Crystal Healing with Black Morion Quartz

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A true Morion quartz should be black, no brown hue & most definitely not an irradiated smokey.

This is a piece I had  in my possession for a short blissful while. He’s pretty HOT, right??


This is a new kind of crystal for me…Black Morion Quartz (had to do a vid while I had him quick b/c I knew he wouldn’t last long…yes, he’s since gone off to his lovely new owner):

So, as I suggested in the video, I did a bit ‘o researching & here’s what I found out about the word “Morion”:


Webster’s Dictionary: “A morion is a type of open helmet used during the 16th and early 17th centuries, usually having a flat brim and a crest from front to back.”

Indeed, here’s what a morion looks like:

This makes a lot of sense being that this gorgeous crystal would be wonderful to use for transmuting negative energies & protection!

Sparkles, Glitter & (((HUGS)) to you, Chick Peas!

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  1. Thank-you for another awesome video! I LOVE Morion Quartz. It is my favorite for grounding and protection. I picked up a piece almost 5yrs ago and it is one of 3 crystals that I always carry with me in my purse.

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    2. I love Morion Quartz too. I suffered long-term bereavement grief after my Mother’s death, grandmother (my Mum’s Mother), and my Aunt & Uncle’s death and Depression for a few other reasons, and I have low energy, so I use Morion Smoky Quartz, a Morion sphere I put in front of me, and a healing Morion pendant about 5 cms long. I need Morion Smoky Quartz! Smoky Quartz & in particularly, Morion is a good ‘dark side’ healer for those with problems & troubles from the ‘dark side’ of negative emotions, spirits or life. Morion works healing & transmuting ‘dark side’ negative & evil energy into the more positive. It heals Depression, fears, anxiety, confusion & suicidalness. Morion is more intense in healing of Smoky Quartz so heals more intensely for more long term or chronic negativity. I also have Scottish ancestors who loved Smoky Quartz.
      A good blog article on Morion Quartz that 1st influenced my using it: ‘Using Morion Crystals in Energy Work and Healing’ by Remedy Grove:
      How do you post pictures? I’d love to post pictures of my beautiful amazing Morion quartz pieces.

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  4. Hi gorgeousness, just seen this video about Morion Quartz. My hubby and I went fossicking up past Armidale NSW Australia and we came across 2 pieces of Morion.
    They are very special pieces and we found them alongside tourmaline, topaz, citrine and of course smoky Quartz

  5. After shoveling my sidewalk onetime in winter. My hands got really cold and I swear I had frostbite. When I went inside finger tips were tingly, itchy and numb. Instead of blowing my warm breath on them I just got the idea instead to hold my Morion Generator Quartz. In doing this I believed it helped made the pain, the itch, and the numbness go away in hands and especially my finger tips. As I was holding my Morion Quartz at first it being really cold was very uncomfortable. Then I realized that my whole hand was gonna hurt no matter what with or without the Morion. Then I transmuted the cold energy from the crystal into warm energy being absorbed by my hand. In doing this I was able to generate heat into my hands making it feel like i was slowly sweating but inside out. After a few seconds my hand felt really good as the warmth started to spread. I think it is pretty amazing how holding natural black quatz can ease/ sooth frostbite. So now when a walk my dog in winter I just hold a large piece of rose quartz in my jacket pocket instead of wearing gloves. I usually use Morion Quartz when it gets to frostbite conditions…….
    I love Morion Quartz by the way. LOL.

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