9 Signs You May be a Crystal Hoarder | Part 1

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Have you seen or heard of that show “Hoarders“?

OR perhaps you know of some hoarders in your life.  Some of us have family members or loved ones that just popped into our heads, right? 

Crystal Hoarder Part 1_FI

OR…are you getting that little niggly feeling that perhaps YOU might be a Crystal Hoarder?

Hey, it’s OK if you are…many of us get that feeling. I know b/c I hang with a pretty crystal-obsessed bunch of which I may be the worst obsessor of them all. 😉

OK, I know I like to joke around…but this is serious shizzle here. Watch this …

Sharon could be me

…she could be you.

It’s not comfortable to think about but yeah, she’s one of us Crystal Hotties!

**Sharon, if you’re reading this…you are loved, you’re one of us & we’re here to support you.**

I know from experience that it can be all too easy for this passion of ours to take on a life of its own and before you realize it, you’ve amassed a huge collection of stones & rocks you barely ever use…if at all.

Some may be packed away, some may be collecting dust or you may just have too damn many!

There’s no denying that there are just so many beautiful crystals & gemstones out there! Many that you might feel a strong pull toward or an inextricable connection to….or a compulsion to collect THEM ALL!

crystal hoarder

If you take a look around your space & realize that you have more crystals than you do flat surfaces, it’s very possible that you’ve entered the realm of a Crystal Hoarder, rather than that of a Crystal Healer or a Crystal Collector.

It’s much like any addiction…yeah I said it: ADDICTION…buying crystals just makes us damn happy…in the short term anyway.


Hey, maybe you have all good intentions…you’ve got all these crystals, but you’re just not sure what to do with them. If that’s you…I’ve got a blog post that can help with that over here.

Justifying your HUGE Collection with a Rational Reason

It’s a valuable investment. Right?

Some justify their compulsion with this sort of thinking…

“Well, this crystal collection I have is worth a lot of money! It’s an INVESTMENT.”

Hate to break it to ya, but it just don’t work like that. Metaphysical woo-woo’s like you & I who are willing to pay top dollar for an entire collection are VERY few & far between. Like a “needle in a hey stack” far between.

So you think…

“Oh well, you know…those geeky mineral collectors will def. pay top dollar for my sparkly collection!”

Think again!

If your collection is not kept pristine, all in boxes with proper mineral labels then your collection has a ZERO dollar value to them.

And usually there’s a big difference between the minerals that geo-geeky mineral collectors are interested in and the kind us WOO-FOLK are into.

Annnnnnd…unless you plan on selling each specimen individually & know a whole lot of geology about it, most mineral dealers looking to purchase the entire lot will only be willing to give you from 50%-1%  of the value of the entire collection (yeah! I know redick!…and depressing.)

So forget that whole “investment” idea.  Just let that one go…

[Let’s take a little break to look at a snippet of my “higher end” cabinet collection pieces below:]

crystal hoarder

9 Signs You’re a Crystal Hoarder

This may come off as funny, but for some of us these are very real scenarios…ahem…personal experiences included here!

  1. You consider yourself a Crystal Junkie who has their very own Rock Dealer…”Say my name.” (you know I had to squeeze in a Breaking Bad reference in here!)
  2. Your monthly bill at your local or online rock shop beats your monthly food bill
  3. You’re thinking/talking about adding on an addition to your home…you know…a sacred space Crystal Room. You’d rather have that Crystal Room than the extra bathroom your family so needs to get ready in a timely manner in the morning.  Yes, I seriously considered this.
  4. You’re embarrassed by it & avoid letting others see or know about it…like the full extent of it. I know we really shouldn’t care what others think about us, but often times this embarrassment creeps in as a way to actually help us out. It may be a sign that this is something you need to take a closer look at b/c you’re feeling badly about having over-collected or over-spent & you may need some support in dealing with this issue.
  5. You keep acquiring more crystals, but don’t really use them or properly display the ones you already have.
  6. You regularly empty your bank account on MORE CRYSTALS, maxing out credit cards & incurring extreme debt over them.
  7. You know you have what you need somewhere…but your collection is so big or so disorganized you can’t find it. 
  8. You have obsessive thoughts or fears of running out of a crystal, misplacing it or getting rid of it & then needing it later
  9. You have a really hard time getting rid of the crystals you really know you should get rid of: like duplicates, ones you never use, or simply ones that you know really aren’t for you….but you just can’t bring yourself to part with them. 

