5 Tips to a Better Night’s Sleep…the Crystal Healing Way

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BORING DISCLAIMER: I think you already know that I’m not a doctor & am not giving medical advice. Crystals should be used as a compliment to & not as a replacement for regular crystals for sleepmedical care.

So…sometimes, a good night’s sleep eludes us all at 1 time or another. I went through a period there when it was happening to me several times a week. That was rough!

Now, that many of us live such fast-paced and stressful lives with less physical activity studies have shown that insomnia is on the rise. I feel it may be a combo effect of our hurried lifestyles couple with the Yuck & Stuck phenom I’m always harpin’ on about.

We all know that lack of sleep starts up a domino effect that ends up influencing many areas of our lives; concentration, relationships, weight,  emotional well-being, decision-making, communications, spiritually. All of this…left untreated…eventually ends up effecting our health.

And the quick-fix remedies of sugar, Monster drinks & coffee just make matters worse by releasing hormones that wreak havoc on us physically, emotionally & spiritually. Using the opposite (sleeping pills) carries dangerous side effects + addictions.

So, what can we do Chick Pea?

Well, I can tell you how I use crystals as sleep remedies.

Here are my 5 Crystal Healing tips & remedies for sleep:

Tip 1: Calm your Heart

Did you know that our heart is the dominant oscillary resonator for our body. Its electro-frequency is 60 times greater than your brain’s & its magnetic frequency is 5000 times greater! When you’re not sleeping well its usually b/c you’re overstimulated, worrying or just plain stressed out. When you’re in these states, your heart gets whacked out, beating faster or irregularly, releasing a stress hormone – cortisol.

How to calm it down? Loving & compassionate feelings. And crystals work so well to help us conjure up those feelings. I will hold a rough piece of rose quartz that I work with frequently (I have a really good connection with this piece) or a smooth & polished rose quartz heart directly over my heart chakra while thinking on feelings of peace, gratitude, compassion & love & doing long slow deep breaths. I may also visualize little pink hearts pouring out to the Universe on each exhale. ♥♥♥♥

These feelings have been shown over & over again to reduce cortisol, bringing coherence to your heart & brain (allowing your brain & heart rhythms to synch-up: that’s a good thing!), allowing you to enter a restful & rejuvenating sleep state. Within 5-10 min.  you’ll be breathing more relaxed & deeply naturally & then…zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

rose quartz hearts

Tip 2: A Sleepy-Time Mojo Bag

If you’ve been hanging around this blog for a bit, you know I ♥ my mojo bags. I created this 1 quite some time ago & used to sell bucket-loads of them in my Etsy shop….a tell-tale sign I wasn’t the only 1 needed some sleep-help. These are prefect for inducing a restful calming sleep.

mojo bag

mojo bag

I still use one of these under my pillow when I feel I need it & they’re so easy to make. Just take a small organza bag & fill it about 1/2 full with dried lavender buds (I only use sustainably harvested premium quality certified organic lavender flowers from Mountain Rose Herbs). Then I amp up & empower the herb with 2 large amethyst tumbled crystals (or raw points) &  2 large sodalite tumbled stones (small rough ones are hard to find). To this mix I add 10 or so drops of premium certified organic lavender essential oil (spike)…again from Mountain Rose. The organza bag allows the lavender scent to drift out & blend its vibrational frequency with that of the amethyst & sodalite to gently lull you to sleep.

Both amethyst + sodalite are known for their powerful calming & soothing qualities. Amethyst is also a lovely dream-time stone. Why the lavender? Lavender has long been known to help induce a calm state & promote sleep.

You can place this little mojo bag near your pillow or in your pillow case. You can also grab it, take it with you &  use it to help calm you down throughout the day, Jelly Bean.

Tip 3: Better Sleep Crystal Grid

Grid #1

Here’s a grid I created for a client that uses 3 great sleepy-head stones arranged on the floor under your bed! Give it a try...over time, this just works better & better.

Now, I’m not going to give all how’s & why’s of doing a crystal grid here b/c I have a whole book about that but for those of you that are familiar with grids, this is pretty simple. I’ve chosen 3 stones from the aluminum silicate mineral family (again, I explain in detail why I do that in my book): lepidolite, iolite & muscovite.




iolite photo by Parent Géry

mica muscovite

mica muscovite

You may choose to place 1 large muscovite (they’re easy to find in large chunks & relatively inexpensive as long as semi-precious gems aren’t growing among them) in the center with 2 lepidolites & 2 iolites alternating at the corners. You don’t have to follow this pattern…do whatever you’re personally called to do. This is just 1 way you may arrange them. Here’s the basic pattern:

crystal grid for sleep

Grid #2

Check this baby out; Crystal Grid for Sleep

Tip 4: Stabilize your emotions throughout the day

OK, if we’re swinging off the handle or on an emotional roller-caster throughout the day, this will greatly effect our sleep patterns. So the goal here is to even out.

