Crystal Meditation for Peace – Join Me?

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Won’t you join me in a Crystal Meditation for Peace? 

In these current times of conflict & apparent separation…here it is…just for you.

Watch the video so you can see the special little setup I did for you & the crystals I’m working with for our meditation for peace.

You can bookmark this and come back to it & use it whenever you’re feeling the chaos of the world is starting to pull you into Overwhelm City, whenever you need to find peace.

Alternatively you can download the audio version by clicking on this link >>>

DOWNLOAD: Crystal Meditation for Peace mp3.

If you don’t have the specific crystals that I’m working with, not to worry because that’s the whole point…I’m going to work with the crystals and do a little something to share the energy out to you. ♥

But if you do want to do the same meditation with crystals you have at home, you can use:

  • Lepidolite
  • Gem Silica 
  • Amazonite

I know Gem Silica’s a really hard one to find. In fact, if you can only find 1 of these crystals, that’s fine. If you can’t find any of them, no worries, I have them for you. 🙂

If you have some lavender essential oil go ahead and grab that, but it’s not necessary…just an added serenity component to get in the zone for meditation.

Crystals for the Meditation for Peace


Lepidolite is a wonderful choice for peacefully calming energy.



Amazonite is known as “the peacemaker“.  Don’t we need that right now?   The peacemaker. Plus it has a beautiful hexagonal crystal structure…working the Sacred Geometry.  Just gorgeous! 


Amazonite (photo credit: Rob Levinsky of

Gem Silica

Gem Silica is another peacemaker.

gem silica

The gem silica that I have is really chrysocolla encrusted with clear quartz. Total sparkly-ness.  I think it’s one of the most beautiful crystals in the world.

And I’m also going to burn some lavender essential oil in an aromatherapy diffuser. Any organic brand is fine.

Let’s Meditate

Take some deep breaths and just get into the relaxed state, alpha brain waves state.

In our meditation I use a copper tetrahedron structure to amplify the energies of the crystals.  (In the video you’ll see the one I had made for doing crystal work, for meditation and sacred geometry work.)

And then send peace, this energy that we’re going to work on together here, out into the world.

So we’re going to get quiet and focus on your breath.

Focus on the peaceful feeling in your heart, and focus on the energy of the crystals.

Focus on your breath, focus on the peace in your heart and focus on the crystals.

Inhale deeply, taking the deepest breath you’ve taken so far today and exhale all the air, sending peace out, radiating it around the planet.

Let the energy of lepidolite, gem silica and the amazonite envelope us.  It envelopes us in this bubble of peace that’s around the whole entire planet.

A peaceful energy.

Feel this energy in every cell in your body.

Amazonite and gem silica are working together as peacemakers with our energy, with our vibrations.  Lepidolite adds its calming and balancing effect.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Sending out gratefulness for the ability to release this peace and to work together with the vibrations.

So much love and light and peaceful energy radiating out from your being.  Connecting with all of us.

All are one.

We’re all connected.

We’re connected here together, we’re from all over the planet. And our vibrational waves are meeting up with each other in the ether.

Isn’t that a peaceful feeling?

I’m so grateful to all of you for joining in this meditation, for being here joining me and all of us.

Now, visualize beaming love and peace from your heart center. Beam it out!

Thank you love beings, that wraps up the meditation.  We’re going to end it there.

How was that? Nice, huh.

We can really beam this energy around because you know we need it right now, this is all we need to do. We need to send out love and peace.

Stop with the negativity. We’re not focusing on that. We’re focusing on positivity, love, peace from heart center, from us to everyone.

So many blessings of peace going out to you & everyone.  We are the peacemakers, right?

We are the peacemakers.

Thank you for joining me in sending out peace, love and positivity!  I hope you enjoyed this crystal meditation for peace.

During this meditation, were you able to tap into that peace and love and send it out from your heart?  Send it out to the world?  Please share your experience with me in the comments below.

Crystal Blessings to you Peacemakers,

Hibiscus Moon

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  1. LOVE YOUR VIDEOS! You can actually feel the peace and love emanating from the computer screen! Since I’m a visual person, they are TREMENDOUSLY helpful!

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  2. Hey, HM!

    Awesome meditation video, and thanks for putting up the MP3 for download. I felt fortunate to have the Amazonite on hand, even in bead-strand form. It’s not as rich in color as the raw stone you have, but it *is* the same stuff. I would be inclined to add rose quartz to the vibes, as I’ve always associated it with Mother Mary, and while I am far closer to being Pagan than anything else, I still acknowledge her role as a cosmic mother figure. Rose quartz truly holds unconditional love-energy, which this world needs, and would pair well with the other stones you have in your grid. 🙂 I particularly like an Amazonite/Rose quartz combo, and I can even see adding clear quartz points to further amplify things. 🙂

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  3. I just watched this and could feel the energy radiating. What a beautiful energy to share. We do need more of it in this world.

    Thank you. You are awesome.

    Joan Costa

  4. Hi,
    Thanks SO much for this, Hibiscus and everyone else. I have joined you a bit late, but have done the meditation with you now.
    Thanks so much again – I had some lepidolite and amazonite.
    Susan in Australia

  5. Hello Hibiscus!
    I just did the meditation with you again today. I was with when you did it live on Facebook. It was very powerful then & it is just a powerful today. I plan to keep this link so I can repeat the meditation when I feel the need. I didn’t have the crystals you but I held my clear quarts to help amplify the energy. Love & Peace

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