If you’re seeing yourself as a hoarder & think you may like some helpful tips, stay tuned b/c next week here on my blog I’ll be delivering just that.

Now, keep in mind… you can still have tons of crystals & not be a hoarder.

So how do we tell the diff?

Harmless Crystal Lover or Hoarder; Which are You?

Signs of a healthy Crystal Lover & collector:

  • You have a sense of pride about your crystal collection + showing it to others; experiencing joy & gratitude in displaying them & you’re happy to show n’ tell
  • Your crystals are kept clean, well-inventoried, cared for & organized
  • You have a strong sense of accomplishment & satisfaction when adding to your collection; rather than dread, loathing or self-disappointment
  • You carefully budget your time, space allotment & the money devoted to your crystal collecting
  • You make great use of your collection, you work with it regularly, finding it to be quite practical & functional

Let it be known that this is a fine line I often find myself walking between: Crystal Lover & Hoarder.

Real talk here. My crystal-collection-mindset is something I have to remember to be aware of & work on all the time. I don’t think there’ll ever come a time when I just won’t need to pay attention to it b/c that is exactly when my collection will get seriously OUT OF CONTROL!

I know it & own it.

So what usually happens is I’ll sneak over into the “Crystal Hoarder” department, realize it (b/c I’m regularly assessing myself), clear out some of my collection back down to a more practical & manageable collection (more on that coming up next week) and then get myself back on the Lover side…for a while anyway. 😉

This ended up being a HUGE topic that I had a lot to say about so Part 2 on:  ‘What to do if you think you may be a Crystal Hoarder’ is here. 🙂 

Let me know in the comments if anything I wrote about here sparked off an “aha” for you. Do you have Crystal Hoarder tendencies? Do you see yourself as a Crystal Lover or a Crystal Hoarder?

Crystal Blessings & Much Love,

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  1. Yep……hoarder!! When it comes to rocks and minerals I am as helpless as a slug in a lettuce patch…….I do, however, know that there is an organised person hovering deep inside, who surfaces periodically, and sorts it all out….but she has been hibernating for quite a while!!

    1. Ha ah: I consider myself a crystal lover although your reference to spending more than my grocery bill rings a bell. I have been there twice and so now when I go to a show I take my pendulum to confirm whether or not to buy. I just love the beauties especially the amethyst and clear quartz. I have scaled back considerably with the help of my pendulum – so I am a lover bordering on the hoarder because I do have crystals in baskets – no place to display them. I look forward to part 2

    2. Reason 10. You have thought about divorce but would have to give up half of YOUR collection which is totally out of the question.

  2. HA! Stephanie, I have been thinking about my crystal closet and all those sparklies I keep there because I don’t have room for them and wonder what to do. However, I have not purchased anymore for a long time. I look forward to next weeks blog. Thank you so much for posting this one.

  3. I was afraid I was a hoarder, but realize I haven’t overstepped the bounds yet. I haven’t allowed my collection to get so large that some have to be packed away; I’d hate to do that to any of these beauties. Plus, I carefully write down each one I buy, & what qualities they have. So…whew! Thanks for taking away the guilt!

  4. So far, just a collector (and user) of crystals. I’ve decided to now only collect specimen-types, to keep down the frequency and amount of purchases. Since specimens are usually bigger and more expensive than tumbles or smaller stones (of which I have many), I have to think twice about spending the money and display space on them and it usually reins me in a bit. Also, I insist on displaying *all* of my crystals somehow (even if it’s in a clear mason jar or whatnot). I have a *tiny* house and I hate clutter, so this also keeps me in check.