Did you know that angry emotions (& the hormones they release) will dissipate in 90 seconds? So if you can just tell yourself to keep calm for 90 seconds & let it pass…it literally will…that wave of anger will pass on by. The circumstances that caused it may still be there but you can deal with it now from a more balanced place.

Green calcite is my go-to stone for helping to stabilize emotions & to remind myself of that 90 sec. rule. *note to self: Where is that thing? I need to use that guy more often!!*

green calcite

green calcite

So a good rule of thumb is to keep a green calcite in your pocket or nearby & when something that sets off your emotions occurs, grab a hold of that baby, hang on, squeeze it as hard as you can (don’t worry it won’t break), meditate with it, focus on it..whatever you need in that moment.

It will help. Green calcite has just the right frequencies to dissipate the situation.

Naisha Ashsian wrote a most excellent affirmation to go along with this stone in The Book of Stones:

“I listen for the silent voice of my heart. and I follow its wisdom.”

That affirmation along with green calcite is a great tool to keep in your back pocket, Sweetness!

Tip 5: Amethyst Gem Elixir

Take a washed tumbled amethyst stone & drop it into a pitcher of water to be kept in the refrigerator. Drink half a glass of this before bed or sip from at your bedside. Amethyst gem elixir is a gentle & easy way to guide to you to a restful sleep.

If your sleep cycle’s been whacked out for a while, it might take you several weeks to reset it. You may want to use 1 of these tips or layer on all 5…you can’t do any harm with the specific  remedies I’ve laid out here so if you feel you need to pile them all on…go for it!

I hope these ideas help guide you to a lasting, more restful, rejuvenating & magical sleep.

Sweet Crystal Dreams!


P.S. If you’ve tried any of these tips or have others of your own, please share them below in the comments. Other Crystal Hotties want to know & share! 🙂

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  1. I was wondering if the links that are suggested at the bottom of each of your blog entries are ones that you personally recommend or if it’s just some “internet overseer” making the suggestions. 🙂
    Psst! I LOVE your site!!
    Thank you!!!

    1. Post

      Kathy, if you’re referring to the links to my other blog posts….”You Might Also Like”, those are based on similarities of content that match within the post based on an algorhythym…much better job than I can ever do since I don’t remember what I posted last week! LOL!.

  2. My daughter is pregnant with her first-born — YAY! — and he’s been doing is level best not to allow her to get any sleep. There are so very many things that her doctors are telling her not to do, eat, drink … is there anything you can recommend specifically to help her through this. Unfortunately she has a definite adverse reaction to anything with lavender — almost, but not quite, an allergic reaction. Can you help?
    Thank you!

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  4. Hi there. I have been sleeping with crystals for a while but I always find myself been given to much energy. Most I have found i can’t sleep with. Is there somethig wrong with my energy?

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  6. Hi, I’m new to crystals ❤️❤️❤️ I love all the info that you give out .
    To help me sleep I put a few drops of vervain in my water, and a little meditation before plus I have rose quartz, amethyst, and clear Quartz on my bedside cabinet I think I may need bigger ones as I’m only using tumble stones. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. I love all your materials – thank you so much for all you do! This is an old post, therefore is this crystal grid mentioned with Iolite, Lepidolite and Muscovite still the best recommended grid for improved sleep? The You Tube video linked out, looks updated, as it was different than the blog posts recommendations. Including more stones and clear Quartz and amethyst. Q2, does under the bed need to be completely cleared out for the grid to be at the best potential? Q3, I have some favorite sellers of crystals on Etsy and then Amazon, but do you have recommendations where to procure the best and right size of crystals for the sleep grid? Thank you!!!)

  8. Im the opposite, when i keep my crystals far away from myself then only i can sleep properly.. i think this advice only works for some people…. The crystal energy is way too strong.

  9. I keep blue lace agate in my pillow case, a huge chunk of lepidolite on my nightstand and a grid of amethyst, lepidolite and rose quartz on my bedroom altar. Add some lavender essential oil to the mix and I’m out like a light! Are used to have to take melatonin but not anymore. In fact the first night I had all three of these crystal items working together in my room along with lavender, I overslept for work!

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