Best Crystal for Capricorns: What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You

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Capricorns! It’s our time to shine sparkly ones!

I like talking about Capricorns because I’m a Capricorn and our birthdays land between December 22nd and January 19th. And a crystal that I really like to work with is Ruby.

Edgar Cayce  actually gave us a list of crystals to work with the different astrological signs. I don’t really don’t subscribe at all to the birth stones that go along with different birth months because those were brought about by different jewelry associations to help sell the gem stones.


The astrological correspondences I feel make a lot more sense and go along with the different personality types or energy types that have to do with our astrological signs.
So, the sign we are in now is Capricorn.

Capricorns have a tendency to be very patient people, intelligent, ambitious people, highly ambitious sometimes to a fault. Very grounded, very earthy people, and the sign is, it’s an Earth sign and the sign is goat!

Now I’m not an astrological expert at all. There are plenty of you out there, I know there are. So I hope I gave a good, overall, general viewpoint of a Capricorn 😉

The crystal that we like to use for that astrological sign is Ruby. And in my vid, I show you a beautiful Ruby specimen with the six sides showing perfect fastening in the rock matrix. And I really, really just love it! It’s right in the granite, and it’s beautiful; just a beautiful representation of a deep red Ruby.

Ruby is part of a crystal family that we call Corundum. It’s an Aluminum Oxide.

It’s got the Mohs hardness, (“Mohs hardness” is a term we use to determine how hard the mineral is in comparison to others), so it’s a relative scale. It’s got the Mohs hardness of 9. So it’s super hard. Diamond in comparison is a 10, and that’s the hardest.

It’s a very, very tough mineral. So with that comes energy of passion, energy of strength, an energy of ambition and courage, of course, so that makes a lot of sense right? It has a lot of vibrational alignment with Capricorns.

Say you’re looking to give a birthstone to a Capricorn, it’d probably would be a lot more appreciated to give them a Ruby  rather to give them an Aquamarine or Blue Topaz or Tanzanite even, those are the ones I’ve seen listed that go along with birth month that again the Gemological associations and things came up with.

The Ruby seems to fit a lot better for a Capricorn to me.

So let me know what you think about that, okay? Let’s hear about your experiences with birthstone gems versus Ruby in the comments below.


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  1. Great article! When I started learning about crystals last year, I was amazed at the lists of crystals for each astrological sign, instead of the one or two stones we are told are assigned to them.

    And you’re absolutely right – those crystals correspond to the signs and personality types much better than “birth stones.”

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  2. I was wondering if you are planning to do this with the rest of the astrological signs… I would love to know your take on what crystals apply to each sign 🙂

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  3. Ok I understand what you are saying about the Ruby. But in all my years ( and I have a lot!) the only gem stone I have ever heard associated with the Capricorn is Garnet! I would like to know a little more about the Garnet please. I really do like the info on the Ruby and since I only have them in jewelry I will see if I can find one similar to the one you showed in your video.
    I am new to the “Crystal” thing even though I have been drawn to them all life. I really want to know what I should try for first. I am extremely drawn to the Amethist Crystals but since I was Very Young Purple has ALWAYS been my favorite color. I am also Masonic raised and the color purple is related to Service of others.
    But even though I LOVE the Amethist I don’t have any in crystals. So can you tell me how to pick and what to pick to get started. I’m a little old to be starting but I still want too very badly!
    Sandy Rodewald

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  4. I like Linda Goodman’s take (yep, I’m an astrologer) and she suggested diamonds–which you mentioned. Originally she said diamonds were for Aries–but later she said that was an error and she was giving Saturn his due.

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  5. My sister is a Capricorn and always loved and attracted to Turqoise. Perhaps this is a conditioned response though from growing up with the “Jeweller’s gem list of birthstones”? I have sent her your link. I have always liked rubies and garnets…but then again I love all rocks, minerals and crystals!!

  6. Nice one, thanks Hibiscus. Good luck with the radio show. Can you let me know what Edgar Cayce publication mentions astrological signs and gemstones? I am wondering what stones he associates with the other signs. Ruby seems a good fit for Capricorn and happy birthday!

  7. I am a Capricorn, a December Capricorn, and have previously identified with Turquoise which is the traditional stone for Capricorn and December. However my most fav crystal over all is Citrine, natural Citrine, which I have a lot of. :)) It is such a happy uplifting crystal and is great for anyone who needs a pick-me-up. I used it and Jet together when going through a grieving process which works tremendously well! Being a crystal store owner and teacher, I can see why you might say Ruby, but this can be such a personal choice and definitely not a blanket thing that it is good for all Capricorns. It wouldn’t be the one I would choose for myself as a Capricorn. I would choose it for other reasons and have as I just happen to be working with it and Garnet at the moment.

  8. As a Capricorn I want to agree; Garnet never moved me at all. However, I love Diamonds!! I am very affected by there company. Now, Ruby did attracted me, the one or two times I had it in my hand. I am going to find one and test it out now, Thanks H.M.

  9. I know three Capricorns one being my own daughter and none of them are earthy. All three are girly girls who love shoes and bags. They can all become very depressed for long periods of time and are not very patient with others. Would you say that these traits are on the opposite end of the spectrum of a Caps personality?

  10. Thank you! Im Capricorn too. This would explain why I’ve love Rubies, and their color, my “self” already knew and you confirmed it. ☺ My sacred space is adorned with ruby red accents as well as my kitchen and place settings. Namaste

  11. I’m Capricorn, I’m most of the traits listed except grounded as I’m a floater. I have never been attracted to the stones associated with my birth month. I’m attracted to ruby and amethyst

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