Announcing our 2018 Certified Crystal Healer Course Scholarship WINNERS

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Wow, wow, wow!

Just when we think this cannot get any more difficult… it does. We’ve been doing this scholarship giveaway since the summer of 2012. And that year I only gave out 1 scholarship. Well that has defo multiplied! 🙂 This year we have 10 winners. ❤ Yeeeeha!

Why is it so difficult?

Because you all bring such good energy, joy + love into your videos. You truly pour your hearts out into this!

The Sparkle Team & I are blessed & honored that you allowed us into your lives, to witness your vulnerability and to hear your story.  As always, it was SO hard to narrow it down as there were so many great entries!
Certified Crystal Healer Course Scholarship Winners!
Based on our rules and criteria, here are our fabulous winning scholarship recipients in no particular order:

Santana Buchholtz

Sharon Brown

Abby Murphy

Angela Costigan

Kimberly Lopez

Sonal A Bhola

Veteran Scholarship Winners
To honor the men and women of the military, who represent the United States with pride and courage every day around the world while also giving you tools to help mitigate PTSD and share the knowledge with others in your community, we held 2 scholarship seats exclusively for Veterans. Thank you for all that you do in service to our country!

Marina Wong

Lindsay Ishoy

First Responder Scholarship Winners
To honor the daily service of first responders; firefighters, police and medical EMS that help in emergency situations around the USA and handle crisis with calm and professional authority while also giving you tools to help mitigate stress and share the knowledge with others in your community, we held 2 scholarship seats exclusively for First Responders. Thank you for all that you do for our society as a whole!

Rick Hager

Jackie Dickson

Moving Forward
For all who’ve entered but were not selected, please consider doing these 3 things (my goal is to strive to help others in many ways and be someone who enables others to help themselves):

  • Please join our Crystal Community and me in congratulating our winners. Our collective support, love, encouragement and good vibes will greatly assist them in making their big dreams a reality (while also reflecting back to you & assisting you in creating the same for yourself…law of attraction, baby!) ♥
  • Feel and KNOW down to your core that you are an amazing being and that you possess all the gifts, talents and abilities to live out all of your dreams …this was just the tip of the crystalized iceberg of a mega message-transmission to the Universe. Don’t stop here, don’t stop now. KEEP ON TRUCKIN’! If you can dream it, then you can ROCK THIS THING!
  • Now, go watch or look at your entry again. Re-absorb some of that fantastic BRILLIANCE and DAZZLE that you’re made of. Listen/read all of the amazing things you said you’d do and bring forth if you won. DON’T LET THOSE DREAMS DIE. They deserve to breathe, live, be fed & be deeply cherished. They’re your precious babies. Ask yourself what’s stopping you from doing all of those things right now? Don’t let anything get in your way of making your glittery crystal healing dreams a reality. If you truly feel in your heart that this course is part of your path, then make it happen. Are you on our Wait List? If this is not possible for you right now, then choose to do what you CAN do – keep tuning into to my blog here and my Glitter Updates, working with your crystals, reading crystal books and eat glitter for breakfast, Babe …because you deserve it!
  • ***If you ARE a winner, please email us here as soon as possible so you can start settling into our private Crystal Cave, grab your Welcome Email, your first assignments and getting your school supplies ready for class 1 beginning on March 5th! ♥ We’ll make sure you’re fully taken care of well before the course begins. 🙂

    Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and participation. I’m so grateful for you!

    Namaste and much love to you all,

    Hibiscus Moon

    P.S. Because we’re getting many questions about it, for more info on registration for my Certified Crystal Healer Course, head over here.

    If you have any questions about our 2018 registration, please don’t hesitate to email us here.

    Win a FREE Scholarship to the Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer Course!

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    It’s the day you’ve been waiting for!  I’m incredibly excited to kick off our Certified Crystal Healer Course 2018 with our annual Scholarship Contest!  This is one of my most favorite-ist things to do all year!! YES!

    This year, we’re offering not 1, not 2, not 7 but 10 glittery seats for our next course term beginning on March 5, 2018.

    This is truly an unprecedented number of giveaways that we’re thrilled to be offering this year to those in need. And this year, we’re also giving away a few special seats for some very special people.  Now the breakdown goes like this, we are holding:

    • 2 Scholarships for Veterans
    • 2 Scholarships for First Responders
    • 6 Scholarships for absolutely anyone

    **PLEASE NOTE: If you’re a Veteran or First Responder winner you will be required to provide proof.

    This scholarship program is something we’ve been doing since 2011 to help those who are not able to afford the course tuition.

    Are you ready to go for your BIG DREAM?
    Win a Certified Crystal Healer Course Scholarship

    Here’s what you need to do to throw your hat in the ring!