  5. This is ALL SOOOOOO relatable!! 😀
    I too walk that balance between hoarder and healer but I can say I’ve not put my family’s financial well-being at risk. Whew!
    However, I can empathize with those that have stepped over that line because the temptation is so very, very real and so very, very powerful!!
    I do however, have some of mine “packed away” but in an organized fashion and in an organized cabinet so that I can access what I need as I need it. I do rotate some pieces out from time to time so they can sit out in the window sill or on the bedside table etc. I do have my altar space that always has crystals at work! Oh boys and girls, this is such a crazy, spectacular ride!!!! I LOOOOOOOOOVE it!!!!

  6. Guilty on both accounts. When we sold our former home I used my rock specimens as decorations. It was a selling point. Sold house in one day. We had made a Medicine Wheel in our backyard. Think rose quartz, white marble chips and black obsidian. And 36 very specific gem/rock stones on top of the MW. And then there was the front yard with a black obsidian river running through it. Huge boulders and landscaping rocks. Planters filled with you… guessed it…. rocks which did get transported to the new house. We created a new rocked in front and backyard at the new place with Goddess Statues and shrubbery. Still use my biggest stones as decorations throughout the house. I also like bowls and crystal decanters full of small tumbled pieces, heart gemstones or just quartz crystals. Obsession….I think not. Just….Love Bright Shiny Objects. Oh I forgot to mention all my jewelry. Ha! Ha! They bring me great pleasure. I often ask people who travel to find a stone on their travels to bring me. I write the date, country/town and my friends name on them and place them in that planter. I have rocks literally from all over the world. I use crystals for my own self-healing crystal layouts and Reiki. And my favorite rock is from someone’s driveway that is beautifully shaped.

  7. I’m dancing right on the edge of being a hoarder. I actually went overboard and have pulled myself up in the last month. I even sent a friend a beautiful apophyllite cluster I had because I realized that I had more than one. It’s just so hard to say no to crystals!

  8. Not quite a hoarder, I need to do some cleaning. But I have crystals for crafts organized in 1 kit, 2 containers (1 natural, 1 cut & polished) all labeled & weighed in their own containers, and their are 6 glass display cases with well displayed pieces ans the larger loose ones are in only 3 places. I just need to keep up with the dust better. But thats on a household level, not just my crystal babies.
    But I do go overboard on purchases etc. But I have sold a lot and made a lot more than I paid. My collection hasn’t really cost me a dime considering the ones I have sold.

  9. Oh, and yes, I have my own dealer as well as my own geologist, with a doctorates degree, which checks out my purchases for me to be sure any crystals I bought anywhere but through him are what I was told it was if im not familiar enough with the mineral myself.

  10. I’m not sure if I’m a hoarder, but I bought a huge collection from my boss. They belonged to her dad who catalogued them in a folder. I’m doing the same in onenote with pics and I carry at least one stone daily. They are hard to part with as it’s his energy I can feel. Either way I love them and have added my own to the collection and am learning so much each day.

  11. I am a healer collector and a giver of crystals. I believe they come to me and leave me as needed. Thank you for writing this. This is truly one of those posts that runs a line between fun and serious. I think this is quite an important conversation to have. I too think I balance between hoarder and lover simply because I think I don’t NEED everything I have. I am quite fortunate to have not gotten into financial problems but there are times when I have felt guilty for spending. I have three trusted suppliers so there you have it. Two too many 😉 One high end, one who has exceptional polished pieces and one who is simply a beautiful soul and I enjoy supporting her business twice a year when she passes through.
    I think reading this will open my eyes a bit and will be a reminder next time I become distracted by a sparkly shining powerful crystal. – peace.

  12. I’m doing much better by limiting my online purchases. That’s usually my weak point for any collecting. I also set a price limit when I go to the fair.
    But I do have trouble deciding which stones to keep and which to part after a dig. I have a lot of tourmaline, quartz, lepidolite, mica, & pegmatites and I don’t know if I want to gift/sell some or wait to see if I need it in a craft/working. They are all just so gorgeous!

  13. I’m still on the crystal lover side but I do watch myself for duplicates and I allow dups for grids but other then that I keep to one of each. I have my crystals displayed and full inventory with all geological info in a note book. I only spend about $35 every few months but in the beginning I was definitely a hoarder I got it under control by selling off what I didn’t use at least once a week. Now I’m back to a regular crystal lover.. it does take a lot to know the difference though.. thanks for the post….

