Love, love, love… what crystals are good for bringing love into our lives?

It’s one of the questions I get asked the most. Well, my 1st question is what kind of love?

  • Romantic love?
  • Self-love?
  • Compassion?
  • Forgiveness?

And, yes, there are crystals to enhance the frequencies of all of these.

Crystals for Love

We are so blessed to live on a gorgeous planet that has cooked up all these lovely natural yet GORGEOUS frequency medicines for us!!

We can also work on all of these by working on our heart chakra…& there are crystals for that too!

crystals for love rose quartz

Let me list just a few good crystal choices here and what they’re commonly used for (But please remember that these crystals may not resonate the same for everyone. That’s why I always teach in my classes that its important to learn to work with your stones to see what they resonate for you personally):

  • Rose quartz: the go-to love stone, gentle, compassionate, loving energy
  • Watermelon tourmaline: joy, love, calming, heart-centeredness, heals  the physical heart
  • Ruby: builds self-love, reminds you how precious you are, strengthens healthy physical relationship with your own body or with your partner, sensual pleasures (ooooooh!)
  • Pink sapphire: releases past emotional wounds, joy, passion, strengthens the heart
  • Rhodonite: loving compassion, giving, self-love & self-esteem, detoxes and strengthens the glands
crystals for love watermelon tourmaline

Simply scrumptious & juicy watermelon tourmaline!!! Photo by Rob Lavinsky @

AND the best thing I can convey to you today is that no matter, what kind of love you’re seeking...learn to love yourself first. Then all else will follow, Sweetness!

Here are a couple quotes I really LOVE!:

“To fall in love with yourself is the first secret to happiness.” ~ Robert Morely
“Love is the great miracle cure. Loving ourselves works miracles in our lives.” ~ Louise L. Hay

Here’s a video I did a while back before conducting a large worldwide ritual with a Crystal Grid for Self Love:


XOXO…lots & lots of LOVE to all you Crystal Hotties!!! HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY to you!!




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