    Submit a  Video on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram

    1. Create a video that is no more than 1 minute long (seriously…not 1 second longer. In fact, before you submit your entry, double check the time because sometimes on upload an extra second gets added in there somehow… and that will disqualify you). In the video, tell us why you want to become a Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer and detail your dreams and intentions.  We want to know how you plan to share the love!  And don’t be afraid to shoot for the stars here … we know the possibilities are endless, so get creative and shine your beautiful light!

    2. Upload your video to YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram (BTW, you can submit all three ways and increase your chances of winning!)

    3.  To qualify for our Veteran or First Responder seats, please include the appropriate hashtag in your Video Description so your submissions can be separated from the other scholarship seats.  Veterans use #VETERAN.  First responders use #EMS

    If you’re uploading to YouTube, make sure it is listed as “public”, including all the info listed below so we can find it.  *Make sure you copy & paste the next bits verbatim*:

    • Your Video Title:  2018 Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer Scholarship video by [YOUR NAME]
    • Your Video Description must include: – Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healing Course- The Science and Fun behind Crystal Healing

    If you’re uploading to Facebook, make sure your post is listed as public, including all the info listed below so we can find it.  *Make sure you copy & paste the next bits verbatim*:

    • Your Post must include: 2018 Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer Scholarship video by [YOUR NAME] | – Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healing Course- The Science and Fun Behind Crystal Healing

    If you’re uploading to Instagram, make sure your account is public, that you follow @hibiscusmoon and use the hashtag #HibiscusMoonCCH in your post.

    • Your Post must include in the comments:  2018 #HibiscusMoon Certified Crystal Healer Scholarship video by [YOUR NAME]
    • In the comments add the hashtags #HibiscusMoon #HibiscusMoonCCH and #HMCA

    4.  Leave a comment below on this blog with a direct link to your YouTube, Facebook or Instagram video.  You must do this in order for your entry to be valid.

    5. The deadline to enter is 11:59 pm EST, Monday, February 5, 2018. We’ll announce the winner here on my blog on February 8th so make sure you head back to the blog to see if you’re a winner!

    6. My Sparkle Team and I are the judges and our decision will be final. Our decision is subjective and will be based on originality, creativity, imagination, commitment, heart, soul and inspiration.

    7. Bonus brownie points for every social media share you do (within the limits provided below)!

    8. You must be at least 18 years of age.

    9. Please know that if you don’t follow ALL the rules mentioned above or if you email us to see if we received your entry it will be disqualified. We get way too many of those & it just makes the whole process too nutty for us. We also want to have fun doing this and keep the love flowing.  ❤️

    A Note on Rules **Please be sure you have read and are absolutely crystal-clear about the rules because if you don’t follow the instructions to the letter, in order to be fair, you will be disqualified and we don’t want that.  Additionally, if you’re applying for one of the designated Veteran or First Responder scholarships, please be prepared to submit a photo ID if you are chosen for the scholarship. ***

    Spread the word about the Scholarship giveaway on Instagram and Facebook and you’ll earn yourself some sparkling love. You can share up to 3 times per day and you can use any wording you want – but it must have the hashtag #HibiscusMoonCCH and Here are some sample posts to get you started:

    • I want a free seat in Hibiscus Moon’s Certified Crystal Healer Course! #HibiscusMoonCCH
    • Good luck to all, but this Crystal Healer scholarship seat has MY NAME on it! #HibiscusMoonCCH
    • If I win a scholarship in the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy, ice cream is on me! #HibiscusMoonCCH
    • I’m getting my sparkle on with Hibiscus Moon this Spring! #HibiscusMoonCCH

    What makes a winning combo for a Crystal Healer Scholarship?
    Originality. Commitment. Creativity + Imagination. Soul-inspiring. Social Media sharing + following the rules precisely.

    This may push you outside of your comfort zone, but this is just the 1st very important step towards committing to your dreams and desires.  This is telling the Universe YOU ARE READY!

    Good luck to you!

    Hibiscus Moon


    Layers of Healing Energy and Amplifying Results

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    Hi Crystal Hottie!

    I’ve got another “Crystal Healer Interview” today! Yes, more fresh, new & inspiring crystal perspectives from others that are living & breathing this crystal path.

    And just in case you’re not familiar with what exactly is goin’ down…these Crystal Healer Interviews allow me to introduce you to crystal healing from another perspective (other than my own). So we’ve got a few Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healers & Advanced Crystal Masters who are so generously sharing their stories with us.

    Well, I’m excited to introduce Certified Crystal Healer  Jodi Cohen!