  14. My heart goes out to this lady! It seems like she is lonely or looking something to fulfill her spirit. She needs an outside person to come in to help her organize: display her crystals (they are feeling her low energy) start a biz to sell unused treasures, give away.
    The Crystal Healer Course & Energize your Heart & Soul Soul Centered Biz Marketing Program would be great start for her. Blessings, Love & light!

  15. Totally more on the horder side 🙁

    Hard to pick one up without it wanting to go home with me. Better than puppies I guess.

    Have started to give many away. Keep small bag with me and hand them out as I feel they are needed. Almost always well received. Thinking about leaving them in public spaces as “found treasures”

    You know it’s a problem when you have a rental storage unit with thousands resting inside.

  16. I do have a dealer who gives me great deals however the crystals I buy are displayed proudly in my room and also during any sunny day are set out for a nice Sun bath the extras I have I intend to make into jewelry and sell or just freely hand out to whomever I see in need of one as I always have them with me in a bag that I carry each in its own special pouch or viles and I’ve already given up quite a few I’ve given Maybe 12 to my uncle 3 of my father about 13 or more to my mother 2or 3 to my local mail lady as well as if you to a good friend of ours not to mention even gone as far to mail a friend of mine and Arizona probably about 20 different ones as well as a full set of 7 to a friend of mine to help open each of his chakras and we’re traded some back and forth that I’ve had and he didn’t and he had and I didn’t so I think I’m doing pretty good though I do need to budget a little better due to the size of my collection now in the amount of crystals I have I don’t see myself buying any for quite a while until I need to reup to making more jewelry as I go to conventions anime related and other where people know the power of these gems and what they can do and I get such a great feeling every time I had one out and an even better one when I hear that it’s actually helped but that’s no surprise to me

  17. I would love to be a Crystal Hoarder, but I am on a pension and money is too tight for this passion. Also I live on a 40 foot boat so space is very tight. I have a small but good collection and I carry some stone all the time. I would love to be able to splash out and buy some I would love to own but I am very hard with myself.

  18. Hmm. Lover in danger of becoming a hoarder; that’s me. I’m a newbie, so right now I’m just trying to amass a collection for healing purposes. That said, I could easily fall down the rabbit hole of buying anything that’s sparkly. *:). I like the idea of using my pendulum to determine whether that gem is a “want” or a “need.”

  19. I just started out about a month ago and have 50 crystals ?so I know how fast n easy it could be to become a hoardor. I even have my husband wanting/buying crystals.But as for now, I’ll say I’m done ?

  20. Hmmmmmm!! Well lets just say that I proudly display my collection in our home, outside our home, inside my crystal shop, outside my crystal shop and I love each and every one that I have. I have a scratch patch where I have the most beautiful selected tumbles in sand for children of all ages (parents included) to dig for these beauties and o dear, how many do I find here that I have displayed in glass vases and lovingly put my hand in it, pick one randomly and just enjoy the absolute beauty of it:) I just love, love, love it. I am proud and so grateful that I was given the opportunity to be able to work with Crystals all day. With absolute Love and adoration I show them to customers and friends and passionately discuss them with interested parties. When purchasing for my shop I sensibly know which ones will not go on display for sale and which will go to my collection:) Because I do this sensibly (to a point):) there is only gratitude and no guilt. O yes, I can carry on and on, but will just get to the point “I am a Crystal Junky, oops, I mean Lover:)

  21. I am very clearly NOT a hoarder because a few months ago (12???) I signed up for a group that trades their metaphysical items that no longer work for them for something else and I traded a few of my collection for something that wasn’t evencrystal-y. I miss hose spheres! Especially the rose quartz one.

    ….on the other hand one of the first things I did then planning (still just an idea in my head) to move into a Mobile Micro Home I decided that I would be putting special storage in to transport my crystals and if I hadn’t come up with a suitable idea I probably wouldn’t have moved forward with that plan….

    So, in the fence??

