Have you seen or heard of that show “Hoarders“?

OR perhaps you know of some hoarders in your life.  Some of us have family members or loved ones that just popped into our heads, right? 

Crystal Hoarder Part 1_FI

OR…are you getting that little niggly feeling that perhaps YOU might be a Crystal Hoarder?

Hey, it’s OK if you are…many of us get that feeling. I know b/c I hang with a pretty crystal-obsessed bunch of which I may be the worst obsessor of them all. 😉

OK, I know I like to joke around…but this is serious shizzle here. Watch this …

Sharon could be me

…she could be you.

It’s not comfortable to think about but yeah, she’s one of us Crystal Hotties!

**Sharon, if you’re reading this…you are loved, you’re one of us & we’re here to support you.**

I know from experience that it can be all too easy for this passion of ours to take on a life of its own and before you realize it, you’ve amassed a huge collection of stones & rocks you barely ever use…if at all.

Some may be packed away, some may be collecting dust or you may just have too damn many!

There’s no denying that there are just so many beautiful crystals & gemstones out there! Many that you might feel a strong pull toward or an inextricable connection to….or a compulsion to collect THEM ALL!

crystal hoarder

If you take a look around your space & realize that you have more crystals than you do flat surfaces, it’s very possible that you’ve entered the realm of a Crystal Hoarder, rather than that of a Crystal Healer or a Crystal Collector.

It’s much like any addiction…yeah I said it: ADDICTION…buying crystals just makes us damn happy…in the short term anyway.


Hey, maybe you have all good intentions…you’ve got all these crystals, but you’re just not sure what to do with them. If that’s you…I’ve got a blog post that can help with that over here.

Justifying your HUGE Collection with a Rational Reason

It’s a valuable investment. Right?

Some justify their compulsion with this sort of thinking…

“Well, this crystal collection I have is worth a lot of money! It’s an INVESTMENT.”

Hate to break it to ya, but it just don’t work like that. Metaphysical woo-woo’s like you & I who are willing to pay top dollar for an entire collection are VERY few & far between. Like a “needle in a hey stack” far between.

So you think…

“Oh well, you know…those geeky mineral collectors will def. pay top dollar for my sparkly collection!”

Think again!

If your collection is not kept pristine, all in boxes with proper mineral labels then your collection has a ZERO dollar value to them.

And usually there’s a big difference between the minerals that geo-geeky mineral collectors are interested in and the kind us WOO-FOLK are into.

Annnnnnd…unless you plan on selling each specimen individually & know a whole lot of geology about it, most mineral dealers looking to purchase the entire lot will only be willing to give you from 50%-1%  of the value of the entire collection (yeah! I know redick!…and depressing.)

So forget that whole “investment” idea.  Just let that one go…

[Let’s take a little break to look at a snippet of my “higher end” cabinet collection pieces below:]

crystal hoarder

9 Signs You’re a Crystal Hoarder

This may come off as funny, but for some of us these are very real scenarios…ahem…personal experiences included here!

  1. You consider yourself a Crystal Junkie who has their very own Rock Dealer…”Say my name.” (you know I had to squeeze in a Breaking Bad reference in here!)
  2. Your monthly bill at your local or online rock shop beats your monthly food bill
  3. You’re thinking/talking about adding on an addition to your home…you know…a sacred space Crystal Room. You’d rather have that Crystal Room than the extra bathroom your family so needs to get ready in a timely manner in the morning.  Yes, I seriously considered this.
  4. You’re embarrassed by it & avoid letting others see or know about it…like the full extent of it. I know we really shouldn’t care what others think about us, but often times this embarrassment creeps in as a way to actually help us out. It may be a sign that this is something you need to take a closer look at b/c you’re feeling badly about having over-collected or over-spent & you may need some support in dealing with this issue.
  5. You keep acquiring more crystals, but don’t really use them or properly display the ones you already have.
  6. You regularly empty your bank account on MORE CRYSTALS, maxing out credit cards & incurring extreme debt over them.
  7. You know you have what you need somewhere…but your collection is so big or so disorganized you can’t find it. 
  8. You have obsessive thoughts or fears of running out of a crystal, misplacing it or getting rid of it & then needing it later
  9. You have a really hard time getting rid of the crystals you really know you should get rid of: like duplicates, ones you never use, or simply ones that you know really aren’t for you….but you just can’t bring yourself to part with them. 

If you’re seeing yourself as a hoarder & think you may like some helpful tips, stay tuned b/c next week here on my blog I’ll be delivering just that.

Now, keep in mind… you can still have tons of crystals & not be a hoarder.

So how do we tell the diff?

Harmless Crystal Lover or Hoarder; Which are You?

Signs of a healthy Crystal Lover & collector:

  • You have a sense of pride about your crystal collection + showing it to others; experiencing joy & gratitude in displaying them & you’re happy to show n’ tell
  • Your crystals are kept clean, well-inventoried, cared for & organized
  • You have a strong sense of accomplishment & satisfaction when adding to your collection; rather than dread, loathing or self-disappointment
  • You carefully budget your time, space allotment & the money devoted to your crystal collecting
  • You make great use of your collection, you work with it regularly, finding it to be quite practical & functional

Let it be known that this is a fine line I often find myself walking between: Crystal Lover & Hoarder.

Real talk here. My crystal-collection-mindset is something I have to remember to be aware of & work on all the time. I don’t think there’ll ever come a time when I just won’t need to pay attention to it b/c that is exactly when my collection will get seriously OUT OF CONTROL!

I know it & own it.

So what usually happens is I’ll sneak over into the “Crystal Hoarder” department, realize it (b/c I’m regularly assessing myself), clear out some of my collection back down to a more practical & manageable collection (more on that coming up next week) and then get myself back on the Lover side…for a while anyway. 😉

This ended up being a HUGE topic that I had a lot to say about so Part 2 on:  ‘What to do if you think you may be a Crystal Hoarder’ is here. 🙂 

Let me know in the comments if anything I wrote about here sparked off an “aha” for you. Do you have Crystal Hoarder tendencies? Do you see yourself as a Crystal Lover or a Crystal Hoarder?

Crystal Blessings & Much Love,

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