    Jodi shares with us her journey with essential oils and crystals bringing layers of healing energy to her family & beyond.

    And Here’s Jodi…

    What brought you to the world of crystal healing?
    I have always loved rocks. I had a rock collection as a kid, including crystals that I carried with me into adulthood.

    After I started working with plant energies through essential oils, I started getting intuitive messages to work with other earth elements like crystals. I mentioned this to my friend and mentor Natalie Lussier and she immediately recommended Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy. I loved Hibiscus Moon right away and signed up for all her classes to learn more.

    Everything Hibiscus Moon taught completely resonated with my intuition.

    I have long believed that minerals and plants share a similar innate intelligence, a kind of blueprint that can help us realign and balance the human mind, body, and spirit and I really loved the way Hibiscus articulated that in a such a clear way.

    What crystal has the biggest effect on you?
    Amethyst – purple has always been my favorite color and I feel like amethyst helps guide my intuition, ground and center me. I use it the most in my healing work, both on others and on myself. I have a beautiful large amethyst that I keep in my bedroom and often hold during meditation.

    I actually use the amethyst when I meditate. I place it next to me or hold it near my heart with the intention that it helps to clear my intuitive channel and open my heart to receiving whatever information is most important for me to understand.

    I also get a lot of intuitive downloads in the shower and often turn off the lights, light a candle and place the amethyst next to it. Our shower is glass and I can perfectly see the illumination of the candle and the crystal – I focus on them while I hold a question in mind and almost instantly the question is answered.
    What do others in your life think about the path you are on?
    They are super supportive and curious.

    I am blessed with open minded friends and family members. They are also very curious and interested in the new information that I learn and synthesize. My 12-year-old daughter has become quite adept at using a pendulum and proudly shares her knowledge with her friends and teachers, opening minds and hearts in her wake.
    What do you think made the biggest difference to you on this path?
    Validation and Results.

    I love when I stumble upon a book or program (like HMCA) that completely validates all of my intuitive guidance. Also, my health has improved.
    The combination of diet, essential oils and crystals has really helped me improve my family’s health
    You cannot argue with results!  I also feel like the oils and crystals have helped clients and customers return to balance so their bodies could heal.

    How do you navigate being a crystal healer and a mama on a daily basis?
    My youngest son and his health issues were the impetuous for me to begin exploring natural health options, so my children have been raised to be very open to and appreciative of crystals.

    My son, like so many children on the planet today, is deeply sensitive, highly intuitive and easily affected by the energies of others, including the energies of genetically modified food, pesticides, and mold.  This presented as behavioral challenges, including poor focus, impulse control and aggression. Changing his diet and adding essential oils to help with digestion and attention helped a great deal.

    I created my own essential oil company called Vibrant Blue Oils with proprietary blends that balance different organ systems. The oils that most help my son are Parasympathetic, Intestinal Mucosa and Anti-Inflammatory. He was doing better, but I knew that more was needed and really believe in layering modalities to amplify the results.

    The addition of crystals helped ground him.  Placing them around his bed while he was sleeping, proved to be the missing piece of the puzzle. We live in an urban environment and I suspect his little system was still revving and feeding off that energy while he was sleeping. The combination of Hematite and Smokey Quartz which I placed at the foot of the bed was noticeable. He is very drawn to crystals on his own and has selected a large green jade crystal that I have noticed he likes to hold when he is feeling sad.

    Do any ridicule you for being interested in crystal healing? If so, how do you handle that?
    Not really.

    I have a pretty good gauge of how open people are to hearing about oils and crystals so I don’t really discuss it if I detect resistance. On the other hand, my friends have had a front row seat on my healing journey, so they have witnessed first-hand the benefits derived from crystals and essential oils.
    What is the primary way you utilize crystals in your practice?
    I use them to ground clients, open and clear chakras. I also use gem elixirs to support different organs. For example, pictured below is my altar which includes a crystal grid that I have been linking to the gem elixirs.

    Charging the gem elixirs with the moon cycles…each vial contains charged water with specific crystals selected to enhance different chakra/organ centers. I then layered the sacred geometry/mandala energy of each chakra below the vial and color on top and charged them during the new moon and full moon cycles.

    What do you love most about working with crystals?
    I love the additional layer of healing that I can offer through crystals and gem elixirs.

    In my nutritional practice, I was always impressed by how well trace elements helped to balance and heal. I believe the same energy resonates from the crystals and can be captured in gem elixirs. I feel like gem elixirs are very alive and balancing to the body.

    From where do you draw inspiration in your crystal practice?
    I wish I could tell you. I get downloads, mostly in the shower or during yoga and suddenly I just know what I am supposed to do!