  22. Tis a fine line I walk – I am on a very low income (fortunately?), even so I know I do spend too much.

    Part of the reason is I am on a learning curve; with greater understanding I have a better idea of maintaining a balance in my collection – which is not quite there yet – I would say that! However, along this path I find I am collecting crystals that maybe I don’t need (I think). Looking forward to hearing tips on clearing crystals out of a collection. Finding hard to give away any at present.

    One method I use to get to know all my crystals is to arrange a tableau – for example depending on intuition I will arrange 1 or 2 or 3 colours. Currently I have a display of red and blue which includes jasper, mookiate, hematite quartz, petrified wood, rough garnets, little sandstone rocks I found graduated across to blue side, the display ranges from azurite, chrysocolla, larimar, celestite, aquamarines, labradorite. Previous displays have been all white & clear crystals, another an arrangement of amethyst, smoky quartz and black, for example, nuummite, black quartz, obsidium, hematite and tourmaline.

    I have a chronic illness, and spend a lot of time in bed – with these arrangements close by I can simply gaze at my crystal landscapes or reach out for a particular crystal for meditation. This helps me to get to know my crystals and by changing arrangements I keep my crystals from collecting dust.

    Thank you so very much for this article – looking forward to further on this topic.


  23. I will say a crystal lover.
    I keep a strict inventory and actually have a list of the 58 small pieces I own.

    I know that I have a tendency to collect, so I preemptively set up this inventory list to help combat that so it wouldn’t get out of control. I

    find that having a visual representation of everything lets me know if I need to give something away, add something, or, really, just be done adding things. I hope this suggestion can work for other people!

    1. What a good idea! Thank you! It never occurred to me to count them. I usually only buy them one at a time and thought I had kept the amount in check. However, the last time I cleansed them, I was a bit surprised as to how many there were. Do you count each individual stone or a collection of the same stone as 1? For example, I purchased a collection of 22 small unheated Citrine tumbled stones from someone who had had them since the 70’s. What do you think. 1 or 22?

  24. Well I am a Crystal lover and I also work with them. I do have a wide selection and my guides tend to lead me to the ones I need the most. As a teaching complimentary therapist I often advise students and clients through using my self taught knowledge of crystals about ones they may find beneficial for their own personal use. I watched the hoarder video and wow bless her, someone who hoards like that no matter what they are hoarding has something missing from their life. They do not feel fulfilled within their life and are looking for that something that is missing, unfortunately this leads to what we have witnessed in the video and has now turned in to something more serious. I am proud to show people my Crystals and share my knowledge and they are cleansed regularly but as much as I love and respect them, I love and respect myself and my husband more and would never dream of putting Crystals before our well being. Sending love and light to all with healing thoughts going out to hoarders of any kind x

  25. yes, definitely walking that line between hoarder and lover, lol. they are like members of a family and i could never get rid of any of them.

  26. I am very happy to say that I am a crystal lover! I get great pride in showing off my collection of stones, and I always show off my new babies when I get them. I have used my crystals in healing both others and myself. Every night before bed, I ask which of my babies want to spend 20 mins or so with me. At times I just instinctively know which needs to be with me or my husband. I was guided to this path several years ago , and I am filled with gratitude everyday that I was.

    1. Thank you. I was afraid to mention that, each night before I go to bed, I choose the stones that feel right to keep next to me for that night. They provide gentle energy to help me sleep more restfully. The one constant is my favorite Angelite which spreads its calm over everything.

      1. please dont ever feel like you can not speak your mind.. what works for you may not be what works for others… but you should always be true to yourself and not be embarrassed to share! I have had my fair share of ridicule, they are rocks, they cant do anything! but I know the truth, and those who feel that way are the ones losing out. I am so happy that my post was able to allow you to express yourself. you should spend some time with an Aquamarine and Blue Calcite… they both help to speak your truth compassionately while protecting sensitive people from harshness. have a blessed day 🙂

  27. Great discussion! While I do have a LARGE amount of crystals throughout my home, they are displayed with Love & pride. Friends say they can feel the “good energy”when they come over. I graduated last year from HMCA and incorporate my crystal healing , with Chakra balancing & Reiki in my psychotherapy practice. I made an Abundance & Prosperity grid and believe that it helped in my business.
    I found the video heartbreaking. That poor woman wanted the crystals to do her “work ” for her. She didn’t truly have the intention needed to let go. She needs our prayers and healing energy. I LOVE my crystals,and can’t/don’t use all of them, but love to have them around me. Intention & balance is key .

