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Enjoy this week’s Livestream!


Please feel free to leave your comments and experiences below.

Crystal Blessings,


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  1. Aqua marine good for? (Scorpio) right now I am wearing 2 rings set in Citrine both natural and without any treatment. What if I wanted to add amethyst along

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    2. I have been medertion with rose cyrsal s for a white now they are so awsome to use witch I love them very much I have just odered some more has my other ones the colour s are fadeing way on them now 😘hope to ere from you soon

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  2. I’m huge into crystals, have an ever growing collection. The one that looked like selenite, is there a good substitute for it? Something that can do the same or similar things and isn’t so pricey? Thank you for that meditation session, it was just what I needed. I saw blue sparkly light and it filled me with a warmth and I felt tingly. You are awesome. Much love and light, Crystal Goddess 🌛🌕🌜

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      I couldn’t think of or find a sub for the beryllinite but I do find that clear quartz has a nice quality to it that can be used instead in a pinch… or simply tap into the specimen in the above video. 😉

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  3. I have metered internet and cannot do videos. I can read blogs or articles so I am sad that once again someone I admire is turning to videos and away from writing.

    1. Hi Chris, Hibiscus Moon has actually been doing videos almost 10 years now, it’s a good portion of her social presence. Maybe you could go to a public library or cafe and use their internet? It must be frustrating to not be able to watch her videos, I hope you can find a way!

  4. Good Morning
    I would like to say I love your e-mails .. I take notes e-mails …joined other groups ..all in the quest of learning about crystals. I like your new business plan I believe you will experience so much more !! looking forward to the future !!


  5. I keep falling to sleep when I listen to meditations & like – more often than not. Do you have any idea why that happens? Does that mean that the energy is too high for me?

  6. Hello Hibiscus moon,
    That was really fun; there I was in a blue calcite cave that glowed with light and had a little waterfall and pool. I began to laugh which is not what I usually do during meditation. It was nice not to feel so serious.
    Here is a question about my experience with crystal meditation; The moment I begin my deep breathing I go into a big yawn with every breath and often, tears just roll out of my eyes! This has been going on for three years. I did research this, but found no answers. I mention this experience because it happened again when I began to meditate along with you during this video! I did not expect my body to take this meditation this way. Now I feel happier and more relaxed.
    Thank you,

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