    I also get good and very clear results with the pendulum.

    What 3 energy-work or spirituality books are you loving right now?
    1. Healing is Voltage by Jerry Tennat
    2. The Fourth Phase of Water by Gerald Pollack (also a Ted Talk)
    3. The Fear Cure by Lissa Rankin
    What are your BIG DREAMS now that you’ve graduated?
    I want to empower people to take charge of their own health and help them learn to support their health with crystals and essential oils.

    I really believe that we are all magnificent beings with unlimited potential and most of us have just forgotten about our amazing intuitive gifts and talents because we are so stuck in the minutia of our daily stressful lives.

    I look at it like a dirty windshield which makes it hard to see.

    It could be our diet and the consumption of food that triggers an inflammatory response and dims our intuition.  It might be external stressors; like work, relationships and children, or it could be negative thought cycles, like recalling traumatic events, or any unresolved fear, anger or grief that keeps our windshield dirty and blocks our access to our own light and power.

    I believe that earth medicines, like nutrient dense whole food, organic or wild crafted essential oils and rocks, minerals and crystals, help shift us into balance, cleaning the windshield so that the light can shine in and we can experience our own power.

    I don’t claim credit for empowering people. I think I am just helping to guide them to natural tools like crystals and essential oils that connect them to nature and their natural talents and abilities. In other words:
    I help them find the natural tools they can then use to clear their windshield so they can wake up to their natural potential and talents.
    I am very proud of the essential oil company I have created, Vibrant Blue Oils, as I feel it helps give people some clear guidance. That is one of the things that really resonated for me about Hibiscus Moon and her programs. She gives clear guidance in an area that has not been clear and allowed people to flounder while they were trying to find their way.

    I really want to make it as easy, accessible and clear for people to connect to our natural earth medicine, be it food, crystals or essential oils. I think the easier you can make it and the more guidance and hand holding you can provide, the more people are able to bypass their internal excuses and step into their power and light.

    Jodi’s Bio:  Jodi sells proprietary blends of essential oils designed to balance the body, brain, and emotions. Last year she started getting intuitive downloads about integrating other Earth Medicines, like gems and signed up for the Certified Crystal Healer Course. She has experience working with structured water and loves learning about gems and sacred geometry to incorporate into gem elixirs that can be used in combination with essential oils. Jodi believes that plants and minerals share similar healing energies and the combination of both enhances the synergies.  Jodi’s website is


    Hibiscus again here…

    Thank you, Jodi, for sharing your personal sparkly journey with us & all your wonderful insights!

    If you resonate with anything Jodi has shared with us here please leave a comment below. 🙂

    Crystal Blessings,

    Hibiscus Moon

    No, you Don’t Need Certification to be a Crystal Healer!

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    From time to time, I get an angry post on my FB page saying something to the effect of:
    Whoa, whoa, whoa.

    Firstly, I’m not quite sure why people need to come across so angrily when they convey that notion. Weird that it’s a trigger of some sort.  The whole notion of “certification” in the metaphysical arts obviously hits a nerve for some people. That’s for sure.

    Secondly, I never said that I feel you need to be certified in crystal healing, even though I founded an academy that does just that… certify people in Crystal Healing. 😉 But I can see why some might assume that I feel that way.

    Believe it or not… I’m a firm believer that you CAN totally teach YOURSELF all this crystal healing stuffs. No, you don’t need to get certified at all.

    Who do you think taught the authors of many a wonderful crystal healing book?

    Who do you think taught me?

    Yep, that’s the route that I took in the beginning: Self-taught. Yes, yes, I’ve since acquired various titles and certifications, but no secrets here! I’m self studied, self-researched & self-taught; standing on the shoulders of some sparkly giants that have come before me.

    In addition, at this time, there are no laws or governing bodies in most locales (please do your due diligence and check your local laws and regulations) that require you to be Certified in order to practice Crystal Healing on others.

    So, nope… you do not need to be certified at all.
    Then Why Bother with Crystal Healing Certification?
    Well, sometimes, in today’s society, to steer us clear of the charlatans that may be lurking out there, one way to protect against that is to look for an accredited & approved certification.

    The truth is that many people value the fact that you’ve achieved certification as a Crystal Healer because it shows you’ve had some formal education, some genuine training in this modality and that hopefully, you’ve been held accountable to certain standards by the certifying body.  So, the drawback of being self-taught is that you don’t get a certification to hang on your wall or to pull out to allay people’s possible hesitations.

    Maybe you feel you can do a great job finding the right resources and gathering up all the info yourself.