  28. Thank you so much for sharing your insights. You’ve allayed any fears I might have had and have assured me that I am not a crystal hoarder. Almost my entire collection is within my sight and reach next to my laptop in two beautifully clear acrylic trays, divided by stone or intention into a variety of mini glass, wood, and ceramic bowls and glasses. Each one is known to me. The only time I get really crazy is if I cannot find one. Then, I am frantic, searching for it, until it’s found and back in its place. Phew!

  29. Love all the discussion. There is so much insight and aha moments here as each person shares their experience. Thank you, All!

  30. I love my crystals! I have many many many.. and I tend to give them away as gifts or when I feel somone needs one of them. I enjoyed this blog.

  31. I’m a crystal lover for sure and take care of my collection with love and pride, very interesting to read and I can see how it could get out of control.


  32. I’m definitely in between lover and hoarder! I can actually go into my local metaphysical shop and not come out with a new piece, but every now and then I will totally be called to purchase a new piece and then I forget all about my budget LOL I believe working with crystals is something my family would find a little too woo woo, so I haven’t shown them my crystal collection or other spiritual tools. This does bother me…

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  35. I’m not a hoarder BUT I find myself spending quite a bit on crystals for everyone else. I just want to buy everyone a crystal lol!

  36. So I’ve only been collecting crystals for about a year and a half at this point and I admit it I have about eighty and only two crystals that I think are higher quality . Including a beautiful clear quartz and a nice blue calcite . I have a few questions . One does dust degrade crystal quality ? I happen to live in dust city and my crystals are on surface space . Two when you talk about crystal storage I don’t know what you’re referring to . I do have mostly tumbled stones at this point and I did see you video about storing tumbled stones in bead containers and I would do that, however, my fear is If I can’t see them I won’t use them . Three when you do get to the point where you are becoming addictive what do you do with the crystals .

  37. Please, don’t be afraid to talk, show, or display your crystals! I have been in the same place and can tell you that it’s not fair to hide your love for something! Sure, some people may think it’s silly, but the fact is that crystals have DNA! Once you start explaining why you love something people start to see you have a different way of looking at things and it can change their thoughts on the subject. You are blessed to have a connection with these beings, so please don’t hide that!

  38. If you use your crystals and get pleasure out of them then you are not a hoarder. If you stack any away not to be seen by anyone, including yourself, then you are at least on the edges of being a hoarder. If you have so many lying around that you can not remember them and if your ashamed of them then you are a hoarder. ME? I use mine have a bedroom wall full of boxes all labeled up all stored on Sage beds ready for use at a moment. NO I am not a hoarder I’m a user. Of course that’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it.

  39. Im pretty sure collecting gems and minerals is a dopamine addiction. I take an interest in something, I end up with alot of that thing. I get satisfied and I move on to another thing.

  40. I’m very appreciative of this article.
    Yep it can get out of control if not kept in tight check????

    I definitely fall into the rocker lover category. ✨??

    My stone babies are each selected carefully.
    99% for a healing property that it has and very needed.
    I rubbed off on my family lol.
    My husband wears pieces, I bought for him as well as my kids.. Have their own.
    Lol yeah its a family thing.
    My best friend as well.
    Referenced to where, when, purchased.
    Pages in books are marked to show what I’ve already purchased..ie:loose stone, pendant, ring etc.
    Properties listed.
    All loose, jewelry pieces are in my custom-made, “first aid kit as I call it!”
    Painted. Charged and compact.
    I counted a couple weeks ago, yep it’s an amazing love for sure?
    They are used regularly. And recharged regularly. Full moons especially?⛅️
    And very subtly a few larger pieces are around my home.
    Though I swear it’s like keeping a bear in a cage… Because lord knows… I’d love to buy giant geodes etc.
    but, the budget comes first.
    Love & light to all☄✨

  41. P.s.
    I’ve gifted many stones out…..
    When they no longer wish to be mine.

    Some helped and felt like they needed to heal others. (After cleansings of course and recharging properly):))

    Then if needed.
    I find something else that calls to me.

