How To Organize Your Crystal Jewelry Without Driving Yourself Crazy

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I’ve shown you all kinds of crystal storage setups & different things over the years. But never my crystal jewelry storage…yet!

Crystal Jewelry Storage_FI-1

I’ve shown you how I store my tumble stones.

I’ve shown you how I used to store my more high-end Crystal pieces in my collection (it used to be in my dining room china cabinet, which I no longer own.)  With my recent move I got a curio cabinet dedicated solely to my more “higher-end-collectors-pieces” and I did a Facebook live stream showing that, but I’ll do an actual dedicated video of that once I get it organized the way I want it to be. Coming Soon! …or maybe not too soon….we’ll see. 😉

B/c you’ve asked, today, I’d like to show you a new way that I’ve been using for my crystal jewelry storage (aka my sacred stash of Sparkly Bling.)

I used to have all my jewelry setup in my dressing area & although it was a larger area it wasn’t all that well organized…AT ALL.

I was often dealing with a tangly mess of necklaces & digging for things that I could never find!

But since I’ve moved I needed to find a whole new setup because I just didn’t have the room in this new space to have it the way I used to. And I knew I needed to find a better way. Now that we’ve downsized into a smaller home, I’ve had to get creative with a new storage system for my stash.

crystal jewelry storage

Not that I have a whole ton of jewelry, it’s not like that; I think I have a moderate amount.

And I recently lost & found it ALL (Some of you know about that situation…I discussed it all in my Glitter Updates.) If you’re not signed up, you can get on the list here).

My Solution

Now…I’ve got this over the door hanging mirror thingie I found at Ross. I also found it for ya on Amazon here & it comes in many different “wood” colors to match your decor. Oh…apparently, it’s called an ARMOIRE.

I love this piece b/c it’s working in my new smaller space efficiently & beautifully by hanging on the back of my door.

I’ve got my Seeds of Light earrings from Dream Seeds stored beautifullyI like keeping the little cards that go with them because it has their correspondences & it tells what crystals are in the earrings…in case I forget.

There’s also a handy mirror to see how your earrings look after you put them in…or to help you find that darned little earring hole!

Now, I don’t keep precious jewelry in this jewelry storage case. Valuable stuff should be stored more safely. Less easy to get at.

I was excited to show you this b/c I just think it’s a genius way to make efficient use of space & have my crystal jewelry stored with easy access & no need to go digging for things or untangling necklaces, etc. while I get dressed.

Tips for Organizing Your Crystal & Gemstone Jewelry

One of the biggest organizing tips that we often hear is to:

Have your stuff  organized in way that allows you to quickly & easily find what you need.

I think I’ve achieved that. 

While organizing my crystal jewelry in this new way I realized there are a few ways to split up your collection (& this goes for anything really!):

  • By type (all rings together, all bracelets together, all earrings together, you get the picture)
  • By length or size (all the longer necklaces on 1 side, shorter on the other)
  • By product line (all my Dream Seeds earrings hang together)
  • By color (I really like this for my rings & bracelets so I can choose items to wear based on the kind of light frequencies I need that day or simply by what matches my outfit!)

BTW, if you want more…I have some general crystal collection organizing tips here.

Do you love it?  Do you have a system like this for your sparkly stash? Maybe something BETTER? Keep in my mind that my method may not work for you or your space or your personal routines & no 1 method will work for us all. I just wanted to share what I do so you can maybe get some inspiration from it & then you can do your own thing.

Maybe you can think up a whole new way to organize. Try some stuff out & please let us know what you discover in the comments below!

Crystal Blessings!

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  1. Great suggestions! I’m always interested in how people store their crystal friends. 🙂

    I generally keep my crystal jewelry on pretty plates or in small candle holders and unique containers I find at thrift stores.

    For my tumbled stones I have my “home” crystals on a small chachtkie display shelf and my “work” crystals (the ones I use for Reiki) in this multi level decorative bird feeder I was gifted.

  2. Thank you for this! I would like to ask if you have any good bits of info on how to clean intricate silver jewelry with stones inlaid in them. I have a polishing cloth but that only seems to get the outside of the silver clean and shiny. I have some really intricate pendants that have flowery bits surrounding the stone and I have never been able to clean in and around those bits. I have read that it is not good for the stone to submerge a pendant or ring into a silver polish solution as it can harm the stone and/or loosen its setting. Thank you in advance for any information you can provide!

    1. Take a few Q-tips, soak then in the silver cleaner chemical/solution and gently press on the silver without touching the stones, rinse with water, dry and polish . You may repeat this technique if needed. This is how I clean all me sterling silver jewelry with pearls

      1. That is what I do too. Also once the silver is clean and dry you might try storing it in tissue paper. This helps keep it shiny longer. Simply wearing it helps to achieve that as well…..

  3. Thanks for sharing. It is a nice case.

    Feedback on the video … The background music is not soothing. It was so jarring that it caused me to abandon the video mid way through.

  4. What a great idea! I have all mine crammed into a small jewelry box on my dresser. Your idea is much more efficient! ?

  5. Love seeing how others organize things because I am an organizing freakazoid! Thanks for sharing. I live in a humid coastal region so leaving my jewelry out in the open isn’t really an option for me. That would drive my little organizing heart a little crazy anyway. All of my earrings are stored in a hanging, double-sided thing that I bought at TJMaxx that has all these small clear pockets. I hang it right inside my closet door so it’s out of sight but very accessible when I’m looking for the pair I need. The rest of my jewelry is in a jewelry tower that has two doors on either side that open up for necklaces and a gazzillion drawers for everything else. It belonged to my grandmother and was passed down to me. I like how everything in it has a place.

  6. Congrats on rewarding yourself the stunning Papagoites! Amazing!!
    Best wishes & look forward to reading your 2nd book.

    1. Joan, you voiced my sentiments so I’ll leave a response here. Hibiscus Moon, I loved your book on crystal grids and look forward to your second book. By the way, I had not heard of Papagoites until I read this blog, so I searched and found a beautiful Quartz with Papagoite crystal cluster. You’re always such a great resource.

  7. This is GENIUS! Thank you so much for posting! I have quite a lot of crystal jewellery too and have been looking for a better and aesthetically pleasing storage solution for ages. Thank you!!

  8. I also have one of the lover-the-door jewelry armoires. It appears to be the the same as what you’re showing. They are available at Oh my gosh, it is amazing! Like many others, I had dish of this and that on my dresser, in a tray in the bathroom, and a jewelry box with things I hadn’t worn in ages or forgot I had. With the armoire you can view everything at a glance. It’s not only practical but something about it feels special…like a jewelry apothecary storage.

  9. What a fantastic idea. Saves space & allows you to see everything too. Thanks for sharing.I do remember when you lost your jewelry& was so happy you found it! I LOVE all of mine so I know I would be heartbroken. I am working on buying the Sacred Geometry necklace you are wearing; Flower of Life. It’s my goal to get one soon. I used to design jewelry & now make bracelets for my clients after a Crystal Healing session, as a crystal prescription. Thanks for all of your love , light and inspiration. I am proud to be a graduate of Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy.

  10. I LOVE that labradorite ring <3
    Also thank you very much for the idea. I´m going to search for that kind of closet myself.

    Have a good one, sweetie! Many Blessings! *kisses*

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