Crystal Energy Experiment: SEE the PROOF for yourself!

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It’s Experiment Time! 

You know how I love to share science with you! And being a former science teacher, I really get into experiments!


Plus many of you are always asking for proof of the crystal energy I always speak of.

So, I want to show you the results of a crystal energy experiment using the Scientific Method that I recently spent some time doing…and that you can replicate for yourself (hallmark of a good sound scientific experiment!)

What we have going on in this experiment is some kitty grass that I grow for Topaz (my crystal-lovin’ kitty!). This is the seed I like to use for her (chemical-free & non-GMO, thank you very much.)

topaz smile


I wanted to see the effects of growing the kitty grass with crystals as well as with Pristine Hydro water would have on the plants.

Just to explain a bit about the Pristine Hydro water, it’s basically mega-amplified gem elixir water on tap with all the benefits of being living water restored to its more natural & ultimate healthy state. (We use a pristine hydro water system for our all drinking & cooking water. PristineHydro water is  basically Gem Elixir water on tap that establishes the proper pH, takes out all the impurities, even completely gets rid of the chlorine and fluoride in the water which is difficult to do. In addition, it vortexes the now healthy water around crystals that I’ve personally selected to be added to my system. Our drinking water is extremely important to me & to have it charged with crystals too is just icing on the cake! You can find out more about it in my blog post here.)

Experiment Set Up

I tested the effects of sprouting the seeds & growing the grass in 4 separate containers, careful to change only 1 variable in each; all other components remained the same; same container, location, amount of water, soil, sunlight, etc. These are called the constants. Humor me while I go back to my science teaching days! 😉

Any scientist will tell you when conducting an experiment, accurate record keeping, openness & replication are very important to maintain  credibility. And I’m all about that! Especially this being a crystal healing experiment, I wanted to be sure to follow all “the rules”. Know what I mean?

I had 4 different “trials” going:

  • 1st container: plain tap water only (this one acted as the Control in the experiment)
  • 2nd container: plain tap water + crystals
  • 3rd container: PristineHydro water (no crystals)
  • 4th container: PristineHydro water + crystals (in other words…the Crystal Bomb-Diggity!)

As a valid empirical experiment should have, I included a control as 1 of the trials; meaning that no variables have been applied to that one. It’s just been watered with plain ole’ tap water & no crystals included at all so we can use it to compare the others to.

All 4 trails have been treated the same way; the constants:

  • all kept in the same tray
  • I rotated them every day @ the same time of day
  • seeds were sprouted in the same location, receiving same amount of sun
  • same kind of seeds, and same kind of soil, same kind of container…you get the idea

The Results

You may have noticed the container watered with plain tap water and grown with crystals only, no special water other than plain tap…there was a clear difference in the vitality of the grass blades along with the height, thickness and strength of it (photo below).


On the next trail; the 1 with no crystals, but watered with PristineHydro water (photo below), you’ll note that the grass was much more lush & grew so long it was spilling out onto the ground, yet the blades not as strong-looking as the previous trial.


But the final trial had the best vitality, the best growth; the kitty grass is just flourishing, absolutely thriving; thick, lush, strong & vital. This trial had it all; with the powerful crystals + PristineHydro water Combo! Look for yourself (photo below). It’s going OFF!


So imagine what’s going on within the electromagnetic frequencies  & the very cells of these plants.

Stem Cell Biologist, Dr. Bruce Lipton says “cells are programmable…dynamically linked to information from the environment, which is downloaded into the cell.”

We are made of trillions of cells transmitting & receiving energy. Imagine if you were immersing your own frequencies & cells in the same sort of crystal-infused environment. What if you’re drinking powerful gem elixir water, one similar to the PristineHydro water…and if you were bathing your environment with crystals & using Gem Elixirs regularly, keeping crystals in & around your body within your electromagnetic field.

This is what I love/live to teach about!

Just think….what could be going on with your cells if they were immersed in such an enviroment?

Want to try it?

I’ve done this experiment a couple of times and I encourage you to do it. Try it yourself!! That’s the best way to know and see.

When you first start to sprout the seeds they’ll all look the same. It looks like nothing’s happening.

They will sprout & grow just as well with just as much vitality with regular tap water and no crystals as the other ones do. So you won’t see a difference.

BUT THEN…it’s when they start to grow that you see a difference in their vitality and how they thrive!

Are you gonna dive in & give this experiment a go?  Please tell me what you think in the comments below. I’d love to hear your results, thoughts + experiences so we can share with our #CrystalHottie community.

Crystal Blessings!

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  1. I’m going to try this on my Ficus tree. When I moved several years ago, he picked up Spider mites from the place we stayed at until our house was ready. I have tried everything to get rid of them. The last thing I tried almost killed him. (yikes) I have a big rose quartz point (about 1.5 lbs) and several quarts points that I am going to use. I’ll keep you posted.

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  2. Just wanted to let you know when I click to watch the energy test, it just goes to a .jpg file. Click on the photo and it only changes size of photo.

    1. Shenna, is that the first image with the hand? That is just a photo, but underneath that is a YouTube video – can you see that? 🙂

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  3. I was given a miniature rose plant after my Dad died, unfortunately I didn’t give it the attention it needed. I was really upset because I wanted to plant it next to the one I got after my mom died. I mentioned it to a fellow crystal cohort and they recommend that I place a green moss agate in the pot. It worked !!
    I would like to know what other crystals are good for your house plants, and do you have any suggestions for some crystals to add to your every day drinking water. I’ve been told shungite is a good way to purify water for better overall general health.
    Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

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  4. Hibiscus, some years ago I worked in an office where there was a very sickly philodendron. People were throwing their leftover coffee in it! I offered to bring it home and bring it back to health. I changed the potting soil, put some small crystals in it, played it Mozart, and talked to it daily about how much I loved it, how beautiful it was, fed it regularly, and soon it was thriving! It grew into the most beautiful, full, robust plant I imagined it would! I told the people at the office about it, and they were astounded! I did not return it to the office, and the plant and it’s cuttings filled my home with joy! Just thought you might like this! I know this works!! 😀

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  5. Also, check the root growth! It seems from these pics that the final one has a more filled out root system compared to the one with just crystals. Though it could be just the roots on the side of the pic. Whaddaya say Hibiscus Moon? How are the roots all around?

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  6. I have been really drawn to a variety of crystals for some time now and I have also gone on to purchasing quiet a few little pieces. These include natural raw crystal, tumble stones and crystal beads to make Jewelry. After purchasing several of the beads online, I have later since found out that quiet a few of these beads are fakes.

    My question is how do you now which crystals are fake and which are the real deal. I would really appreciate it if you could recommend a siite that I can purchase good quality crystals from.

  7. I have been watering my Lavender Plant with my Gem Elixir water that I drink myself. I have a Piece of Carnelian, Rose Quarts, Citrine & Amethyst in myt bottle and I drink this daily. I love it.

  8. Hello! Can you please tell me what is the name of the crystal shower head you use? I saw you talk about it on a live FB event once.

    Thank you!!!

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  10. Thank you for posting this. I am a Spiritual Coach and doing a workshop on crystal healing and was looking for scientific proof for my talk so I will use this as evidence and credit you, I hope that’s okay? Great work!

  11. I had a kitten who was from a pet shop. She had been taken from her mother way too soon and was absolutely terrified of everything and everyone. Nothing was working and she never purred even to comfort herself.
    I put some amethyst around her on a whim and she snuggled up to it and began purring. After that she wasn’t afraid anymore – in fact she loved people. Of course I named her Amethyst.

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