What are Non-Negotiables?

They follow your principles, values and define what you will and won’t accept from others.

These are your deal-breakers.

When it comes to Certifying Crystal Healers, I have some non-negotiables in place that I’m a stickler for.

Crystal Healer Non-Negotiables

Sometimes it’s not so great to be so non-flexy.

Like if people make a plan with me and it ends up having to change at the last minute, oh my.

Major problema for me.

But I think when it comes to my academy’s integrity this is a great thing!

How did I get like this?

Through the rigorous process of becoming a Nationally Board Certified Science Teacher, I learned the importance and value of student critical thinking and assessment of content knowledge.

I’ve never given out grades as the “popular” teachers did. And over the last decade that we’ve been certifying as a Crystal Academy… just to make my life easier.

I’ve seen many do it, but that just goes against every grain in my being.


I believe in providing mindset assists and lots of support to get our grads to the finish line and we pour lots of resources, time and energy into doing this.

That’s a non-negotiable for me — No question is EVER left behind.

Be Mindful of Your Energy

Another “for instance”; I require that our CCH students be mindful of the energy they bring into a transaction of any sort.

Meaning that they are mindful of:

  • how they carry themselves
  • how they transact energy of any sort (including money)
  • their boundaries
  • things that say and do

Personally, I think that’s really important. How about you?

That’s all energy you know.

Of course, I’m not looking for perfection, but as HMCA students and alumni, they’re held to a higher standard.

Yes, we keep an eye on that; holding our students accountable. I feel strongly as an educator and a certifying body that it’s our responsibility to make an effort to monitor that before allowing someone to go out into the world certified by us to facilitate energy work with others.

Running a course that requires no effort or demonstration of mastery to earn your credentials or a paper certificate is certainly not what I was put here on Mama Earth for.

I feel that’s important.

How do you feel about places that do a “you-pay-you-get-your-instant-certificate”?

  • No accountability?
  • No demo of mastery?
  • No assessment?

No judgment. There are pros and cons to it as with everything. I’m truly interested to hear your thoughts on that. Not because I’m going to change what we do, but because I’m curious to hear what you have to say.

Crystal Correspondance Memorization

Another thing is — I’m not into making people memorize crystal properties.

I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that either… there are courses out there if that’s more of what you’re looking for. I just don’t feel it’s necessary, nor in many cases, is that info even VALID any longer. Cosmic shifts, yo.

My method teaches you to really get to know your crystals, custom to you, based on current energies and we take a more personal approach to that. This EMPOWERS you.

The Science Behind Crystal Healing

Also, I want you to understand the SCIENCE. This helps to build mega-confidence in your crystal skills!

It’s also critical to me that when you register with us you:

  • are committed to learning
  • want to build a strong foundation through critical thinking and assessment
  • your goal is to profoundly develop your crystal practice, confidence and skills before sharing it out with clients (pay-for certificate don’t even take that into account)
  • will come to recognize crystals as powerful energetic tools and have adequate training to use them in an effective, yet secure, safe & sensible manner

I invite you to comment below… seriously, what do you think about my standards?

I’ve baked these non-wavering principles and integrity into our culture. Because I’ve laid that groundwork and have refused to waiver from the very beginning, our alumni and our community see the tremendous value and sense of true accomplishment in graduating as a Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer.

It’s appreciated, well-earned, respected and admired. That’s how the confidence is effortlessly delivered to our grads.

Our academy, badge, and designation are recognized all over the world for this.

And money doesn’t play into it.

Because if it did, I would simplify everything, throw integrity to the wind and just do the easy pay-for-certificate model.

I’ll never do that.

My value system won’t let me. I’m too much of a hard-ass.

Maybe… when I semi-retire I may go the route of removing the certification element altogether. But that’s years down the road.

As long as my crystal academy is certifying you, you better believe the checks and balances will stay in place. Our grads are so proud of that!!

Judgments from others also don’t matter. I do get dragged, judged and sometimes trolled by others for the way I choose to run my academy. I don’t care. Because I have my principles that I choose to stick too. These are promises I’m prepared to keep, no matter what.

This DOES NOT mean my way is the right way or the only way, but it’s the way that’s in alignment for me and for how I choose to certify others to do this important work.

If this doesn’t resonate with you, I KNOW there are other schools out there that will fit what you’re looking for. There’s “a right one” just for you. Or maybe you choose to not get certified at all (go solo) … and that’s totally OK too!

I’m so very proud of the fact that we have over 2,000 graduates from over 40 countries around the globe.

And you may be happy to learn that our Spring 2020 registration will be opening very soon! Get on our Wait List here for first notice and some pretty juicy perks.

I invite you to comment below… I’ve got a 2-part Comment Challenge for you:

I’d love to know:

  1. What’s one non-negotiable you have (crystal related or not)? I just love to hear about others’ boundaries.
  2. What do you honestly think of my deal-breakers?

Crystal Blessings,

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