    It’s wonderful to see the pleasure others have from the stones.

    Truly an experience to share.???✨

  42. My goodness, I am sure considered a Hoarder for sure! And I knew it already! I look on my desk and see the beauties around me. I open my closet and see the tagged containers that I visit often with all of the beauties in them. I have spent that extra $ and passed the amount that was way more then my food and other bills. I did try to stop and then I would see one I just had to have! 🙂
    Loved reading all of the responses!

  43. Angela, try to access the page from a different account and see what happens? If you can view it, then the page is fine.

  44. Definitely a crystal lover. I have a small collection, and they all are special to me. There are many crystals I have seen that are beautiful and I would love to have, but I may already have that crystal and do not need another, or it doesn’t “speak” to me so I know I don’t really need it. I just follow my intuition, since deep down I know best. 😊 I also have to be wary of costs, so I like finding my crystals in places that you normally wouldn’t think to find them – like antique stores. I have found quite a few treasures that have been forgotten at antique stores, and for very cheap. And they seem to be happy to be of service again.

  45. I’m a crystal lover/user as needed. I don’t think I’m a full on hoarder lol but my pretties do tend to be neglected sometimes BUT I have a 2.5yo and a 9mo so I have a legit excuse ! LOL

  46. I don’t consider myself a crystal hoarder. At this point, I don’t have enough space to display more than what I have. I can understand how easy it would be to buy too many of those sparkling beauties. It is hard to walk away from them.

  47. I live in a semi, there is no room for me to be a hoarder. I have 2 containers one for tumbled & one for raw. I wont lie when I say the raw collection is about full. I keep selenite & smokey quartz in both to keep them clensed and charged. I have a crystal monthly subscription I look forward to every month because I get 4 new babies. When I first started I bought a 2lb mix from EBay. And I must confess, I can’t refuse one of those “fill the bag” displays. I have no problem giving away duplicates. I made a crystal bag for my husband and one for my baby sister. I keep rose quartz in my water & will be getting one of those glass water bottles with smokey quartz soon.

  48. I live in a semi, there is no room for me to be a hoarder. I have 2 containers one for tumbled & one for raw. I won’t lie when I say the raw collection is about full. I keep selenite & smokey quartz in both to keep them clensed and charged. I have a crystal monthly subscription I look forward to every month because I get 4 new babies. When I first started I bought a 2lb mix from EBay. And I must confess, I can’t refuse one of those “fill the bag” displays. I have no problem giving away duplicates. I made a crystal bag for my husband and one for my baby sister. I keep rose quartz in my water & will be getting one of those glass water bottles with smokey quartz soon.

  49. I saw this and thought oh no, I’m busted. Then I read it and realized that, woohoo, I’m not a crystal hoarder, I’m definitely a lover. This was amazing to read. I had never thought of it as being an addiction. Thank you so much.

  50. I think both this article and the video contributes to creating self doubt in the people who are attracted to crystals. I mean there is inner guidance. YOU know what you are drawn to. I feel for the lady in the video , because she is in self doubt. she even thinks crystals are not helping her. i bet that is not true. Crystals by their very nature are designed to help. if she or her family knows it or not , their energies are obviously working in background and Whats with this article discouraging people by focusing on the possiblity of ‘you are not able to sell it’ , does hibiscus moon just want to write something because she wants clicks? why not write by focusing on the possibility of crystal exchange hands, they move on to new owners, why say you cannot sell them? If you can buy it , you can sell it. There could be a discernment needed and boundaries drawn about how much you are buying , but to project that your crystals value will be 0 just because they are not kept at museum quality level is , just a projection. they do have value. some of the natural ones are very much desired. there are always new waves of people being drawn to the healing energies of crystals.

    Its my observation that Hibiscus moon has a lot of intellectual knowledge, speculation and ability to advertise and market her page & product, but lacks wisdom. I dont sense much wisdom from her.

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