A true Morion quartz should be black, no brown hue & most definitely not an irradiated smokey.

This is a piece I had  in my possession for a short blissful while. He’s pretty HOT, right??


This is a new kind of crystal for me…Black Morion Quartz (had to do a vid while I had him quick b/c I knew he wouldn’t last long…yes, he’s since gone off to his lovely new owner):

So, as I suggested in the video, I did a bit ‘o researching & here’s what I found out about the word “Morion”:


Webster’s Dictionary: “A morion is a type of open helmet used during the 16th and early 17th centuries, usually having a flat brim and a crest from front to back.”

Indeed, here’s what a morion looks like:

This makes a lot of sense being that this gorgeous crystal would be wonderful to use for transmuting negative energies & protection!

Sparkles, Glitter & (((HUGS)) to you, Chick Peas!