like I want them to reveal themselves to teach me I love to just listen to the crystal and pray to Spirit as I cleanse it that it vibrate to the frequency it was meant to and that any and all trauma be released in the White light of Spirit…when I do this with a Rose quartz of mine it usually gets slimy and i feels like itself again to me ..I am a novice through and through I simply want to tune in listen and let it do what it wants to help me along my spiritual Path ….I recently got two Crystal Points however and I asked my oracle cards what they wanted to help me with and the answer for both was intention and manifesting –which was cool since I got them for grids ….so I take that as the crystals saying hey lets work together …whats your intention or “program” we will magnify that or you …it was kind of cool so now I feel I can use them in this manner

  37. Thank you for this post! I have read so many things about programming my crystals, and I have quiet a few (though not nearly as many as I want!). I kept thinking, ‘OMG! how in this earth do I find the time to hold each stone and ask/tell it to perform it’s energy for me?!’
    I always felt they know what to do, why should I have to tell it? This is SUCH a relief to read, and the responses from so many other crystal lovers confirms it in my mind. I love your blog and the emails are great!

  38. I think what is happening is that you are inprinting your energy on the crystal by methods that appeal to you weather its useing a sing bowl or smugging it. I guess its a form of programing. Do you do different programings for different crystals? I was wondering have you ever used auralite? I find them quite good to meditate with.

  39. You’ve actually given me a new perspective on this, thank you. I have always thought crystals needed to be charged because that what most people say on the net. This is the first time I’ve heard something like your point of view. And hearing it I can agree. This seems to make a lot more sense to me than I had expected. But, I do have a question. Not so much as charging a crystal but in doing the same techniques could this in turn make its already programmed initiative, stronger?

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  41. We are merely a vessel to aid in the healing process. The crystals are a tool and when used correctly and the energies are in sync with the body and mind, a very powerful tool. It seems ironic that some people feel omnipotent enough that they think that they can tell an energetic force of the earth that is older than humanity how to use it’s energy. The crystals have their job to do. Help them to do it or get out of their way. To be blunt, you are not their “god”. You are their “minion”. They have the power. You are simply there to aid in the physical directing of that power. Cuz, let’s be real. A rock can’t move itself…..or can it? Hmmm. A future discussion, perhaps.

  42. Thanks for another thought-provoking blog. I always take my new crystals to my singing bowl, because I’ve been told to “cleanse” every new arrival. Maybe what I’ve been doing is just welcoming them to their new home. It feels right to do it.

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  44. Yes! This is how I’ve felt for so long. I mean I’m not against people who want to program their gemstones it just isn’t for me. I’d rather not control something that knows what it needs to do better then me. But I have a question my mentor says that because of all the crystals i have I’m effecting the energy miles away. Is this true scientifically? Are crystals that powerful when all together that they can cause problems or effect things miles around in every direction?

  45. I received in the mail today a bunch of new quality crystals that I ordered from a reputable source. The energy being enjoyed from the was amazing. I removed the first crystal from the box, “programmed it”, and to my disappointment the energy or type of energy it emmited was nowhere near as intense or accurate as it was before. The crystal almost seemed to have taken on my own personal energy field. So, I learned the hard way, and can agree with hibiscus moon that crystals and stones DO NOT need to be programmed.

  46. Is it really so difficult to simply appreciate the beauty of crystals? Do we need to attach all sorts of silly, childish magical properties, to what are just chunks of highly alligned naturally forming particles? I’ve got nothing wrong with displaying them, or wearing them, etc, but I just cringe when I see people applying silly fantasy rules to them. It’s the magical thinking of a child.

  47. Hi Hibiscus Moon! First off, love what you’re doing and your no nonsense approach is spot on. One question regarding rebooting the crystals with sound; My house is usually filled with all kinds of music from classical to metal on vinyl, CDs and cassettes and then of course my dog sings along with me and my guitar at a particular pitch and can be quite tuneful at times, so is it necessary to also use a tuning fork or singing bowl?

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