    Totally do-able. It’s all up to you. That’s what it comes down to. It all depends on your discipline, your tenacity, your ability to wade through all the info and your willingness to try and experiment on yourself first.

    I mean, hey… who of us has not tried to teach ourselves how to do something by simply watching some YouTube videos?

    By the way, I did recently try to re-teach myself how to play guitar again (I used to be pretty good… but use it or lose it!) by using the YouTube University method. No Bueno though for me. Sounded HORRIBLE! 🙁 I realized I’d much rather get my bum back to regular lessons with a face to face teacher and learn it the right way with a side-order of discipline to go along with it. I know that will work much better for me at this stage in my life and it’s what worked for me in the past.

    Whether or not you need to go in for a deeper education & certification with Crystal Healing is your decision, Babe. You need to feel into it intuitively. Your belly wisdom will tell you if it’s the right path for you.

    Some important things to keep in mind when deciding:

    • You don’t know what you don’t know – You can only hunt & research for what you already know to research, right? Through my years of working with the crystals, having case studies at my finger tips & also benefiting greatly from my student & alumni experiences, there are things I’ve learned, verified & included in our curriculum that you won’t know to investigate on your own. What I teach is a specific method that you won’t find online. I’ve already done the sifting through many viewpoints, methods, research & conflicting info. So just be prepared to sift through tons of random or conflicting data (some valid, some not) AND bunk internet info with no credibility. Remember to always consider your source! I spent years doing this while learning from trial & error what was bogus info or just wasn’t going to work for me. Be prepared to spend lots of time experimenting & researching on your own. Nothing wrong with doing this. I did it, but that’s what I love to do. Not everyone does. Plus, I’m a former science teacher and my previous professional experience in research & education has taught me what questions to ask to dive deeper, which rabbit hole to jump in, tunnel around in and find more as well as where to look for reliable resources. So, think about it: are you prepared to possibly waste time on crystal healing teachings & methods that may or may not work? Your answer may be a resounding “YES” or an “ummmm…no”.
    • De-coding the SCIENCE – OK, so you get the top books recommended by Amazon on Crystal Healing. They must be good, right? “I’ll just read these & then I’m good to go!” Well, besides the conflicting info & some books being better than others, some of the science may not be explained in a way that you can understand, if there’s any science to it at all! Or perhaps you’d like to have the scientific stuffs clarified in a way that you can easily digest. Can a book or website do that? By the way, I’ll toot my own horn here and say that this is what I’m known for: infusing the study of crystal healing with science and breaking it down in a way that makes it enjoyable and easily digestible.
    • Info Arrangement – once you have all the info that you think is right for you, that resonates with you most, you need to piece it together; creating a system or structure so that it all makes sense. A lot of us like to have a strong foundation; steps to follow.  It’s a proven method for learning and retaining new info.  For example, my course has my detailed curriculum, content & methods presented and painstakingly prepared and organized in a very specific way.  My Masters of Science is in Curriculum, Instruction & Technology, so doing that kind of stuff is my jam. I love to do it! No need to reinvent the wheel if you don’t feel like it or don’t have the time.
    • Going it alone –  self-study means that you’re on your own, Baby. And maybe that’s how you roll. But then again… that means no one to ask questions to, no one to compare with, no one to clarify. And definitely no community and no mentor. The value of having a vibrant community of like-minded people already in place all learning the same thing as you is immeasurable! You get built-in motivation, inspiration & accountability partners! In my course, you also get reliable mentors and Crystal Coaches to walk the path with you. Not to mention the fabulous friendships that spring up from just such a community. 🙂
    • Education vs. Certification – Now if you’re not planning to practice crystal healing professionally and you don’t need or want a certification, I totally get that.  In fact, over the years many of you have asked for a way to take my Crystal Healer Course solely for that purpose, to deepen your education and understanding of Crystal Healing for your own personal knowledge and use in your daily life.  Well, I’ve answered that call (we call it the Audit Level). Yep, this year we’re offering 3 different levels to register for my Certified Crystal Healer course so that you can choose the option that works best for you and your Crystal Healing goals. 

    So sure, you don’t need Certification to be a Crystal Healer. But I’m super-proud of my course and the valuable education, content, support, integrity, and community we provide. I know our alumni are too!  So if you’re thinking of joining us for 2017, we’d love to welcome you.  Registration is currently open for just a little bit longer.

    If you’d like to learn more about the Certified Crystal Healer Course and all the sparkle and glitter the Academy provides, click here to get on my interest list today!

    If not, that’s fine too, Crystal Hottie. I’m thankful you’re a part of our community and love to share crystal knowledge with you here on the blog. Thank you for being part of that.

    Crystal Blessings,

    Hibiscus Moon